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Lake Tahoe, located in California in the United States, located on the Sierra Nevada mountain range, on the Western side of North America. Photos of this unique place can be seen on the advertising brochures of the area.

The location of the lake

Lake Tahoe (California, USA), the photo of which can be seen on postcards, is located at a distance of 40 km from the southwest side of the city called Reno, on the border of the states of Nevada and California. Approximately 70% of the lake's surface is located in the state of California. Geographic coordinates of Tahoe location: 39° 6′ 0″ N, 120° 6′ 0″ W 39.1°, -120.1°. Around the lake, on its coast, there are 3 cities:

  • Tahoe City, with a population of 2 thousand people;
  • South Lake Tahoe, with a population of 24 thousand people;
  • Stateline, with a population of 1.2 thousand people.
  • ​​

In the middle of the lake is a single island called Fannet. On the shores of the unique lake, there are many recreation areas and ski lodges. It was on the coast of Lake Tahoe that the Winter Olympic Games were held in 1960 in Squaw Valley. The western part of the coast is considered the most densely populated area; a large number of hotels and restaurants are equipped here.

There are various ways to get to one of the most beautiful places in the state. A highway has been laid to the very coast of the lake, so you can get to the lake by car. There is also a bus service to the lake. To get to the unique place by rail, you need to take the Amtrak train to a city called Truckee River.

You can fly to your destination by plane.

The nearest airports to the lake are:

  • on the south side of the lake, near Salt Lake Tahoe;
  • in Minden;
  • in River Tracts;
  • in Reno;
  • in California Sacramento.

Historical Facts

Lake Taho California (USA), due to the fascinating type in photographs, very often is the place of filming of movies and television series. The first white-skinned people who visited Tahoe Lake, the lieutenants of the US Army Carson Keith and Freemont John, this happened 14.02.1884

Carson Keith, who visited Lake Tahoe.

In those days, the Indians of the Tribe "Vasho" lived here, they also lived in the upper reaches of the rivers: Carson, Traki and Volker. The Indians called these lands "Yes Hou a ha", which means "the edge of the lake." The modern name "Tahoe", formed from the first phrases of the Indian name "Yes Hou". The name was introduced into the use of speech in 1862, but it was officially recognized only in 1945

. Characteristic

The unique lake has its own distinctive features and composition.

area, depth, length, relief

It was formed due to the geological difference, in which the risen areas of the Earth formed the mountains, called Carson and Content Nevada. This event occurred about 2 million years ago. Wpadina between the mountains and there is a bottom of Lake Tahoe. Thanks to the heavy rains and melting of ice, the waterfill was filled with water and the lake was formed.

The soil bottom of the lake consists of 2 volcanic rocks: a grateioritis and andhesite, also small areas occupy metamorphic rocks (almost 75%). Underwater areas cover glacier moraine, glacial sediments and sand. Lake Tahoe is considered to be 2 lakes in depth in America and ranks 4th in the middle depth of the lakes on the planet.

The largest point of the depth of lake Tahoe more than 500 m, it is inferior to the lake called the Creuter in Oregon. The middle depth in the lake Tago is almost 308 m. The length of the coast of 116 m, the lake width is almost 20 km, length is almost 36 km. Lake Tahoe (California, USA), photos of which attract tourists, 2 lake on the occupied area of ​​California.

The total area of ​​its surface is 495 square meters. km.

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The salinity and composition of water

Tahoe is the largest high-mountainous freshwater lake, which due to the constant movement of the lower mass of water never freezes.

Relationship with the World Ocean

The State of Nevada and Lake Tahoe, located on its territory, are located in the Intermountain Plateau area, within the Great Basin and a large drainless region of the United States. On the territory of the city of Truckee River flows the river of the same name, which is the only river flowing out of the lake. It flows from the northeastern part of the city of Reno, Nevada and flows into Pyramid Lake.

In addition to one river flowing out of the lake (Truckee River), 63 small fresh springs flow into it. Overcoming mountainous obstacles on their way, they form many picturesque waterfalls. The mountain ranges formed after the fault and the lake are located at an altitude of 1,898 m above the level of the World Ocean.

As a result of the breaking of the earth's crust, peaks and mountains were formed:

  • Friel, 3,320 m high;
  • Monument - 3,068 m;
  • Pyramid - 3043 m;
  • Mount Talas - 2,967 m.

Climate, water temperature

The largest amount of precipitation is observed from the west of the coast, it reaches 1,440 mm per year. From the eastern slope, precipitation is about 660 mm per year. Most of them will fall from November to April, mainly in the form of snow. Frequent downpours combined with melting snow can cause massive flooding. The water temperature in the lake rarely rises above + 20°C.

Average water temperatures over several years:

month minimum temp. °С maximum temp. °С

Despite the mountainous terrain around the lake, due to the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, the climate in the lake area is mild - continental. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below 0 °C, in summer the temperature never rises above 25 °C.

Flora and Fauna

The vegetation world in the vicinity of the lake is predominantly mixed coniferous forests, in which they grow:

  • wedding pine;
  • monochrome fir;
  • Pine Jeffrey;
  • Gorgeous Pine;
  • Olha.

in the vicinity of the lake, a large-scale meadow occupy a large territory. Toloknyanka and Ceanotus shrubs grow here. In the waters of the lake in a large quantity, a red squad is inhabited, which in the fall changes its color with the light - blue on the fiery and floats to spawn. After that, the fish dies. In the waters of the lake there are populations of trouts and salmon.

Also, there is a numerous population of perch and tuna.

on the coast of the lake live:

  • North American beavers;
  • mink;
  • ​​
  • White Orlans.

Environmental situation

Lake Tahoe (California, USA), photos of which are used as a business card, ranks 11th among all the lakes in the world in depth. In quiet and windless weather, thanks to the transparency of water, the lake is viewed in a depth of 50 m. The environmental situation in the lake and its surroundings is quite favorable.

there are no industrial enterprises next to the lake and, as a result, the lake contamination does not occur.

The changes in the worsening of the ecological state of the lake were not noted on Tahoe:

  • decrease in oxygen in water;
  • allocation of malicious substances;
  • Reducing the population and fish disease;
  • the destruction of the shores;
  • a significant decrease in the number of spawns;
  • change in the regimes of the lakes;
  • The emergence of "dead zones" on the water.

Lake Tahoe is not included in the list of the most polluted lakes in the world.

As used

on Lake Tahoe, fisheries is carried out almost all year round. From the lake Tahoe catch the giant goldfish reaching 50 cm long. These large bright - orange fish spread in the lake after they were released from the aquarium conditions in the wild. Almost all freshwater lakes of the planet are used to mining minerals.

Lake Tahoe. Favoring giant goldfish.

Also, they are used as a source of water supply and transportation.

Recreational resources

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular tourist places in which tourists come from around the world.

Entertainment and recreation

A large number of ski resorts equipped with cable rooms are equipped next to the lake Tahoe. On the coast of Skvo, Valley is equipped with a place for snowboarders - freeriders. Also, there is a track for skiing at night.

Many tourist leisure databases in summer offer entertainment:

  • boating, yachts and boats;
  • immersion in water (diving);
  • Day and Night Fishing.

Hiking along the prepared tourist routes in the mountains and around the lake. The route requires stopping in picturesque places on the equipped viewing sites. For lovers of outdoor activities, cycling trails are equipped around the coast. Near the Nevada state, in a major resort called Hevell, you can visit the casino institutions.

In the summer, rest of the sandy beaches and swimming in the lake are considered the most sought-after entertainment.

Attractions in the vicinity

Park "Emerald Bay" and "Viking Island" are a picturesque bay from the south-west side of the lake. Here is the castle, built in Scandinavian style, built in the 20s. last century. The castle can be considered in the telescope, which is located on the opposite shore.

You can take a walk along the water along the castle on an old wheel vessel, but the ticket tickets must be booked long before the trip. Park for Bliss and Erman Mansion are located close to Emerald Bay. The mansion was built at the very beginning of the last century by Erman for personal use. Currently, this place is popular among tourists who come here to picnics.

Pondos Ranch is located in the northeast of the lake. This is a real entertainment park created in the style of the cult TV show of the 60s. last century, called "Bonanza". The tunnel in the granite array and rocks with caves are located on the eastern shore of the lake. They had to be equipped for the construction of a road highway. Now this place is considered a local attraction.

Recreation centers

Recreation center "Heavenly Valley Lodge Bed & Breakfast 3 *" is located in a pine forest on the mountainside from the south side of the lake Tahoe. From the base there is a way out on the ski trail. There is a swimming pool and a bicycle rental service. Each room has a kitchen and fireplace. Barbecue facilities are offered. The cost of living from $ 150. By rating, the base is gaining 9.4 points.

Grand Residence by Marriot 4 * recreation center is located on the southern slope of the lake. The rooms have a large kitchen with a fridge and oven. The room has a fireplace. There is a fitness center and an outdoor pool on site. Equipment for skiing, cycling and windsurfing is available. The cost of the room is from $160. The base in the rating is gaining 9.4 points.

Americas Best Value Inn Tahoe City 3* recreation center is the most budget type of stopover. It offers free parking and internet. Cozy rooms with necessary household appliances and jacuzzi. The cost of the stop is from $84 per person. The price includes breakfast. The rating of the recreation center is 8.1 points. The recreation center "Cedar Crest Cottages 4 *" is the most expensive vacation on the western coast of the lake.

The cost of living is from $300. It offers rest in separate cottages with modern renovation. They feature large kitchens and patios with scenic views of the Tahoe. Trees are densely planted around the cottages. On the territory there are conditions for skiing. According to the rating, the recreation center scored 9.4 points.


Options for various excursions:

  1. A 2-hour kayak tour of Lake Tahoe costs from 3,877 rubles. During the tour, visiting the most beautiful places of the lake and the coast.
  2. Tour of Tahoe in a kayak lasting from 4 to 8 hours, costing from 3,880 rubles. The excursion includes a walk on a 2 or 3 row boat along the coast.
  3. A 7-hour tour along the Tahoe Coast costs from 3,554 rubles. Those who wish to get acquainted with local attractions from the windows of a comfortable bus are invited.
  4. Excursion along the coast of Lake Tahoe on horseback, duration 1 hour, cost from 3,230 rubles.
  5. Excursion over Lake Tahoe by helicopter, duration 40 min., cost from 12,920 rubles. The tour includes 20 min. training as a helicopter pilot on the ground and a 20 minute flight with an instructor.
  6. A kayak tour to the eastern shore of the lake, lasting 4.5 hours and costing from 6,400 rubles. Explore the most beautiful places of the lake and stop at picturesque places.

Interesting Facts

A lot of interesting facts exist about this unique place:

  1. The modern look of the lake was formed almost 1 million years ago. years ago.
  2. Until 1915, the lake was so remote from civilization that no one visited these picturesque places.
  3. There is so much water in the lake that if the entire volume was poured into the territory of California, it would be covered with a layer of water of 35 cm.
  4. If every inhabitant of America used water from Tahoe in the amount of 200 liters per day, then the water resource of the lake will last only 5 years.
  5. The legendary films The Godfather Part 2, City of Angels and The Bodyguard were filmed on the shores of Lake Tahoe.
  6. The total length of ski slopes is 24,000 acres.
  7. The coastline around the lake is about 72 miles.
  8. The length of Lake Tahoe is equal to the width of the English Channel.

Photographs taken in the state of California (USA) show a huge number of unique natural attractions. One of the main attractions of the area is Lake Tahoe.

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