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Los Angeles is a huge megapolis, which has more than 300-year history. Here are the famous Pavilions of the film companies, annually producing dozens of films. But not only movie lovers go to this city. He is striking with its unusual architecture, art objects, abundance of museums and exhibitions.

Where is Los Angeles on the California map

The city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, near the Mexican border, and is part of the state of California USA. The coastal lowland, which the city occupies, is adjacent to the Santa Monica bay, bordering the mountain peaks of Ana and Gabriel. From sushi, his neighbors are the Areas of Orange-County, Bernardino, Kern and Ventura.

The coordinates of the megapolis: 33 ° 56's. sh. and 118 ° 24'z. His total area is 1290.6 square meters. km, of which approximately 6% fall on the water part. The length of the west to the east is about 47 km, from north to south about 71 km, the length of the boundary is 550 km.

You can get to it with all kinds of land, sea and air transport. Aeroflot daily sends direct flight from Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow. Flight time is 11 h.

Weather and climate

Los Angeles is located in medium latitudes under the influence of the subtropical climate. The average temperature during the year is + 25 ° C at daytime and + 15 ° C to night. The warmest weather lasts from July to September (+ 29 ° C), and the cold period: December, January, February (+ 17 ° C).

High attendance by tourists falls on March-April and November, when on the street + 22-24 ° C. The maximum amount of precipitation falls in January, March and April, the minimum: in February, May, August. The city is always sunny, the number of clear days is not less than 24 in the month.

Districts of the city

Los Angeles, over time, absorbed many small settlements, which were around the center, and they became part of the metropolis. They have their own control, which is subject to central.

Today, under the name Greater Los Angeles, approximately 80 districts exist and their number is constantly changing. They are often divided into parts: Western, South, Central and so on.

The city is conditionally divided into several major districts:

  • Hollywood.
  • Center (Downstown).
  • San Fernando Valley.
  • East.
  • Westside.
  • South.
  • South Bay and Harbor.
  • ​​
  • MID-Wilshire.

Los Angeles Guests are useful to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of its main areas:

Name Characteristics Description
Hollywoodis associated with the development of the cinema industryan allee of glory and its stars dedicated to celebrities, Dolby theaters or Kodak (they are handed over to the Oscar Prize) and Grauman (Chinese). White letters, the famous symbol of the metropolis, which in 1973 is registered as a local attraction, are clearly visible on the hillside. This is the place of pilgrimage of tourists.

Paramaut Piccurses is the only film studio in the territory of the district. All the rest occupied the surroundings of the metropolis.

WestcideLuxury, multiculturalHere you can see the Pavilions of the film company 20THCentury Fox, Boulevards Sunset and Wilshir, Museum of Ghetty, University of California.

Differs in beautiful streets with houses relating to different architectural styles of the XX century.

Beverly HillsFashionable, is an entertainment areapopularity has come after the series of the same name.

Tourists can see Rodeo Drive, Hotel Wilshire (where the filming of the film "Beauty"), shopping complex.

is a territory with design shops, beauty salons.

DowntownThe historical and financial centeris interesting to Museum Grammy, the concert hall of Walt Disney, railway station, Olver Street.

The place where the skyscrapers of the city are concentrated, his oldest part called Pueblo de Los Angeles, national neighborhoods.

Here is a great mixture of people belonging to different layers of the population.

Griffith ParkThe largest city park in the United StatesLocation of the Gryffit Observatory, Greek Theater and Zoo.
Western HollywoodLGBT culture headquartersToday, this is not only the location of gay communities, but also directories, producers, actors. Many fitness clubs, boutiques, studios of vintage clothes. Known with the most exquisite restaurants and wide boulevards. This is especially famous for the sannet-strip with his musical venues and clubs, with the onset of twilight is illuminated by the original backlight.
MalibuPacific CoastBeautiful beaches for recreation and surficists surrounded by luxury mansions, a picturesque coastline. Frequently found meetings with celebrities. You can admire the water surface with Point Duma.
Santa Monicais pier and track number 66, which connects the East and West of the United States. For entertainment, there is a ferris wheel, working on solar energy, American slides.
VeniceAmerican VeniceConstruction was carried out in the image of the Italian city and was carried out on the money of the tobacco magnate. Place is famous for the beautiful canals that are furious boats with locals. It is a seating area of ​​residents and is considered the best for hiking and cycling.
ComptonThe most dangerousis known for disassembly of criminal authorities in the past century. Now it is not recommended for visiting tourists.
Van Nais, Northern HollywoodIntenseOn the streets of many homeless people, crazy and drug addicts, pockets; Garbage and scraps of newspapers. Criminality increases in the dark.

Attractions visited by tourists are often located at a great distance from each other.

Culture and entertainment

Los Angeles is at the intersection of world arts and entertainment. His architecture accommodates a lot of styles that can be found in different corners and the surrounding area: Norman French Province, Revival Mission, Craftsman, Art Deco and others.

Park Ranon Canyon, Los Angeles, USA

There are works of Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Jack Charney. Some of the architectural structures produced a revolutionary coup in the construction of residential buildings.

Modern building is diverse. It includes options from Paul Williams projects, which is an architect-pioneer of African American origin, to Deconstructivist ideas Frank Geri.

Impressionistic landscape painting found its place and support in the territory of the metropolis. In many respects, the California Art Club was facilitated, which was founded in 1909, conducting lectures and exhibitions of this direction.

In Los Angeles, a monument was established by the American soldier of 1900. He is the oldest sculpture in the city, and created by an unknown author.

Bertram Gudhu was designed in 1926 by the central library. It was a masterpiece of architecture, which accommodates in its plaster painting walls depicting the history of California, and works of art. Many frescoes, including outdoor, written in the XX century. Mural artists from Mexico: José Clement Orosko, Diego Rivera. They can be found on the walls of buildings, in the subway.

Over 840 museums and galleries operate on the territory of the metropolis. The most famous are: Museum of Art County Los Angeles, Modern Creativity, Genty Center, Iowa Linkor. Galleries are located on Gallery Row. At Downtown on Art Walk at 2 Thursday of each month they work for free, taking everyone.

The city of Angels is the center of cinematography and television. There is not only the famous "Dream Factory", but also the American Cinema Institute and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts. This place is also a sound recording center. A & M Records was located in Charlie Chaplin's studio on Sunset Boulevard. And Brothers Warner have invested money in the construction of the record industry.

New York Academy of Cinema in Los Angeles

In summer, concert organizers offer free entertainment programs. There are many dance sites, including on the beaches. The territory of the farmer market is famous for its evening concerts.

On Thursday and Friday, you can listen to the music of different directions. And California Plaza at the end of the work week invites not only for lunch, but also performing musicians. And in the evening, theatrical ideas are played in which viewers are involved.

California Plaza, Los Angeles, USA

Wine & Jazz Summer Series presents the best jazz performers. This event occurs in Hollywood & Highland every Tuesday, together with wine tasting.

Los Angeles Attractions

Los Angeles is surrounded by many attractions.

American Venice

These are some of them with a brief description:

  • American Venice. Located in the area of ​​Venez. Founded in 1904 by Abbot Kinny, who was tobacco magnate. He turned the wetland in the semblance of the Italian city on the water, building several picturesque channels.
  • Observatory in the Griffith Park. It is a complex of buildings. Among them there is a planetarium equipped with telescopes. They can take advantage of anyone.
  • Villa and Gentty Center, established by the oil king. It presents art objects from mid-centuries to modern times. It is famous for the possession of masterpieces: MONE "Wheat stack", Van Gogh "Irises", Rembrandt "Abduction of Europe". You can get to it on the funicular. From the height, the city's reservoir is clearly visible.
  • Huntington Library. Located on the territory of San Marino. He is a repository of rare copies of world literature of the last millennium. It surrounds several botanical gardens: Chinese, Japanese, subtropical.
  • Disneyland. Located in the suburb of a megalopolis in the city of Anaheim. Created on the basis of Walt Disney works. Construction was completed in 1955. And in the new park there are attractions. Both entertainment center are divided into thematic squares.
  • The Universal Studios Hollywood complex in San Fernando is designed to relax with the whole family and is based on the popular Hollywood blockbusters from the "Water World" and a huge gorilla from King Kong. Here you can get acquainted with the "kitchen" of the film crew, find out the secrets of the formulations of your favorite films.
  • Hollywood "Alley of Glory" with stars perpetuating celebrity memory. The beginning was found in the 1950s. Now it has over 2500 names located for 1 km. And in front of it is the building of the Chinese theater.
  • Hollywood sign. These are 14-meter white letters located on one of the Los Angeles Hills, are visible from any viewing platform of the city: Lake Hollywood Park, Griffith Observatory, Highland Center and Hollywood shopping centers. Now they are fenced for security purposes.
  • Page Museum. is a paleontological and located on the Ranch La Breya, where you can see the pits with bitumen in the midst of the greenery of the park. They supply the archaeological collection by fossils of the time of the ice age. Museum exhibits represent animals that have long been extinct: mastodonts, saber-toothed cats.
  • Car Museum Petersen. was established in 1994 and is dedicated to the establishment of the United States Automotive. 25 galleries accommodate hundreds of rare copies: a car on the solar panels "MANA LA" from 1987, the electric car "Broughm" from Detroit from 1915 exhibitions are held, collecting cars participating in films: "Back to the Future", "Batman", "Black Panther" and others. In the repository, where you can get at an additional cost, exhibits belonging to Elvis Presley and Steve McQuein are demonstrated.
  • Tower Watts-Towers. Created on the project of the Italian S. Rhodium. Work on them was carried out for 33 years and ended with 17 fabulous buildings of steel, concrete, sea shells, ceramics and bottle glass fragments. Spread height 30.3 m. Watts Towers are one of the world's art monuments.
  • Battleship Iowa. This 270-meter-long museum ship of the 20th century, the height of an 18-story building, is permanently anchored in the waters of San Pedro Bay. During the tour, it is proposed to use an audio guide and independently inspect the towers with guns, the cabin where Franklin Roosevelt was located, and the galley.

Places of interest

In addition to attractions, there are many places in Los Angeles with their history available for tourists to visit.

Chinatown in Los Angeles

Among them stand out: ​​

  • Santa Monica Pier, consisting of two structures: a long one - created in 1909 to divert sewers, a short one - from 1916 with entertainment and attractions. Serves as the terminus of Highway 66, which links the east and west coasts of North America. Tourists take a selfie near the sign. This place is especially beautiful in the rays of the setting sun.
  • The Skyspace observation deck is located on the roof of the highest skyscraper in the metropolis. From it, tourists can see Los Angeles from a bird's eye view, the ocean and mountains. The best time to visit is on a clear day just before sunset.
  • Chinatown in the center of the metropolis is called Chinatown and is famous for art galleries, restaurants and unusual shops. The central square, illuminated by neon lights in the evening and at night, is popular with selfie lovers. There is an art night here once a quarter. During the performance there is a screening of modern theatrical productions from China.
  • Mulholland Drive. This road was built in 1924 and bears the name of a civil engineer. It is a two-lane highway that runs along the Santa Monica Mountains. Replete with a number of blind turns and lookouts that offer views of the white letters of Hollywood, the reservoir, the Verdugo Mountains, San Gabriel, the San Fernando Valley. The film by D. Lynch is also known under this name.
  • The Central Market or Grant Central Market was founded in 1917. Visitors and tourists can choose from a variety of ready-made meals, coffees, teas, beers and wines. It is popular among the local population as a favorite place for grocery shopping.
  • Runyon Canyon Park. Its area reaches 65 hectares. On its territory there are 3 routes of varying difficulty: paved, "Star" (medium level), "Hero's Path" (high level). Winter and early spring are suitable for walking. To protect from the sun's rays, a hat is recommended, since there are practically no areas with a shadow.

The best beaches

Los Angeles is located on the Pacific coast. The length along the coastline is about 100 km. Therefore, it has a lot of beautiful beaches.

Manhattan Beach

Distinctive characteristics:

Name Location (district) Features
Manhattan BeachManhattanis famous for the pier, leaving far into the ocean. Good beach vacation combined with surfing. The episode of the film "La La Land" took place here. Located in the most prestigious area.
Venezes-BeachVenezesoffers a wonderful vacation with the observation of the water stroy of the bay away from sand and water. Especially beautiful time before sunset.
Topang-BeachMalibuis distinguished by the proximity to the Villa GETTI and the Rosental winery, in which you can get, by passing the underground transition.
Point-Dum18 km west of Santa MonicaThe best place to observe the migration of gray whales. Sometimes sea lions are selected ashore. Rocks defend resting from strong winds.
Bole-ChikaSouth Coast of the city between Sipoint Avenue and Sunset Beach.Interesting that its territory acts camping. You can install a tent and spend a picnic with a fire.
Ebalon Cove-BeachPalos VerdesHere it is the most convenient to observe the differences and tides (you need to know their time in advance), ocean waves and Catalina Island.
El Matornorth of the beach Malibu, the turn is between Broad Beach and Decker-Canyon-Roadgained fame due to huge picturesque Rocks, it is considered a great place to photograph models and lovers of Selfie.
Playa del Reysouth of Santa MonicaHere is a good place to exercise sports. On the territory there are platforms for playing volleyball, bikes and paths for morning jogs.
Surfraider BeachNorth Pier in MalibuParadise for surficists: beginners and experienced.

Los Angeles attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. There are many entertainment, a large number of objects created by the hands of man or nature. He will not leave indifferent guests of the city.

Video about the city

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