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Sveta. This place has received such attractiveness due to excellent conditions for recreation and developed infrastructure in the vicinity.

Where is Karon Beach

Most of Phuket's most beach-friendly areas are on the west coast, and Karon is one of them. The location in the southern part of the island is quite convenient, a big plus is the proximity of Patong and Kata beaches, which are also among the top three in terms of attendance on the island. Karon Beach coordinates: 7.850215, 98.293274

Distance from Phuket International Airport to the beach is about 50 km. The journey takes from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of transport chosen and the traffic on the road.

How to get from the airport to Karon Beach:

  1. The most convenient way is to book a transfer at the hotel, if such a service is offered. In this case, the driver meets guests right at the exit with a name plate and takes them to the right place. As a rule, a hotel transfer is the cheapest.
  2. You can use the shared transfer service offered at the exit from the airport. Carrier organizations form groups on the spot and deliver to the required addresses. The cost of such a trip costs an average of 800 baht per person. It can be inconvenient for travelers that minibuses leave after being fully loaded, and waiting for other passengers takes extra time.
  3. Phuket local taxi services. In this case, the price is set by the driver, the road to Karon can cost 3,000 baht or more. In addition to the high cost, the disadvantage may be a small trunk in the island's passenger taxi, where suitcases and personal belongings of tourists often do not fit.

Phuket Town is located 20 km from Karon Beach. You can use the most budgetary way - local public transport, plying along the route "Phuket - Karon - Kata". The cost of the trip is 40 baht per person. For these purposes, small buses without windows are used with benches located along, and not with seats familiar to Europeans.

Another option is to rent a taxi or tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw). Drivers usually quote prices around 600 baht, but in Phuket, as in other Asian countries, you can try to bargain. You can get to neighboring beaches by tuk-tuk or taxi, but the most popular and inexpensive way is to rent a bike, which costs 200 baht per day and provides the traveler with complete freedom of movement.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

Karon, like the rest of Phuket's beaches, is suitable for recreation all year round. But there are many nuances to consider before planning a trip. The air temperature changes slightly. As a rule, in the coolest months, the thermometer does not fall below 27 ° C, and in the hottest months it rarely exceeds the limit of 35 ° C.

But the formation of the tropical climate is significantly influenced by monsoons that move to the Andaman Sea, which washes the island, from the Indian Ocean. As a result of this impact, Phuket has distinct seasons: dry and wet.

The rainy season, which is considered low, begins in May and continues until October. Tropical rain falls on the island almost every day during this period. Precipitation is plentiful, but not prolonged: as a rule, showers last about half an hour and more often come in the evening and at night. The thermometer rises to 34-36 degrees, and this temperature lasts throughout the summer.

The sea in this season is always restless, strong wind causes intense waves, the water is dirty and muddy. Of the kilometers of Karon Beach, only a few small areas remain unfenced and suitable for swimming, and even in a specially designated area it is not always possible to swim. In summer, you can’t count on a relaxing beach holiday.

The dry season runs from December to March. In the first two months, the temperature is kept at 26-30 degrees, later it begins to gradually rise to 35 degrees. Precipitation is very rare, showers are not heavy and short, so the air is mostly dry.

This period is ideal for a beach holiday. The water is clean and transparent, the waves on Karon are often high, but not so aggressive that swimming in the sea is prohibited. Almost the entire territory of Karon Beach is open to tourists during the high season.

Another season is often singled out - transitional. It lasts from April to May and September to November. In these months, it is still raining, but they are not often coming. But the sea is relatively calm and clean. In the spring, the average temperature of 33-35 degrees is holding, and in the fall - 29-32 degrees. It is impossible to definitely say what period is better to rest on Karon Beach.

Karon Phuket Beach, photos of this popular Thai beach.

Different travelers choose different months to visit the island:

  1. To those who prefer a relaxing rest with a small number of tourists, the priority puts relaxation and interaction with Nature, the low season is perfect. Summer holidays on the caron will cost the cheapest, housing prices, food, transportation and entertainment are minimal.
  2. Tourists who are most importantly considered beach vacation and comfortable dry weather, as well as travelers with young children worth choosing a high season. In winter, influxing holidaymakers is the biggest.
  3. Many choose the transition period due to the fact that the conditions are already fairly favorable, the weather is comfortable and the sea is suitable for swimming. And prices in all spheres of services are noticeably lower than in the high season.

Holidays on the beach Karon

Karon Beach is considered the most extended on Phuket. The length of the coastline exceeds 3 km. Like all others, the beach is municipal, his visit is free for everyone.

Karon Beach is formally separated by 3 parts:

  1. South is a crowded, with a developed infrastructure. There are lounge chairs, cafes, entertainment. In the southern part there is a cape with a rich underwater world, where you can do snorkeling. To the neighboring Kata Beach can be reached on foot.
  2. Northern - deserted, clean white sand zone, where all the necessary conditions for relaxation and a relaxing rest are created. Spa centers and massage salons are located here.
  3. Central - zone with a small number of tourists, but with a lack of amenities. Everything you need to rest need to take with you, and you can hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees growing along the coastline.

The beach is famous for its small white-yellow sand, which when walking publishes a whistling sound, resembling a crunch of snow or flour. It is often called "singing". Such a feature of sand acquired due to high content in its composition of quartz. The width of the coastal strip reaches 60 m.

In the high and transition seasons, the water in the caron is transparent and clean, the waves are most often not strong. The peculiarity of the beach is that even with a relatively calm sea once a few minutes, 1-2 powerful waves fill. It is especially important to take into account when relaxing with children. The entrance to the sea is flat, there are no stones on the bottom.

In the rainy season, the beach is completely not suitable for swimming: the most powerful waves and underwater flows are dangerous even for confident swimmers. Rip-flow, in Russian, more often called cravings, are powerful water flows with a width of 2 to 50 m, located perpendicular to the shore and caring toward the ocean.

There are information tables along the whole shore, which describe how to behave when in contact with such a stream. In addition, rescuers are always on duty on the caron, and in the dangerous season their quantity increases.

A plankton periodically comes across in water, which can easily stuff swimming, but it is not dangerous to health. Medusa is almost no, although occasionally they are found.

In the northern and southern parts there are chaise lounges with umbrellas, which are leased by couples for 200 baht per day. Tourists are issued coupons with the date, you can be removed during the day and return to your reserved place. Tourists advise to come to the beach to 8-9 hours in the morning, otherwise free sun beds may not stay.

You can hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees in the central part, then towels and rugs should be brought with you. From the hotel zone and the entire infrastructure, the beach is separated by a small river and a lively carriageway. Despite this, Karon is a very inappropriate place.

Along the entire coast, especially in southern and central parts, there are huge variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, fast food points, pharmacies, dietary and fruit markets, massage salons.

On Karon Beach there is a medical center and rescue tower. Also there are paid toilet and shower. Tourist feedback Talking that the restroom and shower are poorly equipped and often not removed. There are places reserved for smoking. The site of the Marina Phuket Resort is a webcam that shows Racon Beach in real time.

Active vacation

opportunities for outdoor activities on Karon Beach are granted a huge set for every taste and wallet. Right on the beach, several organizations offer their services with popular entertainment: banana riding or tablet (2000 baht), parachute (1300 - 1800 baht). Water motorcycles are rented (1500-2000 baht for 30 minutes), yachts (from 5000 baht per hour).

A lot of complaints from tourists can be heard to such entertainment. A separate territory for active recreation of these species is not allocated, which creates inconvenience for both swimming and for those who are on the shore. During the high wave seasons, you can go surfing, equipment is also rented on the shore.

In northern Karon, they offer to rent a boat with accompanying personnel and all the necessary equipment for fishing on the high seas.

Diving remains a popular pastime. Equipment can be rented at 100/17 Kata Rd, Tambon Karon, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat and is popular with tourists. It also offers the services of a diving school with various program options, children's diving, as well as other excursion programs.

Along the beach there are several areas with equipment and exercise equipment for sports, all of which are free. There are several beach volleyball nets, and no one forbids you to install your own.

Karon Beach is separated from Kata by Cape Sai in the south. Here, anyone can go snorkeling and watch the representatives of the underwater world, which are in abundance here, and the marine inhabitants are not at all afraid of people. Elephant riding is one of the most colorful Asian entertainments. Phuket has several elephant farms, not far from Karon is Koh Chang Safari.

This place has the highest rating on review sites. It offers several options for programs with riding, bathing elephants, communicating with a baby elephant and feeding animals. Prices for adults range from 1200 - 2600 baht, programs are scheduled several times a day.

A complimentary pick-up service is available from Karon Beach upon prior reservation. Farm address: 287 Moo2, Tambol Karon, Ampur Muang.


Karon does not have a very active nightlife. For crazy nights, tourists usually go to neighboring Patong. But a few bars open after midnight can be found. Entertainment establishments on Karon Beach close by 3 am. The largest concentration of bars can be found around the ring with the Dragon Naga monument and along the street leading to the Karon Temple.

Tourists recommend the Walkabout Sports Bar to fans of football and billiards, which is provided free of charge when ordering alcohol. Location: Soi Karon Whale, 100 Metres from Karon Beach. The average check is 400-500 baht.

Enjoy live music and dancing at Angus O'Tool's Pub, located at 516/20 Patak Road. Another popular place is The Garage, where you can hear Russian hits in rock arrangement in Thai style. The bar is located at 522 Patak Road Ban Karon. The price category for these two establishments is approximately the same, the average check is 500-700 baht per person.

For lovers of more indecent entertainment, there is Soi One Man lane in Karon. There are many small establishments where you can meet girls of easy virtue. The Anybody's bar deserves special attention, where single men will definitely not be left without attention.

Attractions near Karon Beach

Karon Beach doesn't have many attractions in the surroundings, but there are a few interesting places to visit.

Karon Temple (Wat Suwankiriket)

The temple complex is located closer to the northern part of Karon Beach. It was built in 1895 and consists of several buildings. In a separate room is the house of the monks and the abbot of the monastery. The main shrine, the statue of the Black Buddha, is kept in the meditation hall. The entrance is guarded by mythical rakshasa demons and naga snakes.

A bell tower, a stupa with the remains of Buddhist saints, a crematorium and many small architectural elements were also erected on the territory. Those wishing to enter the premises of the monastery must follow the dress code: covered shoulders and knees, no defiant clothing.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, closer to sunset, a night market unfolds on the temple grounds. Tourists attend such events to profitably buy food, souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, and many other goods. A walk through the night market is also a great opportunity to plunge into the local flavor. Visiting the temple at any time is free.

Karon View Point

A multi-level observation deck is located south of Kata Noi Beach. Access is open around the clock, visiting attractions for free. The stunning views that open from this vantage point make the site one of the most popular on the island, it is crowded at any time of the day.

There is a public parking lot next to the lookout. On the upper level there is a small cafe overlooking the beaches of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi, there are souvenir sellers nearby. Tourists who have visited Karon View Point recommend visiting this attraction.

Karon Lake and Park

In the northern part of the beach there is a fresh lake surrounded by a park with lush vegetation. The pond is ennobled and clean, a pier for boats has been built. This place is popular with tourists and locals who want to take a break from the noise, take a walk in the cool shade of the trees and enjoy the scenery in peace.

The park is interesting for its unique tropical vegetation, and the lake is also known for its inhabitants - fish that you can feed from your hand.

Architectural compositions of Karon

Not far from the park is the Carousel statue. The concrete composition consists of a central monument erected in the form of a fountain, which is surrounded by figures of people. Around are small statues depicting mythical birds. The carousel is located inside the road ring in the northern area of ​​Karon Beach.

The most famous monument is the Karon Dragon. The statue depicts a giant naga serpent, a figure in the Buddhist religion, surrounded by small replicas of it. A bright dragon is located in the center of the beach. The attraction was erected after the devastating tsunami that overtook Phuket in 2004, in memory of those killed in the disaster.

Believers consider this place a shrine and spread flowers and offerings near the serpent.

Many small architectural compositions are located right on the territory of hotels or at the entrance to them. Often there are fantastic birds, elephants, monkeys and other statues that reflect the culture of the local population.

Big Buddha Mountain

From anywhere in Karon you can see the main attraction of Phuket - Big Buddha Mountain. You can go there on foot or by rented transport. Tourists visit the mountain to see a huge marble statue, visit the temples and shrines located at the foot, enjoy the picturesque views from the highest observation decks of the island.

Visiting the temple complex is free. Opening hours: 6.00 - 19.00 seven days a week. A dress code should be observed that excludes open shoulders, short skirts and shorts, too provocative clothes.

Hotels near Karon Beach

Karon Beach is located in the hotel zone with a huge selection of hotel complexes, apartments, guest houses of various stars and price categories.

List of hotels:

  1. Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 5 * is a representative of the well-known Hilton chain in Phuket, offering business class services to its guests. The hotel amenities, the equipment of the rooms correspond to the five-star category, the prices per night vary between 8500 - 50000 rubles. Suite rooms, family rooms, for people with disabilities are offered. On a vast territory there are several swimming pools, restaurants and bars, a fitness center, a tennis court, a sauna and a spa. For business people, a conference hall, a banquet hall, a business center are offered. For children - separate animation, children's room, babysitting services. The hotel is located in the beachfront. Address: 333 Patak Road, Karon.
  2. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5 * - another five-star hotel category with the highest rating. Prices for a standard double room - from 9000 per day. The territory includes a large pool, 7 restaurants and 3 bars, a fitness center and gym, football field, tennis courts, private dayvig center, saunas and spa. For children 4 - 12 years old enjoy free play club, babysitting services, animation all day long. Address: 29 Soi Karon Nui, Tambon Karon Amphur Muang.
  3. Old Phuket 4 ​​* - a popular small hotel with good references, located 200 meters from the shoreline. Room rates - 1500 rubles. per day. Room Types: Deluxe and Spa deluxe, each room has a balcony, air conditioning, mini-bar, TV and safe. The territory has a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, beauty salon. Guests with children are offered a babysitting service, children's playground, animation. Address: 192/36, Karon Road, Karon.
  4. Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort 3 * - hotel in the northern part of the beach, perfect for a relaxing holiday. prices per room - from 3700 rubles. per night with breakfast. The territory includes 3 pools, a restaurant and bar, the fitness room, gym, conference room. Animation at the hotel is not. The rooms are equipped with spacious balconies overlooking the sea, each room has a TV, air conditioning, safe, mini-bar. Children have a games room and babysitting services. Address: 562 Patak Road, Karon Beach.
  5. Baan Sailom Hotel Phuket 3 * - a quiet hotel in the first line in 3 minutes walk to the beach. Prices per night - from 2300 rubles. There is a restaurant and bar, an outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi, a small pond in the grounds. All rooms come with air conditioning, TV, safe. A shuttle service, Laundry, Luggage Storage, ATM on site. Address: 34/1 Patak Road, Karon, Muang.

Where to eat

What to Karon Beach for sure there are no problems, so it is with catering establishments. All along the promenade there are cafes, restaurants and snack bars with national dishes of various world cuisines in all price categories.

hot street food uses. Distributed mini point for the preparation of seafood and grilled meat, national roti pancakes with fruit toppings, Thai ice-cream, soups, rice and noodles. Such an option is unlikely to supply suitable squeamish people, but many tourists constantly buy the freshest cheap food such makashnits.

In the south of Karon is one of the best restaurants specializing in seafood and Thai cuisine - On the Rock. The interior of natural materials and a picturesque view of the beach gives the place special romance. Prices in the institution are quite high, dinner costs an average of 1000 baht per person. The restaurant is located in the building of the Marina Phuket Resort at 47 Karon Road, Karon Beach.

The well-known Restaurant complex Dino Park will especially have to taste families with children. It is decorated in the style of the Jurassic Park: on the territory with lush vegetation among stone and wooden tables there are figures of dinosaurs, ponds with multi-colored fish. Here you can play mini golf.

The average check in the restaurant - 500 - 600 baht, the complex is located at 47 Karon RD, Karon Beach.

Bai Toy - Another cafe on a high rating caron. You can find it at 192/36 Patak Road, Karon. The establishment is distinguished by a simple provincial interior and low prices, but the national Thai visitor dishes are impressive. The average score per person is 400 baht.

those who did not fall to taste the local food, or simply bored with homemade dishes, may like a cafe veranda. In addition to Slavic, the menu presents Italian, American, Caucasian cuisine. Prices are slightly higher than in street cafes, but also the institution is more status. The average check is 350 - 400 baht. The restaurant is located at 470/4 Patak Road Tambol Karon Amphur Muang.

Restaurant Efes Restaurant, located at 470/4 Patak RD, Tambon Karon, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat, offers Turkish, Russian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Due to its convenient location, a pleasant interior and a variety of dishes in the institution rarely have free spaces. The tables are both indoors and on the street. The cafe refers to the average price category, dinner costs 500 to 700 baht.

Tour cost

A huge number of hotels in Karon Beach allows you to choose tours in different price categories.

Hotel Queen of nights Power type The number of people The type of number of the flight partition Tourop-Erant Tour options
Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort 3 *7 nightsbreakfast2 adultsSuperior Roomstraight, departure from MoscowPegas95000 rub.
The Old Phuket Karon Beach Resort7 nightsbreakfast2 adultsDeluxe Pool ViewDirect, departure from MoscowPax122,000 rubles.
Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 5 *8 nightsbreakfast + dinner2 adultsDeluxe Plus Sea ViewDirect, departure from MoscowMui257000 rub.
Le Meridien PHUKET Beach Resort 5 *10 nightsbreakfast2 adultsDeluxe Pool ViewDirect, departure from MoscowINTOURIST207000 rub.
Baan Sailom Hotel Phuket 3 *8 nightsbreakfast + dinner2 adultsSuperiorDirect, departure from MoscowTEZ Tour153000 rubles.

Pure picturesque beach, presence in the vicinity of a huge selection of hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, travel agencies and small Delivered from the main attractions make Karon Beach one of the most beloved tourists in Phuket.

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