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on America, from the moment of opening before XXI There are many interesting facts aware of the century, many of which are associated with the way of life of the Aborigines before the arrival of Europeans. Nature in this part of the world seems ordinary. But this fact is easy to refute, not only at the expense of the endemics of South America.

Interesting facts about the opening of North and South America

Interesting facts about America and its opening are easy to build in the top 6 strange and just interesting events. And the well-known fact is that Christopher Columbus opened America by no means the most interesting.

List of facts:

  1. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, who first visited the newly open part of the world as a navigator as part of the Alono de Hedge expedition. It was not a significant contribution to the study of America, not counting the cartographic and belief that it was not India. However, after the release of the book "Cosmographiao Introductio etc., Insuper Quatuor Americi Vespucii Navigations" (presumably, the authorship of the bookseller Martin Waldzemueller) and numerous stories of Faming America about his travel, the new light was named after America.
  2. It is believed that Christopher Columbus was the discoverer, but North America was known to the Northern Europeans before him. 500 years before his journey, Vikings confidently floated to her shores, established settlements. This is confirmed by numerous archaeological finds. There is even a hypothesis that Celts were the discoverers, 2,000 years before Columbus. However, accurate confirmations of the hypothesis are not yet available.
  3. Opening of the new light 12. 10. 1492 began with a small island, later called San Salvador. Before the disembarkation directly on the mainland has passed some time.
  4. Christopher Columbus not only had to convince monarchs for 7 years that it was necessary to swim in the selected direction, but also to travel on one of the smallest ships of that time. The constant is the closest, the long road and the shortage of water and food miraculously did not lead to the BunTu and the murder of Columbus and other managers.
  5. The first colony in North America was British, on the island of Roanok. She was trying to organize twice, in 1585 - 1586 and in 1587 both times, presumably, the local population contributed to the disappearance of the settlement.
  6. It is widely known that Alaska was initially the territory of the Russian Empire. However, they almost do not say that the island of Kauai in 1816-1817 was built by the Fort Elizabeth, the Russian fortress. But the colony could not be established due to the pressure of local residents and Americans.

Opening, the development of the new light is associated with numerous hoarseness and discrepancies. One thing is known exactly - to colonize the already populated land was not easy, because not all the aborigines took Europeans friendly.

The mentality of the Americans

The mentality of Americans differs from the country to the country, but they allocate 1 common feature peculiar to all residents of the world - friendliness, as long as local rules are followed.

Residents of Canada are very different. They are characterized by detachment, among Canadians are not customary to be interested in someone else's life or discuss others, to show xenophobia. They are considered the most tactical of those inhabiting America, in this country it is customary to be friendliness.

The United States citizens are famous for simplicity in clothing and communication, quite rude jokes are accepted between familiar, and conversations with strangers without a visible cause of the usual thing. However, society is customary to be politeness, friendliness.

However, they quickly disappear if the interlocutor makes something contrary to local customs that may vary depending on the state (as well as legislation).

Residents of Mexico are friendly, but extremely offended. They are collectivists who do not consider to respect a separate person as a person, patriotic and do not love the inhabitants of the United States and Canada. Most tourists compare Mexicans with residents of Russia, noting that the difference is mainly in the color of the skin and language.


Brazilians, with all the friendliness they differ in cunning, a tendency to laziness, postponed at the last moment.

Some characterize Brazil residents as "waiting, when any situation is solved by itself." Theoretically, they are considered a peaceful, non-conflict people who prefer to do without violence, tolerant of migrants, other religions. Practically, misunderstanding and discrepancies in opinions can provoke conflicts.

Citizens of Argentina are helplessly consider themselves "Europeans", almost everyone has an ancestor among Europe in the third generation. However, unlike most punctual Europeans, they consider it normal to be late. In Argentina, it is customary to have dinner late (about 10 p.m.), even on weekdays, all meetings and entertainment events also begin after 10 p.m.

Football, politics and tango are the main topics of conversation and sources of emotions for Argentines. Everyone has a political position, football is considered a national pride, and tango is a way of life. The concept of "personal space" is alien to them, when talking it is customary to approach each other as close as possible, when meeting and parting - to kiss.

The main feature of the people of Chile is to consider a direct “no” as rude. It is customary to express refusal in vague phrases adjacent to visible consent. Chileans reasonably trust the police, there is no talk of any corruption of this authority. In addition, this is an extremely patriotic people and this is manifested in all spheres of life.

For example, you won't be able to find wines from other countries in stores, because local wines are considered the best. It is not customary to put on display personal wealth; instead of expensive things, money is spent, for example, on education or housing.

At the same time, the optionality and irresponsibility of the local population can bring a foreigner to a nervous breakdown - if the exact time and place are not immediately agreed for something, most likely the event will not take place.

Chileans protest for any reason, and rallies most often bring results, no matter if the employees of the outlet protest about the unsatisfactory policy of the employer or the mass protest against government decisions.

Peruvians are rustic, fussy and slightly sloppy. They are industrious, easy-going, and cheerful. Some note their greed. The main feature of the locals is love for foreigners, it manifests itself both in the desire for marriage and in an extremely friendly attitude towards all “white” people without exception.

Interesting facts about America extend to specific holidays. It is often difficult for an outsider, outside of culture, to understand them.

In the US, there are holidays such as Groundhog Day and Speak Like a Pirate Day. These are not public holidays and have no sacred meaning. On Groundhog Day (February 2) they check how soon spring will come - if the groundhog, appearing from the hole for the first time, is frightened by its shadow, spring will be delayed for 6 weeks.

Speak Like a Pirate Day (September 19) is just an excuse to dress up in a costume and spend free time at a theme party dedicated to this day. South America is richer in specific holidays due to greater national diversity.

Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador Venezuela Peru Easter Island (applies to South America)
Day of the Dead (November 1–2). Despite the proximity to Halloween, the holiday has nothing to do with it. The tradition is rooted in the customs of the Mayans and the Aztecs, who made sacrifices to the goddess of death. The holiday involves carnivals, visiting deceased relatives. Attributes are closely associated with death - skulls, skeletons, female figurines of Santa Muerte.Holiday "Dancing Devils" (May 31). On this day, it is customary to dress up as devils and perform ritual dances to live music. Masks, clothes vary depending on the area.Inti Raimi (June 21, southern hemisphere winter solstice). Resurrected in 1944, the traditional Inca festival takes place annually in Sacsayhuaman. According to ancient traditions, on this day the sun is revered and gifts are brought to it. The holiday includes dancing, theatrical performances and the presence of the imperial family. Now the role of the emperor and his household is played by actors. However, this does not detract from the cultural and historical (and, in part, religious) value.Tapati-Rapa Nui (February 1–15). This is a festival exclusively for the local population, although tourists can be observed as "fans". The fact is that the festival is a competition between 2 teams of the city of Hanga Roa in traditional dances and sports. Traditional body decorations are also important.

Most of the other holidays are closely associated with Catholic or Protestant traditions, or with state events.

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Amusing laws of the peoples of North and South America

There are many stories about America and strange laws, but in reality most of them turn out to be fake. Finding out which law is real can only be done by deeply studying the legislation of each state and state because of an interesting fact - many old laws (as early as the 19th century) were not repealed, they simply ceased to be used.

For example, it is reported that:

  • it is illegal to sell cat hair in New York;
  • in Georgia, you can't carry ice cream in your pants pocket on Sundays;

    Interesting facts about America: in Georgia you can not carry ice cream in your pants pockets on Sundays

  • in Delaware there is a ban on the sale of dog hair;
  • Donkeys are not allowed to sleep in bathtubs in Arizona.

However, the existing laws include:

  • The ban in one of the southern states to have missing teeth, noticeable with a smile, if a person is over 18 years old;
  • Vlaper The wording of the Florida prohibition about the gaming machines, because of which all computers in the state were outside the law, especially in the Internet cafe;
  • A ban on camel hunting in Arizona;
  • In Paraguay, a duel cannot be arranged in Paraguay, however, they can be carried out if you bind the authorities to medical organizations;
  • Bolivians can not drink more than 1 wine glasses in the restaurant.

The law, the existence of which to check is problematic, belongs to the Canadian province of Albert, who came out of prisoners, for rumors, relies the horse and charged gun So that a person can leave the city.

The most unusual natural places of North and South America

Interesting facts about America concern and nature. There are many objects unique due to the size either form. On Alaska, not far from the city of Juno, there is a glacier, inside which there are caves available for visiting. Ice education is huge, to stand in full in the inner cavities simply.

in Arizona, near the city of Page is the Canyon Antelope. Because of the shades of brick colors, forms, this is popular with photographers. The canyon is divided into the upper and lower parts, they are called "crack" and "Corkscrew".

Between the states of California and Nevada is the lake of Tahoe. It is considered the largest mountain lake of the whole part of the world North America. It is clean, transparent water surrounding the forest make the terrain attractive for tourism.

In California, there is a Sequoia National Park, where the huge trees of the same breed of the same name are growing. Some plants of more than 2 thousand years.

In Mexico there are sensations, natural funnels filled with fresh water. In the country there are several thousand, different sizes, depths. There is an opinion - most of the sensations are interconnected under the ground, forming one cave system. However, this fact has not yet been proved.

Main Brazilian Natural Landmark, except Amazon Jungle, Dzesos-Lenkos Maranhanhes National Park. He destroys the stereotype that Brazil is primarily a jungle. The national park consists of almost entirely of white sand dunes and reservoirs.

In Guatemala there is a unique complex of semuc-champ waterfalls. Natural limestone bridge is located above them, 300 m high. On it you can find water reservoirs that are suitable for swimming.

The amazing flora and fauna of North and South America

The nature of South and North America is diverse, among them there are rare ones found only in a certain area.

Kingdom North America South America
PlantsBalfour Pine, Elephant Tree.Hevea brazilian, vorsleya.
AnimalsArizona gila, woodchuck, Mississippi alligator, American bison.Andean cat, capybara, two-toed sloth, eastern opossum.
InsectsSaturnia is the moon.Giant Dinoponera.
BirdsBald Eagle.Big skate.

List of flora and fauna:

  • Balfour pine - a tree found only in the state California, grows up to 22 m. The ivory tree is endemic to Mexico, grows up to 9 meters, the thickness of the trunk is ½ of the height, the crown is spreading. Hevea brazilian is a tree from which natural rubber is obtained. It grows wild in the Brazilian rainforests.
  • Worsleya is a plant of the Amaryllis family, growing in eastern Brazil. Large bulbous flower, up to 1.5 m high, with blue bell-shaped flowers. The Arizona gila is America's largest lizard. Grows up to 50 cm in length, can weigh 2 kg. Habitat - southwestern United States, Mexico. The body is covered with scales of black, yellow and pink. For humans, the bite is not fatal.
  • Andean cat - lives in remote mountainous regions of South America. Body length - 0.7 m, weight up to 7 kg. The coat is gray-brown in color, with black, ring-shaped spots.
  • The woodchuck is the largest of the squirrel family. An adult animal weighs approximately 6 kg. Habitat - forest areas of the USA and Canada.
  • The two-toed sloth is an animal of the tropical forests of northern South America. Medium-sized, less than 1 m (up to 73 cm), weighs no more than 8 kg. The coat is light, in various shades from beige to gray-brown.
  • Mississippi alligator - lives only in fresh rivers, lakes and swamps of the USA. The Mississippi alligator is the largest reptile in North America, its size reaches 3.5 m, weight - 450 kg.
  • Oriental possum ​​is a species found only in Brazil. The animal is medium-sized, similar to a mouse, with large ears.
  • The American bison is the largest mammal in North America. A distinctive feature - hump on his back and in males, and in females.
  • Dinoponer Giant - one of the largest types of ants in the world, there is only in South America, in Savannah, wet forests.
  • Saturn Moon - Butterfly, found in the US forests, in the south of Canada and in the northern part of Mexico. The wings of the insect wings - 11.5 cm. Color - bright green with stains.
  • Big Konk - Bird from the family of wagtomask. Lives on the island of South George and Praion. This is one of the northernmost islands belonging to South America as part of the world.
  • Bald Orlan - National Symbol United States. The bird nests on the coasts, the wingspan of 2.1 m, weight to 6.3 kg. Feathers on the head of white color, the rest of the body is dark brown.

Interesting facts about countries and cities of North and South America

Interesting facts about America, its countries should be positioned in descending order of remarkable:

  1. Chile. In private property here are telephone networks, roads, electricity, water resources. Many national parks also belong to individuals.
  2. of Canada. Most of the country for unexplained reasons has the strength of attraction less than the steel planet.
  3. Argentina. The name of the country happened from the Latin word "silver". Europeans who settled here believed that the terrain was rich in this metal.
  4. USA. The oldest city of the country is laid in 1610, in New Mexico, this is Santa Fe.
  5. The capital Mexico, the city of Mexico City of the residence of 1/5 of the residents of the state. And the plugs in the city are considered one of the worst in the world.
  6. In , the capital of Canada, Ottawa, there is a valid Cathedral of Notre Dam.

Tourist directories sometimes provide inaccurate information, attracting new visitors. However, many facts have a real base, only slightly embellished.

The most extraordinary sights of Northern and South America

among the attractions of North America, monuments, sculptures are especially allocated. It is often difficult to understand, in honor of which the monument is installed, it is not known exactly when it appeared. Giant Blue Mustang in Colorado, 10.5 meters high. Located on the way from Danver Airport.

Florida State of Pegasus Killing Dragon. The sculptural composition is located in Golf Stream Park, Holandale Beach. Kansas, Lucas city. The locals erected the world's largest painted souvenir plate as a monument. On it, in the center, the name of the city is indicated.

In the state of Montana, in the city of Missoula, bizarre statues of cats are scattered all over the streets. These are large, semi-fantastic images of ordinary domestic animals.

In Nebraska, a headstone for Andy's noseless goose has been erected. Judging by the years of the bird's life, the monument appeared after 1991 (the year the goose died).

Washington State is famous for the statue of a huge cowboy hat and a huge cowboy boot. Wyoming immortalized the mythical animal, the horned hare, by erecting a monument to it. South America is not famous for the monuments of the absurd, however, there is something to see there.

The Cathedral of Saint Sebastian is located in Rio de Janeiro. The structure was built in the form of a pyramid, 75 m high. Inside, in addition to worship, an exhibition of church art is available. The building is made in the style of modernism of the 50s of the XX century.

In Colombia, near the city of Zipaquir, there is a temple in salt caves. You can get there through a tunnel, along the way you will have to go through 14 chapels. The temple is located at a depth of 200 m. The city of Machu Picchu, in Peru, was supposedly built in the 15th century. The most famous place of the ancient city is the stone of the Sun (a strange monolith among a triangular platform).

Facts about America reveal interesting aspects of the mentality, customs of the part of the world. Unique plants and animals give an idea of ​​the uniqueness of the continents, partly so similar to the natural conditions common to the inhabitants of the middle zone of Eurasia.

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