Hotel Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa Belek/Turkey. Reviews, photos, prices

Hotel in the Turkish city of Belek Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa provides guests with high-quality services and a wide range of various conditions for relaxation. Both adults and small children can comfortably stay on its territory. Thanks to this, the hotel has a good reputation among couples with children.

Location of the hotel, how to get there

Hotel Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa is located in the Turkish city of Belek on the Mediterranean coast. Around the complex are the Taurus Mountains and forests with valleys that stretch along the entire coast. Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa is located in the subtropical climate zone. From April to November, the air temperature here ranges from +25 to +35 °C.

The sea will also delight hotel guests with warm water at +27 °C. Thanks to the sea breeze, the heat here is not felt as strongly as in other regions of Antalya. During the winter months, the local air is saturated with oxygen. Its high humidity is noted. The thermometer at this time of the year does not fall below +10°C.

Get to Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa on your own is possible with the help of an airplane. The nearest airport from Belek is 10 km from neighboring Antalya. Tickets for flights on a charter flight will be cheaper than on a regular one. Flight time from Moscow is 3.5 hours. Tickets cost from 110 USD one way.

Various passenger transportation companies offer delivery to Belek by the following modes of transport:

  1. Premium, economy, comfort, VIP, business class cars. The cost of moving is from $1141 to $4799.
  2. Helicopter (from $52,300 for 5 people).
  3. Bus (50 people - from $10,059).

A significant proportion of people use the services of airlines. Already upon arrival at Antalya Havalimanı Airport, there are several options to get to Belek.


For example:

  1. with a taxi service.
  2. a predetermined transfer to the hotel.
  3. Sit on the city bus at the airport near the International Terminal. From here, every hour depart 2 or 3 buses, which are called Antalya Büyükşehir Belediye Otobüsleri (4 lira for 1 ticket) or Havas (10 lir for travel 1 person). They supervise to the bus station in Antalya. From there you need to transfer to the bus, the next to G of Belek.

Time in the way to G Belek from the airport on average takes about 40 minutes.


The hotel infrastructure facilities were commissioned in 2001

in 60 thousand square meters. m Are settle down:

  1. Residential 5-storey case.
  2. 16 2-storey bungalows.
  3. Dry cleaning.
  4. Bars.
  5. Shops.
  6. Laundry.
  7. Restaurants.
  8. Hairdresser.
  9. 6 pools.
  10. SPA-center.
  11. Conference rooms.
  12. Medical Cabinet.
  13. Garden zone.
  14. Confectionery.

In 2014, a reconstruction was made in the hotel, which updated all infrastructure objects.


The payment of Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & SPA includes the following services and household items:

  1. Personal Hygiene Objects Room and toilet.
  2. Diet menu.
  3. Breakfast with delivery to the room.
  4. Sports services.
  5. Equipment for Tennis Games, Badminton.
  6. Animator services.
  7. Library.
  8. Wireless Internet.

The following is not included in the price:

  1. Wellness services.
  2. visiting the spa center.
  3. Entertainment under water.
  4. Printing products with delivery to the room (newspapers, magazines).
  5. Rent a banquet room and conference room.
  6. fax and xerox services.
  7. Use of dry cleaning and laundry.
  8. ironing services.
  9. Billiards.
  10. Catamaran rental.
  11. Service service from 6.00 to 12 night.
  12. Car rental.
  13. use of a baby carriage.
  14. Phone and fax.
  15. Medical assistance.
  16. Transfer from / to the hotel.

People whose rest will be held on one of the villas in Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa, the following complimentary services will be available:

  1. in the rooms Every day a minibar with alcohol products of local and imported production, soft drinks will be updated. Also guests will also be offered for free Turkish desserts and fruits.
  2. Guests at arrival will meet with strawberries, flowers and chocolate.
  3. Free service for all day.
  4. Breakfast will be served right on the villa.
  5. Unlimited will operate in the restaurants of a la carte on site.
  6. A table was secured at the main restaurant for guests of the villa.
  7. A pavilion with replenish drinks and food is reserved on the beach.
  8. Hotel guests are issued a 10% discount on purchases in stores (on site), water sports events, photography, F & B.
  9. In the Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa, 20% discount are available at the Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa.

There is a system of services "for newlyweds".

According to it, it will be provided for free:

  1. fruits and champagne in the room.

    Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa has a service system for newlyweds.

  2. Free registration of the room with the appropriate theme.
  3. 1 dinner on the 2nd in Angora restaurant (cake with champagne).
  4. Good discount in the spa.

Depending on the concept of Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa, the list of paid and free services can change each season.

Types of Rooms

Hotel Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa contains 363 rooms. In the main 5-storey building there are 302 rooms. The rest occupy the premises in the bungalow. In addition to them there are VIP class villas in an amount of 5 pcs.

Types of Rooms and Capacity:

Name Capacity
Standard (283pc.)3 people
Room for people with small physical abilities (3 pcs.)3 people.
Executive (12 pcs.)2 people.
Select Villa (56 pcs.)3 people + 1 child.
Royal Suite (4 pcs.)4 people.
Villa Deluxe (4 pcs.)6 people.
Villa Presidential (1 pc.)8 people.

when placing children up to 12 years, the hotel has a loyalty system.

Equipment of the rooms

Equipment of rooms at Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa is as follows: ​​

Name Area where
Standard (283 pcs.)28 square meters. M5-storey building.1-room number, inside which: 1 single and 1 double beds, bathroom with shower.
Room for people with limited physical abilities (3 pcs.).30 square meters. MMain Corps.2nd beds (single and double), bathroom with shower (supports). Inside the number created a barrier-free space.
Executive (12 pcs.).40 square meters. Mthe main building.1 double bed, shower with bathroom, upholstered furniture.
Select Villa (56 pcs.).40 sq. M. Min 2-storey bungalows in front of a 5-storey building in a separate territory around which 4 pools are located.2 sofas, living room and bedroom, 2 bedroom bed, bathroom with shower.
Royal Suite (4 pcs.).128 sq. M. Min a 5-storey building.Living room with TV and upholstered furniture. 1 double and 2 single beds + 1-H TV. Bathroom with shower.
Villa Deluxe (4 pcs.).175 square meters. MVIP recreation area.Personal pool and garden. First floor - terrace, kitchen, furniture, television, toilet, bedroom with double bed. On the 2nd tier: the bathroom, equipped with a shower and a jacuzzi, a room with a double bed, a bedroom with a 2nd single beds + bathroom with a bath. For the villa on the beach, a rest pavilion is fixed.
Villa Presidential (1 pc.).403 square meters. M50 meters from the sea.The villa has a personal swimming pool. The 1st floor is assigned to the living room with kitchen and upholstered furniture, TV. There is also a sports room with a treadmill, a simulator for the press and exercise bike. There is a game console, sauna, a board for playing billiards, a room with a 2-bedded bed and a bathroom. On the 20th floor there is a bathroom, 2 bedrooms with 1 local and two-bed beds. Behind the villa is fixed a pavilion for relaxing on the beach.

All rooms are equipped with a cooling and heating system. Willes have air conditioners-split.

In addition, the rooms of all categories are equipped:

  1. telephony.
  2. satellite TV.
  3. Electronic safe.
  4. terrace or balcony.
  5. Minibar, which is replenished every day as the next set of drinks: Water simple and mineral (2 bottles of each type), 2 stakes, 2nd cans of fruit juice and beer, 2nd packs of water carbonated with aroma Orange.
  6. hairdryer.
  7. Electric kettle with coffee and tea.
  8. Mosquito nets.
  9. Protection on outlets.
  10. Dryer for clothes.

Rooms located in the main building have a coating of laminated parquet. In the villas, the coating is made from the tile.

Cost of accommodation per day per person

Cost of accommodation in 1 day per person in Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa:

  1. Standard or Room for people with limitations - 380 USD.
  2. Executive - 475 USD.
  3. Royal Suite - 540 USD.

The cost of renting the villa should be specified at the reception. Unlike standard rooms, rental of such housing has no accurate fixed price.

Power concept

On the territory of Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa work 6-restaurants:

  1. Angora (The main + is equipped with chairs for feeding babies) - works on a buffet principle. In addition to the main menu, there is a children's. The restaurant has the following food reception routine: breakfast from 7.00 to 10.00 (up to 10.30 2nd breakfast). Dining watch from 12.30 to 14.30. Evening trapez from 19.00 to 21.30. At night, a buffet works: from 11 to 12 nights.
  2. Taco - serves mexican cuisine. Works from May 15 to October 15.
  3. Vikolo - Italian dishes are served. Period of work - from May 15 to October 15.
  4. Mikado - Far Eastern dishes. It works from April 1 to October 31.
  5. Coral - Seafood dishes. Period of work: from May 15 to October 15.
  6. Sadirvan (Turkish cuisine) works from April 1 to October 31.

All restaurants, with the exception of the main, work from 19.30 to 21.00. A visit is only possible on reservation table. For guests, which relax in the hotel 7 days, in the Angora restaurant 1 day acts unlimited. If staying at Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa is less than 1 week, then the reservation of the table will cost $ 10 per person. The average check with a person is $ 30.

For guests are all drinks that are listed in the Angora restaurant menu are available for free. This rule acts both at the local and imported products. In addition, on the territory of the main institution there are thematic evenings and "showing chefs" (preparation of food with virtuoso-chefs in front of people).

In addition to restaurants, the following bars work:

  1. Lobby (works around the clock).
  2. Disco - from 23.00 to 2.00.
  3. Beach bar from 10.00 to 6 pm. If parties spend on the beach, work time increases to 02.00.
  4. Poll near the pool - from 10.00 to 11 am.

There is on site and cafes - Harmony. Working hours from 10.00 to 6 pm. It serves various varieties of coffee, sandwiches, fruit juices, sweets.

Personal Accommodation

Order of residence in Papil Aisha Hotel Resort and Spa:

  1. Check in number from 14.00.
  2. Departure from the room - until 12.00.
  3. When settling in a room with a child under 12 years old and its placement on the bedrooms already available in the room, you do not need to pay for its accommodation.
  4. If the room will live children with age less than 2 years old on already existing cribs, they do not have to pay for their placement.
  5. Children's bed in the room provide the parties to the parties: guests and administrator.
  6. Services not included in the price is paid separately.
  7. It is forbidden to live with pets.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke in closed rooms throughout the hotel.
  9. The hotel takes to pay the following types of bank cards: MasterCard and Visa.
  10. If the hotel stay at the hotel falls for the new year, then 75 € for a festive dinner is additionally charged.

Administration Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa reserves the ability to change the rules of residence.

Entertainment and leisure for adults

For adults in Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa, there are the following entertainment:

  1. 2nd Party Views (Beach or Aquarius) from 23.00 to 02.00.
  2. An animators work every day.
  3. 3rd times a week organize evenings of live music.
  4. In the hotel's garden and on his beach there are parties and views.

Pass on the territory of the hotel and sporting events, such as:

  1. Games in Tennis, Barchchi and Darts.
  2. gymnastics, aerobics.
  3. Volleyball, basketball.
  4. Water polo.
  5. Games in the pool.
  6. Pneumatic shooting.
  7. Mini-Football.

Visit any of the above-described events for hotel guests is free.

Animation for children

On the territory of Papillon Ayscha. Children provide the following types of entertainment:

  1. 1 time in 7 days they conduct thematic day and children's Show program.
  2. The territory has a children's game club category from 4 to 12 years.
  3. For adolescents from 13 to 16 years old is a club (in the period of June-September).
  4. Every evening spend children's parties.
  5. Children can swim in 2 children's pools. One is outdoors. Its area is 16 square meters. M with a depth of 35 cm. Water heated all over its perimeter. The second pool is indoor, with an area of ​​12 square meters. m and a depth of 35 cm. Works in the cold months.

In addition, children can play in the respective age of sports fields by:

  1. darts.
  2. Football.
  3. Bowling.

All entertainment for children are provided free of charge.

Holidays in the territory

Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa has an excellent developed infrastructure for recreation. The SPA center works here, the total area of ​​750 square meters. m.

This complex consists of the following objects:

  1. fitness room.
  2. Hamam.
  3. sauna and steam room.
  4. Rest zones.
  5. 2-a jacuzzi (open and closed type) Area of ​​each of which is 16 square meters. m.

, among this, in Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa have 5 outdoor pools with fresh water for swimming. Their area ranges from 142 to 1160 square meters. The depth in all these objects is 1.40 m. During the winter months, a closed-type pool with heated begins. Its area is 270 square meters. m, and depth - 1.40 m.

Thanks to the accommodation on the first coastline, Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa has its own beach (200 meters of the hotel) with a length of 150 m. It has lounge chairs and canopies from Sun.

Attractions near the hotel

near the hotel, the following significant places are located:

  1. at 13 km of the remainders of the ancient Polis Aspendos. The city itself appeared in x Art. BC. For its history, she belonged to Likia, the Sea Union Athens, Persia, and later Alexander Macedonsky. During his heyday was a large cultural and shopping center. However, starting with VII in AD. He began to fade. Over time, only the ruins remained from him, which in 1871 discovered the Landskonian nobleman.
  2. Aspendos Amphitheater (13 km). Was built in time. When this territory belonged to the Romans. The time of construction dates back to 155 AD. An interesting fact is that until 2008 it was used as a concert venue for various events. And only after that the amphitheater was included in the list of the historical heritage of Turkey.
  3. Roman aqueduct. Located 1 km from the Aspendos Amphitheatre. The length of its ruins is 20 km. This is the largest ancient aqueduct in Turkey.
  4. Bridge XIII in. Located in the ancient city of Aspendos. Very well preserved, arched ceilings and pillars are visible.
  5. Garden of Tolerance – 7 km. It got its name thanks to the universal prayer house, under the roof of which believers can pray, regardless of their religion.
  6. The Land of Legends - Theme park area 7.7 km.

Also, in addition to attractions, in the vicinity of the hotel there are a large number of golf clubs:

  1. Antalya - 7.9 km.
  2. National - 9.6 km.
  3. Kaya Eagles - 7.7 km.
  4. Montgomery - 1.6 km.

Serik Belek Public Beach, famous for its golden sand, is 650 meters from the hotel.

How to book a room

Book a room at Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa is possible according to the following algorithm:

  1. On the official website of the hotel, click on the "Booking" icon.
  2. After that, a menu will appear in which you need to fill in the following columns: dates of arrival and departure, hotel name (this company has other hotels), room category and rate, indicate personal data.
  3. After that, you need to click the "Confirm Booking" icon

After making a reservation, the hotel administration contacts the customer and gives instructions on how to proceed.


Contacts for the Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa:

  1. Phone number : +90549 824 14 54.
  2. Address : Turkey, Belek, Ileribasi Mevkii Antalya, 07500.
  3. Facebook community : facebook_com/PapillonHotelsLife.
  4. Pinterest page : pinterest_com/PapillonHotels.
  5. YouTube channel : youtube_com/channel/UCvT6mmuZtgfo3JdZjhNfR4Q/featured.
  6. Instagram account : instagram_com/papillonhotels.
  7. Group in the social network VKontakte : vk_com/papillonru.
  8. Official site : papillon_com_tr.

With a voice call on the reception at the hotel, you need to take into account that the staff is talking in German, Turkish, Russian and English.


Hotel guests Hotel Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa marks high service service and personnel courtesy. Many tourists who visited here, noticed tactful and unobtrusive assistance from their part. In the event of any questions, everything was solved quickly and efficiently.

A significant part of people rested in Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa are highly appreciated by the enabled animation activities. Particularly praise the quality of music and the work of the animators.

Most family pairs with children were glad to have a good infrastructure for children's rest. Also, for small guests on their birthday in the room deliver a festive cake for free, which also played a role in the hotel's evaluation criteria.

Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa takes high ratings due to positive guest reviews. This hotel combines a comfortable sea vacation with the ability to immerse themselves in Mediterranean or familiar with the historic surroundings of this place.

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