Kayo-Coco (Cuba) Island: Rest, Map, Hotels, Beaches

Cayo Coco is a Cuban island known for its luxury resorts and upscale hotels. Vacationers here have the opportunity to enjoy the azure water, tropical beaches and exciting diving. And that's not all that this heavenly place has to offer.

Location of the island

The island is part of an archipelago that includes hundreds of small islands and is called Jardines del Rai. Cayo Coco is located northwest of the mainland, in the Ciego de Avila region. It is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cayo Coco is an island that is not far from the main territory of Cuba. This made it possible to connect it with the main part of the country with the help of a dam, 27 km long.

How to get there

There is a small international airport on the island that receives charter flights from Moscow. The duration of the air travel is 12 hours. This route is the fastest and most comfortable.

The alternative is to fly to Havana and from there to Cayo Coco.

You can use the following methods:

  • Domestic flight. Flight duration - 1 hour. Flights run 1-2 times a day.
  • ​​
  • Shuttle ride to Ciego de Avila. Travel time - 6-7 hours. Then - 100 km by taxi.
  • Transfer by taxi. The duration of the trip is 7 hours.

The last option will be cheaper than the flight if you order a taxi for several people.

General information about the island

The area of ​​the island is 370 km². It has the second largest size among the islands of the archipelago, second only to Cayo Romano. Its entire territory is non-residential. It is used exclusively as a resort. And locals are not allowed to enter here, with the exception of hotel staff.

Until recently, Cayo Coco was deserted, only fishermen appeared here. However, the authorities decided to create a tourist zone on the island and built luxury hotels that are located along the coastal zone.

85% of the entire island square is covered with forests. More than 200 varieties of birds live here, including flamingos and pelicans. From animals you can meet Turtles and Iguan.

Climate and weather

In this part of Cuba, the weather is warm all year round. The average daily air temperature indicator is +26 - +31 ° C. At night, thermometers are located at +22 to +27 ° C. However, the ocean is strongly influenced by the climate, so there is no exhausting heat here and often blows the Breeze.

Water is suitable for swimming at any time of the year: in winter and in the spring it warms up to +26 ° C, and in summer - up to +29 ° C.

Kayo-Coco climate

The best time for travel - from the end of autumn until the middle of the spring. During this period, precipitation practically does not fall. The rest of the time the rainy season is set on the island. And from the middle of the summer until the middle of the autumn, the probability of storms is great here.

The best beaches

on Cayo-Coco there are 12 beach zones, some of them are equipped, and part is wild. All of them are separated from the rocks or thickets of Mangra. The spa coast is located in the north-east of the island.

The coastal area is covered with snow-white smallest sand. In the absence of storms, water in the shore is absolute transparent.

Tourists may only encounter with 2 disadvantages:

  • In some places, the coastal zone is quite narrow (about 15 m);
  • At the entrance to the ocean, it can be stumbled upon stony areas.

Local beaches love family tourists very much. Here are rarely large waves, the entrance to the water is gradual, the depth increases slowly.

Cao Coco hotels are located along the coastal zone, so most beaches are well equipped. Vacationers can be free to use sun beds and umbrellas. The entrance to the beach is free for everyone.

The most attractive beach zones are:

  • Playa Los Flamenkos. is considered the best in this region. It has a length of 3 km. In any season, in addition to the tropical landscapes, you can see the flamingos.
  • Playa Prokhobid. Translated means a forbidden beach. In this place, construction and interference in the environmental system is prohibited. Therefore, the beach has a primordial look and suitable for a relaxing holiday.
  • Playa Los Colorados. Beach with good infrastructure. Also suitable for snorkeling and diving.
  • Playa La Haul. His coastal zone stretches for 2, 7 km. It is characterized by an excellent equipment and the presence of a large number of bars.
  • Playa Los Perros. This picturesque area closes the chain of beaches to the west. It is not accessible from land, it can only be reached by boat.
  • Playa Larga. The organized coastline of Playa Larga stretches for 2.5 km.

The western part of the coast is mostly wilderness, with no accommodation facilities. But here you can admire the virgin nature and relax in silence. The disadvantage of these areas is the lack of cleaning. Therefore, algae and branches are found here.


Cayo Coco is an island where 4 and 5 star hotels are located. They provide all inclusive services and are located on the first coastline. There is no other housing in this region.

The first hotel to open in this region was the Blau Colonial. F. Castro took part in the ceremony. Now there are 15 upscale hotels on the island. All of them are concentrated in the northern region of the coast.

Coastal infrastructure is best developed on the right side of the resort. There are a large number of 5-star hotels, a dolphinarium, diving clubs and shopping and entertainment centers.

Hotels on Los Colorados

Hotels on this beach are located closest to the airport. Therefore, the path to them is no more than 10 minutes.

Pullman Cayo Coco

One of the newest hotels of the popular chain pleases guests with beautiful interiors and fresh renovation. Its distinguishing features are exquisite food and individual service. The only negative is the sparse vegetation on the territory.

In addition to the main restaurant, guests can use the services of specialized catering establishments:

  • La Perla (French cuisine);
  • El Cobo (Japanese cuisine);
  • El Tocororo (Cuban cuisine).

They are also included in the all inclusive. For a week, you can book all 3 establishments 1 time.

Melia Cayo Coco

Melia Cayo Coco is one of the best hotels in the region. It has a beautiful green area and a huge swimming pool. Its peculiarity is the “adult only” concept, according to which only adults can stay here. Therefore, peace and quiet reigns everywhere.

The main category of vacationers are young couples from Canada, Europe and Latin America. Communication requires knowledge of English or Spanish.

Sol Cayo Coco

This hotel is very popular among Russian-speaking tourists.

This is explained by the following reasons:

  • relatively low cost;
  • beautiful territory;
  • Excellent conditions for families with children (baby club, platforms, pool).

In addition, guests of this accommodation are open access to two beaches. Each of them has recreation and bars. Family tourists prefer a small beach - it has a smoother entrance to the water.

Hotels on Larga

All hotels in this area have level 4 stars. At the same time, here are immediately three hotels owned by Iberostar.

Iberostar Mojito

The advantages of this location is a low price, a large selection of dishes in restaurants and a very diverse animation. Entertainment here are offered for guests of all ages.

However, many complain to the beach zone:

  • there are often waves;
  • there is no natural shadow;
  • The path to the coast runs along the bridge over the lagoon.

This placement object is suitable for family pastime, old people and young couples.

Tryp Cayo Coco

The hotel was built in 1996, but in 2017 reconstruction was carried out, so the interiors do not look outdated.This hotel is focused on young people and families with children, special attention is paid to the entertainment and organization of children's leisure.

Hotels on Los Flamenkos

This coastal zone is the biggest on the island. In addition, it has a greater length, so it is always quite calm here.

Melia Jardines Del Rey

This 5-star hotel is one of the newest. Therefore, everything is shining here with cleanliness and freshness.

The establishment also has such advantages:

  • the presence of a spacious beach;
  • lack of waves;
  • Large selection of dishes and drinks;
  • Good animation and bright evening shows.

The shortcomings can be attributed to the lack of greenery and a very greater number of guests per season. Therefore, the queues in bars and restaurants are not uncommon here.

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso has a category of 4 stars.It offers an optimal combination of price and quality. For an acceptable amount of vacationers receive spacious rooms, a clean beautiful beach and a variety of additional services.

Hotels on La Haul

This coastline in sufficiency has a natural shadow - palm trees grow along the coast. For this coast is compared with the Dominican Republic.

Memories Caribe

This establishment has an adult only policy. Only guests over 16 years old can stay here. There are few Russian-speaking vacationers here, the main customers are Canadians.

Playa Coco

This hotel is suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday and families with children. There is a shallow coastal zone and a small but well-groomed territory.In addition, many people note a good selection of food, albeit without delicacies.

Characteristics of the most popular hotels in Cayo Coca

Name Distance to the beach Category ​​Standard room rate (depending on the season)
Pullman Cayo Coco100 m5 starsfrom 125 to 300 euros per day
Sol Cayo Coco100 m4 starsfrom 60 to 180 euros per day
Iberostar Mojito300 m4 starsfrom 70 to 150 euros per day
Tryp Cayo Coco100 m4 starsfrom 85 to 150 euros per day
Melia Jardines del Rey100 m5 starsfrom 85 to 200 euro per night
Playa Paraiso50 m4 starsfrom 70 to 150 euros per day
Playa Coco50 m4 starsfrom 60 to 140 euros per day

Car rental

Cayo Coco is an island where almost all hotels offer car rental. Rental is also available at the local airport. Services here are provided by 2 largest Cuban operators: TRANSTUR and GRUPO GAVIOTA.

For paperwork, it is enough to have a domestic driver's license and a foreign passport. Sometimes a deposit is required for rent. It is 200-250 cookies. Available in cash or as a blocking amount on a credit card.

The average rental price is as follows:

  • 55-60 kuk per day for a small car with manual transmission;
  • 45-55 kuk for the same car when renting from 3 days;
  • 80 CUC for a higher class car with an automatic transmission.

In addition to this amount, compulsory insurance must be paid. The price for it is from 15 to 20 cookies per day.

Vehicles are provided to customers with a full tank of gasoline. You need to return the car with the same level of fuel. The gas station on the island is one - it is located in Servicentro La Rotonda. The cost of gasoline is approximately 1 cook per liter.

Motobica rent will cost cheaper: per day will have to pay from 25 to 30 cook per day. And with long-term hire (from 3 days) - from 20 to 25 cooks. Scooters can be rented on the clock. In this case, the first hour costs 12-14 Cook, and the next 2 cookies.

It is worth remembering that other insurance coverage rules are valid in Cuba. If the driver controlling the leased car is responsible, the insurance company may not pay damage. And in the event of a refusal to pay expenses, the tourist can be departed from the country.


The Kayo-Coco Island is not very large, therefore there are no special attractions on its territory.

more precisely, they are only 2:

  • Pink flamingos, with which tourists love to be photographed;
  • EL-BAg Reserve, in which you can watch animals and birds, as well as visit the recreated village of Indians.

However, the location next to the main part of Cuba makes it possible to visit the city of Moron with his crocodile farm, Laguna La Redond and the city of Siego de Avila with the buildings of the XIX century.

Excursions and entertainment

Choosing entertainment on Koo-Koko large:

  • Disco and karaoke bars work in most hotels. One of the most unusual nightclubs is La Cueva Del Jabali. It acts in the cave, and besides the dance, there is a picturesque show with flames of fire.
  • On the island there is a climbing center with a large selection of tracks, up to 30 m high.
  • Family tourists can go to Dolphinarium. Speeches are held every day.

Kayo-Koko is an island where you can try a variety of water activities: windsurfing, kiting, diving, sailing, water skiing or canoeing, sap-boards.

Fishing lovers have the opportunity to fish from a pier or from a boat. From the shore they catch perch and small barracuda. And from the vessel you can pull the tuna, a fish-sword and even a small shark.

attracts holidaymakers and excursion program.

Travel offices offer the following popular programs:

  • Havana. This 2-day journey allows you to visit the Cuban capital and see its main attractions: Old Havana, Mackelon embankment, Fucunlandia, Sunteria Street, etc. Also, tourists visit national cafes and restaurants where they will come up with local cuisine.
  • Trinidad and the Caribbean Sea. During this trip, tourists will get acquainted with the Museum of Trinidad, which was founded in 1514 and retained many ancient cultural values. They will visit the Valley of Los Inhenios, in the city of Sancti-Spiritus, and will also visit Ancon Beach.
  • Siego de Avila and Moron. This excursion is one of the most incomprehensible and lungs. However, it allows you to get acquainted with the real life of the Cuban "depths", as well as look at architectural attractions. The program includes a visit to the crocodile farm and Redond Lagoon.
  • Kamagui. Camagueu is one of the oldest cities of the state. Noteworthy is the fact that he was originally located on the coast. However, the pirates who committed regular raids forced the citizens to make a decision on transferring a settlement of deep into the island.
  • Jeep safari. This is a cognitive-entertainment journey makes it possible to see Cuban expanses, traveling on the jeep. Vacationers attend the Laguna de la Lesh reservoir, a rural farm, where they are treated with traditional dishes, Kunagua Hill, from where scenic landscapes are opening.
  • Cruise on the catamaran. Cruise is a comfortable sea walk with delicious drinks, affectionate sun and the warm ocean. During the trip, it is possible to engage in snorkeling in the most picturesque places.
  • Party in the cave. This tour brings tourists to a unique disco, organized in the real cave. The program's price includes a shuttle service, an entrance ticket and unlimited on beverages in a nightclub.

All excursions can be ordered in place - at sightseeing bureaus or in resort hotels. The cost starts from 70 euros per person for a short trip along the nearby cities and comes to 260 euros for 2-day tours.

Thus, Kayo-Coco Island is an ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday. It has unique natural resources and all the necessary infrastructure.

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