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If you ask a person what he knows about Finland, then with a high degree of probability he will say that this is the birthplace of Santa Claus and reindeer. And he will also tell that the Finns are very fond of the bath. In addition to these undeniable claims, there are other interesting facts about the mysterious state bordering Russia.

Interesting historical facts

List of facts:

  • In ancient times, the Swedes called Finland the territories inhabited by tribes of Finns who called their country differently - Suomi. According to one version, the locals gave it such a name because of the abundance of swamps, according to another, because the Saami nomads used to live in these places.
  • In 1809, after the Russo-Swedish war, the Friedrichsham Peace was signed, according to which Finland became the possessions of the Russian Empire. The province acquired the status of the Grand Duchy of Finland and enjoyed many autonomous rights. At the beginning of the 20th century, taking advantage of a series of revolutions in Russia, Finland self-proclaimed itself independent.
  • Finnish women were among the first in Europe to gain access to the right to vote. The result was the entry into the legislative branch of the representatives of the weaker sex. It was through their efforts that in 1919 a law was passed banning the consumption of alcohol, which was in effect until 1932. Probably for many Finns this was the most difficult 13 years of their lives, and in Finland such illegal concepts as clandestine production of alcoholic beverages, strong "tea" and clandestine bars appeared. Most of the offenses committed during that period were associated with a deviation from the norms of the anti-alcohol law.
  • The disappearance of the Soviet Union had an extremely negative impact on the Finnish economy, many enterprises were closed. The next step forward was Finland's accession to the European Union and the receipt of subsidies. Now this state is actively developing, cooperating with other Scandinavian countries.
  • Since February 2000, the reins of power in the proud northern country have been in the hands of a woman.

Natural facts and features

List of facts:

  • Finland is a country with a huge number of lakes. To be precise, it is 187,888. No wonder this state is also called "the country of a thousand lakes." If we add to these data almost 180 thousand islands and hectares of beautiful forests, it becomes clear that Finland can be proud of its natural wealth.
  • Despite the fact that Finland is a northern country and when you think about it, pictures of snowy fields arise in your head, there is a luxurious beach strip here. Helsinki has not only trading ports and shipping harbors, but also several excellent beaches where you can have a good time. In summer, when the air temperature rises to its maximum, the Baltic Sea heats up to 16 degrees, but the locals prefer to swim in the local lakes.

    Interesting facts about Finland and Finns: despite the cold climate, the locals love to swim in the lakes.

  • Because of its location, Finland has long, snowy and gloomy winters. The cold season lasts for many months, but this country is known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun". This is due to the fact that in the northern part of the state the sun never reaches the horizon, and in July it does not fall below it. In other parts of Finland, daylight hours are only 6 hours in winter, and 19 hours in summer.
  • The water level in the ocean rises annually, but this does not bother the Finns, since Finland, on the contrary, increases up to 7 km of surface every year. This fact is explained by the fact that glaciers "push" the land up.
  • In Lapland you can see the most beautiful northern lights. This is why hundreds of tourists come here every year. Finns call this mysterious and beautiful phenomenon "Aurora". You can enjoy the breathtaking spectacle for 200 days, that is, almost the entire winter.
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Traditions and customs

  • Starting from 2010, October 13 is considered the Day of the Loser in Finland. This national holiday was invented specifically to make people understand that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from their own. On this day, Finns share instructive stories with each other and tell how they coped with this or that unpleasant situation.
  • No less interesting is the Finnish national holiday - Day of Sleep. In the morning, the most overslept member of the family is mercilessly pulled out of a warm bed and dipped into a nearby lake or sea. It's good that there are enough lakes in Finland for all the inhabitants.
  • Baths and saunas are a favorite place to relax in Finland. According to statistics, there is one sauna for every three Finns. Such a passion for the steam room is easily explained by the harsh, cold climate of the country, which makes you want to warm up and enjoy the hot steam and the aromas of a wooden frame.
  • In the province of Lapland, there is a famous museum village in which Santa Claus or Yelopukki lives. This Christmas attraction is one of the most visited places in the country.
  • Finns are very respectful about the animal and plant world, considering that all the animals are the younger brothers of man. In Finland, there are practically no abandoned, stray dogs. For them, a variety of shelters have been created, which highlights money from the budget, and charitable contributions from the population are made.
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Interesting facts about Finland concerning the ancient beliefs are the object of studying philologists and historians. The origin of many Finnish superstitions remains unsolved. Nor tried scientists to solve the riddles of the oral and written folklore, the origin of most of the belief is not known.

List of facts:

  • Many people superstition seem to be ridiculous to modern people, but Finns have a strange belief. In ancient times it was believed that in order for the girl liked to pay attention to the young man, he needed to hit her head with a stick, whom he killed Lajuk, and immediately later, as a cuckoo fruit.
  • Different people had their ways to divine. Finns have a favorite method to look into the future to solve tin. The hot metal needed to pour into a bucket with cold water and to make a cherished desire. The most interesting started after the Tin freezes - it was necessary to decipher the resulting pattern.
  • with tin connected and one more belief - ancestors believed that if you wash the rag in a bucket with water, in which the molten metal cooled, and put it under the pillow, then in a dream They will definitely appear beloved or beloved.
  • One of the superstitions that have come down to this day is a special farewell. When the Finns escort a family member or a friend to an important event, for example, on the exam, they symbolically give him pink. Belief is symbolic, but the blow below the back is quite real.
  • The method is popular in an old way - to pull out the adoration of 3 hair and wearing them in your pocket.


Interesting facts about Finland testify that in terms of relations between the floors, it is a very modern country. The family here is built on the concepts of respect and mutual trust, and Finnish women quietly perceive civil marriage, not officially decorated.

List of Facts:

  • In Finland, the overwhelming majority of pairs are marriage after 30 years, as well as in other European countries. It is extremely rare to meet newlyweds under the age of 25. At the age of 18-29, the Finns are intensively studying, build a career, prepare the foundation for the future of peaceless existence and decent provision of children.
  • To officially issue a marriage, a little apply to the registry office. It is necessary to wait for the approval of the relevant ministry, as well as to register in the church.
  • For Finns, the conclusion of a marriage contract is the norm. If in Russia this legal act, many perceive as a sign of distrust for the future spouse, then in Finland, it is absolutely normal to put all the points over "and" to marriage.
  • The responsibilities of the Finnish wife are standard. It creates comfort and order to housing. A married woman does not have to work, and the percentage of housewives is very high here. It is considered dishonest when a man makes his wife get a job in an office if she does not have any desire for this. Finns and childbearing are very serious. No one will condemn her husband who divorces a woman because of her infertility.


The state pays a lot of attention to families with children, developing many social programs aimed at helping certain social groups in the education of the younger generation.

List of facts:

  • The basis of the education of children is to identify and prevent problems before they become obvious. In every Finnish school there is an experienced psychologist who watches students and establishes control over those who fall into a group of potential danger. Any student can contact him for support and talk about his experiences.
  • Penalties for non-biotrified children in Finland are not welcome. Here it is almost impossible to see how an angry father "raises" his naughty child with a belt, and just the podtlenifier here is unacceptable. Usually parents are limited to an educational conversation, and even then a specialist is involved in it. This is explained not only by the tolerance of Finns, but also extremely strict legislation in the field of family relations between children and parents.
  • As a rule, in the Finnish family no more than one child.
  • Interesting is the fact that in Finland most children (more than 85%) are brought up in full families. Compared to Russia, this figure is simply amazing.
  • Starting from the 30s of the last century, the state supplies young mothers boxes with everything necessary for the baby, including winter things. This measure was forced and was supposed to help cope with child mortality due to hypothermia. Now all Finns receive a large box with gifts at the maternity hospital, which can also be used as the first cradle for a baby.


Interesting facts about Finland that affect the field of food emphasize the unique flavor of this country.

List of facts:

  • Here you can taste the best pizza in the world. This interesting story began with the statement of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that he had a negative gastronomic experience while visiting this country. He was especially harsh about the tasteless smoked venison, which cannot be compared with Parma ham. The Finns waited 3 years, after which they won the international pizza competition, bypassing Italy and presenting their famous "Pizza Berlusconi" with deer meat.
  • Finns just love coffee, surpassing Americans and French in this. The average Finnish citizen drinks about 12 kg of coffee per year.
  • A unique gastronomic tradition has been formed in the country: 4 times a year, any citizen of the country has the right to open his own restaurant, cafe, bar or bistro without formalizing the relevant documents. The only rule is that you can't sell alcohol.
  • Finns also love milk, having broken a kind of record for the amount of this product drunk. Every person in Finland, according to statistics, drinks a liter of milk a day (probably adding it to their favorite coffee). This is especially interesting, because 17% of the country's population suffer from lactose intolerance.
  • Finnish people are very fond of pampering themselves with alcoholic beverages. Despite the fact that the Finns do not lead the ranking of the most drinking nations in Europe, losing this title to the Russians, Ukrainians and the Portuguese, the fact remains that they do drink a lot of alcohol. The volume of alcohol consumed annually per capita is higher than the European average.


Interesting facts about Finland are also related to sports achievements. The local population is very reckless, despite their seeming coldness and unemotionality.

List of facts:

  • There is only one golf club in the world whose fields are located in two states at once: one half in Finland, and the other - in Sweden.
  • The very first ice skates were invented here 5000 years ago. Instead of sharp blades, the ancestors of modern Finns used skillfully sharpened animal bones.
  • Finns enjoy various competitions, many of which can only be found here. What is worth, for example, sports dragging wives. Strong Finnish men run on the obstacle course, holding on their belonging on their shoulders, and women crammed shaking, hanging with her husband's shoulders forward. Beer becomes the main prize for the winner - as many liters as his spouse weighs.
  • A separate mention deserve other unusual sports - mosquito fishing, rubber boots, throwing mobile phones, football in marshy. Interesting and the festival of playing the air guitar - his participants play on a fictional musical instrument, and the prize gets the most artistic.
  • Finns have something to be proud of and in serious sports - since 1908, they took the gold medals in every Olympic Games.

Speaking of Finland, you can mention many more interesting facts. They affect almost all areas of the life of the Finns and give this country a unique charm. No wonder the thousands of tourists coming here every year to enjoy primitive nature, delicious food and hospitality of local residents.

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