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Islands of Thailand attract travelers to relax primarily exotic, and in the second climate. Everyone will find for themselves the perfect place and the perfect time to relax, your little paradise.

Where are the islands of Thailand on the map?

If we consider the map of the world, Thailand will be discovered in the territory of Southeast Asia. It has borders with states such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia.occupies the space of Malacca Peninsula, Indochina. It has access to the following seas: Adamansky, South China.


in Tropical Tropical climate. Its characteristic feature is a frequent change of winds, as well as air flows. The Passat passes into the summer monsoon, which is reflected in the climatic features of the weather. The cold period is practically absent. In the north and east, three seasons can be distinguished, and in the south - two (and then it depends on the number and duration of the rain).

During the May-August period, it is quite hot here, in the interval of September-February, the weather is of greater soft, which makes the rest more comfortable.

The coldest month in Thailand is considered December, the highway mark in the north does not exceed + 19-27, in the south does not exceed + 26-30 ° in the winter months there are practically no precipitation. In the spring, oddly enough for residents of Europe, the summer period begins, the air warms up to + 35 °. Since May, the rainy season starts and continues until September.

, and, on different islands, peak accounts for different times, but the overall feature is likely to rain, though strong, but short-term, and after them again shines the sun again.

As for the southern islands, there the monsoon season begins in May and last until January. There is a rule: than south island, tomorrow there is a dry period. In general, the average annual temperature in Thailand is +30 °C.

Do I need a visa?

Thailand's holiday islands have changed their visa policy. In 2015, there was some tightening of the rules for entering the country, but still it compares favorably with a fairly loyal visa system.

There is no need for a visa for those flying on vacation. You can freely spend time in the country for 30 days.

To pass through passport control without problems, it is enough to have the following documents:

  • To enter Thailand, you need to have 700 US dollars. This could be cash or a bank statement. Usually the presence of this document is not checked, but the customs officer may ask a similar question, you must be prepared for this. The bank statement must be translated into English and certified by a notary.
  • A completed migration card. It is issued on the plane before the descent. The main columns are filled in Latin. It is necessary to correctly indicate the profession and place of residence in the territory of the state.
  • Return ticket. He acts as a guarantor that the tourist will leave the country in due time.
  • Valid passport. There should be no questions here.
  • Medical insurance. It should be borne in mind that the services of doctors in Thailand are much more expensive than, for example, in Russian clinics, so you should not risk your health and well-being. Although insurance is not included in the list of mandatory documents.

    A tourist visa is required to visit Thailand for more than 30 days

A visa is issued for those cases when there are plans to stay in the country for more than 30 days. This is a tourist visa.

There are three types:

  1. Single entry visa valid for 60 days. After the expiration of this period, it can be extended on the spot for another 30 days.
  2. 2-entry visa for 6 months. A document is drawn up, as in the first version, then it is necessary to leave the country for a short period. Then again around the circle.
  3. You can also get a multivisa for 6 months at once. To do this, you also need to have return tickets and proof of funds for living in the country (about $6,000).

Cost of tickets

The islands of Thailand for recreation can be visited from almost anywhere in Russia where there are international airports. The price of the flight is different if you fly from Moscow or St. Petersburg. A flight from Moscow often costs more.

approximate cost:

point of purpose Moscow, price ticket back-back (rub.) St. Petersburg, the price of a ticket back-back (rub.)
BANGKOK25 00015 000
Krabi30 00037 000
Phuket25 50027 000
Pattaya36 00024 000
Samui37 00039 000
Trang63 000
spending41 000
Chiang Mai37 00030 000
Chiangraj34 000

10 best islands

This island complex is recognized as the best Paradise place in the world. There is everything for excellent recreation: clean sandy beaches, transparent Lazid water, tropical nature. Thailand boasts a well-developed tourist infrastructure, magnificent kitchens, luxurious hotels and snorkeling places.

All islands are good in its own way. It all depends on the needs of the rest. Someone comes here in search of peace and silence, someone needs noisy beach parties, someone rests with children, and someone dreams of a grand shopping.


Phuket is considered the largest and most popular island. Here annually comes a huge number of tourists. Rest on this island has its pros and cons.

Positive Moments:

  • White sand on the beaches;
  • Pure Water;
  • well-developed tourist infrastructure;
  • An ideal place for diving, given the fact that waters are rich in coral reefs;
  • can be found for every taste and wallet hotel, bar or restaurant;
  • there are shopping galleries and banks;
  • Local food markets;
  • diverse selection of nightclubs;
  • Attractions - Cascades of waterfalls, platforms with breathtaking views of the surroundings, temples.

Negative points:

  • a huge number of vacationers;
  • Prices are much higher than on other islands;
  • Industrial landscape, a large number of machines, as a result, air gas supply.


Samui is the second most popular island of Thailand. It is distinguished by a good infrastructure, there are many large stores, there are markets, banks, pharmacies and nightclubs.

But here the industrial landscape does not displaces nature, but on the contrary, it gets great with it. It may be so possible because the buildings are more close to the rustic style than urban. This is a rainforest, mountain arrays with waterfalls, and wild beaches. The island is small, but quiet, and great suitable fans of privacy.

An important advantage will be lower prices, if compared, for example, from Phu-Pi or Phuket.

To Lype

To Lipa is located at the border with Malasia. He is loved for magnificent landscapes and snow-white sand beaches. The Lepa is part of the Maritime National Park Complex Tratao. Currently, the territory of the island is only evolving.


, the territory of Phi-Pihi is located next to Phuket. The distinctive feature of the islands is sharp contrasts. Here, the tourist can find a place untouched by a person where silence and peace are the main components of the rest. Conversely, there are densely populated territories, with a highly developed infrastructure, a large number of transport.

This is a paradise for those who like to do diving and snorkeling.

Pluses of recreation:

  • Sandless beaches;
  • transparent loosal water;
  • The world of underwater plants, fish and other inhabitants in its composition is unique.
  • ​​

Cons recreation:, as well as Phuket, has a high level of prices.


about 10 km from the mainland is the island of Samty. He is striking with his virgin tropical nature and pristine wild beaches. And all because it is under the protection of the state and is considered to be a national park.

This is the best place for those who love loneliness, meditating and yoga. The perfect place for a quiet and relaxing holiday is difficult to find on the world map.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is not inferior in size to Samui island. It is located in the Siamese Gulf. It is distinguished by the lack of shops, shopping centers and noisy discos. But on the coast you can find excellent restaurants and cafes, which are famous for their exquisite cuisine. This is the perfect place to relax with the whole family, for family holidays with young children.

The island will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to its crystal and white beaches, tropical nature and falling waterfalls.


Phangan Island is located close to Samui. He acquired his celebrity among tourists thanks to the parties of the full moon passing there. They are conducted monthly when the moon is included in the full phase.

The territory cannot boast a well-developed infrastructure, except its individual parts. But here are the magnificent nature: mountain ranges, the purest air and fascinating their beauty beaches.

to Tao

to Tao is located about 65 km from Samui Island. To get here, it's enough to buy a ticket to the ferry.

This is a territory with virgin nature, there are practically no vacationer here. From the entire location can rest and confuse. The island chose those tourists who practice diving and snorkeling.

and negative points worth noting:

  • Small Internet speed;
  • lack of attractions;
  • Large remoteness from the main airports.


The island of Tarutao is part of the Maritime National Park Complex of Thailand. Here you can rent camping or small bungalows.

The island is characterized by untouched by the jungle, mountain arrays. This is the habitat of large marine turtles.

from negative points:

  • for a long time and inconvenient;
  • poorly developed infrastructure;
  • There is no entertainment program.


This islands group is located next to the province of Krabi. It is distinguished by the lack of infrastructure and pristine tropical nature. It is good to indulge in meditative techniques and think about the meaning of life, or walk along the extended sandy beaches, which stretched a few kilometers.

It consists of two territories: Noah and Yai. But tourists are popularly only the island of Lanta Yai. The island from the province of Krabi goes steam.

hotel names and room rates

Hotel name Price per person per person (rub.)
Baan Thai Housefrom 4,000
Ban Boonchufrom 2,000
Suan Maproa Ko Kut ResortFrom 3,000
Krabi Naga Villafrom 13,500
Louis' Tavern Transit Hotel DayroomsFrom 5,000
Hotel Boxtel @ Suvarnabhumi Airportfrom 2 500
Pano ResortFrom 1 500
Banana Sunset - Bar & Bungalowsfrom 1,000
Prompakdee Kohmak Resortfrom 1,500
Holiday Beach Resortfrom 3,000
iudia Hot ELfrom 5,000
Sala Ayutthayafrom 9,000
Yoodya Hostelfrom 500
Ayutthaya Retreatfrom 5 500

Effective Savings Tips

The islands of Thailand for recreation can leave gap in the wallet of the rest. The question is what can be saved, and what is not worth it, worries any tourist.

Here are some relevant advice:

  1. should not come to eat in places that are designed for tourists. In restaurants for local, too, a dish can be eaten two times cheaper.
  2. Buy analogues of familiar products, they are an order of magnitude cheaper.
  3. Fruits, vegetables, meat or fish are better looking for local markets.
  4. To move cheaper to use local services.
  5. If a small company is collected, it is more profitable to use taxi services.
  6. In the presence of rights and desire, the optimal choice will be a motorcycle rental.
  7. As for housing, it is cheaper to rent a house.
  8. In popular sites for booking hotels, there are practically no cheap options. To find the optimal price of housing, you will have to spend time.
  9. Considering the fact that electo-energy in Thailand is expensive, it is more profitable to purchase gas tiles and take a used gas cylinder, independently filling it with gas. This is enough for a couple of months of fruitful training with culinary practice.
  10. Mobile Internet expensive, so if there are long stays in the plans, it is worth thinking about connecting a profitable tariff plan in advance, their large enough quantity.
  11. Chatuchak is a market that works on a weekend. It is considered the most favorable place to buy various souvenirs.
  12. There is no point in Thailand to buy clothes and equipment of European brands. Prices are not inferior to Moscow and St. Petersburg or slightly lower. It always causes surprise among Russian tourists. If there is a need to buy quality things, then you should stop your choice on local producers.
  13. Exotic fruits and various orchid varieties are a good alternative to standard souvenir products. They can be purchased at the night market colors for completely small money.
  14. For payment it is worth using a bank card, because the interbank exchange rate is more profitable than in street ATMs. The second positive moment: the Commission is not charged when paying, which is practiced in ordinary ATMs.

The best months for resting on the islands with children and without: November-March

a temporary period of rest in the country depends on the final destination. In the period of winter-spring (November-April), it is better to stop your choice in the mountainous regions, southeast and islands such as Pttai, Chang, Lanta, Samet, Phi Phi. At this time, there are soft climatic conditions here, the temperature does not exceed +26, the precipitates fall rarely.

What to take with you on the trip?

For beach holidays on Thailand Islands All guides and guidebooks recommend to take with them the minimum number of things to feel the freedom and not be bound by a large suitcase when traveling.

But there is a list of things that will be simply needed if resting at sea is planned:

  • a spacious backpack;
  • Medical Insurance Policy;
  • Copy of passport and return ticket;
  • The printed sheet with the armor of the hotel, if you plan to use taxi services;
  • 2-3 sets of clothing, the rest, if necessary, you can buy on the spot;
  • scarf or baseball cap to protect the head from the sun;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • Of the drugs: Nooofen, paracetamol, reciprons, enterofuryl or smect, iodine, chlorhexidine.

After receiving the full information on recreation islands in Thailand, it remains to choose a hotel and buy tickets.

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