Island of St. Nicholas, Montenegro. Photo, story, how to get

The island named after St. Nicholas, in Serbian "Ostro Sveti Nikola" is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and administratively belongs to Montenegro (a state located on the territory of South -Eastern Europe, located on the western side of the Balkans).

The country is distinguished by the smallest number of local population and the smallest area among the other Slavic states located on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula.


St. Nicholas Island in Montenegro administratively belongs to the Montenegrin community called Budva. It is located opposite Budva at a distance of only 1 km from the Old Town area, so it is perfectly visible from any part of it. The island is located opposite the Slavic beach of Budva and is famous for its perfectly clear water near the coast.

St. Nicholas Island, Montenegro

Geographical coordinates of St. Nicholas Island: 42°16′ N and 18°51′ E

You can get to the island of St. Nicholas by boat, which goes to sea from Budva daily from 08.00 to 18.00. There are several water taxis that depart from different piers with an approximate interval of 30 minutes. The estimated cost of traveling to the island is about 3 € for the round trip.

During the trip, you need to know the information that you can leave the island of St. Nicholas at any time, but only on a sea vessel of the same carrier on which the tourist arrived on the island. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the ticket in order to provide it when sending back. If you lose your ticket, you will have to pay for the return trip again.

Also, you can get to the island of St. Nicholas on a ticket purchased for a boat trip along the route:

  • Budva;
  • St. Stephen's Island;
  • Saint Nicholas Island;
  • Budva.

In this case, the cost of travel will be about 5 euros.

For those who do not save money, private carriers offer their services at a negotiated price. In this case, it will be possible to get to the island at any time of the day and, at the request of the client, it is possible to land at any point on the mainland.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

The island of St. Nicholas in Montenegro is located in the temperate continental Mediterranean climate zone. ThisThe warmest and sunny island of Chernogorsk Riviera, the sun shines here for 322 days.

The average temperature indicators recorded over the past few years:

month Day ° C Night ° C Water in the sea ° C Comfort rating
Mart+14.8+8.2+14, 52.9
August+29.6+17, 2+26.45.0

By the rating of the comfort, the most successful months for a trip to the island of St. Nicholas are considered July and August.

climatic conditions on the island:

​​(nineteen 6) 2.5
month Sunny days The amount of precipitation in mm wind speed in m / s rainy Days

Absolute minimum and maximum values ​​recorded during climate observation:

month average temperature temperature minimum temperature maximum precipitation rate


In the community of Budva, the island of St. Nicholas is one of the most popular tourist sites. In the explored part of the island there are well-maintained beaches, in the undeveloped part you can observe interesting flora and fauna.

In the middle of the last century, 2 deer were brought to the island of St. Nicholas, which subsequently created a family and brought offspring, at present their number is 50 heads. Also, besides deer, hares, moufflons and several species of birds live on the island.


The island of St. Nicholas in Montenegro is not suitable for families with children due to the lack of entertainment, it is more suitable for a romantic trip for two or for a honeymoon trip.

Entrance to St. Nicholas Island is free. The picturesque and relatively sparsely populated beaches on the island are the main thing that attracts tourists here. Unlike the beaches of Budva, there are very few tourists here, and the atmosphere isThe area exudes peace and quiet.

In total, there are 3 large sandy beaches on the island of St. Nicholas, with a total area of ​​840 m. Also, there are a large number of small sandy areas located separately around the island, they can only be reached by water.

Almost all the beaches on the island are large-pebbled, with occasional large stones. Along the entire coast there is a sandy spit. According to rumors, it is bulk, so by the end of the swimming season, almost all of it is washed into the sea. The sea coastal bottom is covered with stones, which are quite difficult to enter the water.

Therefore, it is recommended to wear special shoes during your stay on the beach, in which it is comfortable to walk on uneven surfaces. Also, leg protection is necessary to avoid the consequences of encountering numerous sea urchins living in the water.

All 3 beaches are equipped with sun loungers and parasols necessary for relaxation. The approximate cost for a set consisting of 2 sun loungers and an umbrella will be from 10 to 15 euros. For those who want to save money, it is allowed to use their own rugs or bedspreads, but due to the rocky surface, lying on a pebbly shore will be quite uncomfortable.

As a beach infrastructure, fresh water showers are installed on the island beaches, which can be used free of charge. Also, there is a dry closet, the cost of visiting which is 50 euros and a free changing room is equipped.

For a comfortable stay on the island, it is recommended to arrive by 9.00 am and spend only the first half of the day here. After 2 pm it becomes stuffy and hot on the island, and since there are no trees, there is no way to hide in the cool shade.

Leisure activities

The island of St. Nicholas in Montenegro is practically uninhabited, but very beautiful. Those who have at least some mountaineering skills are advised to climb the rocks located around the beach and view local attractions from a height.

Also, you can visit small grottoes, to which there is a civilized passage in the form of well-maintained paths. Also, not far from the beach there are picturesque bays, which can be reached exclusively by water.

The only organized active entertainment on the island is the use of a diving boat, from which you can dive into the water for an additional fee. This is a great activity for beginner divers, who can see some fish species and a large number of sea urchins in the sea.


There are several picturesque bays on the island of St. Nicholas, which are recommendedinspect while relaxing on the Adriatic Sea.

In Montenegro, on the island of St. Nicholas, the main and only attraction is a small church of the same name, which, according to an ancient legend, was built in the 11th century.

It was built on the site where the burial place of the crusaders who died during the campaign against Byzantium from the plague was located. According to ancient chronicles, this church building was first mentioned in the 16th century.

There are no reliable data about the architect of the church, and it has not yet been established who initiated the construction of a cult temple on a deserted island. The building of the temple on the island was completely intact until 1979, and only after a strong earthquake was it almost completely destroyed.

It was subsequently completely restored to its original appearance. Therefore, the building that can currently be seen on the island of St. Nicholas is quite new.

Holidays on the island are suitable only for those who prefer passive leisure, there are no active entertainments and interesting religious sights in this place. The only temple on the island is closed and the nature reserve, located in the uninhabited part of the island, is not accessible to tourists.

Therefore, the main entertainment on the island is swimming in the Adriatic Sea, relaxing on the beach and taking pictures surrounded by picturesque nature.

There are no entertainment centers on the Montenegrin island called "Saint Nicholas".

To have an interesting time in the Montenegrin province, after visiting the island, you can return to the community of Budva and visit interesting places:

  • The old town, which is famous for its numerous stone buildings and cobbled streets.
  • The sculpture "Dancer from Budva", which is a symbol of the community.
  • A water park designed for 6,000 people visiting at the same time.


During a romantic trip to the resort island of St. Nicholas, you can stay at one of the hotels located in the Budva community:

Hotel name Cost of living (in rubles)
'Arte29 334
Hotel Budva6 844
Fontana Hotel & Gastronomy10 506
Villa Gracia4 579
Avala Resort & Villas6 561
Villa Merci Budva2 041
Vila Lux5008
Hotel Vissi D'Arte29 334
Astoria Boutique Hotel8 484
Hotel Moskva4 246
Hotel Blue Star40 515
Garni Hotel Fineso4 925

Almost all hotels are equipped with modern infrastructure. Each has free internet access and private parking. The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, mini-bar, necessary upholstered and cabinet furniture.

All hotels offer transfers to and from the nearest airport.

Interesting facts

The Budva Riviera, located along the Adriatic Sea, along with the island of St. Nicholas, includes the main resorts of the region:

  • Milocer;
  • Sveti Stefan;
  • Petrovac;
  • Becici;
  • Rafailovici;
  • Przhno;
  • Drobnichi;
  • Rezevici;
  • Krstac;
  • Buljarica.

Because of its elongated shape, the island of St. Nicholas is sometimes called "School", which in translation into Russian from Italian means "shell" or "wall".

The official name of the island comes from the name of the church located on the mainland, which is called "Saint Nicholas". Sometimes the island is called "Hawaii", in honor of the name of the only restaurant and one of the 3 beaches located on a small island.

The island has a length of about 2 km and a total area of ​​36 hectares. The highest point of the mainland is a rocky formation in its center, which rises to around 121 m above the level of the Adriatic Sea. The island is a rocky coast, most of which is covered with dense forest.

The island of St. Nicholas and Budva are connected by a shallow called Tun, at low tide its depth is only 50 cm.

The Montenegrin island called "Saint Nicholas" is the largest mainland and a real uninhabited island of the Adriatic coast. Due to its favorable location, it is extremely rarely hit by large waves and strong winds.

St. Nicholas Island is a real find for those who seek solitude and want to spend a few days in silence.

Video about the island

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