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Thailand is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. This beautiful tropical country is full of interesting features, customs and traditions. Many facts about Thailand are widely known, and some are surprising and unexpected.

Top 20 interesting facts about Thailand for tourists and not only

Interesting facts about Thailand include many features:

  • everyday life;
  • way of life;
  • religions;
  • customs;
  • entertainment.

The freest country in Asia

The very name of the state contains the idea of ​​freedom and independence. The translation of the name "Thailand" means that a free people lives here. This is due to the fact that never in the history of its existence the country was conquered by European colonialists and was not part of powerful European states.

This is the main historical difference between Thailand and neighboring Asian states, although wars with neighboring countries were fought regularly. This freedom is the reason why Thailand does not celebrate Independence Day.

Horrible smell

Tourists often face the problem of bad smell in the Thai capital and other major cities. This is due to the fact that storm structures are located along the edges of the streets. It is assumed that some of the sewage waste ends up there. Hence the bad smell.

Poor snorkeling

Many tourists planning to visit Thailand are wondering if it is worth taking snorkeling accessories with them. If the plans do not include visiting neighboring islands, then you can limit yourself to masks and flippers that are available for rent, since the underwater world here is not diverse and is not of particular interest.

Most snorkelers go to the islands, where there are many beautiful corals and a wide variety of underwater inhabitants.

Phuket is not like the Red Sea, for example, where scuba diving is the main part of the holiday. In Phuket, snorkeling is only a small part of the variety of activities. Public transport is not available to travel around Phuket, the size of which should not be underestimated as it is the largest island in Thailand and a separate province.

No gaps in writing

The Siamese writing tradition has a unique feature. Written documents do not contain periods, commas or other punctuation marks. There are also no spaces.

When space is appropriate:

  • Spaces separate numbers in mathematical calculations.
  • Spaces separate the person's first and last name.

Religion of Thailand

The official religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism, which is practiced by the vast majority of the country's population. Its features are found throughout the country. Buddhism plays a huge role in the culture of the country. Most Thais will become monks or nuns in a short time.

Tourists should therefore show the utmost respect for their religion.

Buddha statues or images should never be photographed or interacted with disrespectfully. When visiting the temple, tourists should take off their shoes and dress conservatively. Women should not wear shirts or sleeveless dresses.

The country of Buddhist monks

Most men in the country end up will be monks. Sometimes quite briefly. Become a monk you can only one day or the rest of my life. Week, month or two - the usual case for the majority of Thai companies who are allowed to be unpaid leave so that a Thai man can become a monk.

Become a monk for a person in Thailand shows his commitment to his Buddhist faith. Some families refuse to allow their daughter to marry a man who was not a monk. The decision to join the fraternity in the local temple helps to avoid problems with the family of the future bride.

The most important part of the body - head

The head of a person or statue in Thailand is considered the most important part of the body. It is considered rude and inappropriate to touch the head of an unfamiliar person, as it would be in most countries in the world. Also restlessly touch the head of the statue, especially the statue of the Buddha.

Close friends and family members often touch each other's heads or hair. This is not considered inappropriate.

Also in Thai tradition, a person is obliged to hold below the head of the senior man's head or someone whose position in society above. Visitors should also try not to point themselves right on another person or the statue of the Buddha. Also inappropriate to overtake through a person or the statue of the Buddha.

Thailand transsexuals

Homosexuality is legitimate in Thailand. Floor change is also legal. The country is considered one of the most tolerant in the world in relation to homosexuals and transsexuals. The capital of Bangkok is known as the Global Center for Surgery on the gender change. There is one of the world's largest transsexual groups in Thailand.

Homosexuals and transsexuals regularly appear in cinema and television in Thailand.

According to reports, large communities can be seen in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. In Bangkok, the annual week of gay pride is held. Phuket (South Thailand) also holds an annual gay parade. Cabaret in Pattaya (southeast of Bangkok) claims to be the title of the largest transsexual cabaret in the world.

In 2005, the first international conference of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Communities in Asia was held in Bangkok. In August 2007It was announced that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals can take part in wedding ceremonies, starting in February 2008, although several local officials indicated that they would not support it.

In November 2007, a beauty contest for transsexuals Miss International Queen 2007 was held in Pattaya. Thai transsexual was crowned as a winner of the event.

Despite the obvious tolerance of Thailand to heterosexuals, in general, the country's Buddhist society is considered "deeply conservative", and discrimination is still remains. In Thailand Travel Review London online magazine Gay Times declares that there are foci of homophobia, since it is a Western concept that does not correspond to the traditional Thai culture.

unequal marriages

Interesting facts about Thailand - it is also the fact that men of retirement age are sent here to conclude marriages with young local girls and the fact that with their pensions they provide all relatives of their young wife.

What year is it now in Thailand? 6-hour estimation of time

For several decades, Western New Year is a day off in Thailand. But for Thais, the traditional and most popular New Year day happens in April. 2019 in Europe is 2562 in Thailand in the Buddhist calendar.

Interesting facts about Thailand: in the country they live in the Buddhist calendar, so it is not 2019 here, and 2562

talk about Time in Thailand and understand the subtleties of the Thai 6-hour time calculus, perhaps one of the most complex lessons of the Thai language. The Thai time system, no doubt, remains a source of great confusion and bewilderment for foreign guests.

There is a simple explanation of Thai clock, which will help to understand how to read and point time in Thailand.

Thai time system is as follows:

Time Name
Midnight"Tiang Keun".
0100 (1:00) - 0500 (5:00)"DTEE" or "TII".
06:00 (6:00) - 11:00"Mong Chao".
1300 (13:00) - 18:00 (18:00)"Bai Mong",
1900 (7 pm) - 2300 (11 pm)"TOOM".

Driving rights

Emigrants planning to drive in Thailand should apply for driver's license in Thailand. This is the only way to guarantee legal part in the road traffic in the country. They can also serve as a certificate issued by the government.

Thai driver's license can be obtained for 1 day, costs several hundred bays and operates in 10 countries.

To get driver's licenses in Thailand, the applicants must be at least 18 years old, have good physical and mental health and have a valid visa. A driver's license can be issued in any branch of the Thailand terrestrial transport department.

Tourists need to have an international sample driver's license for cars or scooters.

Motherland of Siamese cats

Many years ago in Thailand, Siamese cats were considered an exclusive breed. They were bred for the king and the royal family, and no one else could own them. When a member of the royal family died, chose the Siamese cat for the soul of the host. But nothing bad with a cat happened.

Since now she lived a luxurious life with monks and priests of the local temple.

The royal family contained a cat in luxury, with better dishes on gold plates and beds with silk pillows. Thus, the relatives of the deceased hoped to get good luck and special blessings. It was believed that the chosen cat can be interceded by the soul of the deceased.

In fact, no one knows when they first arose. The mutation that causes their distinctive painting, at least five centuries ago, somewhere in Asia, and was most closely connected with the Far East.

The sidewalks, or rather their absence

sidewalks in Thailand are not entirely adapted for walking. They are usually damaged, with potholes. The sidewalks are lined with tiles, but underground support is not so much, because the soil along the road should be easy due to the frequent need to dig a pit and updates of waterochannels.

As a result, the coating often begins to spit a few months after its repair.

In Thailand, the pavement towers above the road. It makes walking a little during or after the flooding of roads. If they were not raised, cars would also use the sidewalk for movement and for parking. Although the sidewalk is on the elevation, it often intersects access to homes, shopping centers and other buildings.

So the pedestrians need to constantly go to asphalt.

Chaotic road traffic

Transport movement in Thailand is chaotic. Most of the long-distance trips are carried out on buses, and in large cities, motorcycles are usually used to travel short distances. While most foreigners are safely moving, high rates of road accidents in the country, especially when it comes to motorcycles.

The capital of Thailand is particularly infamous - Movement in Bangkok is one of the worst in the world, and special caution should be exercised when Movement around the city. In Thailand, a pretty good public transport system, which consists of buses, trains, motorcycles, taxis and Tuk Tukov.

Strange Traders

The weird vendors of Thailand in comparison with their colleagues from other Asian countries is that they do not intend to bargain and will not lose the appointed price if the tourist says it will not buy them Goods because of too high cost.

The smallest mammal from Thailand

Bat mouse-bumblebee, which is the smallest mammal in the world, has acquired a certain popularity on the Internet. The native of the Thai Province of Kanchanaburi, a bat-bumblebee, unfortunately, is nearing disappearance, only 2,000 well-known representatives of this species remained.

Bat mouse-bumblebees weighs only 2 g and has a scope of 33 mm wings with full extension.

Without light and water

floods, accidents, the storm can cause the absence of electricity and water in Thailand. It happens quite often, therefore it is necessary to prepare for what about 1 time a week will not be able to take the shower, turn on the light or use the Internet.

The longest city name in the world

interesting facts about Thailand is that the correct spelling of its capital consists of 163 characters: Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkattiyavisanukamprasit.

This name is entered into the book of records as the longest name of the city in the world.

King of Thailand - the longest ruling monarch

October 13, 2016. All Thailand grumbled, when their favorite king, Pumipol Aduuagy died. On October 3, he was hospitalized to the hospital to pass medical procedures. In anticipation of the news, thousands of Thais gathered outside the hospital in pink (which symbolizes recovery) or yellow (the color of the king).

When the news of his passing spread throughout the country, most of the people in the crowd wept, many just looked up at the sky.

261) The world's longest reigning head of state He reigned in Thailand for 70 years. He took the throne in 1946 and held power until 2016. He led his country through various military coups, the Vietnam War and the war on drugs.

  • He was the only monarch supported by the majority of Thais. There were fears that with the loss of the king, the people would lose their rallying point and the prestige and influence of the Thai monarchy would be lost. His successor Maha Vajiralongkorn is not so revered.
  • He was the only monarch born abroad. He was born in the United States. His father, HRH Prince Mahidol Aduluadei, attended Harvard. He returned to Thailand only after his father graduated and received his diploma.
  • He played a key role in making Thailand a democracy. In 1992, the military dictatorship returned to power in a coup. A general election was held and the leader of the coup was given the role of prime minister. This was met with discontent and civil war threatened to break out. The king summoned the leaders of the pro-democracy movement and urged them to come to a peaceful solution.
  • He was on the list of the richest monarchs in the world from 2008 to 2013. As of 2014, his net worth was $30 billion. His personal wealth is separate from Thailand's general financial wealth.
  • He led the drug war during his reign. He did not want to see illegal drugs spread in his country and urged his government to do something about the deteriorating drug situation.
  • He was the father of Thailand's technology. He was the only monarch who held patents. He had several.
  • Facts from the biography of the most revered king of Thailand among the people:

    He was known as the king of "development", and the promotion of national identity called him the father of Thailand's technology in 2000.

    Records Guinness Thailand

    Interesting facts about Thailand are listed in the Guinness Book of Records:

    • The largest parade of motorcycles;
    • the highest girl in the world;
    • The longest podium in the world;
    • the most long time with scorpions;
    • The greatest number of surgeons simultaneously operating an elephant.

    Top 10 issues arising from a tourist upon arrival in Thailand

    Thailand - an interesting and distinctive country, so tourists often have questions about some customs, traditions or features found in everyday Life Thais.

    What do the figurines cover the mouth, ears, eyes mean?

    These statuettes often found in Thailand are a symbol of renunciation from evil. Without seeing, not hearing and not pronounce evil, you can get rid of it.

    Why in Thailand trees are wrapped with colored ribbons?

    Such a custom denotes that this tree is sacred.

    What do small houses mean churches placed along the sidewalks?

    The inhabitants of Thailand believe in the existence of perfumes, so housing builds for them.

    in front of them they lay the gifts (usually in the form of food or beverages) to achieve their location and bring good luck.

    Is it possible to ride in Thailand without right?

    Theoretically get from one point of Thailand to another on a scooter is possible, but it is illegal.

    What kind of hallucinogenic mushrooms sell on discos?

    Often on disco, parties in clubs you can find people who offer to try mushroom cocktails. It also illegally and entails serious consequences.

    Why drink cocktails from buckets?

    There is a tradition to drink alcoholic beverages on beach parties from small buckets. It does not make much sense, just local residents and often tourists are having fun, pouring together cocktails in this kind of bucket.

    Is it possible to iron wild monkeys that run through the streets or beaches?

    Troat and iron monkeys are not recommended, since:

    • monkeys can be sick with rabies.
    • They can scratch or bite.
    • They can steal things.

    Why are so many electrical wires?

    Many wires are a combination of cable for television, telephone cables and fiber optic cables for the Internet. The reason why there are so many of them is that each service provider simply lays cables everywhere where he wants to provide a service.

    It rains very heavily in Bangkok and the roads often flood. The ground is soft, ground loads change frequently, and there are many new buildings everywhere. Underground cables will be flooded, broken by ground traffic and excavated at every construction site they pass.

    When the wires are overhead:

    • everyone can see where they are;
    • they are out of the water;
    • they are easily accessible for repairs.

    In addition, laying cables underground more than triples the cost of building maintenance. Unlimited Internet in Bangkok costs $15 per month. Underground cables will have an impact on the cost of services that the customer will have to pay.

    However, new facilities are installing underground service channels, and overhead cables will gradually decrease.

    What is the probability of being bitten in the jungle?

    Jungle trekking is a popular pastime in Thailand. Tourists come from all over the world to go hiking. The best jungle trekking in Thailand is located in the northern part of the country, around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

    One thing to remember on a hike is to follow the rules:

    • Always follow the trekking route: The Thai jungle is a vast area where it is easy to get lost and hurt. Thailand still has wild elephants, wild tigers and hundreds of species of venomous snakes.
    • Do not catch animals or insects: It is against Thai law to take an animal or insect out of the jungle. In addition, it can be dangerous for humans and for the animal or insect itself.
    • Plants should not be picked, leaves or branches should not be plucked.
    • Cannot gather stones, minerals, or earth. Another rule in Thailand is that in order to take stones, minerals or earth from the jungles of Thailand, you need a special permit. Thailand is becoming increasingly protective of its jungle as the modern world encroaches on it more and more.
    • No loud noises or music: Thailand's jungles and national parks are places of peace and quiet. There are many exotic and wild animals that are very rarely seen by humans, so their behavior from loud noises is unpredictable.
    • Need to know the habitats of wild animals: thousands of wild elephants, wild tigers, monkeys, gibbons, deer and many other species of animals still live in the jungles of Thailand.

    Some of them can be extremely dangerous (especially elephants, tigers and monkeys).

    Why does Thai food look so unappiating?

    The culinary traditions of Thailand differ from what can be found in European restaurants. Many dishes in local cafes and markets may seem strange. Although the tastes and preferences in food are subjective in nature, few people will venture to try some of the traditional Thailand dishes.

    For example:

    • Fried insects, which are local snacks (silk worms, bamboo worms, water beetles, grasshoppers and even scorpions);
    • raw mantis;
    • Fried duck beaks marinated in soy sauce.

    Thailand, therefore, an incredibly attractive country for tourists from all points of the globe. Local climatic conditions, simplicity and hospitality of local residents, as well as many other interesting facts are the reason for the country's popularity among many travelers.

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