Interesting places in the USA for tourists

In the United States, tourist attractions are scattered throughout the country. In the country or coast of freedom, as travelers also call the state, there is something to see for both nature lovers and those who are fond of modern architecture or history.

Americans are proud that in each of the 50 states of their country, guests will find something interesting and original. At the same time, the most popular tourist place is the Statue of Liberty - the symbol of the United States, which all visitors try to visit first of all.

Natural Attractions

Interesting places in the United States are enclosed in natural attractions. Unusual places with waterfalls, stone deserts or green corners unique in composition of plants and animals are scattered over the vast territory of the state. Some tourists note that in the country of freedom there are more natural uniquenesses than historical and modern ones.

The top 10 popular natural beauties in the United States are:

  1. Alaska.
  2. Devil's Tower.
  3. The Grand Canyon.
  4. Yosemite Falls.
  5. Mount McKinley.
  6. Monument Valley.
  7. Valley of death.
  8. Yellowstone.
  9. Niagara Falls.
  10. Coast of Big Sur.

Arriving on the coast of freedom, the guests of the country try to visit at least a few natural corners that are included in the list of the most popular places in America. So, those who dream of seeing the world in its untouched, pristine cold form go to the state of Alaska, and seekers of traces of mysterious civilizations and lovers of desert beauty go to the Grand Canyon, to the Devil's Tower or to Monument Valley.

Yosemite or Niagara Falls beckon with their grandeur and monumentality. Here the power of water is manifested to its fullest, and a person feels weak and insignificant next to these massive natural objects.

Mount McKinley or Denali (“Great” in the language of the Athabaskan Indians) is the highest point in the United States, so its slopes attract climbers, and Big Sur reminds many tourists of the natural beauties of Ireland. The length of the sandy line of the Pacific coast in this place is 145 km, during which travelers can admire the beauty of water and land.

Places of Interest in the USA: Death Valley

territory. Fans of volcanoes, geysers and underground springs immediately go to Yellowstone Park, the territory of which is spread across 3 US states at once.

Grand Canyon

The Grand or Grand Canyon, as tourists and locals also call this attraction, is covered with many legends and mysteries. The Indians, who have long lived on the territory of this natural reserve, note that the first Europeans appeared on the red rocks of the canyon in 1540

It was discovered by Spanish soldiers looking for gold and other valuable metals. They tried to go down to the bottom of the gorge, but could not do it and returned back.

The second attempt by white men to explore the Grand Canyon was to travel through the Grand Canyon for several priests looking for a shortcut from Santa Fe to California. The first scientific description of a natural landmark was given by John Weasley Powell, a university professor who visited the canyon with a scientific expedition in 1869

At the moment, the Grand Canyon stretches for 446 km in length, and its width varies from km. The closer to the Colorado River, the narrower it becomes. The maximum depth of the natural attraction is 1.86 km.

Official science claims that the Grand Canyon was formed due to the uplift and cracking of the tectonic plate through which the Colorado River flows. This happened about 65 million years ago, after which the strength of the waterway increased, and it first eroded the calcareous rocks covering the coastal areas, and then the harder rocky samples.

At the moment, the canyon continues to deepen, as the processes of soil erosion in it do not stop.

In 1979, UNESCO declared the territory of the Grand Canyon a protected area and a national park. The attraction is located on the Colorado Plateau and, in addition to the river of the same name, such water arteries as the San Juan and the Green River flow through it.


The Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona, and you can find it in the Colorado mountain system. You can get here both by car and by air, by helicopter or airplane.


The cost of visiting the Grand Canyon depends on the type of tour chosen. So, for example, a 40-minute flight on a small plane without landing and with views of natural beauty from the air will cost 1 adult 10,000 rubles, and a train trip (2 ways) in the best traditions of the wild west with a robbery and chases will cost an adult guest from 7 000 rub.

For those who want to visit the glass platform that hangs over the Grand Canyon and quietly walk along it without queues, it is better to choose a tour from Las Vegas. The price of the event starts from 8000 rubles. for 1 person, and the trip itself takes 9-10 hours.

Monument Valley (Monument Valley)

One of the symbols of the United States is the national park "Monument Valley", belonging to the Navajo Indian tribe. Its natural red sandstone columns have won the hearts of more than one Hollywood director. In addition, natural columns are included in the list of the 100 most unique natural wonders of the world.

The uniqueness of the geological formation lies in the fact that it is located in a desert area, where among the sandy plains, stone pillars of different diameters rise 300 m upwards. Some of them have names.

So, for example, such natural monuments are popular with tourists as:

  • “Western Mitten”;
  • "Three Sisters";
  • "Castle Rock";
  • "Oriental Mitten";
  • "The mother hen".

In addition to the sandy rocks of an unusual shape, there are ruins of ancient Indian settlements, petroglyphs and natural arches in the valley. You can buy souvenirs in the town of Goulding, the first inhabitants of which appeared in 1923.


Monument Valley is located on the territory of several states. Its area is spread in the southeast of Utah and in the northeast of Arizona and runs through the territory of the Navajo tribe reservation.

Those who want to see unique natural beauty on their own, while without going to the reservation, you can ride along the Valley-Drive highway. The length of the road along the sand monuments is about 27 km, while the car opens beautiful views from the car window.


To visit the natural attraction, you need to come to the Indian city of Guldin and find a guide or to ride on the territory of the reserve, but it will not be so interesting. In addition, there is a number of restrictions for guests, whose violation threatens to travelers with large fines and administrative responsibility.

The price of a 3-hour tour of the monument valley with a guide starts from 5,000 rubles. With 1 person. It also matters the time of visiting sights. So, for example, at dawn, the cost will be slightly more expensive than at sunset.

Historical attractions

Interesting places in the United States also have historical importance. Among the modern buildings, if you know where to go, you can find the old estates or houses with a history leaving in the century.

The top 5 of the most visited tourists of historical sights included:

  1. White House.
  2. Mount Rashmore.
  3. Magnolia Hall.
  4. Golden Gate Bridge.
  5. Brewing "General Lafayets".

The White House is the most important building in the USA, a place-museum, where the head of state at the same time lives, and give excursions daily for everyone. Related to US Presidents and Mount Rashmore, on which 4 leaders of this country are cut out.

Magnolia Hall, mansion in the city of Natchez attracts lovers of mystical stories, because here, as old-timers tell, ghosts dwell. It is interesting to travelers and brewery "General Lafayets", which in Pennsylvania, where the floors in the dark time will strange the floors and the door handles are turned off without reasons.

The San Francisco business card is a hanging bridge "Golden Gate". The length of the structure is 2.7 km, and the height of the supports - 227 m. The building connects San Francisco with Sausalito, the city in the south of Marin County.

White House (The White House)

White House - Palladinsky-style mansion, located in Washington, is known for the whole world. There are also applicable US presidents. In addition, the building weekly takes up to 100 excursions.

The date of the foundation of this historical sight is considered to be October 13, 1792, and created a building on the project of the architect James Hoban. Building the mansion took 8 years. The mansion is built of limestone painted in white, which gives it an external similarity with marble.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA, who settled in it in 1801. For the first time, the people's residence named "White Chamber" for the first time, and legalized the victims of the Keodor mansion Roosevelt in 1901

During an excursion in the White House, tourists can inspect some historical rooms.

The total area of ​​the mansion is 5 thousand square meters. m, on which 132 rooms are located, and the height of the building 6 floors:

the name of the room for What is intended
Bluefor receptions of guests and small lunches. Located on the 1st floor.
EasternThe largest room. Use for recreation, reception of guests, concerts.
GreenOne of the smallest in the mansion. Used as the office for receptions of guests and tea drinking. Located on the 1st floor.
RedMusical hall and living room. Located on the 2nd floor.
Dining room for official eventsfor large state events and techniques. Located on the 2nd floor.

In addition to these premises, tourists can sometimes get into the oval office of the White House, where the US President works. Doors in this room open only when the state leader is not in place.

the mansion and its leaders are famous. Some workers argue that frequently in its corridors can be found Lincoln or Truman. And in the garden among roses sometimes flashes the silhouette of Dolly Madison. Such stories are attracted to the excursions of lovers of paranormal phenomena and ghosts.


Find the official residence of the presidents at the address: Pennsylvania-Avenue, 1600, Washington City, DC, USA.


To visit the mansion open from 7:30 to 16:00 daily. The cost of the excursion starts from 4,000 rubles.

Golden Gate Bridge (The Golden Gate Bridge)

Golden Gate Bridge or "Suspension Bridge", as the locals also called him, is the city hall of San Francisco and USA generally. His red beams have repeatedly appeared in many Hollywood films, and the construction of this monumental structure began in 1933 and lasted 4 years.

The suspension bridge from the moment of its discovery and until 1964 was the most extended in the world, and its length was 2,737 m, with a mass of 894,500 tons. The route for driving cars is located above the water in 67 m. The structure was designed by Morrow, Ellis and Strauss.

Initially, after opening, the bridge was open only for pedestrians, and the next day, the first cars drove over it. The command to this effect was given by President Roosevelt from the White House.

The Golden Gate Bridge serves 38 painters annually. They monitor the condition of the bridge decks and, if necessary, paint them with acrylic paint to avoid erosion.

Work on the US symbol is being carried out without blocking traffic, and the only time a federal highway was closed to vehicles and pedestrians was on January 9, 2015, when the facility was out of service for almost 46 hours due to construction on it the barrier necessary for the safe movement of vehicles.

The famous bridge also has a dark glory, and among the people it is also called the “Suicide Bridge”. The first person who decided to die by jumping off an iron structure was World War I veteran Harold Wobber.

Since then, according to unofficial data, more than 2000 deaths have been recorded at this place. In this regard, you can find stories that ghosts walk along the bridge at night, which also attracts the attention of tourists.


The Golden Gate is located at the address: San Francisco, California, USA. It is part of California State Highway 1 and Federal Highway 101.


As of 2011, the Southbound Suspension Bridge is $6 for light private vehicles and cars return is free. Pedestrians, cyclists and social services vehicles do not pay to cross the bridge in both directions.

Modern objects

Interesting places in the USA appear all the time.

Those who come to the land of freedom for the first time are recommended to visit the top 5 popular modern places, including:

  1. Walk of Fame.
  2. September 11 Memorial.
  3. The Pentagon.
  4. Hoover Dam.
  5. Statue of Liberty.

You can literally walk on the names of world stars on the Walk of Fame, and feel all the power and breadth of opportunities that open up on the island of Liberty next to the statue of the same name.

You can remember the victims of terrorism at the September 11 memorial, and you can feel the resilience and military strength of the United States on a trip to the Pentagon. The superiority of modern technology over nature is clearly demonstrated to tourists by the Hoover Dam, which holds back hundreds of tons of river water.

Memorial on September 11 (National September 11 Memorial & Museum)

Monument to the victims of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, which initially the creators called the World Trade Center Memorial, and later, following the voting results, He was assigned the name now, is one of the most visited places of contemporary art in the United States. The memorial is 2 large basin, along the walls of which waterfalls flow to the black square of the center.

The authors of the project are Designer Peter Walker and Architect Michael Arad. The monument was decided to post on the same places where there were previously famous twin towers in the same place, and the construction of the monument began in August 2006

Works a memorial from 7:30 to 21:00 daily, and on the day of mourning 11 September - from 15:00 to 00:00. Next to the monument is a museum dedicated to this tragedy, where on the example of interesting exhibits you can feel all the power of the happening 20 years ago in the United States.


Memorial on September 11 is located at: Greenwich Street, New York City, USA. You can get here on the metro on branches A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4 or 5, and you need to go out at Fulton Street station.


A visit to the monument to the victims of the Terrorist attack on September 11 is free, but the input will have to stand out. Those who want to get to the territory of the Memorial without delay, you need to pay 2000 rubles.

Pentagon (The Pentagon)

Another American building, and the largest office in the world, - the Pentagon, which is also called the "epicenter" and headquarters of the US Army. Externally, the five-pointed structure resembles a star or a pentagram.

Pentagon occupies an area of ​​116,000 square meters. M, he has officially 7 floors (5 above Earth and 2 under), and the length of his corridors is 28 km. There are no elevators in the building, and the movement between the floors occurs through the driving escalators. In addition, the "epicenter", despite his impressive sizes, built in 2 years.

Internal moves in the largest office of the world are a labyrinth, where, by rumors, General Eisenhower himself was lost, which spent about an hour To find your office. At the moment, 26,000 people are currently working in the Pentagon.

Historians note that the Pentagram office is built on the "Dna hell". That is the so-called the terrain, where they used to live in black, and where the Pentagon is worth now.


It is possible to find the headquarters of the US Army at: Arlington District, Virginia, USA. Near the building there are such streets like the South Washington Boulevard and Baundari Channel Drive.


You can visit the most secret building in the USA with a tour by appointment. Tours of the Pentagon run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and entry is free. Access to the territory is possible with a passport.

For recreation with children

There are interesting places in the USA to visit with children. There are many amusement parks, aquariums and attractions scattered throughout the country, where it will be interesting not only for children, but also for their parents.

The top 5 most visited places are:

  1. Disneyland.
  2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  3. Disney World.
  4. Universal Studios.
  5. "Six Flags Great Adventure".
US Attractions: Disneyland

Most of these parks offer swings and roller coasters. Chat with cartoon characters and plunge into the magic of fairy-tale worlds.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A screened fairy tale from the writer JK Rowling about the magical adventures of Harry Potter and his friends in the world of wizards is becoming more and more popular every year. The creators of the cult saga decided not to stop there and built an amusement park, which they called the "Magic World of Harry Potter".

The Magical Amusement Park is located on the territory of Universal Studios, where the saga of young wizards and students of Hogwarts was filmed. Attractions are located on 81,000 sq. m., and the park was opened in 2010. You can get into the world of wizards on the famous express train, which in the films took students to Hogwarts.

The most popular rides in the park are:

  • Hippogriff riding;
  • Hagrid's hut;
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey;
  • a contest with a dragon.

In addition, the park is also home to the famous magic shops from the films that the characters visited in Diagon Alley.

The world of Harry Potter is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. You can get to the park by metro or bus, which go to Universal Studios.


6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, 32819, Florida, USA.


The cost of visiting the magical park starts from $100, and parking from $20.

Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World is a large entertainment complex that includes a mall, theme parks, water parks and golf courses. The park covers an area of ​​100 sq. km.

The idea of ​​creating an entertainment complex belongs to Walt Disney, which decided to build an attraction on a wetlastone, located 34 km from the city of Orlando. The complex was opened 50 years ago, and since then it was visited by more than a million people.


Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA.


The input price of the park on a day starts from $ 104 for children from 3 years, and from $ 109 for adults. Children under 3 years old are on the territory of the entertainment complex for free.

for outdoor activities

Those who want to actively spend the weekend in the United States, experienced travelers recommend visitors such as:

  • Yellowstone;
  • Central Park;
  • "Stratosphere";
  • "Dig This";

The listed places are suitable for outdoor activities for the whole family and will not allow those who are not used to sit in one place.

Yellowstone (Yellowstone National Park)

In the US, one of the interesting places for tourists is the Yellowstone Caldera, in whose territory the same park is located. Movement on the territory of the reserve, located in 3 states, in most cases, path, so the tourist for the day will have to go through not 1 km.

The status of the National Park was assigned Yellowstone on March 1, 1872. On its territory there are geesters, hot springs, lakes, meadows and forests. In addition, there are hotels, restaurants, refueling and shops. The total area of ​​the biosphere reserve is almost 9,000 square meters. km. Scientists have established that the first people began to make the territory of the caldera of another 11,000 years ago.


The biosphere reserve is located on the territory of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana in the United States.


For those who decided to visit the park as part of a bicycle or walk tour, the price of the entrance ticket is $ 20. Auto Tourists pay at the entrance $ 35, and motorcyclists - $ 30.

Thematic Park with bulldozers (Dig this)

The attraction "Dig This" is also called a large sandbox for adults. This is the only place in the USA, where adult visitors without special rights and skills can sit in the cabin of real excavators and bulldozers.

At the same time, the machines can be controlled, dig dangles or turn the large joy of dirt with buckets.


S. Rancho Drive, 3012, Las Vegas City, Nevada, USA.


The cost of visiting starts from $ 189. Those who want to charge a lot of heavy technician, you need to pay $ 513.

In the US, interesting places are found on everywhere. At the same time, their visit is not always expensive. According to experienced tourists, even with the minimum budget in the country of freedom can be wondering and relax.

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Top 10 most beautiful places in the USA: