Lake Como in Italy. Photos, cities, sights, where is on the map, rest, what to see

Lake Como is located in the northern part of Italy, and a photo of a natural attraction annually attracts thousands of tourists. In reality, the reservoir is even more attractive, and the mountain landscapes, alpine meadows and luxurious villas built near the shores of the lake make the local landscape simply charming.

Where is Lake Como located? both countries. The water area of ​​the lake is 145 km. sq. The total width of the reservoir varies within 4 km, and the length from north to south is at least 47 km. The average depth of Como is 410 m.

The natural attraction of Italy is located at the foothills of the Alps, therefore the geographical location of the lake is easily accessible for tourists and at the same time bewitching mountain landscapes.

A constant supply of fresh water is provided by the river Adda, which has a very strong current.


Como in Italy (a photo of the lake attracts tourists who prefer to rest in the mountains), surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Alps. Such a convenient geographical location of the reservoir protects it from the influence of the cold atmospheric masses of Northern Lombardy. Natural greenhouse conditions are created, which positively affects the climate of the region.

Below is detailed information about the weather in the vicinity of Lake Como:

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Already in March, the air temperature here warms up to +12 degrees Celsius. In April and May, warm dry weather sets in with the greatest amount of precipitation in the form of rain. In alpine and subalpine meadows, meadow grasses begin to bloom.Dry and hot weather prevails from June to August. Rains fall mainly in June, and the average temperature is +26 degrees Celsius.Throughout September, the weather is still warm and dry. The average temperature is +21 degrees. From October to November, it gets colder, it starts to rain, and the temperature drops to +15…+8 degrees.The coldest month of winter in the vicinity of Lake Como is January, when the temperature drops to +1…+2 degrees. In winter, the least amount of precipitation falls, which rarely exceeds 65 mm per month.
Summer on Lake Como

The warm and moderately humid climate makes it possible for local residents cultivate crops that are not typical for the northern part of Italy (olive trees, pomegranates, cypresses, southern grape varieties). In the waters of the lake live commercial fish species that are eaten by local residents.

When to go

Como in Italy (the photo of the lake is not able to convey all its beauty) is the most attractive in the summer. July and August are the most favorable for independent and family holidays. During this period, dry and warm weather prevails.

You can enjoy the mountain scenery, swim in the lake, go hiking in the alpine meadows. For lovers of spring nature in the mountains, it is recommended to come in mid-April-May. In October, it rains a lot, it gets colder, but at the same time, the surrounding forests acquire a yellow-red hue, and the area becomes even more picturesque.

How to get there

Como is a popular tourist destination, so getting to it is quite easy. Local authorities took care of providing transport links with the natural attraction. Below are some convenient ways to quickly and cost-effectively get to Como.

By train from Milan:

  • Take a plane to Milan, as this city in northern Italy is closest to Como (distance no more than 40 km);
  • upon arrival in the Italian “capital of fashion”, get to the train station (it is recommended to use a taxi service, which in Milan costs an average of 15-20 euros, depending on the distance);
  • take the train from Milan to Como (average ticket price 25 euros);
  • to reach the destination.

The second way to get to Como is by sea. In Milan, you need to take a boat that goes to the lake. This type of message will cost the tourist 15 euros. It is considered more acceptable in material terms, and also allows you to see the beauty of the landscapes of Northern Italy.

Leisure and entertainment

Como in Italy (the photo of the lake captivates with its beauty) is a provincial town on the shore of a picturesque reservoir. The main type of recreation here is visiting tourist attractions, walking along the promenade, hiking in the foothills of the Alps.

The city has a large number of cozy cafes and restaurants where you can relax, have a bite, and spend a romantic evening in the evening.

What to see

For the guests of Como, the most interesting will be visiting architectural sights, which have become a real work of art. These are the palaces of the aristocratic families of Lombardy, cathedrals, ancient temples, as well as villas built in different time periods.

City of Como

This is an ancient city located on the southwestern coast of the lake of the same name. Known for tragic events, as it was here that Benito Mussolini and his wife were executed.

While in the city of Como, it is recommended to visit the following tourist sites without fail, which are open throughout the day and fascinate with their beauty, unusual architectural ensemble and style.

Duomo Cathedral

The building is located in the historical part of the city on Cavour Square. This tourist attraction is not to be missed, as the cathedral rises above the common infrastructure and is considered the tallest building in the city. The construction of the cathedral church lasted for 200 years.

The Duomo combines 2 architectural styles - Renaissance and Gothic. The interior painting of the cathedral, its frescoes fascinate even the most sophisticated tourists. The entrance is free. Anyone can go to the temple, pray, light a candle.

Basilica of St. Abbondio

The local attraction stands right on the shore of Lake Como. The current church building was erected on the site of an early Christian church built in honor of Saints Peter and Paul Equal-to-the-Apostles, which was destroyed in the 5th century.

The order to build the basilica was given by Bishop Amantius. Initially, it was used to store Christian relics that were brought here from Rome.

In 1095Basilica was transferred to the department of Amanity receiver - the Saint Avunda, in honor of which the temple received the current name. In the same year, Pope Urban II conducted a rite of lighting basilica. In order to get into this Christian shrine, you do not need to make a special fee. Temple doors are open to all visitors.

Baradello Castle

is located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level. This is a medieval defensive structure, the walls of which towers over a common panorama of the city. Choking on the walls of the castle, you can admire the beauty of the nature of the Lake Como, the high mountain of the Apennine and the Alps. In the period from the XIV to the XVI century, the castle was used as the outpost of Northern Italy.

Due to the strategically correct location, it was never taken by storm. In September, a costume festival dedicated to the Epoch of the Middle Ages is held here, and a knightly tournament is organized. The cost of the entrance ticket is 10 euros.


Como in Italy (the photo of the lake displays not only the beauty of local nature, but also the majestic buildings located along the coastal line), famous for the beautiful estates that were previously owned by aristocratic families.

Tourists It is recommended to visit the following villas of the city:

  • of the Carlotte - was erected at the end of the XVII century. The architect was guided by the traditional Italian style, decorating the backyard at home by the sculptures of Berker Torvaldsen and Antonio Canova. Currently, the villa is used as the Museum of Arts, for the visit of which will have to give 12 euros. Work time from 08-30 to 16-30 pm;
  • Olmo - the prince of Austria Clemens Metternals lived here, and the estate was built in 1790. Initially, the villa belonged to the representative of the Italian family Odessales, today is a museum with an entrance ticket for 10 euros.

On the way to the listed estates there is a funicular, which is also recommended for visiting. It is enough to pay 15 euros to see all the beauty of the como from a bird's eye view.

Lekko's city

On the southeastern coast of Lake Como, there is no less interesting city of Lecco, which is part of the province with the same name. Tourists can enjoy an old architecture here, the same beautiful landscapes, narrow Italian streets and spacious squares. Here are some sights of the city, which will be interesting to its guests.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The building was built in the XVIII century. And named after the saint, which is the patron saint of the city. Made in Romanesque style. The bell tower is higher from the main structure per 100 m, and externally resembles a huge tower, aspiring in heavenly. Locals, jokingly, call it "pencil".

The temple is open to visiting tourists from 06-00 am to 20-00 pm. This is a Christian shrine with a wonderful architectural ensemble and inner painting, for visiting which is not charged. Each visitor can leave a voluntary donation to a specially equipped urn, which is inside the temple.


Lecco is an old city in which a large number of ancient buildings are concentrated. The biggest of them are referred to as palaces.

The following architectural attractions will be interesting for tourists who love to study the old mansions:

  • of Beovar;
  • Falk;
  • Croce de Malta;
  • Polator;
  • Palazzo Pause.

Most of the above palaces were built at the beginning of the XX century. The rich inhabitants of the city lived in them, or the landowners who used at home in resort purposes, coming here from Milan for a certain period of time, in order to relax and enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

Four Bridges

Along the shores of the city of Lecco, not only the picturesque lake Como, but also the FIGHT RETAID River. To get to the neighboring bank of the water artery, it was impossible to use the crossing, since the rapid flow destroyed the mechanical devices.

In solving this problem, the citizens of the general efforts, with the support of the provincial authorities, one after another built 4 bridges that reduce the path to Milan.

These are bridges:

  • Visconti;
  • Railway;
  • Kennedy;
  • Alessandro Manzoni.

All of them are made in the traditional Italian style. The builders took care that the bridges were not only durable, and were used as a means of crossing the neighboring bank, but also differed in an attractive architectural ensemble.


The city of Bellagio

Another city located on the shores of Lake Como. His uniqueness is that it is in this place that the rapid flows of the mountain river adda fall into a picturesque reservoir. The city of Bellagio is almost completely surrounded by a high mountain, which is positively reflected in its microclimate.

Most tourists noted that they are comfortable to relax both in the summer and in the winter season. The historical facts are known that during the Roman Empire in Bellagio had its own villa Polynia Jr., which was engaged in scientific activities here.

Villas in Bellagio

on the territory of Bellagio many old architectural structures, but still, some of them are characterized by special beauty, to explore which is recommended, being in close proximity to the tourist object.

Here are some urban mansions that are currently historical value:

  • Villa Meltsi - a large three-story building for 2 wings, in the circumference of which the beautiful park is broken, the garden, and a wide alley, on the edges of which red roses are planted, leads directly to the shore of the lake;
  • Villa Serbelloni - For more than 50 years, this mansion is used as a hotel, settling in which you can feel like a real prince, and plunge into the royal luxury (there are 95 numbers in total, and the cost of accommodation from 700 to 1000 euros per day).

You can book a room completely free. For this you need to call no later than 6 months. Before the planned arrival. Bellagio is very popular among European tourists. Especially a lot of guests from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, so book rooms at Villa Serbelleon need in advance. On average for 2-3 months. The place is already bought forward.

Mason Island

In the southwestern part of Lake Como, there is a small island Comacine. In the pre-Christian period there was an antique sanctuary. Later, for unknown reasons, it was destroyed, and on its ruins the Catholic Church of San Giovanni was built. Here is the community of artists. The entire territory of the island is covered with coats of cypress, coniferous trees, low shrubs.

Lake Como in Italy is a truly picturesque place that is not enough to just see in the photo. It is necessary to come to Lombardy himself and enjoy these beauties.

All tourists here comes to mind to buy paintings of local artists, or the masters can make their own traveler portrait against the background of urban, island or lake landscape. On average, it will cost from 80 to 120 euros.

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