Iberostar Royal El Mansour, Tunisia. Reviews, photos, videos, prices

A trip to the Iberostar Royal El Mansour hotel, judging by the reviews on tourist portals, will not only be a mediocre pastime driving on the seashore, but also an exciting journey into the world of excellent service and entertainment.

Iberostar hotels are spread all over the world, even in the most remote parts of the planet. They are characterized by impeccable service, advantageous location, high level of gastronomy. Hotels for a beach holiday of the famous chain always occupy the coastline closest to the sea.

The Iberostar Royal El Mansour in Tunisia fits the bill. He was awarded the category 5 *, which is quite rare for the country: most hotels have 4 * or 3 *. Iberostar Royal El Mansour is suitable for a family holiday, after which both children and their parents will be satisfied. The main component of the hotel was its beach: white sand, the purest water of the Mediterranean Sea and moderate waves.

Young people will not get bored either: the animation program throughout the day is full of entertainment events, every evening ends with a disco with modern hits. Iberostar Royal El Mansour reviews describe as a hotel with a well-groomed territory: green lawns, palm trees, shrubs, multi-colored flower beds.

This splendor is complemented by good service, delicious and varied food, clean rooms, an unforgettable atmosphere of kindness and hospitality. The staff is focused on the comfort of the client: friendly attitude, quick resolution of all problems and response to any requests.

Location of the Iberostar Royal El Mansour and what's around

Iberostar Royal El Mansour is located in the North of Tunisia in the small resort town of Mahdia. As a rule, tourists who come to rest in this locality land at the Habib Bourguiba airport located in Monastir. About 50 km and 1 hour by transfer separate the place of arrival and the Iberostar Royal El Mansour hotel.

The city of Mahdia is known for its spacious beaches with white sand, clear waters and gently sloping beaches, ideal for children. In the city center there is a large fish market, which is in great demand among visitors.

There are no noisy nightclubs in Mahdia, the resort offers a calm and measured rest on the seashore with a walk along the promenade, dinners at local restaurants abounding in seafood delicacies. The Iberostar Royal El Mansour is ideally located at the very beginning of the resort area: Route de la Corniche, BP 217.

Just 700 meters from it is the old city (medina), where you can look into museums, souvenir shops and restaurants. There, at the end of the week, a market opens, representing a variety of locally produced goods: olive oil, dates, clothes and much more.

Not far from the hotel is the city promenade with attractions for children and the port, a street with shops, as well as a large supermarket "Carrefour".

Infrastructure, beach and swimming pool

Iberostar Royal El Mansour, which is often mentioned in reviews of developed infrastructure, occupies an area of ​​about 4.2 hectares. A large area does not have empty areas, each m² of the hotel complex is reserved for vegetation, decorations, and functional buildings.

The hotel occupies one building, 5 floors high.

The Iberostar Royal El Mansour has 447 rooms, varying in size and functionality. With the help of 2 elevators, communication between floors is organized. There are 2 restaurants, one of which operates on a buffet basis, and the second is a la carte, which means à la carte service. 4 bars are presented to the attention of vacationers, one is located on the beach.

Those who cannot see their life without sports can visit the gym. The hotel has a thalasso center with a wide range of health and beauty treatments, 2 tennis courts with a special coating, laundry.

For swimming in the cold season, there is an indoor pool with heated water. There is one large swimming pool outside, around which there are sun loungers and umbrellas for the comfort of vacationers. The depth in it is of different levels, which allows swimming even for those who are not good at swimming.

Special attention should be paid to the hotel's beach: the incredible beauty of the sea, white sand and all the conditions for a comfortable stay. Sun loungers and umbrellas are provided for tourists, beach towels are issued at the reception, which can be replaced every day at a certain time.

The first coastline cannot but delight the closeness of the location to the hotel. The safety of staying on the beach provides rescuers who, in addition to their main work, meet vacationers and accelerate the ceiling traders.

Room Foundation and Room Features

Hotel Fund - 447 rooms, most of which are standard with an accommodation of no more than 3 people, 52 family and 2 - for People with disabilities. All of them are complied with the concept of Iberostar hotels, equipped according to the requirements of the hotel's 5 hotels.

In the rooms are:

  • A spacious balcony with a table and wicker seats for recreation.
  • Large double bed or several single-alone depending on the number of vacationers and customer preferences.
  • Sofa.
  • Dresser.
  • wardrobe.
  • a large mirror.
  • Desktop.
  • Air conditioning.
  • TV with multiple Russian channels.
  • Telephone for communications with the reception and between numbers.
  • Safe.
  • Minibar.

Stylish modern interiors are made in bright colors. The bathroom is equipped with modern plumbing, design is made in the same colors. Hair dryer, cosmetic and toiletries, snow-white towels - all this expects in the bathroom of each guest's guest. Cleaning is held daily, like replacing towels.

In the midst of the season in July, the cost of numbers per day will be:

  • 2- x Local room with 1 standard "Standard" - from 12,000 rubles.
  • 2-bed room with 1 standard "Standard" with sea view - from 13,600 rubles.
  • 3-bed room with 1 standard "Standard" - from 15 600 rubles.
  • Family room with 2 rooms and two bathrooms - from 25,000 rubles.

The concept of nutrition, alcohol

Going to rest in Iberostar Royal El Mansour, tourists often acquire the tickets acting on the "All Included" system. Such an accommodation involves 3 meals a day in the main restaurant of the hotel, snacks during the day, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of local production in the bar. Such a system is valid from 06:00 to 00:00 throughout the hotel.

The concept of nutrition in the main restaurant implies a set of local dishes and European dishes and takes place in a buffet format.

For breakfast presents:

  • Eggs of all kinds of cooking methods.
  • Yogurts.
  • Fresh baking.
  • Kashi.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Pancakes.
  • Salads.
  • Sausages.
  • sausage.
  • Juices.
  • Tea and coffee.

For lunch and dinner, it is supplied:

  • wine and beer.
  • National dishes.
  • Seafood.
  • Meat.
  • paste.
  • Soups.
  • Salads.
  • Vegetables and seasonal fruits.

On the territory of the hotel there is a restaurant A La Cart "Grill & Steak House", which is organized by the menu. It specializes in fish and meat cooked on the grill. A visit to this restaurant is not included in the standard service package "All Inclusive".

Iberostar Royal El Mansour, nutrition reviews in which they celebrate its high quality, has 2 bars: by the pool and in the lobby. Wine, beer, whiskey, gin, buhi - all alcoholic beverages are made on Tunisian factories. Foreign alcohol can be purchased at an additional cost. Bars also features juices, lemonade, tea and coffee, the included package of holidaymakers on the "All Inclusive" system.

Services of services

Resting at the Iberostar Royal El Mansour Hotel is comfortable, safely and more interesting for the services provided at the hotel. With any request will be helped at the reception or the hotel provided by the tour operator.

The Lobby Zone of the hotel Iberostar Royal El Mansour.

Currency exchange can be made through a reception, to remove money from the card will be in an ATM, which is also present at the hotel. On the first and basement floor there are shops with essential goods, as well as souvenir products.

Wellness and therapeutic, cosmetology

Thalasso-Center in the hotel offers visitors a large list of services. Salon specialists will select the appropriate procedure depending on the preferences and guest health testimony. A visit to the Thalasso Center is not included in the "All Inclusive" package.

The accessible services include various types of massages: anti-cellulite, firming, wellness, massage of individual body zones and face. Cosmetic services are also provided, such as cleaning, making masks and other procedures. Wraps, hammam and hydrated - complete the list of center services.

With any procedure, marine water is used, which distinguishes thalasso centers from, for example, a spa.

For those who want to fix the hairstyle at the hotel there is a hairdresser. Coloring, haircut, hairstyle, beard care - for specialists will not be difficult to fulfill any work. Unusual services include the creation of African braids and drawing Mehendi.

Adult entertainment. Options for active and passive recreation

From the very morning until late evening, the hotel's animation team is working on the leisure of guests. The morning program begins with group dances around the pool, which smoothly flow into gymnastics for everyone.

During the day, all sorts of entertainment are presented to the attention of tourists:

  • AquaErobics.
  • Darts.
  • Archery.
  • Competitions in the pool.
  • Beach Volleyball.
  • French game Petanque.
  • Classes on the basics of the Tunisian dialect.
  • Dance lessons.

The beach is a large selection of pastime options: you can simply lie on the chaise lounge in the shade of the umbrella, drinking a cocktail, and you can fly on a parachute, examining the surroundings, or ride on the gyroscuter under the instructor's guide.

In the evening, the animation team organizes the representation. It may be a comedy or dance show, a contest among tourists, the performance of Mysterious Fakir and much more. Every evening, after presenting, animators invite everyone to a modern disco, held in the club inside the hotel.

The hotel has a private field for tennis, a billiard and tennis table. The attribute is located on the administrator's rack or under the supervision of animators. There are also desktop and card games.

Entertainment for children

Iberostar Royal El Mansour, reviews about children's rest in which only positive, offers a large range of entertainment. The Star Camp mini club organized an active animation for children from 4 to 17 years. All visitors are divided into 3 groups: Monkey from 4 to 7 years old, Dolphin from 8 to 12 years and Eagle from 13 to 17 years. There is an opportunity to leave a child under the supervision of workers at certain hours of operation.

In the closed air-conditioned room, classes are conducted by creativity, watching cartoons, board games. Soft and comfortable furniture is safe for children of any age. On the territory of the mini club there is a swimming pool and a children's corner with swings.


The courtyard is under a canopy - you can not be afraid of the hot African sun. In the evening, the animators arrange a disco, games and presentations for kids.

Business services

Arriving at the Iberostar Royal El Mansour can not stop working processes, but lead them in parallel with rest. The place is perfect for meeting business partners, exit events for employees of the company.

High-speed Internet on Wi-Fi network allows you to always be resting even resting by the pool.

Often in Iberostar Royal El Mansour various movements and organizations are conducting open meetings and meetings. For this purpose, the hotel has 3 conference rooms: for 450 people, with a capacity of up to 50 persons and not more than 30. Fax, printer or scanner can be used by contacting the reception desk.

Tours and Prices

Several tour operators are offered to purchase Turpaket at the Iberostar Royal El Mansour Hotel. What includes each of them and other information on a tour of 2 adults is presented in the table below.

Tour operator air carrier recreation dates Number of nights Power Price (rub.)
Anex TourAzur AirJuly 18 - July 257All inclusive95 766 rub.
Biblio GlobusRussiaJuly 15 - July 227All included95 280 rub.
SunmarROYAL FLIGHTJuly 15 - July 227All included100 569 rub.
CORAL TRAVELRoyal FlightJuly 15 - July 227All included102 011 rub.

The list of excursions depends on the choice of the tour operator, but, in this direction, they are all similar. The services provided by the hotel also coincide.

The cost of each tour containment includes:

  • Transfer in Tunisia;
  • medical insurance;
  • Guide support;
  • 24-hour hotline telephone.

Rules of entry and departure

Check in the hotel is carried out at 14 o'clock in the afternoon, and departure - at 12 o'clock. At the entrance, each guest gets a bracelet that provides the right to use all the services included in its turbo. If the time setting has not yet come, the luggage can be left in the room intended for this and go for exploration of the territory.

In some cases, if rooms are available, the hotel will accommodate guests and check in earlier than the scheduled time. It is not worth delaying the check-out time from the room - according to the rules, a latecomer can be billed for additional use of the room. When you check out, you can also leave your luggage in the luggage room and spend time at the hotel while waiting for the transfer.

Contacts, how to book a room, buy a ticket

Room reservations are available on the official website of the Iberostar_com hotel chain. Please note that the price will be indicated only for accommodation, the flight should be purchased separately. You can contact the hotel directly by calling +216 73681100 / +216 73692100.

Tourist Reviews

Iberostar Royal El Mansour, which is full of positive reviews, lives up to the expectations of newly arrived tourists. In general, the majority of vacationers who have visited the hotel note the excellent level of service, friendly staff, skillful chefs of the restaurant and a sincere atmosphere. Often, having visited the hotel once, many return there again and again.

Special attention is given to the bewitchingly beautiful sea and the white sand of the beach. Families paid attention to the entertainment program provided by the animation team, as well as special treatment for children. Having visited the Iberostar Royal El Mansour, you will be able to confidently declare the veracity of the reviews that praise this picturesque place so much.

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