Interesting places in Sevastopol and surroundings for visiting

Sevastopol is considered to be the historical, cultural and tourist center of Crimea. Since in this legendary city-hero, there are many interesting places that attract travelers from all over the world.

The most interesting and beautiful places in Sevastopol

The list of the best attractions with their names and the detailed description will help travel lovers to plan trip and routes to get acquainted with the most popular seats in 2 to 3 days.

Chersonese Tauride

Antique city founded the Greeks in 421 - 422. In different periods, he belonged to ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium. In II - IV centuries. BC was a major cultural and commercial center of the Western coast of the Crimean peninsula. Life in it continued until the end of the XVI century. The first excavations were carried out by archaeologists in 1827. An open-air museum-reserve was organized on the site of the ancient former urban settlement. Since 2013, the historical complex has been under the protection of UNESCO.

Today, visitors can see here the remains of unique structures:

  • Fragments of towers, temples, term.
  • The ruins of the amphitheater, where the gladiator fights took place,
  • The ruins of magnificent temples, residential buildings, city streets.

Sevastopol Bay

The largest and most beautiful bay of Sevastopol. It protrudes into the Crimean peninsula and has a length of 7.5 km and a width of 1 km. Its geographical location allowed to place a seaport in it. The base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is also located here.

Genoese fortress Chembalo

Interesting places in Sevastopol were the theater of military battles. Cembalo Fortress is one of such sights. It began to be built in the 14th century. The ancient building is located in Balaklava.

It was badly damaged during various wars. Now only majestic ruins remain in its place. Once it was a fundamental building. Only the towers of Barnabo and Grillo have survived from it. A staircase leads from the Nazukin embankment to the medieval ruins.

Nakhimov Square

The main square is located in the historical center of Sevastopol. It is part of the memorable architectural structures of the City Ring. It also houses the Grafskaya Wharf. In the middle of the square there is a monument to Admiral P. S. Nakhimov, after whom it was named. The height of the statue is 12 m. The famous naval commander is a hero of the Crimean War of the period 1853-1856.

The main battles unfolded near the walls of Sevastopol, therefore many sights of the central part of the city are associated with them. Opposite the statue of the admiral is a monument dedicated to the defense of the city in 1941-1942. There is also the Eternal Flame.

Monument to the Scuttled Ships

It is considered a symbol of Sevastopol. The memorial column is depicted on the coat of arms of the city, as well as on all postcards, souvenirs, catalogs dedicated to the hero city. The monument was erected in 1905. The architect V. A. Feldman, the sculptor A. G. Adamson, and the military engineer F. O. Enberg worked on the project of the obelisk. The monument was erected in memory of the events of the First Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855. The enemy squadron broke through into the bay of the city.

Therefore, the command decided to sink 15 Russian ships across the fairway in order to block the path of the enemy flotilla to the harbor. After 50 years, an artificial rock (height 9 m) of granite was erected in the water. A Corinthian dolomite column 7.1 m high was erected on it. The capital is crowned with a double-headed eagle, decorated with the imperial crown. He has the George Cross on his chest. The bird holds a wreath and an anchor in its beak. Its wingspan is 2.67 m long.

Interesting places in Sevastopol - a monument to sunken ships.

The pedestal is decorated with a bas-relief. It depicts the tragic story of the sinking of ships. The obelisk is located 23 m from the shore. The total height of the entire composition is 16.7 m. It was built in 1873. This is a popular and interesting place for recreation and walks. The pier is decorated with elegant front gates. They are considered a real architectural masterpiece. A wide staircase leads down to the water.

Marble lions stand on both sides. They were created by the Italian sculptor Pellichio. The pier was built from Inkerman stone. Memorial plaques were installed on the pier in memory of various events that once took place here.

Nazukin embankment

This is the main embankment of Balaklava. It was founded in 1880-1890s. From here you can admire the beautiful views of the fortress and Mount Kastron Cembalo. There are many entertainment venues on the shore - cafes, restaurants, bars.

There is also a diving center, city beach, yacht club. There are souvenir shops and tents.

Balaklava bay

The bay was formed on the site of tectonic faults from rocks. From it to Sevastopol is only 20 km. It protrudes into the land for 1.5 km. Its widest part is 450 m, and the narrowest part is 45 m. This picturesque corner is very much appreciated by fans of yachting, as high cliffs cover it from strong winds and waves. There are few large ships.

Previously, the base of Soviet submarines was located in this bay. The plant for their repair is cut right into the rock. Now it has a museum. Anyone can visit it. There were also military secret objects of the Black Sea Fleet.

The Malakhov Kurgan memorial complex

It is located on a hill with a height of 97 m above sea level. From this place you can clearly see Sevastopol and the South Bay. Symbols-monuments remind of the feat of the soldiers who courageously defended the city during the Crimean and Patriotic wars. The defensive tower stands out in particular. The time of its construction dates back to the 19th century. Today, this building houses a museum where military exhibits are exhibited.

Big Sevastopol trail

Interesting places in Sevastopol, as well as its surroundings, you can see, making hiking and contemplating natural landscapes. Sevastopol trail is one of these attractions. Here you can see historical and architectural monuments.

This is a tourist path with a total length of 250 km. His government officially approved in 2015. However, the citizens and travelers have long chosen these places. The trail consists of 8 plots. Their length is 10 - 20 km. The route runs along the picturesque places - hills, mountains, forests. Part of the road passes along the coast of the Black Sea.

Between the trading "mountain wrench" and a lobby lover, is located the simplest plot, which passes through Antique Chersonese, and also next to the oldest Crimean oak. On other segments of the way, cave monasteries, waterfall and "Tauridian boxes" can be inspecting. There are caves, monuments of history and architecture on the same paths, as well as the "death barrel".

Death Barrel

Unusual landmark is between Balaklava and Sevastopol. This is the southern part of the fort. Such a design has cutout loopholes. There is a common statement that from here the Germans dumped prisoners of war.

Fort himself began to build in the XIX century. During construction, the rocks were used in the rock. They were connected by concrete gallery. The construction "Barrel" appeared during the First World War. It was so called precisely because of the characteristic form. Now this place is used as an observation platform.

Historical places

In the city, many historical places that tourists can visit to learn a lot of interesting things and gain new bright impressions.

"Sapun-Mountain" - Memorial complex

This is a spur of the mountains of the Crimea Peninsula with a height of 240 m. It has a length of 8 km. From him to the city of 12 km. This place three times became the epicenter of hostilities, the history of which begins with the Balaclava battle that occurred in 1854. Many times have been kept cruel fighting.

However, the memorial was founded in honor of Soviet soldiers who defended the city in 1944. Obelisks, memorable plates were established here. And also built a diorama museum demonstrating mountain assault. Here is the eternal flame. Directly open-air is a real military equipment that was used on the battlefield. Guests can also visit the unusual Chapel of St. George. At her dome there is an angel with a cross.

Memorial complex "35th Coastal Battery"

This large fortification structure of 1912 was of great importance to protect the city in 1941-1942. The complex is located in the Cossack Bay. It was organized at the location of the 35th battery in 2007. The memorial occupies an area of ​​80,000 m2, and the structures under Earth - 5000 m2.

The complex includes various historical sights:

  • Casemates;
  • monument to personnel;
  • the necropolis of the fallen;
  • Memory Pantheon;
  • Chapel.

The work on cleaning and demining the territory was carried out up to 2008. At purified areas, excursion routes were opened. The construction of the complex was completed by 2012

Mikhailovskaya Battery

The defensive structure is located on the shores of Sevastopol Bay. It was set up a museum. Exposures are compiled for military topics. They are devoted to the fortifications, Russian fleet, city defense. The exhibits relating to the period of different wars - the Crimean, Civil, First and World War II are also collected.

These are instruments, documents, ammunition. In the halls there are installations that demonstrate the real life of the military time of the XIX century.

Konstantinov Battery Complex

It was built in 1840. This rather long construction in the shape of a horseshoe has a defensive purpose. The battery is located in the northern part of the Sevastopol bay. In the courtyard of the building near the fraternal grave there is a monument and is a memorial stove.

Exhibitions placed in former prison cells. In the halls you can see the objects of life of the soldiers. Here we demonstrate the shape, weapons, helmets. Restored the internal interiors of the military period - the laying of ordinary fighters, officers' accounts.

Balaklava underground complex

The unique museum complex was placed on the platforms of the former plant. He was built in the rock tavros. From him to Sevastopol only 17 km. The excursion route has a length of 900 m. It includes an inspection of various objects, previously classified - workshops, where they produced the repair of a submarine, nuclear arsenal, the channel for which vessels took place.

According to the documents, this repair base was designated as "Object 825GTS". The submarines themselves were located in a rock, skillfully chopped by the builders. Its depth is more than 120 m.

Natural attractions of Sevastopol and surroundings

Beautiful places also have a natural origin. However, in some cases, they created people.

Cape Fiolent

Cape formed volcanic rocks. They are more than 152 million years. Paradise is his first name. It is associated with Greek mythology. Modern name Fiolent Cape acquired at the end of the XVIII century. As a scientist A. Breapers-Duchagard, this word has a Turkish origin. Translated, it means "Tiger Cape". This Cape is also associated with the gospel legend. The clergymen believe that it was here that the Apostle Andrey was the first-surveyor joined the lands of the Crimea.


A unique place amazing the beauty of natural landscapes - sea waters are surrounded by coniferous forests. The beautiful cape even captured the artist-marinist Aivazovsky on his cloth. The foot of the sheer cliffs is a jasmic beach. With it there is a rather cool staircase to the ancient monastery of St. George. In marine waters, several rocky arrays are distinguished - this is a pill and Orest, Georgievsky.

Cape Ayia

This landscape reserve is located in Balaklava district. He performs at sea for 18 km. The unique types of plants grow on its territory. They are more than 20 of them in the Red Book.

On the Cape you can see a batch, Baliman Bay, Laspi. The wild beaches are also located here - the lost world and fig. Dolphins live in the sea waters. On the shores there is a tent camp. It can be stopped in it.

Kadykov's quarry

This rather popular tourist site was an industrial facility. Artificially created lake surround the sandy shores. The quarry was developed in 2000s. Then his bowl began to gradually fill with fresh water. It is forbidden to descend to the reservoir, and also swim in it.

Bajdar Reserve

An amazing corner of nature is distinguished by landscaped diversity. Here you can see rivers, lakes, forests. Travelers can admire canyons and mountains. Landscapes of the Baidar Valley are so impressive that many people call them "Crimean Switzerland".

Muscores of natural beauty will enjoy tourist routes for Chernorechensky and Uzundja Canyon. Hiking trails are running to the Waterfall "Kozyrek", "Taurus Yamchiki", Selic Mengira.

Diana grotto

This rock, rising from the water, has through the opening of the arch. She is in one of the marks of Cape Piolent. The length of the grotto is 15 m. Travelers are delivered to it only on water on a boat or boat. Only experienced divers can fall into the rock. This place has an uneven bottom, distinguished by a great depth. On both sides of the grotto there are beaches.

Parks and Boulevards

Interesting places in Sevastopol are beautiful gardens, parks and alleys. On them, tourists can take a walk, breathe fresh air, relax on the benches in the shade of trees.

Victory Park

It is located in the Gagarin district, next to the embankment. There are many green plantings in it. There are walking tracks, beach zone. And also equipped attractions and sports grounds. A few fountains have been created in the park. There is also a high 30 meter obelisk in honor of the dead warriors.

It is crowned sculpture George Victorious. The main water composition has the form of the Victory Order. The remaining smaller fountains symbolize the city-heroes.

Primorsky Boulevard

A cozy corner for recreation, where many attractions are concentrated and commemorative places. Boulevard founded at the end of the XIX century. In those days, he had the status of a cultural center where the theater was located, as well as pleasure zones.

From here, stunning views of the Black Sea and a monument to flooded ships are opened. There are many restaurants, cafes. There is also a gallery of street artists.

The historical boulevard

its green zone occupies the territory of 28 hectares. This is one of the favorite places for walking in the inhabitants of Sevastopol. Boulevard is located on the hill, in the central part of the city. Here was the memorial complex. It includes 13 monuments dedicated to the heroes of war.

The entrance to the boulevard is a monument to F. M. Ushakov, and in the center there is a monument to the Military engineer Totleben. His figure is surrounded by a sculpture of soldiers. The height of the composition is 13 m. It was established in 1906.

The sailor boulevard

it is located in the historic center, next to Nakhimov. It was created in the 1830s. Boulevard destroyed several times during wars. However, each time was restored. From the Nakhimovsky Prospect, the entrance to it "guard" the sculptures of marble lions on the couches. At the very same Boulevard there are monuments to the Briga of Kazar and Mercury. And here is the monument in honor of the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Radio Popov and the sculpture of a boy holding a boat.

Anna Akhmatova Park

This is a small square of the Streletsky bay. It goes straight to the coastline. Because walks in the green park area are easy to combine with rest near the water. A cascading staircase leads to the beach site. From here there is a magnificent view of the sea. The park has children's gaming areas, sports grounds and cafes. In various places of the square, the rotunda of white color is made in an ancient style.

Living History Park "Fedyukhin Heights"

Park is located in Balaclava. Its area is 129 hectares. Sevastopol is 20 km away. There are many museum buildings in it. They are devoted to the ancient and ancient history of the Crimea.

Buildings and costumes in detail are repeated all elements of the steady eras. A copy of the Roman Fort I - III centuries. BC e. Built from stone manually. They also built the estate of Loko Chimbali. In it, guests can get acquainted with folk crafts. This park also hosts gladiator shows.

The best museums

Interesting places in Sevastopol that you should definitely visit are museums. They contain many exhibits from various eras.

Military Historical Museum of the Black Sea Fleet

The building was built in the classical style towards the end of the 19th century. It looks like an ancient building. For 150 years, about 30,000 exhibits have been collected in museum funds. All of them are dedicated to the Black Sea Fleet. Models of brigs, sailboats, battleships are considered especially valuable items. The saber of Osman Pasha, personal belongings of Nakhimov, Kornilov, documents and photographs of the war years are also kept here.

Sevastopol Art Museum

It was created from nationalized private collections and opened in 1927. The museum was housed in a chic 19th-century mansion.

The most valuable exhibits are works of Russian art relating to the pre-revolutionary period - famous works:

  • Shishkin;
  • Aivazovsky;
  • Repin;
  • Kuindzhi;
  • Levitan;
  • Klodt.

The museum fund includes about 250 paintings by Western European artists. It includes paintings by Flemish and Dutch masters of the 17th century.

Sevastopol Marine Aquarium-Museum

It was founded in 1897. Representatives of various world reservoirs live in it - African lakes, the Amazon, the Red Sea. Aquariums are located in 5 halls. All of them are equipped with modern equipment.

Inhabitants of aquariums are various types of fish and animals:

  • tropical sharks;
  • piranhas;
  • electric eel;
  • spectacled caiman;
  • jellyfish;
  • starfish;
  • turtles.

Artificial scenery mimics the landscape of beautiful coral reefs. There are also terrariums where reptiles live.

Panorama Museum “Defense of Sevastopol”

An unusual painting by F. A. Rubo adorns the inner walls of a round building with a rotunda. The artist painted the canvas for 3 years. It is located on the second floor. Its size is 115 m X 14 m. The panorama was opened in 1905. The painting depicts an episode of the courageous defense of the city on June 6, 1855. The battle takes place on Malakhov Hill. All the details of the picture are drawn with amazing accuracy.

2/3 of the canvas was destroyed during the bombing of the building and its further transportation in the flooded holds of the ship. The panorama was restored in 1954. The structure is located on a hill exactly at the place where 50 years earlier the Russian army, defending the IV bastion, repelled the attack of the Anglo-French troops.

Diorama “Assault on the Sapun Mountains”

It is located on the top floor of the military field museum. The building was built on top of Sapun Mountain. The monument to the feat of Soviet soldiers was opened in 1959. The painting depicts the climax of the battle. The event took place on May 7, 1944. The size of the diorama is 25.5 m X 5.5 m.

The heroes drawn in the foreground of the canvas have real prototypes. The team of the Grekov Studio worked on the creation of the diorama. It was made on the basis of the work of Peter Maltsev. The interactive picture was voiced in 2004.

Museum "Underground Sevastopol"

The expositions were placed in the bomb shelter bunker. It is hidden in the bowels of a hill located in the center of the city. It is entered through a 60-meter tunnel. Then they pass through sealed doors-locks. There is a small town in the dungeon of the bunker. It can hide up to 2,000 people if an atomic war comes.

The exhibitions present stories of dealing with emergency situations, deactivated hazardous facilities, and the creation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Where can I go with my child?

The city also has places for families with children of different ages:

Place for entertainment Description
Lukomorye Eco-ParkIt occupies an area of ​​2 ha. On its territory there are museums of ice cream, marmalade, Soviet childhood.

About 40 species of trees grow in the park. It is also decorated with sculptures of cartoon characters. Guests can visit attractions, dinosaur exhibitions, a clearing where the heroes of A. Pushkin's fairy tales are located.

Here you can also see space expositions, go to a mini-zoo and have a snack in a cafe.

Zurbagan Water ParkA large open-air complex located in the center of Sevastopol. It got its name thanks to a fictitious city from the works of the writer A. Green.

There are many water activities in the park. There are family, extreme, children's. Many large and small slides, pools of various capacities and purposes have been built here. For example, there is a wave, with a geyser.

There are also cafes and recreation areas. And in the evening there are discos on two dance floors at once.

Dolphinarium "Country Dolphinia"It is located in the Art Bay. It was opened in 1997. Dolphins, fur seals and beluga whales take part in the show. After the performance, the audience can take pictures with the animals. Before the start of the program, the little guests are entertained by a magician.

Sevastopol is a unique place. There are many interesting sights here that are better to see with your own eyes when visiting this unusual city of Russian glory and heroic history.

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