Kuopio, Finland. Attractions, photo and description, map, what to see

Kuopio is a small city in Finland with a population of 113 thousand people It is the cultural center of the country, which attracts tourists every year for dance and music festivals, as well as for winter sports. Kuopio has a lot of historical and natural attractions that are of interest to tourists.


Kuopio is located in the east of the country, and belongs to the province of Northern Savo. It is surrounded by Lake Kallavesi and some of its buildings are built on the islands.

You can get to the city in different ways:

  1. By plane. To take advantage of this type of transport, you need to get to Helsinki, and then purchase a ticket to Kuopio. A daily flight takes 9-10 aircraft. Time in the way will take about 60 minutes. The cost of the flight is 75-80 €. Even to Kuopio makes the flight from Riga. The airport is located 14 km from the city. From him to the center of Kuopio regularly run minibuses and buses. Fare: for adults - 6 €, for children - 3 €.
  2. by train. should be reached by any way to Helsinki, and purchase a ticket to Kuopio. Time in the way will take about 5 hours. Ticket price reaches 40-50 €.
  3. by bus. This type of transport goes to Kuopio almost from any major city of Finland. The price of a ticket depends on the landing site. For example, a trip from Helsinki, which occupies 5 hours, costs about 30 €.

Weather, the best time to travel

Kuopio can be visited at any time of the year, but it is better to come here in the summer. At this time in the city, the mass of entertainment, various festivals pass. In the summer, the temperature is held within +20 ° C, and the water is heated to +18 ° C. And in the interruptions between excursions, you can relax on local beaches, and engaged in water types of varieties.

Autumn is suitable for garbage collection, fishing, hunting and walking in nature. The air temperature reaches from +12 ° C in September to -5 ° C in November. In winter, the ski season comes. At this time, the maximum amount of snow falls on the nearby resorts, so it is no less comfortable to ride here than on Swiss tracks. Temperature rarely when lowers below -10 ° C.

Kuopio, weather for months.

The spring neighborhood of Kuopio is starting to bloom, and at this time of the year there are practically no tourists in the city. The temperature slowly rises from -7 ° C to +14 ° C in May. During this period, it may be a little sly, as it rains go every 3-4 days.

The cult facilities

in Kuopio adhere to the Orthodox or Lutheran faith. And the cult facilities of the city are subordinate to these religions.

Nikolsky Cathedral

Orthodox church was built in 1902. All his bells were brought from St. Petersburg, and the largest of them weighs 1688 kg. The iconostasis was also created by Russian masters, and most of the icons of the temple brought immigrants from Karelia, who moved to Kuopio in the middle of the last century.

The temple refers to the operating, and services and the sacraments are regularly held. Believers can visit it from 8:00 to 16:00. Address: sepänkatu, 7.


This cult attraction was erected in 1816 by architects of Jacob Riife and Pecher Palmbrut. And this is a majestic neoclassical building.

Now the temple belongs to the Lutheran church, and services are regularly held in it. You can visit from 9:00 to 16:00.

St. Johannes Chapel

The Lutheran Church was built in 1995 by the Finnish architect Juha Leiviskä. She receives parishioners daily from 9:00 to 16:00. You can find a religious building in the Myannisto region.

The most interesting museums

Kuopio (Finland), whose sights can be seen all year round, is rich in various museums. They contain exhibits relating to the history of the city and its modern life.

Local Lore Museum

The building of the museum is stylized as a medieval castle, and it contains a large collection of exhibits relating to the nature of North-Western Europe. Here you can get acquainted with the flora and fauna, minerals, ranging from primitive times to the present.

The first copies were included in the collection in 1887, and it was collected until 1960. It contains 1,500 stuffed vertebrates, 22,000 insects, and 300 species of bird eggs. The museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00, except Sunday.

"Kuopio Quarter"

The museum consists of 11 separate buildings, and each of them belongs to a certain era, from 1700 to 1930. Inside the buildings, you can see exhibits from the past, and their interior reproduces the life of different classes with accuracy to the details. Here you can see both the pharmacist's shop and the shoemaker's or tailor's workshop.

In addition, the house of the Swedish writer Minna Kant is located here. If you wish, you can buy a souvenir in each of these buildings, for example, antique shoes from a shoemaker or a bottle of "medicines" from a pharmacist. And the local confectionery sells delicious cakes prepared according to old recipes. Entrance to the museum is free. Address: Kirkkokatu, 22.


The museum was opened in 2002 thanks to local enthusiasts. The exposition presents dozens of cars, motorcycles, bicycles of different brands and years of manufacture. Some copies participate in local races. The automuseum is open every day, except Monday, from 10:00 to 16:00.

Entrance to the territory for an adult will cost 4 €, for a child 2 €. Address: Puistokatu, 22.

Monuments and monuments

Kuopio has several such sights of interest to travelers.

Bust of Snellman

The monument was erected in honor of Johann Wilhelm Snellman, a well-known Finnish figure of the 19th century, who lived in Kuopio for a long time and did a lot for the city. The bust is located in the center of the park of the same name, which is a significant landmark and a favorite place for hiking.


The sculpture, which is a shiny steel ball, is installed near the City Hall. It was donated to the city by a local energy company.

Sculpture “Spring”

An elegant statue of a mysterious girl is installed in the city park, near a picturesque pond.

The sculptor Heikki Nieminen worked on the creation, and the statue was placed on a pedestal in 1956.

Architectural structures

Kuopio (Finland), whose sights are worth visiting for everyone, is rich in architectural historical and modern sights.

Puyo Tower

The landmark was erected in 1963 on a mountain in the center of Kuopio. It is a tower, 75 m high, with an observation deck and a restaurant on top. At the foot there is a souvenir shop, and a decent hotel.

The tower is open from 10:00 to 18:00. Entrance for an adult will cost 6 €, and for a child you need to pay 3 €. Address: Puijontie, 135.

City Hall

The building was built in 1886 and is an example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. The architect F. Sjoström worked on its creation, and now the offices of the city hall are located inside it.

The building looks majestic, but it is better to view it in the evening, when artificial lighting gives it a warm hue.

Factory “Gustav Ranin”

The factory building was erected on the site where once there was a mill that belonged to Gustav Ranin. It was built in 1891 by the architect Werner Polon and is reminiscent of Gothic buildings in style. Now there is a popular restaurant inside the factory. You can see the building at the address: Satamakatu, 13.

Natural Attractions

There are many picturesque places around Kuopio that will be interesting to visit.

Lake Kallavesi

The largest lake in the province of Northern Sovo has become an unspoken symbol of the city for locals and tourists. Its picturesque shores can be viewed all year round, but it is better to come here at the end of winter.

At this time, the lake is covered with a thick crust of ice, turning it into a natural skating rink. And since February, the international Ice Marathon has been held here, gathering thousands of skaters from different countries.

Vaayasalo Island

The island has become a favorite holiday destination for both Kuopio residents and tourists. It is located near the city limits and offers its visitors a lot of entertainment: from hiking through the picturesque surroundings to sailing on a yacht. And also on the island is the famous Alakhovi plantation, where you can taste and buy delicious berry wines.

Mount Yeth

The mountain reaches 98 m in height. At its highest point, there is an observation deck with stunning views of the bay and nearby islands. There is also a restaurant where you can dine with local and European cuisine.

It is noteworthy that the descent from Mount Yeth is called the “magic path”, and that’s all, because it is gentle, and it’s safe even for a small child to walk along it.

Modern objects of interest to visit

Kuopio is a kind of shopping center in Finland. So in this city there are a lot of places for shopping: from huge malls to authentic stores. And in them you can buy goods for every taste and budget, in between sightseeing.

Market Square

In this area there are many shops and shops where you can buy souvenirs as well as food, fresh fish and handicrafts. Entrance to the market square is free. Opening hours: from 7:00 to 17:00 (Sunday is a day off). Address: Haapaniemenkatu, 22.

Matkus Shopping Center

This huge shopping center is located on an area of ​​85 thousand square meters. m. And here you can find boutiques and shops of famous brands, for example, H&M, KappAhl, Seppälä, Vero VILA, Zizzi.

And besides, most of the center is occupied by the exhibition grounds of the Ikea company. Address: Matkuksentie 60.

Aapeli Shopping Center

This mall is located in the city center and was opened in 2004. Inside there are shops of famous brands, where you can buy clothes and shoes, as well as accessories, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. The center is located at: Kauppakatu, 26-30.

Lidl store

This supermarket is popular with Russian tourists, as it sells high-quality food and industrial products at affordable prices. The store can be found at: Petosentie, FI-70820.

Interesting places for families with children

Kuopio (Finland), whose sights will be of interest to tourists, can be visited together with children. This city has a lot of entertainment suitable for both kids and teenagers.

Fontanella Water Park

The water entertainment complex is located 23 km from the center of Kuopio, in the suburb of Siilinjärvi. There are 10 pools of different depths, including wave, massage and paddling pools. And also on the territory of the water park there are 2 slides, one of which reaches 90 m in length. In addition, saunas, baths, a gym, bowling, and a solarium are at the service of visitors.

A ticket for 2 hours of entertainment will cost 8-11 € for an adult, and 6-8 € for a child. For every additional 30 min. you will need to pay an additional 2 €. The water park is open from 12:00 to 19:00 (day off - Monday). Address: Kuiluntie 2, 71800 Siilinjärvi.

Children's toy farm

An entertainment area for children is located on the territory of the Rauhalahti complex. There are a lot of attractions, carousels, puppet theater and circus performances. In addition, children are taught clown art and horseback riding on the estate.

And on Christmas holidays, Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus, comes here. Experienced animators work in the entertainment zone, so you can leave your children in their care and go about your business. The children's homestead is located at: Katiskaniementie, 8.


More than 40 species of animals and birds live here, but all of them are domestic rather than exotic, so it's more like a farm not a zoo. But here you can feed and stroke pets. On the territory you can watch ponies, ducks, pigs, sheep, as well as ostriches, peacocks and mountain goats. Here you can also ride horses or climb the picturesque Vehmas hill.

There is a café on site, but picnics are allowed in the designated area if desired. The zoo is only open during the summer months from 10:00 to 20:00. Entrance for an adult will cost 8 €, for a child - 7 €. Address: Rantasuontie, 39.

1-day self-guided tour

Kuopio (Finland), which attracts tourists, is difficult to fully explore in a day.

And to visit more iconic places of the city, you should follow this route:

  1. You should start your acquaintance with Kuopio from the market square. Here you can buy souvenirs from local craftsmen and try traditional Finnish dishes.
  2. After the Market, it is worth going to the Cathedral. After seeing the sight, you need to go through the Stellman Park to the city museum, where you can learn about the history of the city and the country.
  3. Next to the city museum is the Kuopio Quarter, which will also be of interest to both children and adults.
  4. After that, it is better to go to the main attraction of the city - the tower on Mount Piyo. Here you can visit a restaurant or cafe, but keep in mind that lunch there will cost a lot. But at quite reasonable prices you can get to the observation deck. It offers stunning views of Kuopio and its surroundings.

If there is time, we can go to the zoo. This place will especially appeal to children. For those who are not interested in communicating with pets, it is better to visit the Botanical Garden.


In Kuopio you can find accommodation for different budgets, because the city has many hotels, hostels and even hostels.

Hostelli Matkustajakoti

It is relatively cheap to stay at Hostelli Matkustajakoti, located at Vuorikatu 35, 350 m from the railway station. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, tea and coffee making facilities. For a night you need to pay 65 € for two.

Hotelship Wuoksi

The hotel is located in the city center, 500 meters from the main museum. Rooms have a private bath and free Wi-Fi is available. A double room for a day costs 88 €. Address: Koljonniemenkatu, 1a.

Boutique hotel Sawohouse

The hotel offers cozy rooms with varying degrees of comfort. They have modern appliances and comfortable beds.

For a standard double room you need to pay 100 €, this amount includes payment for breakfast. Address: Tarhakuja, 1.

Hotel Jahtihovi

The three-star hotel is located 650 meters from the city center. You can rent single, double, and triple rooms with modern technology and comfortable joint, separate beds. For a day's stay you will have to pay 110 €. Address: Snellmaninkatu, 23.

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

The hotel is located 9 km from the city centre. In addition to rooms of varying degrees of comfort, guests are provided with a free exercise machine, a swimming pool, and a sauna. Spa treatments are available for a fee. Address: Tammirannantie, 1. The cost of a double room per day is 125 €.

Where to eat

There are many cafes, eateries and restaurants in Kuopio. When visiting the city, you should definitely try “saryu”, vendace “savolakski”, lingonberry sauce, herring in tomato and salmon with mustard. These dishes will give a complete picture of the local cuisine.


The restaurant specializes in vendace and offers a variety of fish dishes. And also serves corporate steaks, schnitzel, sausages and other pavements of Scandinavian cuisine.

The establishment works from 11:00 to 22:00. The average check is 40 €. Address: Kauppakatu, 13.


Pub specializes in beer, and here you can try different varieties of foam drink. But Bierstube is famous for its excellent cuisine, and in the institution you can eat tasty and satisfying for an acceptable amount. Lunch per person, consisting of soup, main dishes, salad and snacks costs 25-30 €. Address of the establishment: Kasarmikatu, 5-7. Opening hours: from 15:00 to 20:00.

Ozaki Sushi

Japanese restaurant in Kuopio, where you can dine for the minimum money. Standard lunch, which includes a warm dish, portion of sushi, salad, coffee or tea with dessert, costs 11.5-14.5 €. Work time: from 10:30 to 21:00. Address: Tulliportinkatu 46-48.


In the institution you can quickly and satisfy. There is no menu, and all visitors serve a dish of the day. But they are preparing at home, do not spare oil and cream, and the prices here on Finnish standards are very low. For lunch, it will be necessary to pay 8.9 €, and 6.9 € should be paid for the portion of salad. The establishment works from 10:00 to 13:30. Address: Telkkistentie, 2.

Musta Lammas

This restaurant is suitable for those who want to spend an unforgettable evening. It serves the dishes of Scandinavian and European cuisine, as well as the masterpieces of the author's work from the chef. On average, the check here is 60 €. There are practically no free places in the restaurant, so it is better to book a table in advance. Address: Satamakatu, 4. Opening hours: from 17:00 to 0:00.

Puijon Torniravintola

This high-kitchen restaurant is located on the top of the main attraction of the city - Tower Piyo, offering stunning views of the city. But the impression also produces a kitchen of the institution, because there are tasty and appetizingly served masterpieces of culinary art.

Book a table in the restaurant you need in advance, and for dinner for two here you have to give up to 100 €. Address Address: Puijontie, 135.

How to move

Between the areas of Kuopio regularly go buses. They start their movement at 5:00 and finish at 23:00. The cost of a ticket for adult, and depending on the zone, reaches 3-4 €, for a child - 1.7-2.7 €. To save, you can buy a daily pass. It can be ride in any direction without restrictions on transplants. The cost of a pass from 8 € for an adult, and from 4 € for a child.

When buying such a ticket for several days, the price decreases twice for every day. Even in Kuopio, you can use the services of a taxi. But this type of transport will cost a large amount. For example, for a trip from the airport to the center, 14 km long, you will have to pay about 20 €.

Those who want to spend their holidays in Finland should definitely go to Kuopio. It is the historical and cultural center of the country, so there is no shortage of sights and entertainment here. In addition, the city has a well-developed infrastructure, and there is always a place where you can stop or have a bite to eat.

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