Konakli, Turkey. Attractions, rest, photo, route, what to see on your own

Turkey has long taken one of the leading positions in tourism industry: every year tens of millions of people from all over the world come here to rest.

This country is a great place to relax, because everyone here will find what they are looking for: devotees of the beach "doing nothing" - comfortable beaches, clear sea and high-class hotels; inquisitive - numerous sights; nightlife lovers - all kinds of bars and clubs.

For recreation, you can choose the legendary city of Istanbul, buzzing at night Bodrum or cozy Konakli, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Where is it located

The most convenient way to get to Turkey from Russia is, of course, to fly to it by plane. Airplanes fly from Russia to 3 Turkish destinations: to Gazipas in Alanya, to Ataturk in Istanbul and to the international airport in Antalya.

Approximate airfare prices are as follows:

Starting point City of arrival Duration of flight Ticket price
St. PetersburgAntalyaAverage 4 hours 15 minutes.About 13,500 rubles.
MoscowAntalyaAverage 3 hours 45 minutes.About 7,000 rubles.
St. PetersburgIstanbulAverage 5 hours 45 minutes.About 12,000 rubles.
MoscowIstanbulAverage 3 h 15 min.About 7,100 rubles.
St. PetersburgAlanyaAverage 7 h. 10 min.About 12,500 rubles.
MoscowAlaniaAverage 3 h 30 min.About 7,000 rubles.

Konakli is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, 120 km from Antalya, and hence the international airport. Conakla is quite successful in relation to Alanya and its attractions - just 12 km west.

Alialia - Alania's highway passes through Conakli, it is the most convenient and get to this resort town of the village. There are several ways to overcome this distance.

From the airport in Antalya:

  1. Taxi comes to Conakla less than 2 hours, but the trip will cost about 70 euros. Taxi drivers are at the entrance to the airport, and they will not be difficult to find them. You can order a taxi online, thereby saving about 10-15 euros.
  2. The cheaper option is to drive only a part of the path, namely to the highway, along which buses from Antalya to Alanya are coming. After reaching this way to Alanya, hence it is to get to Conakli on a minibus literally for 15-20 minutes. This method, of course, is much more energy consumption, but it is many times cheaper: as a result, it will turn out about 15 euros. It will take about 3 hours on the road.
  3. Another bus route: to the bus to Havash or at the city number 202 to the final stop, and there to transfer to Alanya, from which to drive to Conakla. Route with №202 by bus will cost less than 10 euros. Minus №202 is that he walks with a two-hour interval.
  4. [91! The time of the bus is tied to the landing time of the aircraft. The road on the Highway Antalya - Alanya is good, so the move should not be too tedious.

    climatic conditions, the best time for travel

    in Conakli, as well as in all of Turkey, poor weather is quite rare. You can consider all summer months and the first month of autumn - September. The average temperature from June to September - + 30-35 ° C, in particularly hot days it can rise above +40 ° C. It is logical that it is at that time and the sea is the warmest: it warms up to + 25-27 ° C.

    Conakli, Turkey, climatic conditions.

    The coldest time is winter, although with a cold Russian winter Turkish, of course, not compare. From December to February, the temperature of the air is kept in the area + 15-17 ° C. Despite the relatively soft winter, at this time the flow of tourists becomes noticeably less including due to frequent rains and strong winds.

    Early spring and late autumn in Conakli is quite warm: the air temperature is about + 20-25 ° C, but, the weather is noticeably spoiled relative to frequent rains. The dry period begins only at the end of May.

    For most people, the best time to visit Konakli is from the second half of May to the second half of October. Those who do not tolerate the heat very well should not choose the height of summer, but it is better to go on vacation either in May-June, or already in September-October.


    Konakli (Turkey), whose sights are not very numerous, is still a great place for recreation, especially for families, but young people can get bored here.


    The beaches in Konakli are mostly nameless and not assigned to hotels, although they usually have their own territory, where there are sunbeds and umbrellas in a protected area. Approximately 20 m from the sea - always a public free beach. For the most part, beaches in Konakli are pebbly, sand is extremely rare, but boulders and volcanic slabs are common.

    In order not to miscalculate the choice of a place to stay, it is better to call the hotel in advance and find out in detail what coast and beach are in this place. Moreover, the fact that the hotel is five-star does not mean at all that there will be a good entry into the sea.

    Next to the restaurant "Konak Beach" is the most popular "Turtle Beach".

    Once it was wild and, accordingly, free, but now it has been ennobled, landscaped and made paid. It is easily recognizable by the gate and oleander alley leading to the beach itself. Entrance costs 10 lira or 3 dollars. The beach has sunbeds and umbrellas, a shower, a toilet, and most importantly, a sandy shore and a beautiful entrance to the sea without plates and boulders.

    Leisure activities

    Like almost any seaside resort town of Konakli, marine entertainment is offered as an active holiday. Banana, parasailing and other similar entertainments are not difficult to find, you just have to go to the beach.

    In Konakli you can go diving, however, most often this is not a simple dive, but the so-called daily dive tour, which gathers a group and they take her to a certain place for immersion. Diving in Konakli itself is also quite interesting, as there are many underwater caves and reefs. Dive centers are best found on dive sites.

    From Konakli, you can also go rafting on the Köprülü River, the bed of which runs along the picturesque route of the national park. Alloys are organized by excursion and travel companies.


    Konakli (Turkey), whose main attractions are the sea and the sun, cannot boast of an active nightlife. There is practically no nightlife in Konakli, however, for nightlife lovers vacationing here, this does not become a problem, because they can literally reach Alanya in 15 minutes, where there is no shortage of bars, clubs and discos.

    However, not so long ago, a nightclub appeared in Konakli itself - "Summer Garden". It's an open-air club, though there are roofed parts of course. From all sides, Summer Garden is surrounded by palm trees, and inside, in addition to the dance floor, there is also a fountain, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar.

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    Konakli (Turkey), the sights and entertainment of the town prove it, it is best suited for a leisurely relaxed beach holiday, as there are neither nightlife entertainment nor spectacular number of attractions.

    However, there are several interesting places in Konakli, and those who want to see more can easily go on an excursion to neighboring cities.

    Municipal Park

    A wonderful place for walking is Altinoglu Municipal Cultural Park, it is cozy, clean and beautiful here. In the park, you can walk along the numerous and varied alleys.

    There are also mulberry trees, and oranges, and oleanders, and many other plants and flowers. Altinoglu has many pavilions where you can, for example, read a book or just hide in the shade. The park is located next to the municipality of the city.

    The Mosque in Konakli

    Konakli (Turkey), whose sights are mostly modern in nature, still boasts a few historical buildings. These include the mosque, which was built in 1231. The mosque is perhaps the most majestic building of this small resort town: it is visible literally from every point of it, so it will not be difficult to find it.

    Today it is a modern functioning mosque with a huge prayer hall and 4 minarets. The building itself is white, and its domes are silvery. In the evening, the mosque is illuminated with green light, which creates a truly fabulous atmosphere of "1000 and 1 nights". This attraction can be visited for free both outside and inside.


    The chapel, also called the Clock Tower or the Red Tower, is located in the very center of Konakli. This building is not historical, but modern and decorative.

    There are several fountains around the tower, and in the evening all this is illuminated in different colors. Near the clock tower there are also 2 sculptures depicting rearing horses, which almost touch with their hooves and thus form an arch.


    The main attraction of Konakli is Sharapsa Khan caravanserai built in 1236. A caravanserai in the Near and Middle East is a large public building built in a city, on a road or in some uninhabited place, so that travelers, most often trade caravans, can stop here.

    We can say that this is an analogue of an inn or a modern hotel. The Sharapsa caravanserai was built on the Great Silk Road and served as an impetus for the settlement of the adjacent territory, thanks to which, over time, a city was formed here.

    For several centuries, Sharapsa Khan was practically not affected by time, although a small restoration was still required. Today, the ancient caravanserai lives a new life: every evening various entertainment programs and shows are held here.


    In Konakli, you can also get to a real colorful and noisy oriental market, where you can buy jewelry, spices, sweets, carpets and much more.

    Of course, fruit and vegetable shops deserve special attention in the market. The peculiarity of this market is that it is nomadic and moves to a new place in Alanya every day, the market comes to Konakli on Wednesday. It works from early morning until 19:00.

    Itinerary for sightseeing on your own for 1-2 days

    Konakli is a very small town, and you can get around it in 1 day.

    You can start your route from the Alanya - Antalya highway:

    1. Walk from your hotel through the overpass, go through it, at the same time examining the surroundings with a small, but all the same heights;
    2. From the highway head towards the mosque, it is perfectly visible from anywhere in the city.
    3. From the mosque, go towards the nearby Clock Tower, at the same time examining the statues with horses;
    4. After resting by the fountains, you can go towards the Caravanserai, which is open for free admission during the day, and in the evening you can return here for the show;
    5. Now it is worth heading towards the city park, which can be recognized by the red-brick paved road and the same arch with the inscription Altinoglu. There is a park near the building of the city municipality, from the Chapel you need to go towards Alanya. If you take a longer walk in the park, then, in addition to many different plants, here you can find several fountains, a lake with an imitation of a water mill, imitations of waterfalls;
    6. On the way back, you can look into numerous shops or go to Mega Mall.
    7. ​​

    In general, it is not necessary to draw up a route for a walk around Konakli, you can just leave the hotel and go wherever your eyes look, in You won't get lost in this city.

    Hotels of Konakli resort

    Most of the territory of Konakli is occupied by hotels. There are not so many five-star among them, mostly 3 and 4 stars. This town is small, so there is no urgent need to choose a hotel in the city center. Perhaps the main criterion for choosing in this case is the beach near the hotel, or rather, how convenient the entrance to the sea is at this place.

    List of hotels:

    1. Haydar Pasha Palace, 5 stars. The hotel is considered one of the leading five-star hotels in Konakli, primarily for its excellent service, and secondly for its truly luxurious appearance. This hotel is often called a family hotel, as there are no noisy discos and festivities on its territory, which is more a plus than a minus. In Haidar Pasha there is animation, both for children and adults, and both are at a decent level. The hotel is located on the first line and walk to the sea - 1 minute, for children on the beach there are water slides. The part of the beach under the "care" of the hotel is landscaped and constantly cleaned. A standard double room on an all-inclusive basis will cost about 30 rubles. thousand per day.
    2. Hotel Bela Alania, 5 stars. Another popular five-star hotel. Guests of the hotel note the spacious rooms and their modern furnishings. The hotel is also on the first line. In addition to a huge pool with slides, Bela Alanya also has a spa complex. The only thing to consider is that the hotel takes Islamic traditions very seriously. A standard double room on the all-inclusive system will cost about 13 rubles. thousand per day.
    3. Club Tartas Beach, 4 stars. The hotel is located in the park area of ​​the city, so many rooms overlook the garden. The hotel is located on the first coastline and has its own well-maintained part of the beach. Club Tartas has a fitness center, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, so it is perfect for sports people. A standard double room on an all-inclusive basis will cost about 8 rubles. thousand per day.
    4. Numa Konaktepe hotel, 4 stars. The hotel is also located on the first line, less than 500 m from the sea. The indisputable plus of the hotel, in addition to comfortable rooms, good cuisine, sports hall, can be considered sandy coast on the beach and a gentle entrance to the sea. Standard Double Room "All Inclusive" will cost about 7 rubles. thousand per day.
    5. Mirabel Hotel, 4 stars. The hotel offers the widest selection of types from the window: to the city, the sea, the garden, on the mountains. Perhaps, of all hotels, Mirabel to the sea is closest - just 100 meters from him. The fitness center and spa work. Standard double room on the "All Inclusive" system will cost about 5 thousand rubles. per day.

    in Conakli not necessarily live at the hotel if you are ready to devote cleaning and cooking a little time, you can stay in the apartment, it will cost it A couple of thousand cheaper, however, the cost of this will have to add costs for food. About 4 thousand per day you can remove the comfortable one-bedroom apartment.

    where to eat

    to find a place where you can have a snack, the conaks will not be difficult:

    1. Tomi bistro, bar, a restaurant. This place is many called the best in the area. In addition to magnificent cuisine and bar, the institution also offers a hookah. Kitchen in Tom is mostly Turkish, but there are dishes and other kitchens. The menu is very diverse, and the average price of the dish is about 400 rubles. There is an institution at Merkez Mahallesi, Kuyumcu Caddesi. Kulak MEVKI.
    2. Cafe End Caftime. Cafe is perfect for breakfasts and small snacks. Here is a large selection of baking and desserts, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Cafe diverse kitchen: from Turkish to Italian. The average price of the dish is about 200 rubles. There is zytric at IstikLal Caddesi No: 6.
    3. La Cave Food & Vine. A beautiful species restaurant, to which, however, you need to climb the hill, but the view that opens from there is worth it. In the evenings, live music is played in the restaurant. Many people choose this place for a romantic dinner. La Kave specializes in Mediterranean and seafood dishes, the average price of the dish is about 700 rubles. The restaurant is located at Elite Admiral Premium Residence.
    4. ER doner. The name of this institution says itself: a specialties of the place - doner. And, on the assurance of vacationers, here are the best doners in the district. In addition to the corporate dish, there are many others in the restaurant menu, but mostly Turkish. The average price of the dish is 300 rubles. There is an er doner at the address Guzelbag Yol Kavsagi Konakli.
    5. Villa Augusto Restaurant. Restaurant by the sea with a cozy atmosphere and a romantic atmosphere. Here we are preparing dishes of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. We visited here celebrate magnificent service, drinks and dishes and recommend paying attention to seafood. The average price of dishes in Augusto - 600 rubles. The restaurant is located at Sancak Street.

    How to move

    Conakla - the town is small, and within its territory you can safely do without transport. If for some reason you need to get somewhere, you can use a taxi or take on any bus or Dolmush (Turkish analog of our minibus), going along the Alanya-Antalya highway.

    The only minus movement on public transport is that the stops need to be monitored, and then ask to stop in a particular place, otherwise the driver will pass it. Fortunately, in Turkey, most people speak Russian well.

    Transport stops are indicated by a blue-white sign with a black letter "D" in the center. This letter is deciphered for the Russian tourist is quite intact - "Durak", although in Turkish it simply "stop".

    Conaks, despite the fairly small number of attractions, is without exaggeration a great place to stay in Turkey. Safe, quiet and cozy, it is perfectly suitable for family couples with children. The same one who comes comes can literally get to the neighboring Alanya, where there is no lack of entertainment.

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