Hotels in Pattaya with a private beach 3-4-5 stars. Rating of the best

It is difficult to meet tourists who rested in Pattai, which would not pon Avivers would have our own beach and the resort town and the Siamese Gulf Paradise Seaside. A little more than half a century ago it was a small fishing village.

Today is the famous resort that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Gentle sandy beaches, affectionate warm water, high level of service, developed infrastructure, the low cost of rest causes the popularity of the resort.

Rating of the best hotels on the first coastline in Pattaya with its own beach

Hotels in Pattae with their own beach, located on the first coastline, enjoy well-deserved popularity. Sophistication, luxury, high level of comfort and plenty of profitable suggestions that will definitely become attractive for tourists.

In addition to places with well-developed infrastructure, there are wild beaches located outside the official hotel area. Nudist beaches in the country are prohibited. The tourist, first going to rest in Pattaya, will be interested to learn about the best hotels and services that expect guests.

5-star hotels

on the coast a lot of hotels responsible for the level of comfort of five stars.

Among the main advantages should be allocated:

  • a high level of comfort;
  • Developed infrastructure on the territory;
  • ​​
  • abundance of entertainment;
  • exceptional purity of sandy beaches;
  • pebbles - a rather rare phenomenon;
  • All tourists are offered chaise lounges, towels, umbrellas.

If negative reviews are found, then it is rare and they are connected with the fact that sometimes fatty water because of the abundance of il at the bottom.

Hotel Centara Grand Mirage Beach

Based on numerous reviews of tourists, it can be argued that this is the best offer, corresponding to 5 stars.

It looks like two large rocks, between which there are rope bridges and a cave that opens up a view of the jungle with a waterfall and a river, between which a path runs to the golden sandy beach of Wong Amat. The hotel was opened in 2009 and was created as a kind of sensational comedy "The Lost World". It is included in the top 100 hotels in the world.

Located within walking distance from the center. There are 555 rooms in two 18-storey buildings. A beautiful panorama of the bay opens from the windows and balconies.

The hotel provides everything for the convenience and interesting rest of tourists of different age categories:

  • 8 cozy restaurants;
  • SPA center;
  • water amusement park;
  • pools;
  • diving towers;
  • fitness center;
  • 2 tennis courts;
  • business center, conference hall, divided into zones of different capacity.

Rooms from 42 to 326 sq. m, designed for different financial possibilities and the number of vacationers. There are several rooms with private terraces and pools.

The cost of a stay for two people depends on the time, but the average for 7 nights is between $3,000 and $4,000. The morning at the hotel begins with a hearty breakfast buffet, as well as lunches and dinners with dishes of Thai and European cuisines.

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

Hotels in Pattaya with their own beach offer a first-class vacation. In the luxurious Royal Cliff Hotel, the rooms offer a magnificent view from the windows of the Gulf of Thailand, the mountains.

At your service are provided:

  • 11 restaurants;
  • several basins;
  • bars located on the water;
  • cozy rooms decorated in Thai style;
  • gym equipment;
  • sauna, bath;
  • spa treatment center;
  • massage;
  • Bicycle rental.

The hotel has its own, well-developed infrastructure. Meals are included in the price. Breakfast is offered as a buffet, for lunch and dinner you can get acquainted with dishes of Asian, Indian, Cantonese and European cuisines. Master classes are held for true connoisseurs of culinary art.

Pullman Pattaya Hotel

A comfortable hotel, deservedly having 5 stars, is located in the area of ​​Wong Amat bay in the northern part of Pattaya resort. Included in the worldwide network of the best hotels. Offers givers excellent conditions for a family, romantic or business holiday. Three buildings have rooms designed for any financial possibilities, made in oriental and classical style with a view of the sea.

On the territory of the hotel there are:

  • restaurant;
  • bar;
  • swimming pool;
  • children's pool, club;
  • meeting room;
  • library;
  • SPA-salon;
  • hammam;
  • bath;
  • billiards;
  • tennis court.

There is a special service for organizing celebrations. Breakfast is a buffet, for lunch and dinner guests are offered dishes of Thai and European cuisines. The average cost of living is about 20 dollars per person per day.

Hotel Dusit Thani Pattaya

In Pattaya, it is one of the best hotels with its own beach, which is part of the world-famous DUSIT group. Built at the end of the last century, the last reconstruction was carried out in 2016.

Guests are offered 474 comfortable rooms provided with everything you need in accordance with 5 stars. The windows and balconies of the rooms offer a beautiful panorama of the sea and surrounding nature.

On the hotel's own territory there are:

  • 2 swimming pools for adults, 2 for children;
  • playroom;
  • simulator room;
  • aerobics studio;
  • squash court;
  • SPA-salon;
  • massage center;
  • hammam;
  • sauna;
  • billiards;
  • a business center offering 15 conference rooms.

Breakfast at the hotel - buffet. The real pride of the hotel's restaurants are dishes of European, Italian, Asian, Chinese cuisines. The most famous Chinese restaurant in Pattaya is located on the top floor of the hotel, which offers a magnificent panorama of the resort.

For business people, for organizing holidays, cozy halls with off-site restaurant service are provided. The average daily room rate per person is about $20 per day.

4-star hotels

Rest in comfortable conditions of 4-star hotels on the first coastline implies all the advantages of the declared level. Clean, well-groomed beaches, provision of umbrellas and sun loungers, developed infrastructure on the territory, transfer, parking, rooms with everything you need for an unforgettable holiday in Thailand.

This is a unique opportunity for a family, youth, romantic or business holiday at a low cost.

Hotel Adriatic Palace Hotel Pattaya

The hotel is located in the area of ​​the purest Pattaya Beach, on the border with the famous beach of Jomtien. There are 402 comfortable rooms located on 33 floors, equipped with everything necessary for a full holiday. On the 32nd floor there is a restaurant, which makes it possible to enjoy a variety of dishes.

Almost all the hotel's windows offer a beautiful panorama of the Siamese Bay and nearby coral islands. The hotel has a developed own infrastructure.

For tourists living in the hotel are offered:

  • cafes;
  • bars;
  • playground;
  • Pools;
  • Thai massage salon;
  • sauna;
  • beauty salons;
  • Tennis Court;
  • Billiards;
  • Business center, 5 conference rooms.

Power is carried out in restaurants. Guests are offered Thai, international cuisines. The week of relaxation in the hotel's two people, taking into account the flight, will be a little more than 100 thousand rubles.

Cholchan Pattaya Resort Hotel

Hotels in Pattaya with a private beach cannot compete with this hotel, as it is located in the northern part of the resort. This place does not have such an active resort building, which is observed in the center.

The large territory of the hotel with a developed own infrastructure, comfortable rooms offer exceptional conditions for romantic, family, youth and business recreation. Clean beach, Gulf's affectionate waters and a magnificent landscape, designed from the rooms of the rooms, which are 590.

For vacationers, there are:

  • Pool;
  • Large playground, swimming pool;
  • Restaurants;
  • Banquet Hall;
  • bars;
  • a spacious conference room;
  • Bath, sauna;
  • Thai massage salon;
  • beauty salons;
  • Tennis Court;
  • Billiards;
  • Car rental, parking.

If desired, familiar with the sights of the resort, a large excursion program is provided, which is carried out on comfortable buses with air conditioning and Russian-speaking guides. The food is carried out in restaurants offering dishes of Thai, European, Italian cuisines.

Hotel Ambassador City Jomtien

is located in the suburban zone of Pattaya not coastline of the resort on-jomtien. Spacious rooms from deluxe to economy class are equipped with everything necessary for a good rest. From the windows of each room overlooking the well-groomed territory and the sea.

Guests are offered: ​​

  • a huge, zoned pool;
  • playgrounds, swimming pool with water attractions;
  • a tennis court;
  • training room;
  • several restaurants;
  • cafes with outdoor terraces shaded by palm trees;
  • hairdresser, beauty salon;
  • banquet hall;
  • a spacious conference room;
  • car rental with private parking.

Meals for vacationers are provided at a local restaurant. Local, European and Italian cuisines are offered. An extensive entertainment program and an interesting nightlife do not interfere with other vacationers who come here with small children.

Young guests can take advantage of the help of a professional, Russian-speaking nanny. The average cost of living for one person is no more than $16 per day.

3-star hotels

Hotels in Pattaya with their own beach are distinguished by a high level of comfort. The same can be attributed to hotels with three stars. Unforgettable vacation on the very shore of the Gulf of Thailand in the comfortable conditions of cozy rooms, which are equipped with everything necessary for a fulfilling life.

This is an unforgettable family, romantic, youth or business vacation in the exotic places of the best resort.

The presence of three stars at the hotel is guaranteed by:

  • cozy, furnished rooms with air conditioning;
  • the presence of a bathroom with a hot tub;
  • a set of household appliances;
  • wireless Internet, television;
  • round-the-clock assistance of service personnel.

All conditions have been created for a good rest for a demanding European tourist.

Hotel Pattaya Park Beach Resort

One of the popular hotels located on the first coastline. It gained popularity not so much because of the comfort in the rooms, but because of the abundance of attractions for children and adults.

The hotel has a high-rise tower that houses a revolving restaurant, an observation deck and a funicular going down to the shore. From the panoramic windows of the restaurant, guests can enjoy beautiful sea views, islands and the resort itself, immersed in greenery.

Hotel Pattaya Park Beach Resort in Pattaya has its own water park!

The hotel provides 697 rooms involving different levels of comfort. This is an ideal place for family, romantic, youth, business holidays.

In its own territory, there are:

  • 2 outdoor pools;
  • Children's pool with an abundance of water rides;
  • Water Park;
  • Amusement Park;
  • Restaurants;
  • 5 elevators;
  • Business center with five halls;
  • beauty salon;
  • Bath, sauna;
  • Tennis.

Holidays is carried out in a rotating restaurant by type "All Inclusive". Rooms with separate balconies and windows overlooking the sea and urban landscapes. Large excursion program, the possibility of renting cars for travel lovers.

This is an economical recreation option for tourists who prefer to give preference to high levels at minimum cost. Accommodation One person in the hotel cost an average of 16 dollars.

Hotel Cosy Beach Hotel

The hotel is located in the Cliff Bay of the Southern District of Pattaya on the first coastline 100 meters from the beach. Guests are sewn in comfortable rooms with everything you need for a full-fledged life.

in well-groomed territory there are:

  • restaurants;
  • cafe;
  • Outdoor pool;
  • swimming pool for children and playground;
  • Banquet and conference rooms.

A large entertainment program, bright nightlife makes holidays in this place even brighter. But this does not interfere with full-fledged families with young children, which can be assisted by Russian-speaking professional nanny. Power is carried out in its own restaurant, a children's menu is provided.

Resting dishes of Thai, Chinese, European, Italian cuisines are offered. At the request of the client, breakfast is delivered to the room. The proposal is relevant throughout the year who preference to a comfortable stay for low cost. Daily stay at the hotel for one person about $ 15.

Hotel Garden Sea View Resort

Popular hotel among Russian-speaking tourists. Realship is due not only to a low recreation cost, but high level of service provided. Located on the first line from the beach in the northern part of Pattaya.

From the windows and terraces of the cozy hotel rooms, there is a beautiful panorama of the well-kept territory, the sea and the temple of Truth. There is a large entertainment, recreational program on the territory of the hotel.

At the service of vacationers:

  • restaurants;
  • an outdoor pool and a children's pool with an adjacent playground;
  • a room with conference rooms;
  • hairdresser and beauty salon;
  • sports hall;
  • volleyball courts;
  • table tennis, billiard club;
  • bath, sauna, hammam.

This is one of the quietest places in the resort, which makes it possible to relax with small children. The hotel will be no less interesting for young people, for noisy companies and for people who combine leisure with doing business.

Near the hotel is not only the temple. Tourists can visit a crocodile farm, a park with an abundance of exotic plants Nong Nooch, a rock park. This is one of the options for an economical vacation, which does not exclude comfort.

A week's stay at a hotel, including airfare, for two adults will cost about $2,000. There are constant discounts and promotions that can significantly reduce the cost of your holiday.

The best season for rest

The table will help you determine the time of rest. The water temperature on the coast almost never drops below 25 °C. Rains are frequent, but usually at night and not long, up to 2 hours.

Month Day temperature (°C) Night temperature (°C) Rainy days
November30.423) 10

Table data provided by the Thai Meteorological Department.

Rest in Pattaya is not only the opportunity to enjoy summer holidays at any time of rest. It will be doubly useful and enjoyable if you choose hotels with your own beaches.

The huge territory of the coastline and the abundance of hotels provided for tourists with different income levels will allow you to choose the most optimal option. Thailand has an amazingly favorable climate, allowing to relax here even with young children.

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