Islands of Greece for holidays. List of the best, sandy beaches, hotels for families with children. Resorts and prices

of the Greece of the Islands of only 1400, but 228 of them are considered inhabited by populated. Choosing a place to relax, you need to take into account the goals of the trip: you can see the channel of lovers in Corfu and view the Byzantine churches, Rhodes contains one of the 7 wonders of the world - Kolos Rhodes, Santorini has a unique Greek architecture, and Crete is considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

The best months for recreation in Greece

Tourist year can be divided into 2 parts: High Attendance is observed from May to October, and the low season comes from November to April.

months with high attendance month with low attendance
May. The season begins to open on all islands in different ways - depending on their geographical position. In mid-May, in Crete, water warms up to +22 ° C, and air to + 26 ° C, similar weather is observed on the island of Rhodes. On Chalkidiki, the first large streams of tourists begin to take only by the end of the month, when water is heated to + 18 ° C, and air to + 23 ° CNovember. The water temperature is reduced to + 18 ° C, air to + 20 ° C. November does not have to rest on the sea, so at this time excursion tours
June are more popular. In the middle of the day in the northern part of Greece, the average temperature of + 28 ° C, and in the south + 31 ° C. Water in the sea by this time is heated to + 24 ° CDecember. The average northern temperature of + 10 ° C, southern + 17 ° C. December opens the season of ski resorts and shub tours, the main direction of the latter is the city of Castoria
July. This is the first of the two hottest months of summer. The average temperature throughout Greece + 30 ° C. At this time, the entertainment program is particularly saturated: various festivals are held in almost every regionJanuary. The first of the two coldest months: the average temperature in Kastoria during day + 4 ° C at night -3 ° C, in Rhodes + 14 ° C, at night + 8 ° C. The average temperature in the country is + 7 ° C. The whole month of Greece is a sales that makes the shop tours
August. This month, the air temperature can reach its peak. On Crete, the average reaches + 40 ° C. The sea is heated to + 25 ° C, and the heat is easier to transfer in the north (Thassos, Thessaloniki)February. The air temperature reaches to + 12 ° C, water + 14 ° C. At this time, tourists are still being mastered by tourists, sightseeing excursions
September. In the northern regions, the average air temperature is + 27 ° C, in the south + 29 ° C. Water temperature + 24 ° C, and by the end of the month it drops by 3 degreesMarch. This month, warm days are often replaced by windy and cloudy, but by the middle of the month the temperature begins to rise. In the south of the day + 19 ° C, and in the north + 17 ° C, and the ski season comes to an end
October. The last month of the tourist season - many hotels in the north of the country are closed at its beginning, where the day average temperature is + 22 ° C. In the south, the air is heated to + 26 ° C, and the temperature in the sea + 20 ° C in the north, and + 23 ° C in the south. In October, the wind increases, which is especially felt in the eveningsApril. Over all Greece, the warming wave passes, and the air temperature rises to + 20 ° C. From the end of the month, the beach season opens

Features of rest on the islands

Islands of Greece for recreation is well suited to lovers of the Mediterranean climate, historical attractions and a pleasant calm atmosphere, but also These places have their own characteristics.

  • The Greeks are one of the most friendly nations. They gladly help tourists find the road, suggest, and can even invite to them for lunch and treat with national dishes.
  • On a journey it is better to take not only the clothes for the beach, but also more modest outfits so that there was an opportunity to visit temples and cultural structures.
  • One of the main advantages of Greece is its beaches. The authorities devote a lot of money and time to keeping them clean.
  • Eating in hotels is cheaper than buying food in stores.
  • You can rent a car to explore the country. So it becomes possible to find a secluded place for swimming and relaxing.

A Schengen visa is required to enter the country.

The most picturesque islands

Tourists single out several islands that are distinguished by beautiful nature.

The island of Crete

The island of Greece, located in the south, which has the largest area - Crete. The weather here is optimal for recreation at any time of the year - almost 300 days a year are sunny. Natural feature - mountainous terrain, rocky coast, caves and a small amount of plains.

Crete has a lot of picturesque towns, among which 3 stand out:

  • Heraklion. The location of the city is the northern coast in the central part of the island. Here you can see the Palace of Knossos, the Venetian fortress, the harbor, visit the museum of archeology and religious buildings of different construction times.
  • Chania. It is located about 150 km from Heraklion. The history of the city begins about 3000 years ago. The main attractions are the harbor, the embankment and the old part of the city.
  • Rethymnon. The city is located 75 km from Heraklion towards the West. There is a large selection of hotels and beaches. Near the embankment and the old part of Rethymnon there are restaurants and cafes, a zone for pedestrians.

A video review of the city of Rethymno can be found in this video:

The best hotels on the island:

  • ) GRM Megaron Hotel. Non-smoking hotel, 58 rooms available. The price range for a standard room is from 6200 rubles. up to 12300 rub. Located in the city of Heraklion.
  • Lato Boutique Hotel. Has a certificate of quality, includes 79 numbers. Prices for an average room from 4300 rubles. up to 9000 rub. Location - the city of Heraklion.
  • Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa. The hotel is non-smoking, the bar is located on the roof of the building. Number of rooms - 24. The average price is from 8500 rubles. up to 1900 rub. Location - the city of Chania.
  • Olive Green Hotel. The style of the hotel is luxury class, the number of rooms is 48. The price range for a standard room is from 4800 rubles. up to 12200 rub. Located in the city of Heraklion.
  • Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. Awarded EcoLeaders Bronze level. Total rooms 9. Prices from 7400 rubles. up to 24695 rubles. Location - Chania.

Santorini Island

Islands of Greece are unique, and one of the most unusual places of the country is Santorini, which is north of Crete. It is built on an extinct volcano, the last eruption is dated XVI century., Which led to the flooding of several parts of the island and the appearance of the crater.

Islands of Greece for recreation will be suitable for lovers of historical attractions and the roast Mediterranean climate

Santorini has the shape of a crescent and includes 13 major cities, some of them are saturated with attractions.

This is:

  • Fira. The capital of the island, located on the edge of the cliff. The roads are made of stone and the car movement is under the ban. The main attractions are the Church of Belonioskaya and the Temple of John the Baptist.
  • ia. Elite village with expensive restaurants and shops. From here it is easy to descend into the old port of Fishermen Ammoudi, having passed 235 steps. The village is built in the architecture of the island - all buildings have rounded shapes, narrow stairs, paved from stone, lead to the courtyards.
  • Emborio. The settlement is notable for its traditional identity. Here you can see several monasteries and relax on the beach.

Best hotels in the island:

  • Villa Manos. has a quality certificate, has 25 numbers for non-smoking visitors. Price range based on the middle tariff for the standard number from 2400 rubles. up to 10800 rubles. Located in the city of Cartereados.
  • Infinity Suites - Dana Villas & Suites. Total numbers 32, among which there are family, suite and non-smoking rooms. Average prices - from 7604 rubles. up to 41500 rubles. Location - Firostefany City.
  • Ira Hotel & Spa. has a reward "Ecoliciders Silver Level", all rooms 22. Prices from 5200 rubles. until 19000 rubles. Located in Firostefany.
  • DE SOL SPA Hotel. Includes 45 rooms and is a spa hotel. Prices for the standard room start from 9000 rubles. per day to 36761 rubles. Located in the city of Fira.
  • Blue Dolphins Apartments & Suites. Hotel style - family and romantic rooms, just 9 pcs. Prices from 5500 rubles. until 19200 rubles. per day.

Best Islands of Greece for beach holidays with children

For tourists with children, the islands with a lot of places for entertainment and outdoor activities are suitable.

Rhodes Island

Rhodes ranked 4th largest among other islands of Greece and washed by the waters of the two seas - Mediterranean and Aegean. You can go around the entire island around the circumference by car for 2 hours, and the length of the coast line is 220 km.

Despite the small area, there are several places for children on the island:

  • Zoo and Ostrich Farm. ​​They are located near the village of Petaludes. The farm lives more than 110 types of ostriches, which are allowed to feed, and rare trees and colors grow in the nearest park.
  • Passenger Park. It is located in the city of Rhodes near the Rodos Park Hotel. There is a playground for games, springboard, sandboxes, swings, wide alleys for walking. On the territory of the park there is a snack bar and a restaurant.
  • Water Park Faliraki. It is located along the way to the resort of Califa, near the resort district of Faliraki. There is a separate area for children: buckets, pirate ship, Tarzan pool, bridges. And for older children there is a wave pool, an adventure river and various attractions.
  • Moon Park "Fantasy". Park is located on the territory of the resort of Faliraki, next to the water park. There are constractions, carousels, various theatrical and puppet views.

Best hotels in the island:

  • Best Western Hotel Plaza. Located near the beach and the Old Town. Total numbers 132, among which have non-smoking visitors, family and luxury. Hotel is located in Rhodes. The average cost for the standard number from 4300 rubles. up to 10,000 rubles.
  • Casa Antica. Located in the center of Rhodes, in the building, built in 1880, the hotel has only 7 rooms that are divided into 3 types: a kitchenette, non-smoking guests and family rooms. Price range - from 2600 rubles. up to 5800 rubles.
  • Smartline Semiramis City Hotel. is in 10 minutes. walk from the center in the city of Rhodes, in 20 minutes. from the Mediterranean Sea. It has only 180 rooms. The price range for the standard number comes from 4100 rubles. and up to 9900 rubles.

Halkidiki Island

Islands of Greece for recreation with children are allocated among other resorts, as tourism in these parts is mainly arranged under rest with the family. Halkidika island has not only a unique form of a trident, but also saturated with entertainment and places, interesting adults and children.

  • Marabou FunPark. This is an amusement park, which is at the entrance to the village of Kassandria. On the territory drives a train, free kickers.
  • Petralon Cave. is located next to the city of Cassandra. The cave is a combination of huge halls and narrow passes. Nearby functions of the museum with exhibits found here. Among them you can see the bones of rhinos and lions.
  • playgrounds in Porto Carras. The hotel is located in Sithonia. Playgrounds and water slides are installed on its territory, to get on which it is possible for a fee.
  • Equestrian Club. For young children there is a cafe with ice cream, playgrounds and a pony with an instructor. For those who are older, suitable classes on the Manege, and experienced riders can make an equestrian walk through the forest.

The club is located in the city of Sithonia.

Best hotels in Islands:

  • Secret Paradise Hotel & SPA. The hotel includes 41 rooms, there are rooms for people with disabilities. Located in the city of Na-Kallikracy. Price range - from 3380 rubles. up to 7700 rubles.
  • Chorostasi. The hotel is located in the city of Arnia and has only 6 rooms. Prices fluctuate from 3990 rubles. up to 5119 rubles.
  • Paressa Villas. The hotel includes 10 rooms, there is a swimming pool. Located in the city of Na Focaya. The average price for the standard number from 5200 rubles. up to 14500 rubles.

Islands for couples in love

Params that have decided to relax together, it is recommended to stay on the islands with a suitable romantic setting.

Mykonos Island

Mykonos is located near Andros Island, the length of its coastline is 89 km. According to the legend, the island is named after the descendant of Apollo, the hero of the ancient times of Mykonos.

What to see:

  • Panammos Beach. is located in the northern part of the island. Suitable for a relaxing holiday.
  • Quarter "Little Venice". There is no separating sushi between buildings and sea. Located in the western part of the city of Choir.
  • Windy mills "Kato Mile". 16 The unique buildings erected in the XVI B are located in different parts of the island, but 7 of them are opposite the choir.
  • Delos. This is another small island, located near Mykonos, to which you can go on a day excursion. Delica is considered to be the birthday of Apollo and Artemis.

Best Hotels of Islands:

  • Terra Maltese Natural Retreat. The hotel is located in Fithelia. Prices based on the middle tariff for the standard room - from 4370 rubles. up to 69700 rubles.
  • Villa Thea Collection Mykonos. The hotel is located in Mykonos. Price range - from 59250 rubles. up to 64530 rubles.
  • San Antonio Summerland Hotel. The hotel is located in Mykonos. The average price for the standard number from 12200 rubles. up to 23770 rubles.

Simi Island

Simi is located in the Aegean Sea, in its southeastern part, just 9 km from the shores of Turkey. It is surrounded by several uninhabited islands.

What to see:

  • Shop Museum of Sea Sponges. is located on the embankment in the center of the city. Once from the profits received from the mining of sponges, the island began to flourish and grow.
  • Embankment. is located in the same name with the island of the city.
  • Castro Fortress. Located at the top of the city of Simi - Chorio. To see the ruins of the fortress, it will be necessary to overcome 500 steps.

The best hotels in the island:

  • Athina Studios. Location - Siemy City. The hotel has only 2 rooms with an average cost from 2900 rubles. up to 5700 rubles.
  • Symi Garden Studios. Located in Simi and includes 16 rooms. The average cost per day - from 1740 rubles. up to 5500 rubles.
  • Stelios & Galini. Located in the city of Pedi. Prices for accommodation from 1785 rubles. up to 3700 rubles.

Places for a secluded rest

Islands of Greece for recreation will like even lovers to retire. Some places tourists are rarely visited due to a long road to them, but, nevertheless, they are not deprived of picturesque places and clean beaches.

Anafi Island

Anafi is located in 12 marine miles in the eastern direction from Santorini. You can get here on the ferry from Athens, the road will take about 10 hours. On the island there are only 1 village with less than 300 inhabitants.

The entire area is crossed by pedestrian roads, which can be reached to any beach:

  • of Cleicidi located in 20 minutes. walk from the port in the eastern side. There is a small snack bar and rental rooms.
  • Katsuni is close to Clemic.
  • Megalos Rukunas. There is a minibar on this beach.

There are only two hotels in the city:

  • Villa Appolon. is 250 meters from Krindisi Beach.
  • Flora's. The hotel can be found in the central part of the island.

Folegandros Island

Before Folegandros, you can get to ferry from Santorini. The island is not saturated with people, perhaps because of its history: in the Middle Ages they owned pirates, and later sent here with exile. Now there are only 3 cities here, between which the bus functions.

Folegandros is rich in beaches, not overcooked tourists:

  • Livadi is located in the southern part of the island, 1.5 km from Karavostasi.
  • Livadika is located in the bay protected from the winds. You can find it in the north of the angal.
  • Agali is 4 km from the city of Chora.

The best hotels in the island:

  • Polikandia Hotel. The hotel is located in Choir. The average price per room from 7000 rubles. up to 18000 rub.
  • Amazing View Dream House. Hotel is located in the choir. The average price per day starts from 7592 rubles.

The best islands of Greece for exploring culture and history

for lovers of cognitive relaxation allocate several islands.

Samos Island

Samos is located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. In antiquity, the Greeks believed that the island is the birthplace of the goddess of Gera and built a large temple in honor of her, which Ruins are now reminded. Pythagoras is also born here - a scientist who founded his own philosophical flow.

The island is rich in historical monuments, among which are especially allocated:

  • Aqueduct. Was erected in the VI century. BC.
  • Tunnel. Was erected at one time with the aqueduct.
  • Island fortresses. On the ruins of one of them are the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

The best hotels in the island:

  • Aeolis Hotel. The hotel is located in Wati. The average price of the room is from 4560 rubles. up to 6100 rubles.
  • Paradise Hotel. The hotel is located in the city of Wati. The average cost - 2706 rubles. up to 3500 rubles.
  • Hotel Anthousa. The hotel is located in Samos. Price for the standard room - from 3300 rubles. up to 4687 rubles.

Naxos Island

Naxos is located in the central part of the Aegean Sea. According to legends, it was here that Zeus held his childhood.

What to see:

  • Demetra Temple. His ruins are located near the village of Sangri.
  • Temple of the Mother of God. It is located 16 km from the city of Choir towards the south.
  • Bellonia Tower. It can be found in the village of Galada.

Best hotels in Islands:

  • Mavromatis Studios. The hotel is located in the city of Naxos. Prices vary from 2574 rubles. up to 74668 rubles. per day.
  • Soula Hotel. The location of the hotel is the city of Naxos. Price range goes from 2150 rubles. Up to 26323 rubles.
  • Cyano Suites. The hotel is located in the city of Naxos. Room rates from 7658 rubles.until 19079 rubles.

Greece Island with better food

For connoisseurs of delicious food there are several suitable places.

Chios Island

Tours on Chios went on sale recently, since the resorts of the island were open only for the Greek elite. It is located near the Anatolia Peninsula. The main niche in the kitchen of Chios occupy various pastes in combination with meat or seafood. Also, the local white cheese with a little salty taste is also sold.

Autumn on the shelves and in taverns, amyant mushrooms appear, which are perfectly suitable for snacks to alcoholic beverages.

Best hotels in Islands:

  • Erytha Hotel & Resort. The hotel is located in the city of Carfas. The average price for accommodation - from 4300 rubles. up to 7922 rubles.
  • GRECIAN CASTLE Hotel. Location of the hotel - HIOS. Room cost per day - from 4416 rubles. up to 7922 rubles.

The most eco-friendly island of Greece - Hydra

Hydra is considered the most environmentally friendly island. It is located in the bay of Sironix. Movement in the island is carried out with the help of horses, donkeys, mules and bicycles. Single cars here are garbage trucks. On the hydra, you can see religious buildings, monuments, and at the entrance to the harbor on both sides there are bastions with guns.

The best hotels in the island:

  • Galaxy Hotel. The location of the hotel is the city of Porto Heli. The average price for the standard room can be from 3697 rubles. and up to 76200 rubles.
  • Brasil Suites Hotel Apartments. The hotel is located in Glyfada. Prices for accommodation - from 11497 rubles. and up to 27609 rubles. per day.
  • Phaedra Hotel. The hotel is located in the city of Hydra. The average price per room is from 6051 rubles. up to 11573 rubles.

The best islands for outdoor activities

Tourists leading an active lifestyle, choose places where you can fill your time with your favorite classes.

Zakynth Island

Island is located in the Ionian Archipelago and is similar to Penguin. Zakynthos is rich in olive and fruit trees, pines and bays, and in its southeastern part there is a reserve. Privacy cruises, diving, horse rides have special popularity from Entertainment Zakynthos.

You can also ride bicycles and motorcycles, rent a boat or go to a mountain campaign.

Best Hotels in Islands:

  • Olea All Suites Hotel. The hotel is located in Tsilivi. The average daily cost of the room from 13900 rubles.up to 34698 rubles.
  • Porto Zante Villas & Spa. The location of the hotel is the city of Tragaki. Price per day based on the average tariff - from 149,800 rubles. up to 275035 rub.
  • Vasilikos Beach Hotel. The hotel is located in the town of Vasilikos. The average cost per room is from 3403 rubles. up to 48335 rubles.

Andros Island

Andros is located in the center of the Aegean Sea. Hiking is especially popular here, and there are about 12 proven routes. This type of recreation was developed due to natural features: the island is full of flowering valleys, streams, beaches, as well as the ruins of settlements and archaeological sites.

The best hotels of the island:

  • Anemomiloi Andros. The hotel is located in the city of the same name with the island. Prices for a standard room range from 3630 rubles. up to 7064 rubles.
  • Hotel Elgi. The hotel is located in the city of Andros. Price range per room - from 4841 rubles. up to 5219 rub.
  • Sofi's Suites. The location of the hotel is the city of Andros. The average cost per room is from 3000 rubles. up to 6807 rub.

White sand beaches of Greece

In Greece there are many islands located on extinct volcanoes and their distinctive feature is the unconventional type of sand. It can have shades of green, purple or be white. White sand beaches are common in the Northern Sporades and the Ionian Islands.

  • Myrtos beach. The beach is located on the island of Kefalonia at the foot of 2 mountains and has the shape of a crescent. The nearest hotel is Hotel Ariadni Arvi, which is 11 km away and has an average price per room of 2670 rubles.
  • Egremni beach. The location is the island of Lefkada. Previously, it belonged to nudists, but now visitors in swimsuits rest here. The nearest hotel is the G. George, 15 km away. The average cost of living per day is 7000 rubles.
  • Vrulidia beach. The place is located in the southern part of the island of Chios and is included in the TOP 10 beaches in Greece. There are many marine life in the coastal waters. The nearest hotel is Mesta Medieval Castle Suites, 13.8 km away. The average cost per room is 4634 rubles.

Pebble beaches of Greece

Pebble beaches are a big plus for lovers of secluded relaxation - there are not so many tourists here, and the resort infrastructure is also developed.

  • Agios Fokas beach. It is located near the village of the same name on the island of Kos, near thermal springs. The nearest Americana Hotel is 5.9 km away and has an average daily room rate of 2,500 rubles.
  • Kerasia beach. The place is located on the island of Corfu and has a distinctive feature - the entire coast is covered with milky white limestone pebbles. The nearest hotel, Villa Tassos, is 500 meters on the way through the tavern. There you can rent boats for trips to the nearby bays.

The best holiday resorts

Among the most visited resorts with a high class of service are:

  • Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa. The hotel provides a wide range of services and has a spa, heated swimming pool, tennis court, jacuzzi, laundry and dry cleaning. The number of rooms is 300. It is located on the island of Rhodes in the city of the same name. The price range for accommodation in a standard room is from 10,000 rubles. up to 25000 rub.
  • Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa. The five-star resort is located on the island of Hersonissos in the town of Analipi. The hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, tennis court, fitness center, spa, restaurant and minibar. The price range for a standard room is from 12,500 rubles. up to 30,000 rubles
  • Ikos Oceania. The resort is located in Nea Moudania in Chalkidiki and has been awarded the Travelers’ Choise 2018. It has a swimming pool, adult pool, spa, tennis court, banquet hall and conference facilities. There are 298 rooms in total. The average cost of living varies from 13,750 rubles. up to 88000 rub. per day.

All the islands of Greece are a favorite place for tourists to relax: every year about 17 million travelers come here, which is 6 million more than the population of the country.

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A useful video clip about the islands of Greece

From this story you can learn that represents the island of Andros: