How to get to the Crimea by train, car, bus, plane. How much costs from Moscow and St. Petersburg

The easiest way to get to the Crimean peninsula is by car and bus. But there are other options that travelers should consider.

The best options to get to Crimea

You can get to Crimea directly or by a combination of several modes of transportation:

  • by plane;
  • by train;
  • by bus;
  • by car;
  • by train to Moscow or another city with direct flights to Crimea, then by plane to Simferopol;
  • by plane to Moscow, then by bus to the Crimean peninsula.

Each mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to get to the Crimea by plane

After the opening of the new air terminal in Simferopol, the issue with the airport's capacity was resolved - it can take up to 3.65 thousand passengers per hour. The downside is the high cost of air travel.

From Moscow or St. Petersburg, a flight to the Crimean Peninsula is carried out by direct flights. You can fly to Crimea by plane from other subjects of the Russian Federation with a transfer.

Direct flights to Simferopol, except for Moscow, are available only from:

  • Yekaterinburg;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Tyumen;
  • Kazan;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Krasnodar;
  • ​​
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Perm;
  • Omsk;
  • Izhevsk;
  • Voronezh;
  • Samara.

The Federal Air Transport Agency approves air flights, for which subsidies are allocated every year for the summer period. Tickets go on sale from April to October, due to their small number they run out quickly.

Disadvantages of direct flights:

  • Limited number of passengers carried.
  • High price of tickets.
  • Direct flights are not available every day.

The main advantage of a flight with a transfer is the ability to buy a ticket in advance, which entails a reduction in its cost, or buy it at a promotional discount.

Disadvantages include:

  • The issue of connecting flights. The wait can be more than a day. In case of a long wait, the airline provides a place to rest and free meals for passengers with children.
  • Probability of moving to another airport for onward travel.
  • If the passenger himself selected flights and bought tickets for the promotion, then in case of a flight delay, the issue of a flight to Simferopol remains open.
  • When buying tickets on your own, if the time interval between flights is long enough, you will have to pay for the hotel separately.

Independent selection of air tickets saves money by 1.5-2 times.

Airlines operating flights to the Crimean Peninsula: Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Orenair, Transaero, Red Wings, Wim Avia, S7, Yamal, Donavia, Russia. There are also subsidiaries of Transaero and Aeroflot that operate direct flights to Simferopol, the cost of tickets for them is lower.

Simferopol air terminal is located 12 km from the city. To most cities of the Crimean peninsula, buses run directly from the airport, from the bus station adjacent to the trolleybus ring.

You can get to Simferopol by taxi or municipal transport, from the stop located next to the airport terminal:

  • railway station - the bus station "Kurortnaya" is located nearby;
  • bus station "Kurortnaya" - from it there is transport to all resort towns of Crimea;
  • bus station "Vostochnaya" - moving to those settlements where there are no resort areas;
  • Central bus station - transport runs less frequently in resort towns, mainly intended for buses traveling outside the peninsula.

At the airport, you can take a bus or trolleybus ticket from the bus station to any city in Crimea. In Simferopol, it is possible to rent a car in advance, which will be delivered to the arrival of the flight, or do it right at the airport terminal.

How to get to the Crimea by train

Until the railway communication on the Crimean bridge is opened, it is impossible to arrive directly in the Crimea. How to get to Crimea by train is listed below.

Travel to the Crimean Peninsula by train is more affordable flight because:

  • Start a trip is possible from any city where the railway message is present;
  • Ticket price does not depend on the season;
  • in such positions like a reserved seat and upper shelf, the cost is lower than the airfare during the winter;

    How to get to the Crimea on terrestrial vehicles through the Krechensky Bridge

Disadvantages of this type of transport:

  • Most passenger compounds before Anapa and Krasnodar go only in the summer, at another time they will have to make a transplant in the capital;
  • Travel duration, especially from Siberia and the Far East;
  • taking into account nutrition, at the cost of the train on the train can exceed the price of the airfare;
  • In this direction, trains are formed from old rolling stock, so in the summer period in the car is very hot due to the lack of air conditioners.

The composition arrives at Krasnodar or Anapa stations. Next, the journey will continue on the car or bus. Buying a single ticket allows you to save time and money. It makes it possible to get to Krasnodar or Anapa by train, then a bus on the Crimean Bridge or ferry to the city of destination. The ticket is valid only in the summer from April 30 to September 30.

In winter, the bus journey is paid separately. The fare is obtained above. Close buses from Krasnodar Train Station more often than from Anapa.

The cost of a travel coupon in rubles:

The moment of buses is consistent with the arrival of trains. The maximum time waiting for the bus is about 1 h.

A united ticket to Crimea

A single ticket for railway communication with the Crimean Peninsula was introduced in 2014, so that the passengers were more convenient to reach the Crimean resorts.

Convenience of a single ticket:

  • Having bought a ticket from the departure point in the railway ticket office or via the Internet, you do not need to think about how to go on.
  • A single ticket is bought immediately to the train, indicating the place, and the bus.
  • Railway tariffs remain unchanged, and the price of the bus passage below.
  • You can purchase it in 90 days before the trip, that is, from January 31, 2019 to September 30, 2019

before the commissioning of the Crimean Bridge, roadmap It was as follows:

  1. Landing on the bus at an Anapa railway station or Krasnodar.
  2. Following the sea crossing Port Caucasus - the port of Crimea.
  3. Ferry journey, occupying 1-2 hours, depending on meteo conditions.
  4. Landing and traveling by bus to the city specified in the ticket.

Now the roadmap of a single ticket has changed. The bus delivers people to Tamani, the Crimean Bridge is passing and takes to the city that is registered in the passroad.

Not all bus companies changed and coordinated road maps of travel across the bridge. How the route is a bus, you need to check with the road carrier before buying a travel coupon.

By bus

The bus is the most advanced way of movement for lovers to travel. But, based on the cost of gasoline, in the near future, it can change dramatically. There are no bus messages from Siberia and the Far East to the Crimea, Therefore, travelers do it with transfers, following from one area to another.

How to get to the Crimea by bus, described below if the routes are laid from Moscow and cities of the South of Russia:

  • Krasnodar;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Volgograd;
  • Astrakhan;
  • Kursk;
  • Voronezh;
  • Eagle;
  • Stavropol;
  • Sochi and a number of other cities.

The bus journey is justified only from the southern cities of the Russian Federation. From Moscow, in some cases, cheaper to fly by plane. How to get to the Crimea, it is recommended to plan in advance. To do this, learn all the options.

For example, a trip from Kursk to Simferopol:

  • by bus. The fare from 3800 rubles. Depending on the comfort of the car, the time on the way is about 23 hours. Pluses: without transfers. Cons: almost a day without movement.
  • by train. Ticket price in winter 2500-4300 rub., Plus a bus ride from Anapa, according to the tariff net. In the summer it will be slightly cheaper if you get a single ticket. Time on the way of approximately 2 days, taking into account the trip by bus through the bridge or ferry.
  • by aircraft Travel will cost from 6300 rubles, but you first need to get to the city from which you can fly to Simferopol.

By car

For traveling to the Crimean Peninsula, you need to be patient to the Crimean Peninsula, to have a map of highways with money. Relying only on Yandex Maps and the navigator is not worth it, since their instructions are not always accurate.

How to get to the Crimea by car, how much it costs and how much time will take, you need to determine by cards before you go to such a trip. This trip will not be too expensive for tourists from the European part, but from distant regions it should be started when the number of travelers is at least 4 people. At least two of them must be able to drive a car.

The longest routes:

  • Vladivostok - Crimea: length about 10,000 km, travel time 125 h or 5-6 days at a speed of 80 km / h, around the clock, without stops, sleep and rest. At a consumption of 10 liters per 100 km, about 43 thousand rubles will be spent on gasoline. one way.
  • Magadan - Crimea: length 10964 km, travel time about 150 hours. The path will pass through the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) along the roads R-504 and A-360, with a ferry crossing over the Aldan River and a transition to the Amur highway (R-297) in the Skovorodinsky district of the Amur region.

From Vladivostok, the road runs along the Ussuri (A-370) and M60 (A-370) highways towards Ussuriysk to Khabarovsk. Further, the path runs along the Amur highway (R-297), following the signs to Birobidzhan. The Baikal highway (R-258) passes through Chita, Ulan-Ude, Baikalsk and Slyudyanka, passes Irkutsk on a bypass road, then Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Traffic on the Baikal highway in the Kemerovo region is coming to an end. Slightly swerving to the side on the Siberian highway, the path returns to the Baikal highway and leaves it completely in the Kurgan region.

Then the route runs along the roads E30 (R-254), 75K-205, E123 (A-310), M5 bypassing Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Tolyatti and Samara. You need to exit onto the M4 highway. From the city of Penza there are roads with paid sections.

The key point on the route will be Slavyansk-on-Kuban. Here the roads diverge: one leads to the Crimean bridge, in the direction of Dzhiginka, the other leads to the crossing, in the direction of the Seaport.

By ferry across the Kerch Strait

Port Kavkaz is located on the Chushka Spit, in the Temryuk District of the Krasnodar Territory, not far from the village of Ilyich. The seaport connects the mainland of Russia and the Crimean peninsula.

Boarding passes are purchased at railway ticket offices or located on the territory of the Sea Terminal upon presentation of a passport. Transportation of the car is paid based on its weight, the price varies from 1190 to 2380 rubles, if there is a set of documents for it. The ticket is issued only upon presentation of the boarding pass.

To get it, you must:

  1. Get in line for the crossing. For buses and cars they are different.
  2. Port officials issue a boarding pass.
  3. Pay for the transportation of the car and its passengers. Documents must be on everyone.

The price of crossing and the schedule of departure of ferries can be found on the respective sites or directly in the port itself.

After the opening of the bridge, crossing the port of Caucasus - the port of Crimea lost its original value, as the passage on the bridge is free and there are no traffic jams on it.

At the time, the use of the crossing depends on:

  • Meteorological conditions - Not always the weather allows you to cross the ferry: wind more than 15 m / s or visibility less than 500 m;
  • Ferry waiting time - It can be from 1 h to 9, in case of bad weather - several days;
  • Travel Price - If for a single ticket, then free. Otherwise, the passage ticket is purchased for a car and all passengers, excluding children under 6 years.

The journey on the ferry occupies from 30 minutes. Up to 2 hours

from Moscow

is the easiest way to get to the Crimea from Moscow.

Methods may be the most different:

  • by aircraft. Almost all airlines from all airbrokes make flights from the capital to Simferopol. Air travel tariffs depend on the season, airline and the time of purchase of the ticket. The fee in winter will be 3-8 thousand rubles. round trip. From the end of April to the beginning of October - 8-12 thousand rubles. The duration of the flight is 2.5-3 hours.
  • by train. To the cities of the south of Russia, trains depart from Kursk and Kazan station. The tariff depends on where the traveler is sent, and travel comfort: reserved seats - from 1506 to 2459 rubles; coupe - from 4595 to 5719 rubles; Suite - from 11571 to 13966 rubles. You can ride in a soft car for 30 thousand rubles. Time in the way will be about a day.
  • by bus. Departs from the bus station Novoyarenevsky and Krasnogvardeysky and follow to Simferopol, Sevastopol or Evpatoria. Existing roadmap travel: bus - ferry - bus. The price of a travel ticket to the Moscow bus - Simferopol - from 2.5 to 3.5 thousand rubles in one direction, the crossing is included in the ticket price. The Tariff takes into account the buses brand and the cost of baggage. The time on the way is accurately indicated in difficult, as bad meteo conditions, traffic jams, bus breakdowns, and so on do not contribute to the speed of movement.
  • by car. From the capital to Kerch can be reached through the seaport of the Caucasus or the Crimean Bridge. The distance is about 1600 km, travel time is 20-21 hours. The route passes from the Moscow Ring Road at the M-4 Dong motorway (E115), bypassing Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don to Stanitsa Kislyakovskaya. Rotate from the route on the village of Leningrad, Kanevskaya, Timashevsk, Slavyansk-on-Kuban. From there to the bridge or steam.

The cost of such a journey will be addressed from:

  1. gasoline costs - the most significant cost of expenses;
  2. Payment of the road - it is possible to purchase the transponder will be more profitable;
  3. Nutrition - You can stock home;
  4. Overnight in Camping or Hotel - Alternative - Car or Tent.

From St. Petersburg

Traveling from the cultural capital to the Crimea differs from the only cost of travel described above:

  • Airplane. You can fly with a transfer in Moscow or direct flight, the cost of the ticket is at about the same level: in winter from 6000 rubles, in the summer period from 16,000 there and back. Time on the way on a direct flight 3 h 30 min. With a transplant - depends on the timeout time of the docking flight.
  • Train. At any time, travel only is possible with a change in Moscow. The cost of the ticket will be from 4-6 thousand rubles. Duration of moving about 34 hours. It must be borne in mind that from St. Petersburg trains come to the Leningrad Station, and in Anapa or Krasnodar are departed from the Kursk station. Therefore, ordering tickets, it is better to choose trains from St. Petersburg, arriving at the Kursk Station.
  • If there is a big desire to drive to the peninsula by bus, then this can be done, arriving at first in the capital, and there is already a bus.
  • How to get to Crimea by car : The route consists of the trip St. Petersburg - Moscow, and from Moscow to the Crimean bridge or ferry crossing.

The total length of the road is 2281 km:

  1. through E105 (M-10) to go to M-11 (Novgorod region) - 2 h. 19 min. (164 km).
  2. on M-11 follow in the direction of E105 (M-10) (Tver region). Close to the Congress with M-11. - 3 h. 1 min. (340 km).
  3. Go to M-11 (Moscow region) - 1 h. 56 min. (142 km).
  4. M-11 move towards the Leningrad Highway (M-10) to Moscow. From the Moscow Ring Road to Congress 74. And then on the M-4 DON motorway (E115).

M-11 and M-4 toll highways. Time in the way will take 26-30 hours. The cost of the journey, first of all, depends on the price of fuel.

Plan a trip to the Crimea is best in advance. This makes it possible to determine how to get to the Crimea is best, given the time on the road and the fare: in what type of transport the costs of time and funds will be minimal. It is possible that their combination will lead to an optimal result.

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