Hua Hin in Thailand. Photo hotels, beach, sea, attractions

Many tourists who have visited many times in European and Chinese resorts, they are thinking about where they can relax again. Holidays in Thailand have long earned a reputation as a noisy place with round-the-clock drive in local nightclubs and bars.

However, there are quieter and more peaceful places for recreation in the country. This is exactly what Hua Hin is, a popular resort in Thailand, a place that can provide not only an unforgettable vacation on quiet beaches, but also a large number of beautiful places ideal for photographing.

Where is Hua Hin Island

The popular tourist region of Hua Hin is located in Thailand on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, just 220 km south of Bangkok. The most convenient way to Hua Hin can be reached from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by direct buses.

Buses to the resort depart daily from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, every hour and a half. The trip lasts 4 hours and costs 269 baht. Bus tickets can be bought on the first floor of the airport, near exit No. 8, or booked online.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

The best months to travel to Hua Hin are considered to be December and January. This time is characterized by sunny and dry weather. The sun shines almost all day. The only disadvantage of this period of time is intense winds and big waves that can last a couple of days in a row.

These days it is preferable to relax on the city's central beach, which has a gentle shore. Spring is considered the worst time to visit the region, when a large number of poisonous shells are thrown onto the beach, and there are many jellyfish in the sea, some of which are very dangerous.

Hua Hin has three distinct seasons:

  1. Dry season - lasts from November to February. At this time, the nights are relatively cold, in the evening there is a high wind speed. The average air temperature at this time is 28 ° C, precipitation is very rare.
  2. The hot season - lasts from March to June. The average air temperature at this time is 29 ° C, in the afternoon the air warms up to 35 ° C. Nights during this period are very wet and warm.
  3. The rainy season - lasts from July to October. The average air temperature at this time is 28 ° C. In the morning, it is usually overcast, but after a couple of hours the sun may appear and it will be hot.

Holidays on the island of Huahin

Holidays in Huahine is considered to be expensive, the weekly rest will cost at least 90 thousand rubles. But due to the fact that the resort since the beginning of the twentieth century is considered a place of rest of the royal family, has the lowest crime rate in comparison with other popular holiday places in Thailand.

HuaHain has long been a paradise holiday destination for older tourists and those who dream of a break from the city bustle with their family.


Urban Beach Huahin - the largest and, accordingly, the most variesticly characteristic. The central part of the beach attracts resting their proximity to the central part of the city, numerous cafes, snacks and shops. Rent boats, boats and water bananis right on the beach. The northern part of the beach is famous for beautiful boulders located near the shore.

There is also a free guarded parking and numerous trade ranks with souvenir products. The southern part of the beach, thanks to the huge amount of macaque is not as easy to rest, but you can watch as dozens of monkeys living on the beach. The weak venue of the city beach is the complete absence of vegetation and as a result, there is no natural shade.

The beach is free, you can get to it on foot or on a trunk.

Beach Takiac - his noise resembles a little oriental bazaar. Attractive with the complete absence of monkeys and vegetation on the shore. On the beach you can rent a boat or scooter, you can ride horses. Lovers of a more relaxing rest can relax in sun loungers, polit among stones crabs.

Huahin, Thailand, photos of the beach Takiac.

The minus of the beach is its untidiness and a rather small sea, because of which it will be problematic. Before the beach is better to get on the car, if you go on the Tuk-Tuka route, you will have to walk quite a long time. Beach is free.

Beach San Son, the second name of the Military Beach. Located in a kilometer from Takiac Beach. It is not crowded and abundantly growing trees that give a beautiful shadow. The beach is considered the best place to make a meditation, but it's not entirely convenient to swim in it - the shallow water ends only after 50 m.

Sun Sleep is located on the territory of the military base, but allow everyone completely free. Sometimes it happens that the cunning military is asking for the entry of 10-20 baht, for them it is a bending form. However, if they ask for money, I must say that yesterday the beach was free, they will damage and miss. You can get to the military beach only by car, but the guarded parking is located nearby.

Active recreation

Huahin is considered a quiet town, while here you can visit many active events for every taste. For those who do not want to go far from the beach offered a walk on a yacht, windsurfing classes and horseback riding on the beach. A few golf clubs are open in the city, it is possible to visit courses on this interesting game.

To other entertainment, you can attribute riding on elephants, fishing and visiting reserves located on the neighboring islands.

ATV Parks - offer interesting and exciting riding on all-terrain vehicles. Routes laid surrounded by real tropical jungle. It is possible to ride in soil, stonyst and sandy roads. Price - 400 baht in 15 minutes of skiing. Mode of operation from 9.00 to 18.00. Every Wednesday is a day off. Parks are located at the addresses - Soi Borkam, Petkasem 760/7, CHA-AM, PETCHBURI 212.

Horse riding is one of the most popular entertainment in Huahin. You can do horse riding straight on the beach Takiac and on the city beach. Here you can choose a horse, and inexperienced riders will provide an instructor. The price of a trip is 300 baht in 30 minutes, 600 baht per hour.

Safari Huahin - one best ways to get closer to nature - a trip riding on an elephant. At all time in the kingdom of Siam, the elephant was the usual type of transport. Elephants were also used in wars as a squire. Picturesque landscape, huge territory.

In addition to riding on an elephant, you can look at the crocodiles and tigers. A visit to each show is paid separately, children - 400 baht, adults - 600 baht. Safari is located 3 km from Huahin.

Night entertainment

Huahin's nightlife is not so vigorous than other popular resorts of Thailand. Due to the fact that Huahin is considered a place of a relaxing family holiday, nightlife here flows in a very relaxed atmosphere. Night establishments are designed more for those who like to sit quietly, sipping cocktails and dance a little under living music.

British pubs and beer bars are well represented, all of which can be found on Bintabat Street. Discos in the city are mainly oriented towards local residents and are overcrowded on weekends. Nevertheless, there are 5 best nightlife in the city.

Huaquin Night Market - located in the heart of the city and is one shopping street that comes alive with the onset of darkness. This is not the best place for shopping, but here you can have fun talking with the locals and enjoy the process of trading.

The main streets of the city's nightlife - Soi Bintabat and Poolsuk Road consists of many sports, music and beer bars. Here you can enjoy a game of billiards and chat with girls who are ready to make a pleasant company. All establishments are open from 19.00 - 01.00.

Cicada Market is an exciting place, during the day it is a shopping center, in the evening it opens a platform for live performances of dance groups and musical groups. You can listen to music right in the open air. Performances of musicians can be seen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16.00-23.00.

Hua Hin Brewing Company is a dance club with popular Thai DJs and live music. The club is built in the style of a simple fisherman's hut, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most crowded nightlife spots in the city. The club is open on the territory of the Hilton hotel at Naresdamri 33 and is open daily from 18.00-01.00.

Mai Tai Bar is also located on the territory of the Hilton hotel and has long become one of the most popular bars in Hua Hin. Here you can spend a pleasant evening watching sports, enjoying inexpensive drinks. The bar is open from 18.00-01.00.

Attractions of Hua Hin Island

Hua Hin in Thailand, the photos of sights of which are presented below, has a lot of natural and architectural interesting places located in the city itself and its environs. You can visit sights located directly in the city on foot, and to visit more remote places you will have to rent a car or book an excursion.

You can buy an excursion in any of the hotels of the resort or on the street in travel agencies.

Huaquin Railway Station is not only the main attraction of Huaquin, but also the most beautiful railway station in the country. It is built of wood, in the usual Thai style. The station was built in 1911 and thanks to it, Huaquin began to grow and develop and eventually turned into a popular resort. In 1920, the Royal Hall was built near the station building.

Now the hall is not used and, unfortunately for tourists, excursions do not lead there. Near the railway station there is a small square with an old steam locomotive. The station is located in the center of Huaquin and you can look at it around the clock and for free.

Khao Takiab temple and monkey mountain. The mountain is famous not at all for monkeys, of which there are a few left here, but for the statue of Buddha more than 20 m high and the Buddhist temple Wat Khao Lat. At the top of the mountain, there are several convenient viewing platforms with a magnificent view of the surroundings of the Hua Hin resort. You can climb the mountain at any time of the day, but the temple is only open during the day.

Visiting the temple and the mountain is free, but the temple will gladly accept any donation. You can get to Monkey Mountain by shuttle bus, which you can take at the Huaquin Airport station. The bus fare is only 20 baht, but if you don't want to wait for it, you can take a taxi for 150 baht.

Huaquin Pier is located near the tourist center and is interesting with an abundance of restaurants where you can eat delicious and fresh seafood. All establishments are located right on the seashore near the water and will deliver an unforgettable dining experience overlooking the surf. All restaurants open from 18.00.

Plearnwan market - made in the style of the 50s of the XX century and it will be very interesting to walk along it. Goods sold on the market also deserve special attention - a lot of handicrafts. The prices are expensive, but the goods are really worth the price. The market is located far from the center and can be reached by taxi or car.

Entrance to the market is free, but parking costs 20 baht. Plearnwan is open daily from 10.00 to 00.00.

Klai Kang Won Palace - built in 1929 and used as a residence for members of the royal family. Everyone is allowed into the territory daily from 9.00 to 15.30, except for the time when the king or members of his family are resting in the residence.

The cost of visiting the residence is 30 baht for a walk in the park, 60 baht for a visit to the park and the second floor of the palace. You can reach the residence on foot following Phetkasem Road.

Excursions around the Hua Hin Island

For those who are tired of sunbathing and swimming, and active recreation is not to their liking, Hua Hin offers many thematic excursions around the city, its environs and the nearest islands. You can sign up for any excursion directly at the hotel or at travel agencies open in the very center of the resort.

Excursions will help not only have a great time, but also give a unique opportunity to make many photos of Thai nature and attractions in Huahin.

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Hotels on the island of Huahin

Huakin in Thailand, the photos of the hotels in which are presented below, refers to resorts, which can offer not only low-cost hotel options, but with allegations will provide a separate villa right by the sea.

List of hotels: ​​

  1. The rooms of the 4-star Hotel Amari Hua Hin are made in a modern style and perfectly suitable for family holidays. The hotel has a gym, a swimming pool, a relaxing massage services are offered. Each room has its own balcony. There are luxury rooms - 7700 Bat, Deluxe - 3700 baht and special family rooms - 8400 baht per night. The room price includes a delicious breakfast. The hotel is located at Takiab Road 117/74 Street.
  2. The five-star PutaHracsa Hotel is located at Naeb Kaehat Road 22/65 Street. The hotel provides not only ordinary rooms at a price of 3300 - 13700 baht per night, but if you wish, you can remove a separate small villa with your own pool -27700 baht per night. The hotel's guest is offered a free buffet, asian or American breakfast. All rooms are made each in its unique style and has its own separate terrace.
  3. The three-star Triple Z is located at Hinlekfai 14. The hotel is inexpensive, but has an excellent combination of price and quality. Each cozy room has its own terrace with a magnificent view. Prices per night are pleased with the prices vary depending on the number from 1200 to 3400 baht. The hotel offers a free breakfast of American or Asian cuisine.
  4. Five-star Hilton Hotel One of the most popular and conveniently located hotel resorts. Hotel rooms are performed in a modern style and are distinguished by special comfort. Each room is equipped with a private balcony. The hotel has suites and junior suites and classic rooms. Accommodation will cost 3500 to 30,500 baht per night. The Hilton Hotel has 5 restaurants and bars. The hotel is located at Naresdamri Road 33.
  5. The four-star Hotel A Villa Huahin boasts very democratic prices. Deluxe number will cost only 890 baht, family room - 1800 baht. All rooms have a picturesque view of the sea. Of the minuses of the hotel, there is not a private bathroom in any room. The hotel is located at Phetkasem RD 25.

where to eat

Huakin in Thailand, photo of restaurants and cafe of which are shown below, strikes the variety of food offered. In catering establishments, you can try Thai, Indian, Chinese and European cuisines.


  1. The yummy cafe provides a wide selection of Asian and Thai cuisine. The average price of the account is 190 baht, and the proposed food is very tasty. The cafe is perfect for breakfast and lunch. The cafe is open from 8.00 to 19.00 and is located at Takiab Soi 5.
  2. Big Fish Restaurant offers to enjoy the dishes of European and Asian cuisine. The place is not cheap, but the tables must be ordered in advance. The price range is 190 -1800 baht. Big Fish works from 11.00 to 23.00 and is located on the seafront at Phetchakem Road 107.
  3. SEA Harmony Eco Cafe - a cozy restaurant with home-made Asian and Thai food. It has a special menu for vegetarians. The middle check of the restaurant is 350 baht. The restaurant is open from 8.00 to 17.00 and is located at Takiab 8/10.
  4. Coast Beach Club & Bistro Hua Hin - restaurant Thai and European cuisine, conveniently located on the shores of the city beach. Not the cheapest place, but will provide an opportunity to eat a delicious food with a stunning view of the sea. The price range is 350 -1400 baht, the restaurant is open from 11.00 - 23.00.
  5. Friendly Kitchen Thai Food will be suitable for everyone who appreciates delicious foods in the most affordable prices. The only minus of the institution is that it offers only Asian cuisine, but the average check will be 65 - 140 baht. Friendly Kitchen Thai Food is open from 11.00 to 22.00 and is located at | Bon kai 5/103.

How to get around Hua Hin

Public transport in Hua Hin is widely available. The most popular option is fixed-route taxis. Routes are marked not by numbers, but by color and are divided into green, orange and white. Fixed-route taxis start driving at 6 am and end at 9 pm. The fare is 10 baht from 6.00 to 19.00. From 19.00 the fare rises to 15 baht.

In addition to the fixed-route taxi, Tuk-tuks – an Asian type of taxi, travel around Hua Hin. The fare for them will cost from 100 baht, but they ride until late at night. The most convenient way to move around the resort is to rent a motorbike. You can rent a bike almost anywhere in the city, the cost starts from 150 baht per day.

The cost of tours to Hua Hin Island

The cost of tours to Hua Hin directly depends on the prestige and cost of accommodation in hotels. For example, the cost of a voucher for two people for seven days, purchased a month before the holiday is $ 2206. The package includes accommodation in a deluxe room at the 5-star Hilton hotel with complimentary breakfast and round-trip airfare.

For those who do not care about living in a five-star hotel, you can find good cheaper options. For example, a voucher for two people with accommodation in 6 GLORY PLACE 3* hotels and 1 night in ADRIATIC PALACE 4* will cost only $1170. The price includes breakfast and flight to Hua Hin and back. If you take a last-minute tour, then as practice has shown, this will not particularly affect the price.

For example, a last-minute tour for 2 people with airfare included in the price and 7 nights accommodation in PIYADA RESIDENCE 3 hotels will cost 1172 $. Free breakfast is included in the price of the tour. Another disadvantage of last-minute tours is that it is not possible to find a ticket with accommodation in a five-star hotel.

In general, visiting the Thai resort in the city of Hua Hin will bring a huge amount of pleasant impressions and photographs taken as a keepsake. A variety of cafes and restaurants will allow you to try delicious exotic dishes, and lovers of Russian cuisine will be pleasantly surprised, as they will find many places with inexpensive and familiar food.

Article design: Oleg Lozinsky

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a sightseeing tour of the city and the surroundings. (With a visit to the railway station, Monkey Mountain, Silk Factory and Royal Residence)4 hours1400 baht700 baht
Visits to the vineyard (the tasting of local wines includes a tasting, you can ride the elephants for a fee)3 hours2500 baht1100 baht
Excursion to the waterfall fell on (at the excursion included swimming on 3 yarus of the waterfall)5 hours2400 baht1200 baht
Sea cruise with a visit to the island of monkeys and sea fishing8 hours1950 BAT1200 baht
Excursion to Talo IslandAll day2500 baht1900 baht
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