Malta. Where is on the world map, weather, attractions, where and when to go on vacation

On the map of the world, Malta is located in the south of Sicily Island, in the Mediterranean Sea. In its outlines, she resembles a trace from the shoe, unlike Italy - its neighbor. The Water of the Mediterranean Sea is washed by several stony islands, most of which are populated tight.

Therefore, in the density of the population, Malta ranked fourth place in the world ranking. Its deserted part more often attracts those who are looking for unusual and acute sensations.


Climate and weather by months

Maltese Islands were under the influence of the roast climate of Africa. And this impact affected Malta more than any South European country. But a little spoils all the winter wind from the North-West, which shortens the number of verses of days, bringing a storm and bad weather with him. But such "harsh" arguments are not frightened by numerous tourists, the number of which increases on New Year's holidays.

After all, here even in winter you can swim in the sun-heated by the sun in the open-air pools, which there is a huge amount. And also - sunbathing in the sun, because Malta is located on the same latitude that Tunisia and Morocco. The warm air of the Mediterranean, carrying the freshness of the sea, softens the local climate, blowing the islands from different sides.

Although very good days in Malta does not happen, still a very high temperature in this place was recorded very high temperature - above 40, with standard For Malta 28-35. The latter temperature indicators have become possible due to the active movement of air masses above the islands, the dimensions of which are very minor.

It also contributes to the absence of the highest structures and mountain peaks that are in other countries.

The summer period begins in Malta already in May. And last until October, so during your stay here at this time it is better to forget about warm clothes. With a standard tourist set (shorts, shirt, a T-shirt or dress), you should not ignore and the presence of a headdress.

Once under the Maltese Sun, without which, there is a huge chance to get a sun blow, or in extreme cases - burned hair. Such temperature differences as coolness in the evening and warm - in the morning there is no one. At night, the temperature of the air is kept in the redistribution of 20 degrees, and in the morning smoothly goes into the thirty-degree heat during the daytime.

Tourists at night will be able to fully experience increased air humidity, which is common to the Mediterranean countries. Infrequent guests in the warm season there are rain. They go, as a rule, not more than 10 minutes., If you come to the clean and sunny sky a gray rain cloud. And umbrellas are used here only as sun protection.

It is possible to burn here even in the fall, so do not stop using the cream from the tan. Autumn comes on the island only in mid-October. The sea at that time cools slowly, the rust of green paints reigns everywhere, the air heated to 23 degrees will be seriously taken for the cool respiration of autumn.

The swimming season continues here for many until the middle of the next month, especially since water and air temperature allows it. Malta on the world map is in the warm climatic belt, so you should begin to collect things, you should know that at any time of the year, you should wear shoes with a flexible sole and open. And even better - slippers.

As a rule, most of the beaches in Malta pebble, and some prefer to sunbathe not on pebbles, but on pontoons or in a lounge chair. Sandy beaches minority, they are only 15. Winter in Malta is the so-called "winter rainy season", which begins here in December.

Although the name is too loud for a rare and short rain, which has passed anything, at a temperature of 15-18 degrees of heat. The sea does not cool here even in winter. The temperature indicator of water reaches 16 degrees, which, but does not interfere with the fans of deep research to descend to the seabed.

The rich fauna of the sea, the caves at the depth are perfectly visible in the purest blue water. Of course, the number of tourists at this time of year decreases somewhat, but those who decide to visit Malta in winter will be glad to significantly discounts. The latter and attract those who do not want to celebrate winter holidays in the harsh winter reality of their country.

Spring smoothly comes to replace the soft Maltese Winter. And warming begins from the end of February. Rare storm winds stop, everything blooms around. Nature is updated in all its glory, and the temperature rapidly begins to rise and can reach 20 degrees.

month Temperature day, ° C Temperature at night, ° C
May+23+ 15
July+ 30+21

Best time to relax on Mal §

Malta on the world map is located in a specific climatic belt, knowing all weather features in this area, one can safely say that it is best to rest there in the summer. Bright paints, warm sea, a huge number of entertainment and new acquaintances are what summer Malta tourists will delight. But it is good for those who love constant activity.

The same one who takes a bad heat, but still dreams of visiting any exotic point of the world, it is also worth come here. Malta is beautiful at any time of the year and will joyfully take all guests. Every year, Malta's blue lagoon attract a huge number of tourists from different parts of the planet.

Local mild climate for morals not only to those who love beach holidays.

There is a huge number of architectural and historical monuments, which will be able to tell literally about each historical era, ranging from the mysterious Atlantis and ending with the invasion of British colonialists who came here during the reign of Queen Victoria.

For study, many young people seek too here - the availability of schools with English, an affordable cost of classes, high-quality training programs - all this contributes to the influx of young people who dream of getting a good education.

Those who prefer active rest, also the soul of this Mediterranean country. Climbers, climbers, sailing lovers from all over the planet come here.

Geographical characteristics of the island

at 316 km. The territory of the island is measured. This archipelago consists of completely tiny islands consisting of limestone and small islands, some of which are inhabited. These are populated as Comino, Gots and Malta. Any of the above rocky, small height, replete with rocks, stretched mainly along the coast.

The maximum high point of the state is on the plateau in the form of a triangle of Taja and has an embroidery of 253 m. The main geographical difference island - the absence of permanent lakes and rivers But when a sufficient precipitate falls out, temporary rivers are formed.

Administrative division of the island, resorts

On the Malta map, there are 3 regions and 6 districts, divided into all 70 municipalities.

All districts have their own names:

  • The harbor is internal.
  • North.
  • External harbor.
  • Western.
  • Southeast.
  • Gozo and Comino island.

The largest points are Valletta, Mdina, Sliema, Rabat. Each of them has its own history and is interesting in its own way.


The Republic of Malta has its capital, La Valletta. This original name was received in honor of his founder, Jean Pariso de La Valletta - Master of the Order of John, Flotovodz and Knight. The first stone for the founding of the city he laid on March 28, 1566. They were erected by donations, and the construction of him was led by Francesco Laparelli da Corton, architects from Italy.

In 19570, the construction was headed by J. Kassar, follower of Lapareli. His masterpieces are churches, palaces, which were recognized by historical values. Under the rule of England, the city was in 1800, and in the period of the 2nd world stylishly suffered during the bombing.

The capital of Valletta was legally in 1974, and today it is a museum located right under the sky. He attracts a huge number of tourists every year who come to admire historical monuments, masterpieces of architecture.


This city is the recent capital of Malta, one of the most ancient cities. He originated more than 4 thousand years ago, on the site of the Phoenician fortress. In the time of the Roman Empire, the city became prosperous, then the territory of the city included even the discount, located nearby. The apostle Paul landed here after the shipwreck has undergone.

the size of the city decreased after the power in it was captured by the arba. Mdina called Citta Notabile Other, the city is an aristocrat. And all due to the fact that most of its buildings are made in the Baroque style and Norman style style. The most significant thing is forbidden to move on cars in this city.


At the moment, all major historical raisins are currently located. This is the Cathedral of St. Paul with a grotto of the same name, catacombs of St. Agatha and St. Paul, Roman Villa and many other. Previously, he was a suburb of Mdina, and today is a separate territorial unit.

The city is considered to be the most landscaped of all Maltese cities. The abundance of stems seated with shady palm trees and shrubs in bloom. Proud is "Howard Gardens", the park, broken at the entrance to MDin. Each of the Houses of Rabat has its name, and many rich inhabitants of Malta live in this city.


This city is a resort that takes guests holidays all year round. He was built in Marsamsh - the harbor on the northern coast. Since the XIX century, the city was positioned as a solid suburb of the capital. Currently, Slim is the most refined city of Malta, the concentration of shopping and tourism.


Another advantages of Slim - it has a sufficient number of hotels with a variety of comfort and varying degrees of "star".

Tourism features in Malta

Those who first attend this island, you should know some nuances associated with finding the status of a tourist. In Malta, it is possible to export no more than 25 lire in local currency, while the import of foreign currency has no restrictions. If you plan to take a car on the island, you should know that the movement in any settlement is left-hand.

But to rent a car will be able to persons who have already been 25 years old, and those who have not yet turned 70. The driver's license and the rights of the international sample must be assured in the police.

It is forbidden to import cats and dogs to the island, and still come to the beach of public use naked or without the top of the swimsuit. It is not recommended to walk the streets in beach clothes, it is better to choose a conservative option for walking.

The cost of tours to the island

Rest on the island is quite acceptable. Any of the tours includes the cost of excursions, which are an essential attribute of the rest. Therefore, 100-200 euros should be added to the cost of the tour, if there are few excursions. But 300 - 500 euros will have to be added if there is a desire to enjoy all kinds of entertainment in the resort. 500 euros - this is the average price of a tour to the island.

Types of recreation in Malta

Even the most sophisticated tourists can find something to their liking here. A huge number of nightclubs, sports centers, retail outlets - everything is at the service of vacationers. Those who want to experience the vicissitudes of fate are advised to visit local casinos, there are 4 of them in Malta.

The most popular among tourists is an institution located in the town of St. Julians and called "Dragonara Palace Casino". The AXIS night disco, known far beyond Malta, is also located there. On the territory of New Dolmen, a hotel complex, there is another large casino - "Oracle".

Jeep safari is becoming increasingly popular with tourists visiting Malta. This is a chance to appreciate the beauty of the local nature. Most of the routes designed for guests pass through the island of Gozo.

Diving is another of the most common hobbies. Some tourists purposefully go to dive, take pictures under water. One of the varieties of this hobby is wreck diving.

Malta is a small state surrounded by the sea. Diving is a popular pastime here.

For diving, you can choose such places as:

  • Akhrash Point;
  • Martha Point;
  • Weed of Zurrik;
  • Chircaua, many others.

The local Marsa racetrack will help you learn horseback riding, and Captain Morgan, the local yacht club, will appeal to those who love boat trips.

Sights of Malta, interesting places

Many historical monuments, architectural sights and cultural heritage sites have survived to this day in Malta. The modest size of the island does not detract from their value for the perception of vacationers. Some of them should be identified and described in more detail.

The Palace of the Grand Master in Valletta

Built in 1574, today it houses the Parliament of Malta and the main residence of its President. Now it is a stone palace, and earlier a wooden structure stood in its place.

The armory room, with 6 thousand exhibits, is located in the cellars of this palace. And the palace walls are hung with tapestries, coats of arms of knights, portraits of European monarchs and Grand Masters.


This attraction was built in 573–1578. The cathedral is the main temple of the Order of St. John, has 8 chapels, built in the Romanesque-Gothic style. From the outside, the building does not strike the imagination, but the interior decoration compensates for everything.

The vaults are decorated with frescoes by the Italian Mattia Preti, and the marble slabs that decorate the floor are in fact the tombstones of all the Grand Masters and the Knights of Malta, the number which - 380 people.


This is a cave of natural origin, in which evidence of the existence of ancient man was found. The finds date back to 5200 BC.

The cave has been turned into a museum, the exhibits of which are the skeletons of hippos and pygmy elephants, birds that inhabited Malta 250 thousand years ago.

House of Torture in Mdina

This second scariest museum in the world is located in Mdina. This is the House of Torture, which was second only to the Tower of London Museum. It is located in the real catacombs, and the exposition is devoted to a rather long period of history.

The highlight of the museum was a theatrical performance with the groans of prisoners, bags of bones under the feet of tourists, clinking chains and much more.


This is, in fact, a separate youth state, where life begins to boil only after dark. Night clubs begin their work, the streets are filled with young people.

Church of Our Lady of Valletta

This is not an ordinary building. Narrow and long, it is decorated with two semi-columns. The church inside is decorated with paintings of the 16th century, as well as murals dating from the same century. There are unique paintings on the ceiling, wooden sculptures of ancient origin.

Where a tourist will stay: location and description of hotels

Malta on the world map is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many hotels in Malta. And it is very problematic to choose one of them: each such institution tries to offer only high-quality service.

Where to stay:

  • The Casa Birmula Boutique Hotel located in the Grand Harbor is an institution that provides transfers from the airport and back, service includes breakfast, use of two swimming pools, free Wi-Fi. Rooms of different categories, there is air conditioning. Not suitable for those who smoke, it is forbidden to smoke here.
  • Marco Polo Malta - Hostel in Saint-Julianse with multilingual staff, offering laundry service and airport shuttle to two ends. There is a lobby bar and an ordinary bar, free internet, air conditioning. There are rooms for non-smoking and for people with disabilities.
  • Akwador Guest House - Guest house in Marsascla, for 8 people, with non-smoking rooms. There is free parking, a shuttle service to the airport is possible, free of internet is available.
  • Boho Hostel - a two-star hotel in Saint-Julians, with a kitchenette and laundry facilities, free Wi-Fay. Transfer to the airport and back.
  • Hostel Malti - Hotel in Saint-Julians, just 3 rooms, designed for those who do not smoke. There is a laundry, jacuzzi, Internet access via Wi-Fi.

Interesting facts about Malta

Malta on the world map is located and now at the intersection of the ancient trade routes, therefore, even in distant times, it was of interest to such car trading such as Syria, Libya, Tunisia.

On the island is officially allowed to trade with citizenship. Now it can be purchased by everyone for 650,000 euros. This is done to attract investors.

There are no divorces in Malta, they are prohibited. Therefore, those who have decided to enter into marriage will live with their second half all their lives. Also on this island is forbidden to take abortions. Two hours hang in most of the Maltese churches. They show different times.

those that are located on the right side, count the minutes and hours for believers, and in those that are on the left side are intentionally established incorrectly, In order to confuse Satan, which can enter people in temptation. In Malta, a nearly zero crime rate, but this does not mean that tourists should relax, lose vigilance.

Local museums can boast artifacts that have been more than 7,000 years. Malta is adjacent to such states as Libya, Tunisia, Spain, it can be seen on the world map. Therefore, residents of these countries also prefer to relax on this island.

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