Las Vegas, USA. Photos of the city, sights, what to see, history

Las Vegas is an amazing city, it has luxurious and expensive hotels and casinos, the highest buildings and deep canyons. It was in this city that they created one of the largest Coca-Cola bottles, the largest ingot of gold, only here you can admire the singing fountains, which surprise with their immense size. No photos will allow you to see all the splendor of the city, bright colorful signs.

Description and history of Las Vegas

Las Vegas (photos of the city will amaze even the most knowledgeable tourist) is the most famous metropolis of America, which is the center of entertainment and gambling. It is located in the western United States in the state of Nevada.

This seemingly small town, with a little over 500,000 inhabitants, has become world famous thanks to a large number of gambling establishments concentrated in a small area. In total, there are about 80 of them in the city. There are also a large number of luxury hotels in the city; various meetings and presentations can be held within their walls.

If the word Las Vegas is translated from Spanish, it will mean "floodplain meadows." In ancient times, this place was an oasis, a source of water in the desert.

Later, a small railway station was erected here, but even then the locals were fond of fights without rules, games for money. That is why the first games halls, bars and other entertainment facilities appeared in these parts. It is written in the history of the city that 1905 should be considered the date of its foundation.

The authorities could not look at how their residents lead a wild lifestyle, so 4 years after the founding of the city, they did everything possible to ban all games. But the gambling business did not close, but only went into the shadows and was even more interested in local residents and guests, because it's no secret to anyone that the forbidden fruit is sweet.

Therefore, the authorities had to lift all the bans, this happened only and already by the beginning of the 30s. But they didn’t let anything take its course, but introduced a regulated procedure for doing business in all the entertainment institutions of the city. All owners of such establishments had to deduct a tax to the treasury, the amount of which depended on the number of tables, slot machines and types of card games.

By the beginning of the 1940s, the population of the city had increased significantly, and the number of hotels, bars and gambling halls was also growing rapidly. After the end of World War II, the mafia played a special role in the development of the city, because it was she who owned most of the gambling establishments. Today, the main income to the treasury comes from the entertainment and tourism industries.

Top 10 most interesting sights

In Las Vegas, every tourist will definitely find the best entertainment for himself: try his luck in one of the casinos, have a pleasant rest in a luxury hotel or hold an important business trip there meeting, or just walk around the city, looking at the bright sights.

Welcome to Las Vegas - the very first attraction of Las Vegas

Las Vegas (you can see it on bright photos) is a luxurious, rich and vibrant city, where among the most famous places are the following:

Name Description
Welcome to fabulous Las VegasThis is the first thing a tourist who enters in town. It draws attention to itself with its bright lights, as if warning the traveler that it is in this place that he will receive unforgettable and vivid impressions.
Chapel of FlowersThis is one of the popular wedding chapels, where every day marriages are registered for anyone who wishes to do so. The building looks modest, unremarkable, but in fact it is ultra-modern and technologically advanced. It was here that they first began to conduct marriages via the Internet.
High RollerThis attraction is considered the largest in the world, its height is over 170 meters. The structure of the attraction includes 28 booths, which can accommodate up to 40 visitors. The attraction completes a full rotation in half an hour.
Dig This ParkThis park is only suitable for over 18s. Here, each visitor will be able to personally try himself as an operator driving a bulldozer or any other heavy equipment. All safety rules are strictly observed on the territory of the park. All guests are given a special briefing and are given overalls.
Hoover DamIt is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border of the states of Nevada and Arizona. This is one of the largest power plants that feed this region. Also, it is precisely on it to protect against the floods of the entire south-western part of the United States. It was built at the end of the 30s of the 20th century and called in honor of 31 US president.
Las Vegas-Strip AlleyThis is the central Las Vegas Boulevard, the length of which is about 7 km. It is here that most luxury hotels in the city and Casino are concentrated.
Hotel ParisThis is one of the legendary complexes that has its own casino. The structure is erected strictly in accordance with the architecture of the Hotel De Ville, France. It is in this place that all tourists can see reduced copies of French monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, a triumphal arch.
Madame Madame TussaoIn this museum, figures from wax are in the form of exhibits. Most of the sculptures are the famous artists of America, such as Ricky Martin, Will Smith and others.
Frimont StreetThis is the second largest Las Vegas Street and is located in the very center of the metropolis. Each tourist who came here will be able to feel the spirit of Azart and understand people who are passionate about gambling and especially poker. Bright lights are burning around, slot machines work and stand tables for games in cards.
Luxor casinoAll tourists who arrived in Las Vegas cannot pass by the pyramids of Heops and Sphinx. Made of a glass of a pyramid with a height of more than a hundred meters, from the top of which night beats a bright light is a magnificent spectacle. It is possible to live in this hotel in this hotel, but you can take a walk and consider all the thorns.

Architectural facilities and monuments of Las Vegas

It is in this city that can be seen all the luxury that the famous architects could embody in their projects. Las Vegas (photos of the city are presented below) is interesting to tourists not only with their luxury hotels and casinos, but also historical monuments.

such historical objects are particularly popular among tourists:

  1. Las Vegas Stratosphere. On the territory of this complex there are about 2.5 thousand numbers of various categories. The structure is lined up in the form of a tower, the height of which is about 350 meters and is considered one of the highest in the United States. At the top of the structure there is a spacious observation deck, from where you can see the entire city and its surroundings, there is also a rotating restaurant and 4 attractions.
  2. Mandalay Bay. This is a hotel and entertainment complex that opened its doors at the beginning of the spring of 1999. This building houses cozy rooms and a casino that strongly resembles a wild jungle with waterfalls and lush vegetation. Also in this complex there is a spacious concert hall, where celebrity concerts are often held. The same hotel has its own wine museum, its collection of more than a thousand different brands.
  3. Railway cottage. It was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, about 60 cottages were built in this still completely deserted area, which were intended for railway workers. The houses were built in different styles and had only a few rooms.

Museums of Las Vegas

You can learn more about the history of the city, about US celebrities and just see unique things in the museums of Las Vegas.

Although the city is considered an entertainment center, where there are always a lot of bright lights and crowds of people, you can still retire in one of the museums:

  1. Museum of Natural History. In this museum, you can see the entire natural history of the planet, but still the emphasis is more on the state of Nevada. Here you can see exhibits of dinosaurs, inhabitants of the seas and much more. Here you can not only see exhibits of extinct animals, but also play water games, feel like a real doctor or scientist. Various exhibitions are often held within the walls of the museum.
  2. Neon Museum. This museum's collection is entirely devoted to the most important attribute of Las Vegas - neon signs. Most of the exhibits are located right on the street. In total, there are about 150 exhibits here, most of them have never been updated and have been restored, therefore they are of historical value.
  3. Mafia Museum. This building is located opposite the court. The exhibits of the museum tell about the formation of criminal structures in Las Vegas, as well as the emergence of various criminal gangs. In this museum, you can see the weapons used by the mafia during clashes with other groups, their clothes and shoes.

Temples and Cathedrals of Las Vegas

For those tourists who prefer more cultural holidays in Las Vegas there is also where to go and what to see.

It is here that young people often come to legalize their relationship:

  1. All Saints Church of the Russian Church Abroad. From the outside, this building strongly resembles a ranch, but as soon as you enter inside, you get the impression that you are in Russia among birch trees, because the entire interior is decorated “under the Russian birch”. It is with such an interior that the temple strongly resembles Alaska, from where the rector of the temple, Bishop Nikolai, came from.
  2. Church of the Angel of Defender. This is another of the unusual sights of Las Vegas. The church doors are open to everyone who wants to sue sins after night festivities in the city and just for those who want to inspect this amazing place. The cathedral attracts attention to all passersby, because he resembles a cinema outside.

Las Vegas (whose photo can make each tourist independently) is different: gambling, cultural and historical. There are 7 Orthodox churches on its territory. There is also a Greek temple, Serbian and two Romanian. You can see all of their magnificence, everyone can, temple doors are open around the clock.

Las Vegas Parks and Gardens

If a noisy city, bright lights tired, then you can retire in one of the picturesque parks of Las Vegas:

  1. Park Sunset. It can be considered one of the largest leisure parks in Las Vegas. You can find it near McCiren Airport in the south-east of the city. Initially, it was a ranch of small sizes, on the territory of which bred purebred horses, and only in the mid-1960s of the 20th century, the ranch bought Clark County and turned into a picturesque place to relax local residents and guests. He became a home and shelter for birds and fish. His distinctive feature is that it can be called an island in the center of the reservoir.
  2. Park Clark County. It is possible to find it on the outskirts of the metropolis and is considered the largest place for shooting from different types of weapons occupying an area of ​​1200 hectares. Park was erected in several stages. Initially, it was planned to take only 360 hectares, but later the territory increased significantly. Visitors can try their hand in style from different types of weapons, including onion or crossbow.

Modern objects, interesting for visiting

Las Vegas actively expands its territories even today. Over the past few years, many new unique structures have been erected, which surprise their architectural ensembles.

Such objects are considered to be the most popular among tourists:

  1. Freemonte Street Exprices. This is an incredible video screen, made in the form of an arch, installed on the street with the same name in the mid-90s of the last century. The design reaches a height of 30 meters, and about 4 quarters length. Over the development of this design, specialists from LG were well bought.
  2. Hotel Bellagio. It is possible to find it on Las Vegas Strip. Its main feature is a musical fountain that can produce up to a thousand powerful jets of water, and is complemented by more than 4 thousand bright light bulbs. Every day there is a bright show that starts in the afternoon and lasts until night.
  3. Stratosphere Las Vegas, photos of this place will not show all its beauty. This is one of the most popular viewing platforms among tourists, its height is 350 m. In addition to viewing platforms (closed and open), several extreme attractions operate on the tower.

Excursions around Las Vegas

For those who dream of seeing all the beauties of Las Vegas and not getting lost in the noisy streets, the most informative excursion programs to the most famous sights are provided.

Guests of the city can order any excursion:

  1. Helicopter tour. It includes a tour of the Grand Canyon and the highest Ferris wheel. The cost of the tour is $509. The flight starts from the Hoover Dam, then flies over Lake Mead, then the path lies to the Grand Canyon, about the history of which the pilot will tell a lot of interesting things. The helicopter must be lowered to the bottom of the Canyon, where tourists can have breakfast, drink a glass of champagne. After that, the helicopter returns to the city again, flying over the highest attraction, the Ferris Wheel.
  2. Las Vegas Express. This tour program lasts 4 hours, costs $280 per person, and starts at the welcome sign at the entrance to the city. Further, guests will be able to learn a lot of interesting things about the history of these places, because the route will go exactly to the places where the metropolis originated, you can see the chapels where newlyweds from different parts of the world get married every day. Further, the route will pass through all the most famous casinos in the city: Luxor, Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, Ceasar Palace and many others.

Top 5 places suitable for families with children

live volcanoes, modern attractions, aquariums, amusement parks.

Children should definitely visit:

  1. Wet'n'Wild Water Park, which has a lot of extreme water slides, pools filled with water from the ocean with waterfalls and cascades. There are also pools for the little ones. Also, cartoons are shown in the water park, during which children can take a break from water procedures.
  2. Sky Zone Trampoline City. There are only experienced employees in the park, which will be able to pick up for each young visitor trampoline, which will correspond to its growth and age.
  3. AdventureDome. This is one of the most popular Las Vegas Amusement Parks, where it will be interesting not only to children, but also adults. The park takes more than 20,000 square meters. M, on which there are about a quarter to one hundred attractions, including the American slides, there is a spacious golf course, a clodder. In addition, guests can see the charming clown show. You can find the park at the Circus Circus Hotel. You can visit everyone.
  4. Oceanarium "Aculiy Reef". Children can, visiting the oceanarium, get acquainted with two thousand marine inhabitants. There is an oceanarium on site Mandalay Bay. His main feature is a glass corridor, which is surrounded by water almost from all sides. Walking along this corridor you can see all pets of the oceanarium: sharks, piras, jellyfish, snails, mollusks, gold crocodiles and other representatives of the sea puchin.
  5. Bellagio fountains. This is just a unique spectacle, from which adults and children will be delighted.Fountains are dancing, overflowing brightly colored water jets. The peculiarity of this place is that the fountain is managed by a computer, and the program on it is created to create dance movements. Fountain fulfills the compositions of many celebrities, for example, Madonna or Elton John.

Hiking for a tourist

All the sights of Las Vegeaas are located on the main streets of the megapolis. Walking at the main arteries of the metropolis, it is necessary to include at your hiking tour of the attractions, which are focused on the stratosphere hotel's observation site.

Walking on Street, you can see all the most famous hotels in Casino, bars, restaurants and others, popular among tourists. There will be a very interesting walk through the Valley Of Fire State Park (Death Valley), Grand Canyon or Zion Park.

Interesting Facts about Las Vegas

This megapolis is famous not only for its luxurious hotels and casinos, but he has many other interesting facts for the tourist:

  1. This is a city of entertainment, it legally employs more than 1,700 gambling institutions and about 200 thousand slot machines.
  2. ​​
  3. The main income of the city is tourism, because every year to 40 million tourists arrive at Las Vegas.
  4. Almost all hotels in the city are distinguished by a luxurious and rich interior.
  5. Las Vegas is the only city in the USA, residents and guests of which can openly drink alcohol on the streets.
  6. There is a special service in this city to help overcome the symptoms of a hangover.
  7. Only in this city you can get married in just a few minutes. The procedure can be carried out in any church day or night.
  8. None of the gambling establishments in this city have clocks or windows.

Photos of beautiful places in Las Vegas cannot capture the luxury and opulence of hotels, casinos, museums and other beautiful places. But here you can find quiet, cozy places, as well as educational excursions for children and adults.

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