Konya, Turkey. Attractions, photo, description, what to see, where to go

Konya is the most ancient spiritual capital of Turkey, with a history of more than 9 thousand years. This place is particularly revered by the religious figures of many denominations as the first city founded after the World Flood described in the Bible.

Despite the absence of solar beaches and entertainment centers, Konya every year attracts admirers of man-made attractions, pilgrims and connoisseurs of history.

Where is the city

Konya is located in the central part of Anatolia (Malaya Asia), between the major tourist centers of Turkey - Ankara and Antalya, coordinates: 37 ° 52 's. sh. 32 ° 29 'in. d.

For those wishing to visit Konya, the city has a railway station near the central square, as well as a bus station and a small airport in the northern suburbs. The cost of plane or train tickets from Istanbul ranges from 900 to 1200 rubles, but the fastest and easiest way to get to Konya is by bus - they run much more often, and the price of a single trip rarely exceeds 1000 rubles.

Weather in Konya, the best time to travel

Due to being located on a hill with an altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level and exposed to northern winds, the climate of Konya is much colder than in the neighboring Mediterranean resorts of Antalya or Marmaris.

Winter is usually accompanied by an abundance of precipitation in the form of snow, and summer is very hot, with a pronounced dry season from May to September. The coldest period of the year is in January, with an average temperature of 0°C, and the warmest in July, when the thermometer averages 23°C.

Jan. Feb. March Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Air C°
Precipitation, mm393429314921​​6711313245

region and focus on excursion programs for sightseeing, the best time The time to visit Konya is considered to be: the beginning of June or the end of September, when the weather is similar to the continental temperate climate, less exhausting for European tourists.

Konya's cult facilities

Konya (Turkey), the attractions of which are worshiped by all Muslim peoples, a significant part of its history was the largest religious center of Anatoly. About 30 Islamic structures of more than 1000 years have been preserved by local residents in primevaria. Now Konya is a city with the largest number of mosques in Turkey.

Cultural Center Mevlyani

The cultural complex of the Mevlyani is one of the most significant religious objects of Konya. This is the largest center of Sufism in the region, from the middle of the 20th century, received the status of the dominant abode of rotating Darwish.The ritual dance of the Islamic religion annually attracts its atmosphere of tens of thousands of tourists and Muslim pilgrims from around the world.

Mausoleum Rumi

Mausoleum was erected in honor of Jelaladdin Rumi - the famous his philosophy, which is what kind of color is neither skin or religious beliefs, all people come to each other brothers and sisters. To date, the tomb of the outstanding Persian leader is converted to the museum, which is one of the most visited religious objects of Turkey.

Catholic church of St. Paul

The church was erected by French workers who build up the railway communication at the beginning of the 20th century with Israel through Turkey. This is one of the largest constructions of the Catholic Church in the country. An interesting feature and tribute to respect is the fact that this is the only Muslim object that has entered the program "Restoration of 905 mosques" 2008.

Konya museums

Konya - the city described in the Bible as the oldest of the human cities of the era of Noah and his descendants. Local museums have ancient cultural and religious artifacts, and the buildings in which they are located, in most cases are represented by thousands of the era of the dawn of Sufism and Sufi orders.

Museum of Mevliana

The museum building was built at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries. At the site of the monastery, where before the beginning of the XIII century, the Persian poet-Sufi - Rumi lived. The main exposition offers to see the guests as he lived and the father of Islamic sufism died.

The museum is part of the MEVLANA cultural complex (MEVLANA CD. NO: 1), which is opposite the entrance to the historic center of the city - Hill Al Ad-Dina. The price of tickets without having the upper threshold is regarded as a donation and is at least 40 rubles.

Archaeological Museum

Studies of many archaeologists and historians point to a horse, as in place of the first settlement of a person within the European continent, formed in the VIII century BC.

The museum preserves the centuries-old history of the area, is located in the very center of the city (Sahibi Ata Cd. No. 91) and welcomes guests free of charge. His compositions include a huge collection of artifacts from the heyday and decline of such great ancient states as Rome, Macedonia, Assyria, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.

Konyanuma Panorama

The Panorama Museum shows the life of the representatives of the Mevlevi order in the 13th century. The general exposition is arranged in the form of a park with miniature copies of the largest mosques and cathedrals of Sufism from all over the world.

It is also interesting that the plantings around the models of buildings are characteristic only of those countries where the original building is located. The unusual museum is located in a park area, opposite the main entrance to the Mevlana cultural complex (Aziziye Mahallesi, 42030). The price of tickets can vary from 150 to 400 rubles, depending on the visiting season.

Monuments in Konya

For Muslim states, mosques and temples are considered the main places for preserving the memory of significant events or great personalities: monuments and monuments familiar to European tourists are very rare, but Konya is a very diverse region and so everything is here.


A pedestal erected in honor of the founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Every year, the day of the first ruler is celebrated here, where free refreshments are provided for all guests of the city.

The monument is located southwest of the center of Konya (Seyh Sadrettin, Meram).

Hasbey Dar'ul Huffazi

The "House of Memory" is a monument to Sultan Murad II, who ascended the throne in 1421, when Konya was the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

The period of his reign marked a new dawn of the city in the direction of weaving needlework arts.

Located 100m south of the Archaeological Museum (Has Bey Sk., 42040).

Süt Tekkesi Çeşmesi

The "First Fountain" was built in 1878 near the Ala ad-Din hill as a tribute to the Seljuks who inhabited the vicinity of the city in ancient times and brought the Islamic religion to these lands (Sultan Mesut Sk. No:3).

Architectural structures in Konya

Konya (Turkey), whose sights are collected in the central districts of the city, has always attracted the best Middle Eastern architects. Everyone wanted to leave a part of themselves in the largest religious center of Anatolia. Dozens of beautiful buildings have been erected around the hill of Ala ad-Din, which combine almost all the architectural styles of the Middle East.

Aziziye Mosque

Aziziye Mosque is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Konya. The mixture of two architectural styles at once gives the building a special originality: European Rococo and Ottoman Baroque.

Built in the 17th century, the temple is the main symbol of a branch of the Islamic religion - Sufism. The mosque is located in the eastern part of the central district of the city (Selimiye Cd. 9B), not far from the Mevlana Museum. Entrance for visitors is free.

Inge Minare Medresesi

When building the mosque at the end of the 13th century, the architects drew inspiration from the most famous religious buildings of that time. So, the main entrance is made in the form of an arch resembling a small copy of the facade of Petra, and the interior design is similar to the interior of the Istanbul Hagia Sophia.

The building is considered a real architectural masterpiece of the Anatolian Seljuks and is located on the hill of Ala ad-Din. Now it has been converted into a museum of handicrafts, the price of a ticket to which does not exceed 100 rubles.

Karatay Medresesi

This ceramics museum keeps under its roof a large collection of 5,000-year-old pottery found during the excavations of the Konya Archaeological Museum groups.

Despite the value of the exhibits, the building primarily attracts tourists and locals with its dome, under which there is the tomb of the founders of the first Sufi temples in Anatolia. The building is located 20m north of Ala ad-Din Hill (Sahibi Ata Cd. No:91). The cost of entrance tickets is 150-200 rubles, but may vary depending on the season.

Natural Attractions of Konya

Konya (Turkey), whose sights are mostly represented by mosques and temples, also boasts a large number of botanical gardens, parks and mineral springs. In the past 20 years, the greening of the city has been a priority for the government, and work in this direction never stands still.

Ala ad-Din Hill

Ala ad-Din Hill is located in the very center of Konya and is considered to be the place where all roads converge. In the pre-Byzantine era, a fortress stood on this site, the remains of which are stored under a special dome that preserves their integrity. Now the hill looks like a free, cozy park with a mosque and several cafes on the territory, great for hiking and family picnics.

Since the end of the 20th century, it has the status of one of the main attractions of the city, as a monument of historical heritage of UNESCO.

Tuz Golu Lake

Tuz Golu is the second largest lake in Turkey. A distinctive feature of this place is the increased concentration of salt in the water (more than 350%). In the summer heat, the reservoir is covered with a salt crust, sometimes reaching 50 cm and allowing you to literally walk on the water, and the lake itself resembles an ice rink.

Tuz is located on the border with Ankara and the main flow of lovers of unusual landscapes and photography falls on tourists from the capital and Konya.

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Kyoto Japanese Park

A park designed in the style of Japanese urban galleries, where you can walk to the soothing tunes of Buddhist chants among the vegetation introduced by the monks of Kyoto as a sign of respect for the Islamic religion. Hiking at night is recommended, when the light of yellow lanterns conveys the special atmosphere of Japanese culture.

There is also an Asian restaurant on the territory, where anyone can taste the national dishes of the land of the rising sun. The park is located near the airport (Veysel Karani Cd. No: 131 / A) and welcomes guests for free.

Modern objects in Konya, interesting to visit

Despite excessive respect for the traditions and history of its people, Konya is not considered a city frozen in the past. In addition to the best Turkish bazaars where you can buy anything, there are representative offices of the largest European brands of clothing and booze, and the nightlife of the city makes it clear that Konya can hardly be called a quiet city.

Karavan Halicilik

Konya has long been famous for weaving artisans who sew the highest quality carpets from the Middle East and Turkey. The shop "Karavan Halicilik" has become a real landmark of the city, being a modern analogue of medieval bazaars and having thousands of items of carpet products in its assortment, the cost of which can vary from 500 to 100,000 rubles.

The store is located next to the Mevlana Museum, at Ayanbey Sokak No:6/A.

Seljuk Tower

Seljuk Tower is the tallest building in Central Anatolia with 42 floors. The main part of the building is occupied by the offices of Turkish companies, but a distinctive feature that attracts thousands of tourists here are the two upper floors.

They have a 2-storey revolving restaurant that moves several meters 24 times a day and offers excellent panoramic views of Konya and the nearest lake from a height of 163m. Anyone can visit the skyscraper, but in addition to the mandatory minimum order in a restaurant, you will have to pay an additional 200 rubles for entry.


Inferno nightclub is perfect for those who want to experience all the delights of Konya's nightlife. Modern decoration, a large dance floor and a bar with a wide range of drinks will allow you to enjoy the music program all night long.

The club is located on the first floor of the Grand Konya 5* hotel on the western side of the airport (Yeni Istambul Cd. No. 231). Inferno belongs to the luxury segment of entertainment, so holidays here are not cheap and the average bill is usually about 30 thousand rubles.

Interesting places for recreation with children

Konya is a great place for educational and educational recreation with children. The city also has plenty of outdoor playgrounds and parks, and many museums even offer special guided tours with a change in the style of presenting information for the convenience of younger guests under 12 years old.

Bilim Merkezi Science Center

Konya Science Center is one of the newest and few non-religious buildings in the central part of the city (Ankara Cd. No. 292). The local expositions are designed for children aged 6 to 14 years.

In addition to visual laboratory experiments and a butterfly garden, the museum has a theme park with rides and picnic areas. The cost of entrance tickets with access to the botanical building will be 80-150 rubles. from a person.

Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

Having opened its doors in 2015, the museum became a real sensation for the whole of Turkey. Under the roof of the butterfly-shaped building and surrounding areas of 35 sq. km., inhabited by more than 7,000 insects and 25,000 plants from different parts of the world.

Also, the complex has at its disposal: 8 artificial ponds with gazebos, several cafes, souvenir shops, a playground and an amphitheater stage where performances are held for young guests. The garden is located in the northern part of the city (Ismail Kaya Cd. No. 244), 10-15 minutes. from the bus station and airport. A visit to the museum will cost each guest 130-170 rubles.

Konya Hayvanat Bahcesi

Konya's largest zoo is located in its eastern part (Saadet Cad. No:2), a 20-minute walk from the city center.

Here, children can meet: roe deer, peacocks, lions and several species of monkeys, and the greatest asset of the zoo is the family of Bengal tigers, which can not be seen anywhere else in Turkey.

The cost of tickets is: for children - 50 rubles; for adults - 100 rubles.

Route for the inspection of Konya alone for 1-2 days

Konya (Turkey), the attractions of which are collected in the central regions of the inner ring, it is difficult to call a small town. A detailed inspection of all the attractions of Konya can take more than a month.

In order to inspect the main signs, travelers usually grab several days, which are broken into 2 parts:

  1. Historical Center. Hill Ala hell-Dean is a good starting point to start any travel around the city. On the territory of 250 square meters. m. The most popular stations of Konya are located: Alaaddin Mosque, Sultanskaya Tomb and the remains of the XI century fortress. After that, it is worth going to the east, where the main religious buildings of Anatolia are located 5 minutes away: the MEVLYAN Cultural Center, the monastery of rotating Darwish, the Mumvlyan Museum and Azazie Mosque. Nearby are also archeology and ceramics museums. If on the first day there will be time, you can move a little to the West and explore the area of ​​Ataturk - the first leader of modern Turkey, where the Thematic Ataturk Museum and the Parks with the Monuments of the Ottoman Empire is located.
  2. surroundings. Suburbs of Konya consists mainly of office buildings and residential complexes, but in the northern part of the city (airport district and bus station) there is something to look at tourists. From the mandatory visits to visit, first of all: Modern Scientific Center Bilim Merkezi, Kyoto Japanese Buddhist Park and Butterfly Garden Building - Tropical Butterfly Garden. Excursions in each of them rarely take less than 2 hours, but by correctly calculated time, before sunset you can visit the salt lake Tuz: watch the beautiful scenery from the shore or flying over it in a balloon.

Hotels in Konier

Konya are primarily popular among religious pilgrims and lovers of history, which are usually not primarily paying attention to the prestige of the establishment.

There are not many fashionable hotels in the city, but in most cases they are located close to the airport and are designed for businessmen or employees of large companies. In the central part of Konya, you can find quite comfortable hotels with 2-4 stars, for relatively small money.

Bayir Diamond Hotel 5 *

Bayir Diamon is located 2 km north of the Hill Al Al Ad-Din (Ahmet Hilmi Nalcaci Cad. 100). This luxury hotel was opened in 2017, and it is the newest construction of stakes made in a modern style. Guests have free access to the Turkish restaurant with a buffet, SPA area, fitness center and swimming pool.

The hotel rooms are spacious, equipped with air conditioning and TV, as well as a private bathroom and kitchen. The cost of a night spent in a standard room (32 sq.m.) will be from 2500 rubles, and in an improved room (64 sq.m.) from 5100 rubles.

Bera Konya Hotel 4*

The Bera Hotel attracts tourists with its unusual appearance: the facade of the building resembles the American Empire State Building, palm trees are planted around, and the rooms are furnished in the style of New York of the 50s.

The hotel is located near the Archaeological Museum, a 5-minute walk from the tomb of Mevlana (Dr. Mehmet Hulusi Baybal Cd. No:9). The hotel guests have free access to: Wi-Fi, a gym, a Turkish hammam and a restaurant with international cuisine.

The cost of living in rooms:

  1. Normal, 25 m2 - from 1700 rubles.
  2. Standard, 45 m2 - from 1900 rubles.
  3. Triple, 36 m2 - from 3500 rubles.
  4. Superior suite, 96 m2 - from 5300 rubles.

Ibis Konya 3*

The Ibis hotel is located in the western part of Konya (Cevre Yolu Cd. No:36), at a decent distance from the main attractions (3.5 km). The hotel provides free Wi-Fi and parking services, and due to its location in the business district of the city, the staff speaks Turkish, English, German and Russian.

If you do not include breakfast in bed, housekeeping, etc., room prices will vary within 1400-1800 rubles per night.

Pasapark Karatay Hotel 3*

Pasapark Hotel is located in the heart of the city (Sultan Veled Cad. 3), within 500m from the Mevlana Museum and the Ala Ad-Din Mosque. It offers small cozy rooms with modern interiors and LCD-TV, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

An on-site restaurant serves international, vegetarian and dietary cuisine. A night spent in a hotel will cost travelers 1200-1600 rubles.

Zafer Hostel

Zafer is the most popular hostel in Konya. The institution is located 1.5 km south of the Ala ad-Din hill, opposite the Ethnographic Museum (Abdulaziz Mah. Kumru Sok. No: 2). For a very small fee, guests have access to: Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a shared kitchen and free parking on site.

Depending on the preferences of the guest, the price may vary, but the starting cost of a room in a hostel is about 600 rubles.

where to eat in Konie

The basis of traditional Kiña cuisine is considered: meat dishes, vegetable salads, snacks and oriental sweets - it is not very different from the classical Turkish, but a distinctive feature is considered to add cream oil almost To all dishes.

On the streets of the city there is a huge number of small cafes, restaurants of a different price range and covered tents for lovers to save. The main part of them is concentrated in the central area of ​​Konya, where they are literally everywhere.

Restaurant Nevizade

Navizade is located on Yeni Meram CD 247/1 is the most popular site of the southwestern part of the city. The restaurant has a buffet system, and on the territory you can find a playground and ride on the catamaran in an artificial pond.

The establishment menu is made up of the main traditional dishes of the region, with an emphasis towards salads and vegetable dishes. The cost of breakfast will cost tourists in 250-250 rubles.

Restaurant Gulbahcesi

Many travelers, celebrate Gulbahcesi as a place with better views of the city, because the restaurant is located opposite the beautiful museum building and the MEVLYAN Garden (Amil Celebi Sok. No. 8). In addition to classic Turkish dishes, there are author's masterpieces of the best chefs of Konya, which attracts special attention to gourmets.

Restaurant Gulbahcesi in Konya (Turkey)

due to its location among the most popular attractions, qualities of treats and excellent interior construction, The price is noticeably higher than in most such institutions. Rich dinner for two, consisting of two dishes, will cost guests at 1200-1500 rubles.

Cafe Ates Baba

Kofteci Ates Baba is located in the northern part of the city (Demir SK. No. 2), a 5-minute walk from the railway station. The establishment gained popularity thanks to his bar with the abundance of drinks and branded kebabs who are preparing in front of visitors. It is also worth noting a rather low price of kebabs (60 rubles), but due to the quality of meat and spices, a tight lunch or dinner will be on average at 1500-2000 rubles.

Mithat Tirit Salonu diner

Mithat Tirit is located between the accumulations of the main attractions of the city: areas of the cultural center of Mevlyani and the Hill of Al Al Ad-Dina (Yusufaga Sk. 21 / a).The diner has gained love of tourists due to low prices and specialization in kebabs, which in the menu more than 15 different species. The price of one dish, depending on the chosen side dish, can range from 80 to 350 rubles.

Somatci Fihi Ma Fih

Somatci - this is a small snack bar in the city center (Celal Sk. No. 39), located on the reverse side of the Mevlyana Cultural Center. It is known primarily for its signature fish treats, but the menu also contains elements of international cuisine (Greece, Bulgaria). A two-course lunch, salad and the best Turkish coffee will cost visitors 400-500 rubles. from a person.

How to get around the city

Buses are the most popular way to get around Konya. Routes operate from 4-00 to 23-00, and the fare is 22-24 rubles. The city has one metro line that connects Ala ad-Din Hill with Seljuk University in the north. A one-time trip costs 25-40 rubles.

There are quite a few taxi drivers in Konya, and they mostly work closer to the business districts. The fixed cost of landing will be 45 rubles, and each km of the distance traveled will cost 30-35 rubles.

In the area of ​​the airport and the railway station there are many rental points where you can rent a car. Daily use of a small-capacity model for 4-5 people will cost around 700-1300 rubles. Konya attracts lovers of measuredness, silence and peace of mind, and a huge number of religious sites contribute to this.

Buildings imbued with thousands of years of history will be the center of attraction for archaeologists and scientific researchers for decades to come. The Turkish authorities are well aware of how to preserve the unsurpassed atmosphere of the city, and constantly support it with financial injections.

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