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Iceland is located on the largest island of volcanic origin. Interesting facts that are saturated with this country make it unique. Despite the fact that ¾ of its territories are deprived of any vegetation, there are plenty of places that are delighted with any tourist.

Interesting facts about the history of Iceland

Iceland in the entire history scored a large number of interesting facts.

The most interesting of them:

  1. The climate in this country is very stern and not too favorable for life. This was the reason that during the resettlement of people on earth, this place was mastered the most latter.
  2. This form of the board appeared in this country, as a parliament. In Iceland, it was formed by another 930
  3. according to statistics, in Iceland the highest percentage of fertility of extramarital children. Their percentage is here 65 out of 100.
  4. Icelandic did not change in centuries, thereby kept its originality.
  5. Iceland is the largest island that appeared due to volcanic activity.
  6. The total area of ​​the country exceeds the Moscow region 7 times.
  7. In Iceland, the highest birth rate among the indigenous population.
  8. Iceland The world's first country, which chose a woman for himself.
  9. for the new year at home to Icelanders, according to their beliefs, 13 grandfathers comes. Each has its own character and set of gifts. This belief has been preserved since the ancestors of Icelanders.
  10. The national drink in Iceland, which has historical roots, is similar to Brandy, but is called Brennivin. He is called "black death." Prepare from seeds of cumin and potatoes. The second most important drink for Icelanders is coffee.
  11. Icelanders have historically developed so that the surname is simply absent.
  12. Turkish pirates vessel often robbed the coastal villages of Iceland in the past. Because of this, the law acted on the territory of this country, according to which you can kill the Turk with impunity. It was canceled only in 1970

Interesting facts about Iceland only confirm its uniqueness and originality.

The mentality of the people of Iceland

mentality in the local population in Iceland differs from the population of other countries.

Features of the people of this region are as follows:

  1. Icelanders feel so safe that they can safely leave a stroller with a child near the store and shopping.
  2. The traditional dish of Icelanders is preparing from the piercing shark meat. It is specifically left to deteriorate, leaving pieces of carcass in the sand at the same time. Another unusual dish is the stewed sheep head. Such a dish is served in an undetected form.
  3. ​​
  4. Residents of Iceland sincerely believe that the fabulous heroes of the elves and trolls really exist. Folklinists even give advice to designers so that when planning any construction did not violate the possession of these mythical creatures.
  5. Due to a small number of people inhabiting the cities of this country, a quarrel and a feud among the former spouses or sweethearts.
  6. Alcoholic beverages here appreciate not for exposure, but for the fortress. Even the most expensive, but light wine is inferior to inexpensive, but strong drinking.
  7. Local without fears like to leave the keys right in the car, and the doors of the houses are not stored at all.

    The fact of Iceland is considered very interesting, that everyone lives peacefully and try to trust each other

  8. For local to go out in pajamas for shopping - it's quite usual. On such an appearance here simply do not pay attention.
  9. Right straight on the street is normal for Icelanders, both for guys and girls too.
  10. Icelanders are not accustomed to using a handkerchief with a cold, and therefore they just shy the nose, holding all the surplus of the mucous membrane in it.
  11. Good attitude towards the interlocutor is made to show here frequent touch to it.
  12. Icelandic girls are easy to contact unfamiliar man. According to statistics, the female sex is more successful here, and therefore you can avoid long courtes.
  13. According to statistics, in Iceland, most of the population of bisexual orientation.
  14. Icelanders love to call children by mythological names.
  15. In everyday life, the inhabitants of Iceland when accessing each other use abbreviated versions of names. For example, David will call Dabby.
  16. Icelanders love to park as they want. High penalties are not frightened, and therefore they leave their cars where they wanted.
  17. Local residents put in priority only those sources of energy that are renewable.
  18. Favorite pastime for Icelanders is the adoption of baths with water from thermal sources.
  19. Icelanders are the most reading nation in the world.
  20. The credulity is a characteristic character of the character of Icelanders. Even when taking a job, the applicant is customary to "believe in the Word" and do not require advisory letters from the previous employment site.
  21. Icelanders are very pedantic and conservative.
  22. The most popular competition in Iceland is Eurovision. Beloved sports game - handball.
  23. The most common hobby and local inhabitants of Iceland is knitting.
  24. Icelanders honor their roots, and therefore it is considered a normal phenomenon to celebrate the pagan holidays that were popular with their ancestors. So, in the last decade of January begins the village. This event lasts before February inclusive.
  25. Icelanders are not accustomed to shy nudity, and therefore there may often be no doors in public baths.
  26. Police and coastal police officers walk without firearms - it is not customary to expect serious crimes or skimpers with people.
  27. The leading place for sales among books from Icelanders occupies scientific literature.

It is worth noting that at least Icelanders have a very welcoming people, the immigration policy here is very strict. We will come to get a permanent place. Residence permanently impossible. Even during the Syrian crisis, when refugees flooded Europe, Iceland put tight quotas for the reception of such people.

Funny laws of Iceland

Interesting facts about Iceland are concluded not only in the peculiarities of the local population, but also reflected in some laws of this country.

In the piggy bank of this state there are a couple of funny and interesting laws:

  1. One of the officially recognized religions is the pagan teaching of Asatru Association. The conducted wedding rite here is considered a legitimate marriage form.
  2. Starting from 1990 g, the import of turtles is prohibited into the territory of Iceland. This ban is designed to prevent such parasites as Salmonella.
  3. From March 1, 1989 in Iceland there is a law on resolving drinking beer.
  4. The name of the newborn is chosen from a special document. In the absence of the desired, it is coordinated with the authorities.
  5. 43.5 hours - it is precisely so much a working week in Iceland. Such a quantity is the largest in Europe.
  6. whaling fishing was officially allowed on the territory of Iceland. Funny is the fact that money from tourists who come to admire whales, list on this bloody craft.
  7. Icelanders can vote in the presidential elections in online mode.
  8. Striptease in that country is prohibited at the legislative level since 2010
  9. Since 2015, Iceland has a law that this country will never be a member of the European Union.
  10. Homophobia is practically absent in Iceland. Since 2010, people with unconventional orientation can safely marry, and the annual festivals in support of homosexuals have become a tradition.
  11. Residents of the country at the legislative level can freely kill polar bears for food purposes.
  12. Icelandic horse is a unique and only type of hopping, which lives in the territory of this country. To preserve the purity of the breed and its health, the import of this category of animals in Iceland is prohibited. You can remove the horse, but it will not be possible to return it back.

Interesting is the fact that the laws of Iceland although they seem to be quite ridiculous to tourists, for the local population they are meaningful and serious decrees that all the indigenous people of this country are adhered to.

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The most unusual natural places of Iceland

Interesting facts about Iceland are concluded in the peculiarities of its nature. And even though she does not boast an abundance of blooming fields and green forests, there is its own special, arctic beauty.

Gljúfrabúi waterfall
The name of the place where it is and how to get
Grottathere are large populations of birds. Also, out of this place offers a stunning landscape on the Bay of Fakhsaflowi. Here you can observe incredible sunsets. You can find this place in the Selläarnarne district, which is located in the western part of Reykjavik.
Gljúfrabúi waterfallis located in the southern part of Iceland a 5-minute walk from the Seleylandsfoss waterfall, which is one of the most visited tourists. Finding Gljúfrabúi is simple enough: you need to find 2 cliffs that form the entrance. It is necessary to take a raincoat with you, because the falling water is a kind of arch.
HwitservoirRock on the shore of Fjord Hunafjordur, is located in the north-west of Iceland. You can get to it only on your car, because no route of public transport is not running there. From the ring road, which is located between Blendyuus and Reikir, you need to drive away. If you leave with a rexy, the path will run along the road number 711. The cliff offers a beautiful view.
Pernation Canyon (Fjaðrárgljúfur)This is a beautiful and unusual place in Iceland. You can come here both in the winter and in the summer - regardless of the season, it looks great. To get here, you need to travel from G Reykjavik in the direction of Kirkubayyrkleystur. Do not reach, you need to turn on the road on the left.
Hlyuklettar and RudolovarThese are unique columns from the basalt geological education. They are absolutely different forms, no more similar to the creation of nature. Nearby is Rudollar (Red Hills). This place consists of bright red, yellow and black cluster residues that create surrealistic landscapes. You can find these natural objects on the territory of Vestourdalur Valley. You can get here in the following way: leaving Ausbiriga need to move along the road number 85, to the side of D Hysavik. A trip to the destination will take about 15 minutes.
Rock HwitservoirThis rock is located on the shore of Fjord Hunafjordur, in the north-west of Iceland. It rises above the water and has a very unusual form. It has 2 arches, and she also became a house for many birds. The following route is leading to it: when traveling from Reykjavik, you need to turn left to the road under No. 711. When leaving Akureyri - right, on the same path number. You can get to the rock only with your own efforts, because there is no public transport there.
The Gaukshöfdi ValleyThe Gaukshöfdi Valley becomes the object of visiting many tourists due to the large number of waterfalls that are here. The most famous is Haifoss - it takes the 2nd place in magnitude in Iceland (its height is 122 m). Beautiful is a waterfall Hjálp. Next to him, in the canyon Gjáin settled the face. On one of the sides of the Mountain Bugrofel is the waterfall of the TFAFAFOS. You can get to the Gaukshöfdi Valley in 2-3 hours from Reykjavik on the road number 26 or No. 32.
Glimur WaterfallThe largest waterfall in Iceland is Glimur, 198 m high, is located on the shore of Fjord whales. Previously, the road was held here, which connected 2 cities together: Borgarnes and Reykjavik. After opening a new, shorter way, this route became unnecessary. On this road you can walk to Glimur waterfall.
Raudisandur BeachIn Iceland, there is a famous beach of Raudisandur long 10 km, which is known for its red sand. Shadows' game change its shade from yellow to bright orange. This place is located on the Vestfidir Peninsula, which he goes to Ferry Baldur steam from StikkyshoullMur in Brjánslækur. From there you already need to move to the beach by car.
The stream of lava HolzchraneThis unusual place was formed in 2014-2015. After the volcano eruption. After such a natural event, enough time passed, and the mass of the lava cooled. However, the unusual landscape, which remained, still attracts tourists. You can get to the volcano Holzzrain only by car.

Interesting facts about Iceland and its nature inspire tourists from around the world to a trip to this unusual country.

Amazing Flora and Fauna Iceland

Iceland does not boast of a large variety of representatives of flora and fauna. There is practically no forest, and its number is only 1%. Due to the harsh natural conditions, a few decided to settle here forever.

The most inhabitants of birds, which are more than 60 species. The habitat of some of them is even on mountain rivers and lakes. Iceland is rich in fish - there are more than 150 species. But in this country there are no such insects as ants and mosquitoes.

View representatives of the Arctic flora in the Botanical Garden of Reykjavik. Here you can see more than 400 species that have adapted to local conditions. This place is considered the most northern botanical garden around the world.

Interesting facts about the cities of Iceland

of cities in Iceland are not distinguished by large sizes and a huge amount of them inhabiting them. But each of the settlements has its own flavor and history.

  1. Reykjavik is considered the northernmost city.
  2. Isafjordur called the capital of the West Fjords region. The settlement itself is located on shames, which is surrounded from 3-sides water.
  3. In none of the city of Iceland, there is not a single MacDonalds fast food café.
  4. 8% of the population r Reykjavik make up immigrants. Basically from Poland, Philippines and Denmark.
  5. On the territory of Iceland, in Reykjavik in 1986, a meeting was held between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. The room in which the negotiations took place is the name of the house of Hefi. It can be admired at any time of the year.
  6. In 2001, Reykjavik was recognized as the hottest capital of Europe. It is here that there is a large cluster of nightclubs and bars that do not give the city of quiet even at night.
  7. 60% of the population of Iceland lives in its capital - Reykjavik.
  8. Water in the tap pipes of cities comes straight from thermal sources. It is so clean that it does not even need pre-cleaning.
  9. Railway coating is absent throughout the country.
  10. The natural resources of this country, which provide the Icelandic cities, can provide the territory of the whole of Europe with energy.

There are very few trees in Iceland. But, as tourists notice, the houses of local residents are built from this material. Wood for the construction of buildings had to be imported here, so its cost here is quite high compared to European prices for this type of raw material.

The most unusual sights of Iceland

In the center of Reykjavik you can see the old parliament building, which was built in the 19th century. Nearby is the Hatlgrimskmrkja Cathedral, built in 1974. At its entrance you can see a sculpture of the famous Viking, the discoverer of America - Leyfur Errikson. This monument was presented to Iceland by the United States on the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the parliament.

In Reykjavik, on its square, there is a night bar "Kaffi Reykjavik". He is famous for the fact that his room is built from ice slabs, which are also made from glasses for drinks.

In Reyholt, you can look at the monument to Snorri Sturluson, an Irish poet who lived in the Middle Ages. Isafjordur has a maritime museum and a park with an entrance made from a whale's mouth.

In Akureyri, one can admire wooden houses that were built in the 19th century. You can find them on Hapnarstraiti street. From here you can walk to the cathedral with 2 turrets. Notable is its interior and the altar, which during the Second World War was brought here from the destroyed British Coventry Cathedral.


Having visited Grimsey, you can get a certificate of visiting the Arctic Circle as a souvenir, because part of the city just falls under its borders. In Husavik, you can see the remains of marine life in the whale center. In Vik, you can admire the Reynisdranger - needle rocks, which are called so because of their similarity with this object. Stone spiers rise from the water to a height of 66 m.

In the south of Iceland there is the village of Skogar, which is famous for its wooden houses, whose roofs are covered with green vegetation. In Merry Bay there is an installation that consists of 34 stone eggs of the birds that live here. Each exhibit is completely different, but in general it looks very unusual.

On the Southern Peninsula, next to each other, there are literally 2 lithospheric plates - Eurasian and North American. Every year they diverge by 2.5 cm. Between them they made the Middle Bridge, which, as it were, is trying to stop their spread.

Iceland is a country of fjords, winds, white nights and whales. And although its territory does not take up much space, every corner of this island is saturated with history. Interesting facts about this country make it truly special.

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