Ibiza, Spain. Where is on the map, sights of the resort

Few travelers do not know about the international resort of Ibiza, which is located in the south of Europe. This beautiful island attracts tourists an extensive choice of entertainment and picturesque beaches.

Where is Ibiza on the map of Spain

Ibiza Island belongs to the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, washing the Spanish coast on the east side. By Catalan, its name sounds like "Ivis". The islands also refers to the group of Pitius Islands and is the third largest in the archipelago.

The relief amazes with its diversity: the plains covered with greens borders with hills and gorges. Most Balearic Islands are uninhabited, but not Ibis - the population of this area has about 50 thousand people. You can only get here with aviation or sea transport.

The most common routes run through Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Lisbon. With the help of water transport, the island can be achieved in 4 hours.

When it is better to fly to Ibiza. Climate and weather by month

Ibiza is located in the south of Europe, closer to Africa, and is characterized by a dry subtropical climate. In the summer, there is arid weather with rare thunderstorms. Winters on the island are soft, but rainy.

)Month Average daily temperature, °С Average night temperature, °С Water temperature, °С Precipitation, mm January1571534February1681627March1691739April17101735May20131824June26182115July2820236August29222523September27202542October24172360November19122150December1691855

Most tourists come to Ibiza in August and September, as these are the hottest months. Also at this time, many concerts and performances by famous DJs are held on the island.

For a quieter holiday, those who want to enjoy nature visit Ibiza in late spring, early summer and autumn. Due to the temperate climate of the island, there are practically no frosts and snowfalls in winter and intense heat in summer.

Resorts of Ibiza and the best hotels on them

Ibiza is part of Spain - a country of hot dances and brave matadors. The bewitching beauty of the beaches, historical sights and the special atmosphere of these places remain in memory forever.

On the vast territory of the island, there are many hotels from economy options to luxury apartments. In Ibiza, there are places for party lovers and for those who prefer a more relaxing holiday in the bosom of nature.

The most famous resorts of the island:

  • Portinatx;
  • Santa Eulalia des Rio;
  • Playa d'en Bossa;
  • Talamanca;
  • San Miguel;
  • Sant Antoni.

Some of the best hotels of the island are considered:

  • Hard Rock Hotel, Playa Dan-Boss;
  • Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa, Playa Den Boss;
  • Destino Pacha Resort, Talamanca;
  • 7pines Resort, San Jose;
  • ME Ibiza, Santa Eulalia del Rio.

These are 5-star hotels with outdoor pools, sea views and all inclusive system. Also on the territory of the island there are many 2- and 3-star hotels for travelers with a middle budget.


The Portinatx resort is located in the northern region of the island among the rocks and hills. This charming corner attracts tourists with magic species of landscapes with evergreen hills. For a long time, Portinach was a "wild" district of Ibiza, but with the development of the infrastructure of the island, he became one of the most popular resorts.

You can get here by bus from the city of Ibiza or by ferry.

Portinach has its own small bay surrounded by rocks. The best beaches of this resort: S'arenal Gros (the longest), S'arenal Petit and Playa Porto. These are well-kept sandy beaches with gentle descent.

Sandos El Greco Beach is considered the most famous hotel of this region. Best of all, he has proven himself to leisure adult family couples who came to enjoy the nature of Ibiza.

Hotel Benefits:

  • View of the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Outdoor pool;
  • Gym;
  • 2 restaurants;
  • White Sandy Beach.

Here is a wide range of wellness procedures and entertainment events.

Other apart-hotels in Portinaich, in demand for tourists:

  • S`arenal Apartments;
  • Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort;
  • SA Vinya Hostal;
  • Apartamentos ES PUET Blanc.

Excursions of the resort Portinich include a review of local attractions: Pirate Tower and Lighthouse.


The resort of Talamanca is located on the eastern coastline near the capital of the island - the city of Ivisi. The best place for family holidays on the island is not found. Calm beach, shallow occasion in the sea and water park - all conditions for couples with children. If you wish, you can go to the entertainment center, you can walk in half an hour before the capital.

Talamanca is distinguished by a beautiful embankment with a variety of restaurants and a cafe in the coastal zone. Among entertainment, water excursions and sea sports are popular here.

The best hotels of Talamanca:

  • Sir Joan Hotel;
  • Apartment Ikebana;
  • Hotel Simbad Ibiza & Spa;
  • O. D. Talamanca.

Due to the high demand for hotels in this area, it is better to book a few months before the planned vacation. Holidays in the resort of Talamanca provide an opportunity to experience the versatility of the picturesque island of Ibiza.

San Antonio

The resort of San Antonio is located on the west coast of the island in a picturesque area.

The main advantages of this place:

  • palm alley;
  • musical fountains;
  • squares with exotic trees;
  • extensive sandy beach.

Slingshot and Splashball amusement parks are located here, Café Del Mar restaurant, from the terrace of which you can watch incredible sunsets. Active guests can enjoy windsurfing and water skiing.

Famous sights of San Antonio:

  • sculpture of a ship in an egg;
  • the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, with beautiful frescoes;
  • Cap Blanc Aquarium with Marine Restoration Center;
  • Fire show on Sunset Street.

San Antonio has a large selection of hotels and hostels to suit all tastes.

The best resort hotels according to visitors' reviews:

  • Agroturismo Sa Talaia;
  • Marble Stella Maris Ibiza;
  • Palladium Hotel Palmyra;
  • Cubanito Ibiza Suites.

You can get to San Antonio from any part of the island by bus or other transport.

Beaches of Ibiza

The beaches of the island attract vacationers with the incredible beauty of turquoise waters and picturesque views of the coast. Clean beaches with all the necessary amenities are perfect for daytime activities and watching the mesmerizing sunsets.

The beach of Cala Llonga is located near Ibiza and has a length of about 200 m. The rounded coastline protects this place from strong winds, so there are no big waves in this bay. Cala Llonga is well suited for families with small children.

You won't be bored here, near the beach there is:

  • diving school;
  • restaurants;
  • shops;
  • playgrounds.

Features of the beaches:

  1. Cala Llonga is easily accessible and is a very popular beach during the high season. Playa Conte Beach is located on the north-west coast of the island. From here there is a magnificent view of the next island, many here come to watch the beautiful sunsets. The beach is divided into three zones, one of them is nudist.
  2. At Playa Conte, you can find everything for a comfortable stay, the beach is distinguished from hotels and private villas. The sea here is calm and clean, on the coast there is a local beachcloth.
  3. Playa de Santa Eulalia - a well-kept beach with palm trees and "marine meadows", inhabited unique animals and plants. Nearby is a port from which you can go to a small sea cruise. Near the beach passes the embankment with restaurants and shops. Here is also a fountain from which you can feed the ducks. Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean climate strip, so its beaches are open from May to October.
  4. Beach Cala Tarid is located among beautiful rocky hills. This place is remarkably suitable for photo shoots. This beach is often choosing surfing lovers, as cool waves are there. You can get to Cala Tarida by bus from San Antonio.
  5. Beach Benirras is hidden behind pine groves. He is known as his favorite hippie rest in the past, today there are often street drummers. In the clock clock on Benirras, musical performances are arranged. This is a small but wide sandy-pebble beach. The sea here is transparent blue and calm. Benirras has its own infrastructure with umbrellas, sun beds and local cafes.
  6. One of the romantic corners is Cala Salad Beach, the road to which is descended along a wooden staircase. This is a cozy small beach for lovers, where you can spend evenings and meet sunlords of incredible beauty. Not far there are restaurants and a boat station. You can get here by car from San Antonio.
  7. On the northeast coast there is a family beach of Cala Portinich. White sandy beaches surrounded by hills look like in the picture. Nearby there is an aquapark and attractions, playgrounds. Cala Portinach will also like the divers and fans of water sports. With a defensive tower, which is nearby, offers stunning views of the surroundings.
  8. Kala Sarrack's rocky beach will like those who are looking for privacy and tranquility. It is characterized by special beauty among other Ibiza beaches thanks to the rocky shore and underwater gorges. Cala Sarraka - Nakhodka for divers and lovers of water photoshot. It's not easy for this beach because of winding roads.
  9. The Beach Ses-Saline is located near the salt lakes and sand dunes in the protected natural zone. Parties on Ses Saline made the beach one of the most famous on the island. One part of the beach is more adapted for recreation with children, the other is for youth parties. Here you can ride water transport or dive with scuba. This is a pretty expensive beach with relevant prices in nearby restaurants.

Also on the territory of the island there are musical beaches with nightclubs:

  • Space;
  • Bora-Bora Bar;
  • Salines;
  • Tahiti Bar.

Parties here are held almost around the clock, which attracts travelers from different ends of the world.


Ibiza is located in the Balearic Sea, and in the Middle Ages this island often captured various nations. This contributed to the formation of a peculiar culture and attractions in Ibiza.

There are many places required for visiting:

  • ancient fortress;
  • viewing platforms;
  • Museums;
  • Gorge;
  • Caves.


  1. The city-fortress of the Dal-Vila is located near the capital and is a UNESCO heritage facility. The complex of the buildings was built in the VII century BC, and now Open-AIR concerts are held among these defensive walls. From the observation deck of bastion you can see the whole city and bay.

    Ibiza has a striking city-fortress of Dalz-Vila.

  2. Nearby is the Gothic Cathedral of Ivis, built in the XIII century by Catalan. Inside the church is framed in the romance restrained style. The Cathedral is a museum with the statue of the Virgin Mary and the pictures of the Baroque times.
  3. In the port of De San Miguel, the cave of Kova de Kang Mark, which in the past was used by smugglers for the goods warehouse. Now it takes excursions with water, light and sound special effects.
  4. In the Necropolis Museum of the Phoenician-Carthaginian Epoch of Puch de Molins, you can see the ancient sarcophages and tombs in which noble people were buried. This archaeological reserve is included in the UNESCO Heritage List.
  5. On the south-west coast of Ibiza is the viewing platform of Ses Savinar. From the height of this old tower, a chic view of the sea and the closest islands opens.

Interesting places

Traveling around the island should be visited by the Cap-Blanc Aquarium in San Antonio. This is a submarine lake in a cave, inhabited by various types of marine animals and fish. In the center of recovery of rare seeding of marine animals, the study of the underwater world and various research is carried out.

At different points of the island there are caves in which excursions are held. The 25-meter cave of Kova Santa is striking by huge stalactites, the cave of Marsa - underground lakes and waterfalls, the cave of the Deruls - ancient man-made structures.

From Ibiza, you can go on a maritime excursion to the island of Es bucket, on which only birds live.

It will not be possible to land on the island, but it is possible to fall closely and it is possible for its nature. If you look at the Es bucket from the beach of Cala d'orth, it resembles a sailing dragon. On the eastern cape of Punta Grosa is a lighthouse, from which you can see the island of Tago Mago. Western Cape Lenriors offers a beautiful view of all southern coast.

Nightlife in Ibiza

Night clubs Ibiza are places where party members come from around the world for a portion of new impressions. In the midst of the season, guests are the best DJs of the world. The festive atmosphere here is in the air, regardless of the day of the week and the time of day. Night clubs on the island are a lot, each tourist can choose an institution for taste preferences and financial capabilities.

Veterans clubs on a partition field are Pacha and Amnesia. Pacha is a club that works yearly, even in the winter season. Amnesia club hosts enchanting show, get to which every party lover dreams.

Other famous clubs of Islands:

  • Priviledge (the largest club, accommodates 10,000 people);
  • SPACE (popular because of its After-Party);
  • ES Paradis (impressive interior and water dance floor);
  • EL Divino (often attend celebrities).

At night, there is a disco-bus on the island, which can be reached by any club. Particular parties on the occasion of the opening and closing of the beach season are especially popular.

Cultural holidays

Ibiza may be interested in tourist not only by nightclubs, but also interesting museums and architectural structures. In Ivice, excursions are held on the Almudaine castle, erected in the XVI century. This is a beautiful building with gorgeously decorated large halls, which in the past was an administrative and military center.

Excavations around the castle showed that the first buildings in this place were built in the VII century.

Cultural recreation on the island includes a visit to the Royal Park, which is located near the fortification of Dalt Vila. From the park there is a tunnel connecting it with the entrance to the fortress and the Sun Square. The mysterious tunnel is lit by torches and leads to the ancient door of the fortress portal.

Horse lovers should visit Hipico Cuadras Es Puig. Adults and children can ride horses here. Communication with animals relieves stress and brings positive emotions. Horse therapy is very useful for posture disorders and psycho-emotional disorders.

Having a ride on a pleasure tram, you can see many significant places in the city and enjoy the beauty of the evergreen hills. You can also go to the karting club and the Kentucky Derby horse races.

Active holidays in Ibiza

Active holidays are also welcome in Ibiza.

The island offers a large number of extreme entertainment:

  • windsurfing;
  • diving;
  • parachute flights;
  • jet skiing;
  • amusement park;
  • snorkelling.

For those who prefer sports, there are tennis courts and golf clubs.

Shopping and entertainment

Few people go to Ibiza for shopping, but nevertheless, the island has many shops with an exclusive range. Connoisseurs of fashion brands should visit the Sirena shopping center. There are many branded trade departments, as well as points with souvenirs.

Shops in Ibiza that shoppers should look into:

  • Kiko (perfumes and cosmetics);
  • De Mil Amores (women's clothing made from natural materials);
  • Xicu (all for children);
  • Mari Mayans (high-end alcoholic drinks);
  • Magic Crystal (esoteric shop);
  • Can Felix (traditional local clothing).

Prices in stores are mostly affordable for tourists with an average budget.


The gastronomy of Ibiza is diverse and multinational. Anyone who comes to the island to try something new from Spanish delicacies will find a restaurant to their liking. Ibizan cuisine will satisfy the appetite of almost any tourist, as there are national establishments from around the world.

Famous restaurants in Ibiza that may be of interest to travelers:

  • Bistrot Côté Sud (French cuisine);
  • Ars Vivendi (Mediterranean dishes);
  • Ancient (oriental cuisine);
  • Ca N'Alfredo (traditional Ibizan cuisine).

The traditional cuisine of the island includes mainly meat and fish dishes.

Gourmets should definitely try:

  • St. John's pasta;
  • sofrith paches;
  • borrida de rajada;
  • Huisat de pace fish;
  • tapas;
  • monkfish soup.

The Can Kyuro restaurant is famous for its national dishes. It is here that you can taste the favorite dishes of the islanders.

National traditions in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to Spain. The traditions of the island combined the customs of Christianity and paganism. Festive processions, festivals and musical events are often held here. The most magnificent are the festive parades on Easter, the summer solstice, the day of fishermen and sailors.

Bal Pajes are the traditional dances of the islanders, which are performed in costumes embroidered with gold. Playing drums and castanets is an obligatory attribute of the celebration. Travelers are recommended to visit the celebration dedicated to the conquest of the island by the Spaniards, during which the battle on melons takes place.

Useful information for tourists

Tourists need to know that the island has two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. But in many institutions of Ibiza they know English and German. In Ibiza, a “siesta” is common, few people work during lunch hours, basically everyone rests.

You should know that the majority of the popular clubs of the island are located in Ibiza and San Antonio, the rest of the territory is more suitable for a relaxing holiday.

Tickets to clubs and parties should be booked in advance. It is recommended to carefully check the bills in restaurants, as mark-ups are possible. In restaurants, there is a rule that those sitting at the bar pay less than those sitting at the table.

When moving around Ibiza, it is advisable to order a taxi through the service, and not stop passing cars. You should not buy goods and products of untested quality from street vendors.

The island of Ibiza is an entertainment center located in the Mediterranean Sea and attracts tourists from all over the world. Everyone who has visited this place will keep the best memories of incendiary parties, traditional cuisine and festive processions on the island.

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