Islands of Italy for sea holidays. List with names on the map

  1. Location of Italy on the map
  2. The best islands of Italy for a beach holiday at sea
  3. Ligurian Sea
  4. Tuscan archipelago
  5. ) Pontine Islands
  6. Phlegrino Archipelago
  7. Sardinian Islands
  8. La Maddalena Archipelago
  9. Islands of Sicily
  10. Pelagie Islands
  11. Island of Capri
  12. ) Poveglia Island
  13. ) The Republic occupies the Apennines, the southern Alps, the Padana Plain, the islands of Sardinia, Sicily. A number of small islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea also belong to Italy. 25% of the country's territory is covered with forests and mountainous areas. 5 rivers flow through the republic. There are 4 volcanoes.

    Location of Italy on the map

    Italy is located in the south of Europe and the central part of the Mediterranean. The climate in the main part of the country is warm and comfortable. The weather is hot in the summer months, and it is also sunny in winter, without precipitation. In northern Italy, the climate varies from subtropical to temperate continental. During the winter months, thick fog is observed.

    Almost all the islands of Italy are located in the Mediterranean climatic zone. Therefore, the winter temperature is +10°С, summer - from +26°С to +34°С. Every resident of Russia can visit Italy today.

    Inexpensive, accessible and convenient to travel by transport:

    • Train - several directions have been developed. The train from Moscow to Nice is popular. Stops in Milan, Genoa, Verona. There is a flight through Austria, Hungary and Germany. From Munich there is a train to Venice, Rome, Bologna. Being in the country, you can easily navigate along the chosen route and visit various cities. Italy has a well-developed rail network.
    • Aircraft is the most recognized mode of transport. There are direct flights from Moscow and other Russian airports. Flights to Rome are offered by Sochi, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov. In addition to Russian airlines, flights to Italy are carried out by Turkish and Austrian airlines.
    • Bus - the trip to the destination takes more than 2 days. The road to Milan or Rome passes through the Republic of Belarus and Germany. Bus services operate direct and with transfers.

    Italy comprises 20 administrative entities. Border countries: France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria. Surrounded by 5 seas - Ionian, Andriatic, Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian.

    The republic is recognized as a developed country. The leading industries are mechanical engineering, food, petrochemical, agricultural and light industry. Cars, clothing, household appliances, shoes and cosmetology preparations come from Italy to many countries of the world.

    The agricultural sector of the republic is represented by crop production: grapes, cereals, citrus and olive groves.

    The land of the state is settled unevenly. More than 60% of the population live in the north of the country. By the beginning of 2018, italy had 6,00,000,000 people.

    The best islands of Italy for beach holidays on the sea

    Islands of Italy are unique and picturesque. All year round they take tourists from all over the planet. The most visited and in demand are the following places:

    Ligurian Sea

    Islands are located in the sea, attracting lovers of underwater sports:

    • Palmaria is the largest island of the Ligurian Sea, the area is 1.6 km². Several premises and cafes are a few of the buildings of Palma. But uncomfortable housing does not scare the vacationers. Pristine nature, therapeutic air, unique flowers compensate for household inconvenience. The island found caves with petrified animal remains. Of great interest are the ancient burials of people. At the top of the island there is a building built in the XIX century. He recently renovated and opened there the Maritime Training Center for Environmental Education.
    • Tinetto - a small island resembling a round stone. Its surface is devoid of trees, occasionally there are low shrubs. Interest for tourists represent medieval beds of hermits and walls of an ancient church. Divers appreciate water near the island for vertical waves, creating unusual paintings of the underwater world.
    • Tino - Initially, the island belonged to the military department, it was closed for visits. Today it is allowed to come tourists and rest. The local legend states that in ancient times, Venyo's recovery lived in Tino. Instead of a lighthouse, he lied on the island of Bonfire, warning floating ships about the barrier. For this work, the elder was declared saints. Near his grave built a monastery. Later, the power of Venusio was postponed to the Temple of the city of Reggio-Emilia.

    Tuscan archipelago

    The archipelago consists of small, uninhabited islands.

    We can visit them as part of an organized group of tourists:

    • Elba - the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago. Interested in rocky rocks, quiet bays and sandy beaches. You can get to the elba on a boat or plane.
    • Giglio - for lovers of walking tours of beautiful places. In ancient times, it served as a defensive line, for some time it was part of the Pisan Republic. On Giglio, rock was mined for the production of granite. Tourists visit the port built by the Romans, a medieval fortress and a monumental lighthouse. It offers visitors a comfortable hotel, a cafe, diving and surfing sections.
    • Capraia - reserved places, warm beaches, delicious cuisine are the main advantages of the island. The tour includes a visit to the Church of San Nicola and the Castle of San Giorgio. The island is famous for its developed infrastructure. There are many hotels, shops, restaurants, bars. There is a boat rental.
    • Giannutri - the island serves as a haven for numerous colonies of gulls. The picturesque place enchants with magnificent mountains, rocks, grottoes, clean beaches. The walls of ancient Roman houses built before the new era have been preserved here.

    Pontine Islands

    The islands are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the western coast of Italy:

    Item No. Name Brief description
    1Saint StefanoSurprises with inaccessible rocks of an extinct volcano, exotic plants, clear water. The island is chosen for a secluded vacation.
    2ZannoneIsland reserve. It is famous for the accumulation of migratory birds and the endangered species of oak - stone.
    3GaviDeserted place with a small house on the mountain. Wildlife, winding paths, mountain streams surround tourists.
    4PonzaMountainous area, former active volcano. Ponza is surrounded by pitfalls and grottoes, which is popular with scuba divers. The island has a mud bath, hotels, restaurants.
    5VentoteneA dormant volcano mentioned in ancient Greek myths. Wealthy Romans built chic palaces and villas on Ventotene. Near the island you can see whales and dolphins.
    6PalmarolaA land with a volcanic past and unusual topography: rocks, reefs, surface caves and underwater tunnels.

    The Phlegrin Archipelago

    The islands of Italy include the Phlegrin Archipelago, which is located in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and consists of 4 islands of volcanic origin.

    A It is:

    • Ischia - a resort island with a mud and healing waters. The visiting card of Cryony is considered to be 3 sleeping volcanoes, a medieval castle and thermal sources. Lovers of rare plants attend the Botanical Garden.

      In the list, the best islands of Italy enters the writer. This is a spa place with healing waters.

    • Udda - The village of fishermen is denselylaned by local residents. Tourists attract the old fortress, the craters of sleeping volcanoes, exotic plants. Local cuisine - stew artichokes and lemon juice are in great demand among gourmets.
    • Vivara is located next to the inside. 2 islands are connected by a narrow bridge. The main part of Vivara flooded with water. Superwater lands are covered with lush herbs and shrubs. The whole territory of the island is announced by the reserve and is under the protection of the state. To live on the island is prohibited.
    • Nizida is the island of a round form located off the coast of Popillipo. Rare phenomenon is considered a small natural bridge that binds the niza coast. The popularity of the island is the Palace of the Roman commander and the political figure of Lukulla, in the walls of which he satisfied the grand feasories and holidays.

    Sardinia Islands

    Little Islands are located next to the largest island:

    • Carloofort - Rocky Place with underwater caves and grotts. According to an old legend, the Apostle Peter lived here for a while. Today, in the holy places you can walk, penetrate the spirit of the past. Getting to the carlophore is convenient to boat from the pier Calazette.
    • Sant-Antiocho - the island choose connoisseurs of scuba diving, gambling fishing and wild beaches.
    • Serpentara - deserted territory. Known with granite rocks and sand of different colors.
    • Cavat - Small white sand, beautiful mountains, bright flower beds, amazing underwater world - the main advantages of the island.

    La Maddalena Archipelago

    Islands of the archipelago are located next to the northeast coast of Sardinia and belong to Italy. Rocky lands are uninhabited (except for one island), since the spring of 1996 declared by the National Reserve Park with an area of ​​more than 200 km².


    • La Maddalena - Pearl of the archipelago, densely populated city with a developed tourist infrastructure. It offers guests walks along the embankment, visits to the cathedral and the town hall, dinner at national restaurants. La Maddalena has many shops, stalls and souvenir shops.
    • Caprera is an island of unique beauties of nature with colonies of cormorants and gulls. The place is interesting for connoisseurs of world history. The Garibaldi Museum operates on the island. The grave of the Italian revolutionary and freedom fighter is nearby.
    • Razzoli is an island in the north of the archipelago. It strikes with majestic rocks, harsh nature. On Raziola there is a lighthouse that sends signals towards the Strait of Bonifacio.
    • Spargi - famous for its beaches, located on the warm eastern slope and lush vegetation that reaches the surf line. The island is surrounded by quiet bays with fine white sand and clear water. The old military buildings hidden in the thickets of trees are also impressive.
    • Spargiotto is a neighbor of Spargi, a special natural value of Italy. Endangered seabirds nest on its territory: long-tailed storm-petrel, long-nosed cormorant, Jean-Victor Audouin's gull.

    Islands of Sicily

    Near the island of Sicily there are many small islands.

    Their nature, culture, life, art are strikingly different from the life of Italy: ​​

    • The Aeolian Islands - consist of 8 land plots of volcanic origin are under the protection of UNESCO. Stromboli Volcano still operates on the island of the same name. In summer, the Aeolian lands can be reached by motorboat from Messina or by boat from Naples.
    • Edgar - include 3 large islands in the west of Sicily: Marettimo, Favignana, Levanzo and a scattering of scanty islets. The places are famous for rock paintings, the remains of Roman military fortifications dated 241 BC. e.
    • Ustica - the area of ​​the island is 9 km², located in the north of Cape Gallo. The number of inhabitants is about 1350 people. There is a daily ferry from Palermo to Ustica. The island is famous for its unique underwater world. Every year, in early July, international diving competitions are held here.
    • Pantelleria – the name is translated as “daughter of the winds”. Strong winds blow to the island all year round from Africa. The population of the largest island settlement is 3000 people. There is a large ferry from Trapani to Pantelleria. The place is replete with historical and natural attractions. Remains of Neolithic dwellings and ancient cemeteries have been preserved. The island is full of land and underwater caves suitable for underwater exploration.

    Pelag Islands

    Islands Italy Pelagskie - spread out in the south of the republic. They are distinguished by the North African climate and consist of 3 sections of volcanic origin: lamp, lampione, linosa.

    The total area of ​​the land is about 26 km².

    Tourists attract extinct volcanoes, beaches of ferrous sand, soft climate, intimacy of Africa. The Pelagsco-Maltese fauna, represented by the bull shark, sea bass, lobster and yellow corals. Flora islands consists of rare and endemic plants.

    Capri Island

    Capri is rightfully recognized as the best beach holiday destination. Its developed infrastructure, high-quality service, new hotels, design boutiques attract thousands of wealthy people. Today, the population of Capri has about 14,200 people. Getting to the resort is convenient from Naples, located 53 km from the island. The capital of Italy - Rome is located 265 km from Capri.

    Main attractions and entertainment Capri:

    • Pharaliony reefs - Capri symbol;
    • Monastery San Jacomo;
    • Umberto Avenue;
    • San Michele Villa Museum;
    • Night clubs and karaoke halls;
    • Excursions to the city of Sorrento, Marina Grande, Anacarpi;
    • Grotto Blue;
    • pebble beaches;
    • Sea walks on boats and yachts.

    The island of the lead

    Islands of Italy has its own centuries-old history, sometimes mysterious and gloomy. The island of the lead is considered the most terrible place on Earth. He is in the Venetian lagoon, in the north of the country. Located on 2 parts connected by the bridge. Today is deserted and deserted, due to bloody, cruel history.

    For the first time, this place became known in the V c. - The island settled refugees from mainland Italy, which hid from the ancient German tribes. In the future, the fortress was erected on the island to protect the Earth from the attacks from the sea. Until the end of the XV century. The pillar was almost deserted, sailors and soldiers lived there.

    At the beginning of 1777, the island was given by the Office and built a lazaret and church on it. During the epidemic, the plague on the lead was exported by sick people. According to unverified data, 160,500 people died from terrible illness in Lazaret. They are buried on the "Field of Plague". At the end of 1814, the hospital on the island was closed, the island was empty. In addition to warehouses with weapons, nothing had nothing.

    8 years later, Lazaret was opened again, repurchased into a psychiatric clinic. It was prevailed in patients with incurable, pathological symptoms that were not taken to ordinary medical institutions. Using the remoteness of the institution, the doctors committed terrible experiences over their wards. The number of dead patients grew, their exact number is not registered anywhere. According to legend, the chief specialist of the hospital became crazy and voluntarily left his life.

    Since 1968, the clinic is empty, the island is abandoned and unudenha.

    The Government of the Italian Republic recently decided to sell the lead. Now there are construction work on it, repair buildings, strengthen the shores. In the near future it is planned to open an island for visiting. Tour operators believe that the place with such a rich history will be enormous.

    Tours to the islands

    Travel firms and companies of Russia offer various vacation options on the Islands of Italy. This is a beach, cognitive, youth, family leisure. The warm summer of holidaymakers meets a bright Neapolitan bay, incredible excursions on the west coast, warm sand of the Bay of Adriatic and Tuscany.

    Tours are familiar with vacationers with commemorative places and attractions of the republic. Parents with children will appreciate the comfort and tranquility of spa seats. Young people will be remembered for a long time discos and parties in karaoke clubs. The travel season is defined as weather conditions and the activity of vacationers.

    Since the beginning of June to the end of September, beach recreation lovers come to the country. The sea at this time was warmed up to the maximum, the temperature of the air masses reaches the mark + 30 ° C. From August, tourists choose to relax the northern Islands of Italy, where not so hot and less people. September is considered a velvet season, ideal time for water sports and swimming.

    Summer tours are recognized most popular. But the ideal time for acquaintance with the historical and cultural monuments of Italy is called spring and late autumn. Prices for tours - European, rest is required.

    Therefore, when buying trips, it is advisable to consider the nuances:

    • Spring and Autumn - the best time for traveling. You can relax for 36,000 rubles. for two.
    • In the summer months, the price of tours increases by 25-45%. Vacation at the resorts of the Ligurian coast, Tuscany and Sicily will be 125,000 rubles for two.
    • Holidays in the provinces of the Tyrrhen coast and Lazio will cost cheaper - from 20,000 rubles. per person.
    • Reservation Budget will help book bookings. Having bought them 2-3 months before the start of the journey, you can save 15-20% of the cost of the trip.
    • Popular tours (cost in rubles.for two people depending on the season): St. Petersburg - Rome: 8 nights, breakfast, 40900; St. Petersburg - Ischia: 7 nights, no meals, 50700; Moscow - the island of Sicily: 8 nights, 65000; Moscow - Capri: 7 nights, 41000.

    Holidays in island Italy attract tourists of all ages. Gives them bright emotions, good mood and comfortable service. Boat trips, delicious cuisine, sightseeing, exotic nature - leave an indelible impression. There remains a desire to visit a hospitable and warm country again.

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    List of the best resorts on the islands of Italy: