Indonesia. Where is located on the world map. Holidays on the islands, resorts and attractions, excursions

The biggest island state on the world map with a rich history (ancestors Modern people inhabited islands from ancient times) - Indonesia. This is a tropical country of volcanoes, exotic plants and animals. The location of the country is the Equatorial Stern Islands.

Indonesia on the world map

Indonesia, where (located on the world map in the equator zone) reigns the eternal summer, is located in the eastern hemisphere and occupies most of the territory of the Zonda Islands. Indonesian islands are located on the central border of 2 oceans: quiet and Indian.

The north of the Indonesian archipelago is located Indochina Peninsula and the Philippine Islands, the Australian mainland is south. The state of the state includes more than 18 thousand islands of various sizes, 1 thousand of them are populated by people, 9 thousand. Do not even have names.

The largest and most famous islands are:

  • Sumatra;
  • Kaliman;
  • Sulawesi;
  • Java;
  • New Guinea;
  • Bali.

Most of the country is occupied by mountains and volcanoes (they are 400 here, 80 of them are active).


The climate in the country is tropical. Summer from winter differs only by the amount of precipitation: from November to March here, the rainy season, in the summer of precipitation falls much less. Sea water temperature does not fall below + 26 ° C. The length of the daylight for a year practically does not change and is equal to approximately 12 hours.

The country's money sign is Indonesian rupee. The difference in time with Moscow is +4 hours in the West and +6 h in the east of the country.

266 million people live in the country. Indonesians confess Islam. The state language of the country is Indonesian.

The capital of the state is the city of Jakarta. The main city of the country is located on the north-west coast of the island of Java. The city is founded more than 500 years ago.

Rating of the most popular Indonesian islands:

  • Java Island;
  • Bali Island;
  • Lubok Island;
  • Biak Island;
  • Gili islands.

Review of Indonesia resorts

The most famous Indonesian resorts are:

  • Surabaya - large metropolis with The population of more than 3 million people, the most important economic center, the main port of the country, is located in the eastern part of Java Island. The city was founded at the end of the 13th century.

Attractions of the city are:

  1. Clean beaches;
  2. Vintage Museum-Port Kalimas, where there are models of wooden medieval ships;
  3. Mosque;
  4. Museum of Colonial Time.
  • Medan - the main city of the district of Northern Sumatra, and the 4th population in the country. Medan was founded at the end of the XVI century. In the 2nd half of the XIX century. Was captured by the Dutch colonists. There are many churches in the city owned by a variety of religious confessions, museums, palaces.
  • Makassar - the largest city of the island of Sulawesi. In the Middle Ages, Makassar was the main trading center in Eastern Indonesia. The magnitude of Makassar ranks 6th in the country. Currently, the city is the largest international port of the island of Sulawesi. In addition to the beaches in the city, you should visit the center of the Dutch Colony, Fort Rotterdam, Trans Studio Entertainment Park.
  • Surakart is the most important city for the country, located on the island of Java. The city is famous for its markets, palaces, ancient temples, caves.
  • Djokyakarta - Cultural Center of the country. The city was founded in the middle of the XVIII century. In the city center there is a Sultansky Palace and Square. There are many mosques in the city, there are Catholic cathedrals, which speaks about the colonial past of the city. The northern part of the city is in close proximity to the acting volcano.

Therapeutic and spa resorts

Indonesia (where is on the world map, one of the most favorable resort zones) is famous for its spa and wellness recreation:

  • Jimbaran - a small village with luxury hotels, each with its own modern spa.
  • Bali Island is famous for its spa resorts that offer such procedures: several types of massage using nutrients, wraps and masks, mineral baths and aromatherapy, thalassotherapy.
  • In Tanjung Benoa there is a center specializing in rejuvenation technologies.
  • Ubud's city is located much higher than the level of the sea, so that the air in this area is very clean and contains more oxygen.
  • The city of Sanur attracts tourists with well-kept beaches, clean air and modern spa centers.

Leisure cities

Going on vacation to Indonesia, it is not necessary to go to a big city. Small settlements are in no way inferior to resort megacities in the quality of services offered to tourists.

Small resort towns in Indonesia:

  • Bohorok is a quiet place for lovers of eco-tourism. Bungalow hotels of the city are equipped without luxury according to the lifestyle of the local population. Hotels are surrounded by lush exotic vegetation. The city organizes excursions to the untouched jungle and to the local river. Local musical groups often organize concerts, which every tourist can attend.
  • Samosir is a small town on the shores of Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra. Lake Toba is the basin of an ancient volcano, which is currently inactive and eventually turned into a huge lake. The beaches of the lake and the bungalow hotels of the city are equipped with everything you need. In the vicinity of the city, tourists can see how Indonesians grow rice, visit a waterfall, jungle, villages of local residents.
  • The picturesque small town of Bukittinggi is also located on the shore of a volcanic lake, the depth of which reaches 450 m. Tourists can see volcanoes, rice fields, caves here. In addition to natural attractions, vacationers will be able to visit the village, where matriarchy has been preserved and visit the tunnels that were cut down during the Second World War.
  • Nias - 10 is a small island located to the west of the island of Sumatra. The island is very popular among surfers. The infrastructure on the island is poorly developed, the reason for this is earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • The city of Bandung is located in the mountainous area of ​​the island of Java. The Bandung mountain resort offers tourists to explore the mountain ranges and climb the volcano. The city's hotels are well equipped. Not far from Bandung is the resort of thermal healing springs Sari Atera.
  • The small town of Utara is located in the north of the island of Sulawesi. Clear seas and rich underwater life have made this a popular spot for divers.
  • The village of Selatan, located on the southern coast of the island of Sulawesi, does not belong to the resorts of Indonesia. This place will be of interest to those who are interested in the history of the country, as well as the traditions and customs of the local population.

Bali Island

Features of rest on Bali are:

  • Always crowded beaches;
  • The high level of humidity in combination with heat is very difficult tolerated;
  • Do not choose Bali Places for a trip in the winter: In the winter season, there are prolonged rains here, there are many garbage on the beaches;
  • Lack of public transport;
  • a wide variety of exotic vegetables and fruits;
  • on the island a lot of natural and architectural attractions;
  • The most interesting culture and religion of the local population;
  • Diverse prices for housing.


  • Bali Bali National Park is located on the west coast of the island. It covers the large territory of the sushi, on which the rainforest grow, and part of the sea water area, where many coral reefs.
  • The Pasimification Museum represents an exposition consisting of the cultural artifacts of Asian countries and the Pacific countries.
  • The Water Palace of Tirta Ganga is a large number of pools and fountains that are surrounded by a garden of tropical plants and statues of religious subjects.
  • Safari Park Bali demonstrates representatives of the animal world of Indonesia: huge Varanov, snakes, tigers, dickery, birds. Every day, the park organizers spend a show in which the history and culture of the region is described in detail.
  • The operating volcano of Gunung-Battur in the northeast of the island, in the huge caldera of which the lake and volcanic cones are located.
  • Bali Museum. Its exposures demonstrate: theatrical masks and musical instruments, paintings and sculptures, products from textiles, archaeological values.
  • On the island there is a park of butterflies, Park Reptile, Park of Birds, Forest Monkeys, Botanical Garden. [155!

Java Island

On the map of the world, Java Island is located in the zone of tectonic fault. Indonesia is a country of volcanoes and on Yava more than 120. Therefore, Java Island offers tourists and rest on the seashore, and rest in the mountains.

Recreation Features:

  • Beaches of Sandy Island;
  • on Java many large cities;
  • The transport system is well developed;
  • many attractions;
  • On the island of Java, the best features for shopping;
  • Attending the island is better from April to October: during the winter months, the rainy season is here.

Attractions of Java island:

  • Merapi volcano is considered one of the most dangerous in the world, large eruptions occur every 7 years, small - once every 6 months. A museum dedicated to the history of the Merapi eruptions has been opened in the city of Yogyakarta.
  • Borobudur is a Buddhist temple, built at the beginning of the 10th century. new era. The temple was created in the form of a stepped truncated pyramid 35 m high, the walls of the temple are decorated with sculptures and compositions of religious themes.
  • Prambanan is a complex of temples dedicated to Indian deities. Initially, the complex included more than 200 temples, but due to high seismic activity, less than half of the buildings have survived to this day. The walls of the temples are decorated with bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the Indian epic.
  • Istiklal - the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, can accommodate more than 120 thousand people. The mosque was built in the second half of the 20th century.



Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, a multi-million city located on the northwestern coast of the island of Java. Jakarta is the country's most important port.

Features of capital recreation:

  • goodwill and respect from the local population for vacationers;
  • there are many diverse hotels in the city;
  • good shopping opportunities: during the sales period, you can get good things at a fairly low price;
  • many national holidays are celebrated on a grand scale;
  • Traffic on city roads is always heavy.


  • Thousand Islands is the district of the capital, located in the Java Sea, represented by 105 small islands.
  • Ragunan Zoo is a zoo with an area of ​​140 hectares. The zoo houses representatives of the Indonesian fauna and other species of animals that are threatened with complete extinction. The zoo has 270 animal species and 171 plant species.
  • The statue of the hero is a monument dedicated to the fighters for the independence of Indonesia. The monument was made of bronze by the Soviet sculptor Matvey Manizer in the middle of the 20th century.
  • The Maritime Museum, whose exposition presents the maritime history of Indonesia, the exhibits are models of boats and various marine objects from all parts of the country.
  • The Wayang Museum, exhibits movable shadow puppets and rare musical instruments.
  • Indonesia in Miniature Park demonstrates the ethnic, cultural, religious and natural diversity of all the peoples inhabiting the country.Here are the traditional dwellings of the local population, household items. In addition, the park has a cable car, places of worship, museums, and gardens.


Indonesia, where (located on the world map in one of the most favorable climatic zones) some islands are larger than any European country, attracts tourists with rich flora and fauna.

The island of Kalimantan or Borneo is the largest in the Sunda archipelago and the third largest in the world. Its territory is divided between 3 states: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

The features of holidays in Kalimantan are:

  • holidays on the island are more suitable for active tourists: many excursions in the jungle are organized here;
  • a wide range of housing prices;
  • a large number of natural reserves;
  • rich underwater world;
  • there is practically no seismic activity on the island, and the island is also avoided by typhoons and tsunamis.

Being on the Indonesian territory of the island of Kalimantan, tourists should definitely visit the following places:

  • in the western part of the island. The territory of the park occupies 800 thousand hectares. The rarest species of red and ebony, dipterocarp trees (their wood contains essential oils), the rarest species of orchids, palm trees and chestnuts grow in the park. The fauna of the park: rare species of monkeys, crocodiles, tropical colorful birds, lemurs and the Malay bear living in the trees.
  • Kutai National Park is located in the eastern part of the island. The territory of the park is a natural reserve, on the territory of which tropical plants grow, more than 100 species of mammals and 300 species of birds live, there are also several lakes.
  • There is a unique floating market in the city of Banjarmasin. Here merchants float on the river, offering their goods to buyers who are right in the boat. In the floating market, you can buy food, clothing or household items. The market is organized on the water due to frequent floods in the city.
  • The monument to the equator is located in the city of Pontianak on the western coast of the island of Kalimantan, consists of 4 pillars, marks the division of the northern hemisphere from the southern one.


Indonesia, where (located on the world map in 2 natural zones: equatorial forests and altitudinal zone) the natural landscape is so diverse, invites tourists to one of the 5 main Indonesian islands of Sumatra.

The peculiarities of holidays in Sumatra are:

  • high housing prices;
  • the beaches of the island are covered with dark sand;
  • organized excursions to the mountains and the jungle;
  • many historical and cultural monuments.


  • St. Peter's Cathedral was built in the first half of the 20th century. in neo-gothic design, belongs to the Catholic structure of the city of Bandung.
  • The Sultan's Palace in Medan was built at the end of the 19th century and represents the colonial era.
  • The main religious building in Medan - The Great Mosque was built in the Moroccan style over 100 years ago.
  • The sarcophagus of King Sidabutar is located near the settlement of Tomoka, it is a small necropolis where the remains of the king revered by the Indonesians and his relatives are buried. The burial is over 200 years old.
  • At the foot of Mount Leuser lies the Gunung-Luser National Park, on the territory of which there is a humid equatorial forest untouched by man and home to many rare animals.
  • The Bukit Barisan mountain range, which stretches along the entire island of Sumatra for 1700 km, is also a protected area. The ridge includes 35 active volcanoes and the highest mountain in Indonesia - Kerinchi Peak (3.8 km high).


The small Indonesian island of Komodo (area 390 km2) of volcanic origin is located between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa.

The main features of recreation on the island are:

  • friendly and welcoming locals;
  • lack of hotels, cafes, supermarkets, mobile communications;
  • electricity is supplied for several hours a day;
  • residential buildings are located only on the coast and on piles: many dangerous reptiles live on the island, for the same reason it is impossible to penetrate deep into the island on your own;
  • the beaches of the island are covered with white and pink sand;
  • The island's souvenir shops sell pearls and Komodo dragon claws.

    Being on Komodo Island in Indonesia is quite dangerous because of the Komodo dragons living there. However, these creatures live in the nearby islands on the world map

, the island of the Komodo because of its unique and dangerous flora and fauna almost intact by a person, so the local landmark is The whole island, which is a natural reserve. The most interesting representative of the local fauna is the Dragon Dragon, which was proven, is the only preserved type of dinosaurs.

The length of the body of the lizard reaches 3rd, and the weight is 160 kg. Warana are able to attack any living being. In addition to the Varanov on the island a lot of unique butterflies, birds and plants. At the coast of the island you can see several hundred types of coral formations, which are home to several thousand types of tropical fish.


Lombok Island is located next to Bali Island.

Features of rest on the territory of Lombok Island are:

  • The situation on the island is quite calm, a little tourists, so this island is ideal for family holidays;
  • prices are much lower than in the large cities of Indonesia;
  • Get to the island is easy;
  • Modern entertainment, cinemas, water parks are absent.

Interesting places of the island of Lombok:

  • Vulcan of Rindjani, in the crater of which the lake is located, the height of the volcano is 3726 m.
  • Gili islands - a group of small coral islands located near Lombok Island. Little-friendly islands of Gili will be interested in diving lovers.
  • Narmada's water park was built at the beginning of the XIX century specifically for the royal family. On the territory of the park there are lakes, swimming pool, a source of youth, a royal holiday home.
  • The Water Palace of Maiura was erected in the middle of the XVIII century. And destroyed by hostilities in 1894. Currently there is a lake and park.
  • On the island allowed to visit the villages of local residents, in which you can purchase textile or pottery, decorations, accessories.
  • Hindu Temple Poo Mere Built in 1720, the servants of the temple invite believers at the ceremony to blow huge drums.


The Indonesian Island Bintan is located southern South China Sea in close proximity to the port of Singapore.

Features of recreation on Bintan Island are:

  • unique flora and fauna;
  • many historical monuments;
  • Getting to the island is easy;
  • At present, the organization of tourism in Bintan is given special attention.

Things to see while in Bintan:

  • The main city of the island of Tanjung Pinang, which houses a popular craft center where local craftsmen create various souvenirs with their own hands. Outside the city are pineapple plantations.
  • The ancient Riau Sultan Mosque is located in the small town of Pulau Penyengat. The building of the mosque is already several centuries old and to this day it has been preserved almost perfectly.
  • Tanjung Uban - a city on the northwestern coast of the island, coastal houses, hotels, restaurants which are built above the water.
  • A banyan tree temple whose walls are woven with banyan roots and branches.
  • The man-made cave of Santa Maria was cut down in the 18th century. by a Dutch priest, is currently a visiting place for the faithful.

Excursions in Indonesia

In order to get to know Indonesia better, find out how diverse the flora and fauna of the country is, see the most significant sights and get acquainted with the life of the local population, it is worth using the proposed excursions.

Indonesian excursion programs:

  • A sightseeing tour of Jakarta will introduce tourists to the modern city, historical sights, the National Museum (museum exhibitions demonstrate antiques, bronzes, Chinese ceramics), the National Monument, the old harbor.
  • The Bogor Botanical Garden Tour provides tourists with an opportunity to see more than 15,000 plants from the Asian region and around the world, growing on an area of ​​215 acres.
  • A study tour to the island of Bali begins with a visit to the Batubulan national village, where local residents will show a colorful show in national costumes. This is followed by a visit to the Kintamani volcano, Lake Batur, Monkey Park.
  • A two-day tour of the historical monuments of the city of Yogyakarta, where tourists can see the Sultan's Palace in Kraton, batik and silver jewelry factories, Borobudur temple, Prambanan Hindu temple.
  • Excursion to the island of Komodo includes: going to the habitats of famous Varanov, visiting the beaches with pink sand and traditional market.
  • Excursion in the southern tip of the island Bintan, during which tourists will be able to visit the Chinese fishing settlement, the Dutch port, Mausoleums of Kings, Palaces, Mosque.
Islands of the city Attractions
SumyraMedan, Bukittings, PalembangMountains, Volcanic Lakes, National Parks
KalimantanPontianak, Samarinda, BandjarmasinBeaches, Reserves, Sea Ports
JavaJakarta, Bandung, SurabayaVolcanoes, mosques, reserves
BaliDenpasar, Sanur, BenoaTemples, Museums, National Parks
SulawesiMakasar, Manado, Bulucumbumvillages of local residents, caves, buildings of the colonial period

Country Infinite summer combines modern megalopolises and small villages, tropical jungle and furnished beaches with hotels.

Indonesian Islands on the world map are located along the equator line, which is why beach holidays here is possible all year round.

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