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Maldives (the official name of the Maldives) is a state that is located on more than 1 thousand islands in the Arabian Sea. This sea refers to the Indian Ocean. The Republic is south of India and is considered the largest state in the world "on the islands".

The local population has a little more than 400 thousand people, among which about 60 thousand people are not citizens of the republic. This state confesses Islam and because it is difficult to find alcohol outside the territories of hotels.

There are almost no climatic seasonal changes here, which allows tourists to come round to the Maldives and attend not only natural, but also cultural and historical sights.

Architecture and religious places

Capital Maldives - Male city. This is the largest and most populous item of the archipelago, with an area of ​​6.8 km² and the population of September 2014 is about 133 thousand people. - This is where sightseeing excursions on the sights of the republic and the surrounding area begin.

Wishing to familiarize themselves with architectural and historical places can independently visit the city, without sightseeing programs, in a walk format to inspect the main interesting places.

Friday Mosque

The attractions of the Maldives are revealed not only in natural beauty, but also in historical heritage. They are scattered by numerous atales, but the capital is the city of Male, in which the state religion is considered Islam.

There are many mosques in the city, but the Friday mosque is the most ancient of them. The construction was erected in the XVII century on the site of the pagan temple, where the inhabitants of the islands worshiped the Sun god. Local craftsmen created a unique temple in their style and performed it from coral stone.

The temple attracts tourists with one of its appearance is a monolithic building without visible joints, which speaks of the special skill of builders. Outside, there are not many decorative elements, but inside the temple you can see wall paintings with quotes from the Koran, as well as wood carvings, many of which are more than 8 centuries old.

The Friday Mosque is located in the Islamic center of the city of Male (Maldives)

Visiting the temple:

  • Entry is open to anyone, but non-Muslims must obtain permission to visit from the Religious Affairs Office. Often such permission can be obtained at the entrance. It is important to pay attention to appearance - shoulders and knees should be covered with clothing.
  • When examining the interior, temple workers can acquaint visitors with architectural and historical details. They may also suggest visiting the ancient cemetery behind the temple. Burial grounds with gold inscriptions say that the Sultan is buried in this place. There is also a sundial, according to which the first Muslims who lived here were guided by the time of prayer.
  • Sultan Ibrahim's tomb is located in the cemetery. This is one of the oldest buildings preserved in the Maldives. About the reign of this Sultan, it is known that he was given the nickname "Mad". He was considered the worst sovereign in the history of the Maldives. The building itself, with its ornaments and ledges, is considered noteworthy.
  • The Temple is opposite the Presidential Palace (Meduziaray-Magu Street). You can get here by bus route number 403.

Islamic Center

This architectural monument was erected in 1984 and is currently considered the largest mosque in Asia. Despite the fact that citizens of other faiths are not very welcome here, their visit is still considered acceptable, since tourist fees make up a large part of the state's income. Tourists are curious to observe not only the appearance of the temple, but also the interior.

  1. The building is made of white marble, on top of which there is a golden dome, which is visible from all points of the city of Male. The golden color of the domes is achieved thanks to the anodized aluminum coating, on top of them there is a crescent moon. In the inner area you can see a sundial and 4 wells.
  2. Internally, the prayer room can accommodate 5,000 people. Visitors will see unique carpets woven by special order in Pakistan, as well as beautiful floor tiles, wall paintings, carved wood panels. The building was erected on a ready-made foundation and its location does not face Mecca with minarets, but the hanging carpets indicate the right direction for Muslims.
  3. Inside there is a conference room, as well as a library, the collection of which includes many valuable items. There is also an auditorium for conducting classes with students.
  4. Visiting the mosque by tourists is possible between prayers from 9:00-17:00. At the moment when prayers are held in the temple, the doors are closed and a special sign is hung up. Women are advised to wear long clothes that hide their arms and legs, as well as to cover their heads. Men must dress in such a way that their arms and legs are covered. At the entrance, leave shoes and wash your feet in a special pool. Entry is available only after that.
  5. The mosque is opposite the Presidential Palace.

National Museum

The Maldives (the attractions of these islands are not limited to natural beauties) represent a cultural center in Male, where the National Museum is located. The museum building is located on the territory of the Sultan Park. It was built in the middle of the last century and was a 3-storey building in the colonial style.

But after 16 years the fire destroyed the building, and it was decided to build a new building on the same spot. The new building was opened only by 2010 on Independence Day of the Maldives. In 2012, extremists attacked the museum building, during which some exhibits were damaged.

Visitors to the National Museum of the Maldives can see exhibits and artifacts that tell about the history of the islands in different eras: furniture, weapons, coin collections, clothes and ceremonial decorations, household utensils, coral sculptures and much more.

Opening Hours9:00-17:00 (Sun-Thu)
Entrance for children1 $
Entrance for adults3.25 $

Presidential Palace

One of the few architectural sights, the Presidential Palace or Muliage Palace was built in 1919. The last ruling Sultan on this land decided to realize the idea of ​​erecting this building. Craftsmen from Fr. Ceylon.

The building was supposed to go to the heir of the Sultan, but soon there was a coup of power, and at first the building served as the residence of the president. Subsequent heads of state moved to another complex, but in 2009 the title of the Presidential Palace was again returned to this building.

The building is open for viewing daily, except Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00-14:00. Tourists get here as part of excursion groups, or on their own, adhering to the direction to the northern part of the island.

On the territory you can see the building itself, made in white, pink and blue colors. There is also a tomb of Medu-Ziyaart in white and blue. In this tomb, a Moroccan scientist is resting, whose efforts in 1153 the country moved from Buddhism to Muslim.

Natural objects

Maldives (the attractions of this country for many are infinite islands) begin to inspect from natural beauty. Each atoll in its own way can surprise tourists with its history, an unusual view or grain living around him.

Atoll Addu

Atoll is sometimes found called Siin, but it is more often called hell. This is a group of islands in the form of a horseshoe, among which only 6 are inhabited. This atoll is the southernmost and is almost on the equator line.

On these islands there are white sand beaches, abundant shrub vegetation, banana palm trees. Here they offer the best recreation conditions in modern high-grade hotels.

There is a blue lagoon in the middle of the islands. The most southern spa atoll - Gan is significantly different from all the islands of Maldives - here is the most magnificent tropical vegetation. Vacationers can engage in fishing, diving, boating.

The most popular entertainment of tourists of these islands is diving. There is an opportunity to observe various corals when diving, sunken tanker, different types of fish and marine inhabitants. Along the coast of the inner lake, bright parrots live.

Baa Atoll

This atoll in itself is a landmark, since it was included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.

A natural water reserve is located between the islands of Kihad and Hanifaru. In the waters of this area there is a bloom of plankton in the spring-autumn period of the year. This phenomenon attracts sharks sharks to the waters, and, therefore, divers.

Olhugiri Island is located in the southern part of the atoll. He is deserted, many greens grow here, which attracts frigates as a place for nesting. Sea turtles sailed to the island to lay eggs.

For diving lovers, it will be interesting to immerse yourself in the water of the Digali Haa Reserve to see almost all representatives of the aquatic environment in the Indian Ocean, as well as the water area of ​​Madi-Finland. The second is more suitable for beginner divers, here dive occurs on a small depth, where you can observe different types of corals.

South Male Atoll

The nearest atoll atoll South Male consists of 30 islands, among which are inhabited only 3. These islands are tourist centers with rental houses on the ocean. Here the locals are engaged in fishing fishery.

Tourists, vacationers on this atoll, are engaged in diving and surfing. A good wave season starts here from March to October. Trips to neighboring uninhabited islands or to the capital of the republic are considered popular, which is available due to the proximity to Male.

Dhaalu Atoll

The atoll is just beginning to gain its popularity among tourists. Every year more and more tourists come here, who are attracted by the combination of coral reefs, white sands and green areas. This atoll is recommended to visit from autumn to spring, when the weather is dry.

On the islands included in this atoll, tourists can go to watch sea turtles or visit the ancient mosque and burial mounds (Kudawadhoo Island).

Miimu Atoll

The atoll consists of 30 islands that resemble shark jaws in their shape. There are 9 inhabited islands, among which only 2 are tourist centers.

Visit the islands of this place only because of the natural attractions, which include blue lagoons, coral reefs and numerous steel colored fish. Here divers dive to explore the underwater caves and grottoes. During the dives, you can see sea turtles, sharks, moray eels and sailfish.

Ari Atoll

The atoll is one of the largest formations of islands in the republic, therefore it is divided into 2 administrative parts - northern and southern. Ari includes 106 islands. Inhabited among them are only 26 and not only indigenous people. Each island of this atoll is fully equipped for a comfortable stay.

The inhabitants of this atoll are engaged in catching sharks, making sails, mining coral, and some work in the tourism sector. This atoll is quite developed among visiting vacationers and its territory is so equipped that at the moment any construction work for tourism purposes has been stopped.

On these islands, tourists go diving to see manta rays, triggerfish, reef sharks, lionfish and other aquatic life. Lilies and gorgonians grow on coral reefs.

Special tourist places

The Maldives (the sights of the republic attract lovers of a relaxing holiday) are clusters of islands with beaches and azure water, but even such a vacation can get boring. For those tourists who are interested in unusual resort places, there is a list of special attractions.

Sultan's Park

The park was built on the site where the Sultan's palace once stood. All buildings dating back to the period of the Sultanate were destroyed, but the gardens were saved. When walking through the park, tourists can see different types of tropical plants and trees, exotic animals and birds.

Underwater Restaurant

In 2005, an unusual Ithaa restaurant was opened. The hall for guests is located at a depth of 5 meters, close to the coral reef. The glass roof and walls allow guests to observe the life of the inhabitants of the sea and feel immersed in this environment.

To get to the restaurant, visitors go down a spiral staircase that leads from an ordinary coastal house. Inside, guests dine while enjoying the panoramic view. The menu changes periodically, but recently European and Asian dishes have been approved here.

The hall is designed for 14 seats, so it is recommended to book a table in advance, at least a couple of weeks in advance. The restaurant was opened in 2004 and its service life is expected to be 20 years. Therefore, tourists are recommended to visit this place if they find themselves in the Maldives.

The restaurant is open daily from 11:00-00:00, receives guests during the daytime for lunches, in the evening - for dinners. Children are not allowed to attend dinners with an active adult entertainment program. The minimum check is $150-250.

Vaadhoo Beach

The beach during the day is not much different from other beaches in the Maldives. But at night, plankton swims to the shores. This species glows with a blue glow in the dark and illuminates the coastal area.

Due to such a romantic phenomenon, many tourists choose a holiday hotel near Vaadhoo Beach (Baa Atoll) to spend one of their evenings of relaxation in an unusual way. This type of plankton is not dangerous to humans, which makes it possible to swim in the night sea.

Fish market

In the capital of the Maldives there is a large fish market, which tourists like to visit as a museum. In the afternoon, local fishermen sell their catch here. A variety of fish or sea creatures can not only be viewed, but also purchased in order to try to cook it yourself.

In most cases, mackerel and reef fish are sold here, but in the afternoon large ships come in bringing delicacies. The local population is sure that tuna is considered the highest quality fish, so its cost may increase.

The Maldives is a place that is an attraction in itself, as most visitors come here to enjoy the unique natural views or outdoor activities. Today it is a developed tourist destination, designed for lovers of a relaxing pastime on clean beaches near the water, or active tourists who are ready to visit historical places.

Despite the long history, not many architectural and historical buildings with cultural value have been preserved, most of them are concentrated in the main city of the republic - Male.

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