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Dubai - a city that many travelers are associated with Hot sun and burning spices. There are plenty of beaches, where it is pleasant to spend time, substituting the body with the sun's rays.

The most famous and most visited tourists of the beach factants includes Jumeira. It is located in the area of ​​Jumeira, the same road is held nearby. In the length of the sandy beach stretches 14 km.

Where is located, how to get

The beach of Jumeira in Dubai is located on the banks of the Persian Gulf. You can go here by bus under No. 8, 81, 88 or x28. They can sit in any area. They stop in front of the main entrance to the beach area.

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

There are also other options, how to get to this place, for example:

  • If you go to Jumeirai Beach from the airport, it will be spent about 60 minutes for all way, and about 4 AED will be paid for it;
  • If you go to the subway, it is better to reach the Business Bay station. The price of travel in the subway varies from 2 to 6.5 AED;
  • You can use taxi drivers. You can refer to the relevant services using a mobile phone. Uber uses the greatest popularity;
  • You can use the transfer that many hotels for their guests are arranged.

General Description

Jumeira Beach in Dubai attracts with its indescribable beauty. A lot of amazing and rare plants of our planet grows on the shore.

This place is similar to the oasis, where are located:

  • lawns;
  • gardens;
  • hills and plains;
  • ​​
  • palm trees;
  • small gardens;
  • lawns.

under the feet Clean white sand, which is absolutely harmless to stop. You can walk without special shoes in the velvet season in the fall, in the summer too hot. Entrance to the sea smooth, near the coast, the depth is small, the water is clean and transparent. Even the youngest tourists can swim here.

According to vacationers, Jumeira provides everything that is required for a full-fledged rest, namely:

  • shower cabins;
  • changing rooms;
  • Many entertainment sites;
  • Sections for moving games.

The Beach of Jumeira is a name that combines several territories. This is the name of the whole coastline along the Dubai region of the same name.

This elite suburb is known:

  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • various entertainment;
  • excellent hotels;
  • Restaurants and nightclubs.

Structure and composition of beaches

All beaches are similar to each other, but also have the following differences:

Beach Description
Jumeiraira Beach ParkPaid beach with a well-developed territory on 900 m. This is a big length, here there will be a place for each wishing to relax.

The entrance to the beach territory of Jumeira is paid. To visit it and relax, you need to have a minimum of 5 AED with you. For those who wish to enter here on personal transport, the price of visits will be 4 times higher.

Territory takes visitors from 8:00 to 22:00. Exceptions are 3 days of the week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the beach work is extended until 23:00.

It is important to remember these rules of the visit: Monday, Saturday and Sunday are "Women's Days" on the beach, and the man just do not be allowed. But women can take with them to the beach of children of any sex, but provided that the boy is not more than 5 years

Jumeiraira Sansset BeachBeach, which is attributed to the definition "smart." It has modern and environmentally friendly energy sources: wind generators and solar panels. Thanks to them, rest here does not stop even after sunset. After all, they illuminate the territory. Also on this beach there are so-called "smart trees". Their "mind" manifests itself in the fact that they distribute free Internet. With their help, you can always recharge the slender battery of the smartphone
Jumeiraira Open Beachrecreation area, which is very popular with tourists. There are many sun beds, umbrellas, changing rooms, dots of food. This territory is often choosing Dubai guests who like water entertainment
La Mayor Beachflagship project, which is not just a beach, but a huge shopping and entertainment area. The opening of the first part took place in 2017. This territory attracts many cafes, restaurants, shops here. There is also a special area for those who like to have fun on the trampoline. There is an area for children, where there are many attractions. At any time you can visit the water park and cinema or water entertainment

When choosing a beach, you should take into account its popularity and, accordingly, the number of vacationers. The more leisure facilities provided, the more people will gather here. If you want privacy instead of endless noise and din, you will have to look for a place in wild areas.


It is also worth remembering the rules of nudity:

  • women can sunbathe on the beach in a bikini, but not topless;
  • Men are not allowed to wear thongs on the beach;
  • Everyone leaving the beach area must be dressed. Walking around Dubai in a bathing suit is not allowed;
  • on any beach located in the UAE, it is better to dress decently, because this country is an Arab Muslim.

If there is a great desire to get an even tan on your back, you can turn your back to the sun and unfasten the strap. This, of course, will be a violation of the dress code, but often the beach guards turn a blind eye to this.

Weather, climatic conditions

In Dubai, you can relax at any time of the year, but the weather here is not always the same, as it happens, for example, at the equator. In summer, all the beaches of Dubai are very hot, even, as many who have been here admit, it is unbearable. Sand that is heated to +50aboutC will burn the feet.

Therefore, it is recommended to go here in the last third of the year. As soon as August ends, you can pack your suitcase and go to Dubai.

At this time of the year it will welcome guests with a pleasant climate. From the beginning of autumn until the very end of the year, the average daily temperature here slightly exceeds +20oC. The sea also cools down to about +20oC. These are the conditions most tourists consider most suitable for a comfortable stay here.


Jumeirah beach in Dubai is well equipped for recreation. It is considered one of the most well-groomed and safe. Debris is regularly cleared. Many places have changing rooms, as well as showers, where you can rent a towel for 15 AED.

The beach area has everything you need for entertainment and outdoor activities.


  • there are many sports fields where you can play beach football or volleyball;
  • For those who prefer a less active holiday, barbecue gazebos are available;
  • You can rent a sun lounger or sunshade. For this you need to pay 50 AED for 2 people;
  • a tower has been installed on the territory, on which rescuers are on duty;
  • Various concerts and other entertainment events are regularly held. Especially for this, a stage is equipped on many beaches;
  • there is a play area with animators for children;
  • there are cafes and eateries on the beach, you can visit restaurants;
  • if you want to buy a souvenir for friends and relatives, you can always look into the appropriate trading shop;
  • The beach has special equipment for those with health problems and disabilities. Bathrooms designed for them are equipped with special devices; and all walkways have ramps. Upon request, special means of transportation are issued for such vacationers, providing a pleasant and comfortable pastime.

Attractions nearby

Of the nearby attractions, the following are popular:

Landmark [Kite Beach. Today, surfers are apparently invisible here, so simple vacationers who are not burning with the desire to take up this sport should look both ways so as not to accidentally run into one of these athletes.

This beach area is more suitable for those who prefer active recreation.

In addition to places where you can rent surfboards, boats and other sports equipment, there are:

  • volleyball areas;
  • attraction "Adventure Park";
  • skate park;
  • trampolines.
Umm Suqeim ParkIt is enough to cross the road to be in Umm Suqeim Park. Here you can take a walk or ride the children on a swing. You can also buy delicious ice cream.
MercatoThis is a beach area that differs from neighboring beaches in silence. There are few people here, and the infrastructure is poorly developed. However, no one is crowding here, there is no noise. Even on weekends and holidays it is not crowded here.

At 100 meters from the beach, there is the best shopping center in the area, which is called Mercato Mell. It is made in Italian style.

There are:

  • toilets;
  • Food courts;
  • A large store where food can be purchased before going to rest on the beach.
Fisherman's portIt is located between the Beach territories of Jumeiraira Open and Mercato. Fans of seafood here must be looked around, especially if after an active or passive recreation, a feeling of hunger has come. There are several restaurants in which dishes are served from fresh fish.
Wilapark Wild WadiThe park is decorated in the style of the famous Sinbada Mortex. There is everything here to be pleasant and comfortable to spend time. A huge number of slides and attractions attract not only children, but also their parents.
La MerThis is a huge shopping and entertainment area on which more than 100 institutions of catering and shops are working. But it still continues to be built, and therefore entertainment facilities will soon become even more.


Among hotels located in the Jumeira region, there are 5-star. Here every holidaymaker can feel the real king.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

4-star hotels here about 30, and they also offer holidaylors good conditions. The price depends on how removed the territory of the hotel from the beach.

The most common options are as follows:

Hotel Description 194]
Dubai Marine Beach Resort & SpaNext to this hotel there is a huge shopping center Jumeirair Plaza. The beach of the same name is also the property of this hotel. It is very expensive. High quality affects. To get here, you need to pay a minimum of 100 dirham. For a child up to 12 years old, the entrance to the beach will cost 40 dirhams or a little more expensive.
Barasti Beach ClubThis beach club is located in the Marina area. Vacationers consider it as much as a bar. They spend time in the pool, holding a cocktail in their hands, and in the teeth - a cigarette. Loud music is heard everywhere. This place is not suitable for those who are looking for tranquility and privacy. Many alcoholic beverages are sold in cafes and restaurants, so the rest of the whole family with children is impossible here.
Atlantis The PalmThis luxurious 5-star hotel is located on Palm Jumeirah Island, which is often called the "8th miracle of the world." It is noteworthy that this island is artificial. He is not for nothing that is just such a name, because palm has resembles his outlines.

The hotel is famous for the luxury of its rooms. Those who set in the superlyux will be able to observe the azure water from the windows, splashing in the Persian Gulf, the form of which fascinates.

Guests are offered many ways to have a pleasure and unforgettable time.

For example, you can:

  • Visit the AquaVenture Water Park;
  • Go to Dolphinarium;
  • admire the exhibits of the museum of the underwater world;
  • engage in snorkeling;
  • Become a participant in sea safari with sharks.

Other options for accommodation

Optionally, it is not necessary to choose a hotel for overnight. If there is enough money, you can stay in the hut, spend the night in the villa or rent an apartment or room in one of the private houses.

Pay per day in these cases will have at least 100 dirhams. However, the longer the period of residence, the lower the price will be. For example, if you rent an apartment for 2 weeks, then the daily cost will be lower than if you remove it for 1-2 days.

Jumeira - a modern, clean, safe, spacious beach in Dubai, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay:

  • Many entertainment, as for adults, so And for the youngest guests;
  • The procedure for which local services are monitable and with all responsibility;
  • a large number of gardens and amazing plants that are striking with their beauty.

On the rest spent in Dubai on the beach of Jumeira, only the most pleasant memories will be saved for a long time.

Video about the beach

Jumeira-Beach. The social beach in Dubai: