Holidays in Venezuela. Tours, resorts, prices with flights for Russians

Venezuela is among the best countries for ecotourism. The republic has everything for an unforgettable vacation. These are beaches with crystal clear water and white sand, mountain peaks with picturesque slopes and royal waterfalls, architectural monuments built during the time of the conquistadors, unique representatives of flora and fauna.

Where is it, how to get there

The Republic of Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America. This country covers an area of ​​about 912 thousand square meters. km and borders Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. In the north it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The republic also includes more than 70 Caribbean islands.

Venezuela can only be reached by air. There are no direct flights from Moscow to the republic, and you will need to make a transfer. According to tourists, it is cheaper and faster to fly through the following European cities:

  • Frankfurt.
  • Paris.
  • Madrid.

At the same time, citizens of the Russian Federation do not need to apply for a visa if they do not plan to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

Venezuela, where holidays can become unforgettable, is located in the subequatorial climate zone. The air temperature here varies little, and on average stays at around + 20... + 25 ° C. But in mountainous areas in winter it can drop to +4…+9 °C.

The country can be visited all year round. For a beach holiday, it is better to go to Venezuela from December to April, when the dry period begins in the republic. To see natural attractions, such as Angel Falls or Cayman Park, it is best to fly to the country from April to November. At this time, the rainy season begins there, during which these places look especially picturesque.

Fans of nightlife and noisy events should visit the country in mid-late February. At this time, the annual Carnival takes place with colorful processions, songs, dances, and a masquerade. The celebration lasts for a week, and bright events are held in all cities and villages.


There are many entertainments in Venezuela. Here you can explore natural and historical sights, engage in beach or outdoor activities, or visit numerous nightclubs, bars and discos.


Venezuela, where recreation is varied, is washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. And the total length of the coastline of the republic is about 2 thousand km. So there are plenty of places where you can sunbathe.

The best, according to tourists, are the following beaches:

  • Beach Manare. It is located in a cozy bay of the Mochina National Park, and is surrounded by rocky cliffs from almost all sides. Therefore, there are rarely strong waves. The beach itself is sandy, with a smooth, gentle slope. It is ideal for families with children. The beach is equipped with restaurants and cafes, awnings and sun loungers. Locals offer interesting excursions to the open sea on boats.
  • Blanca Beach. Another beach of the Mochina National Park. It is popular with tourists for its picturesque location, crystal clear water and white sand. The beach has a developed infrastructure, and here you can rent umbrellas, sun loungers, or rent a yacht for a sea excursion. An excellent restaurant has been built on the shore, serving local seafood dishes.
  • Colorado beach. Located between the cities of Cumana and Puerto la Cruz. It is considered the most popular holiday destination, thanks to the unusual pinkish sand. The beach is surrounded by thickets of coconut palms, and its waters are so transparent that you can watch the marine life even without diving into the depths. In addition, there is a gentle, smooth descent, which makes the place ideal for families with children.
  • La Punta beach. Located on the island of Coche, and near its territory are the most luxurious resorts and hotel complexes in Venezuela. The beach is valued for its white sand, crystal clear water, and always a calm sea without waves. Therefore, the coastal zone has become the focus of the tourist infrastructure of the island. It is always crowded, and you can find entertainment for every taste.
  • Las Isletas de Piritu. This beach is ideal for those who like a quiet holiday. There is no developed infrastructure, but the places look like a virgin corner of the wild. And the beach is suitable for those who like to sunbathe topless. The coastline is distinguished by gentle descent and transparent water. There are rarely strong waves in the sea. You can only get to the beach only on a boat. And you can hire sea transport on Puerto de Pirite's lagoon pier.

Active recreation

Venezuela is a great place for outdoor activities. Here you can do diving, surfing, or go hiking, to inspect the country's picturesque places.

Canaima National Park in Venezuela

Best options:

  • Trip to Canaim. The National Park is considered the main natural attraction of the country. In these places, you can watch the untouched nature of the wild jungle and their inhabitants, and also see the majestic Angel - the highest waterfall in the world. Since getting to the park will have to be plane, then you can take no more than 10 kg of cargo. In addition to melting, cream from the sun and insects, you need to take a strong shoe, cape from rain and sleeping bag for overnight stay in the forest. You can buy a tour to Canaim at airports, large hotels in the country and local travel agencies. Standard journey will take about 2.5 days. The price includes a flight to the park, trips on SUVs and canoeing swims. On average, the price of the tour is 1400-1500 Bolivar (22.3-23.9 thousand rubles).
  • Climbing Mount Roraim. Excursion to the highest point of Venezuela will take 7 days. During the walking climb, travelers will be able to see rare representatives of flora and fauna, not sitting in the world. They will also open "lunar" landscapes, they will be able to swim in mountain rivers, and explore the surroundings from the top. It is necessary to take strong shoes, clothes that protects against rain and wind. The cost of the tour to the mountain begins from $ 550 (40.5 thousand rubles).
  • Diving. The best places for scuba diving in Venezuela are the Los Freiles archipelago, which is located near Margarita Island. You can get here for a boat in an hour. The archipelago consists of 5 islands, and due to the location, a unique ecosystem with a large biological diversity has been created around them. Water near the archipelago transparent, but depending on the weather, visibility can reach 6-20 m. Tours to the archipelago can be purchased at Margarita Divers diving centers, Scubadiving Margarita, as well as local divers of Margarita Island. The cost of the trip depends on the number of dives.
  • Windsurfing and surfing. The best place for riding on a board with a sail is considered to be Beach El Yak, which is on the island of Margarita. Here the wind is constantly blowing, creating excellent windsurfing waves. There are several stations on the beach, where you can rent the necessary equipment, and hire a professional coach. For riding on a regular board, it is better to go on the beaches of Playa Pargito or Playa Guacucuko. Here the sea creates long waves that can be easily caught. On the beaches there are rental stations where you can take everything.

Night entertainment

Most of the nightclubs and discos focused in the capital of the country - Caracas. Such institutions work from 21:00 to the morning. For the entrance to most clubs will have to pay a fee of $ 2-5.


The most famous institutions of the capital:

  • 360 Roof Bar. The bar is located on the top of the Principal De La Castellana Hotel, and takes 3 upper floors. Moreover, its large part is outdoors. Here serves a variety of cocktails and snacks, and prepare dishes of national and European cuisine. The cost of food and drinks is high here. And the price of cocktails starts from $ 10. The bar is located at: AV. Principal De La Castellana, Caracas 1060, Distrito Capital.
  • El Leo Cafe Bar is located on Plaza La Castellana Square, which is in the eastern part of the capital. His tables are outdoors, thanks to which you can watch the life of Caracas, without breaking down from food and drinks. It serves national cuisine, and famous roulettes with cheese - Tequenos. Drinks are quite expensive here, but high prices compensate for a good atmosphere and incessant parties. Address of the establishment: TRANS. 2, Caracas 1060, Miranda.
  • Tequilibrio. Bar is famous for its parties and karaoke-evenings. Here serves traditional and Mexican cuisine. Sometimes live music concerts are held at the bar, and his organizers often spend thematic parties with contests and incendiary dances. Establishment Address: Avenida Francisco De Miranda, Caracas 1060, Miranda.

Venezuela, recreation in which will leave a lot of impressions, is now experiencing not the best times. In connection with the complex economic and political situation in the capital of the country, crime rate increased. Therefore, walking through the streets of Caracas at night is unsafe. In other cities, the situation with crime is not so acute, but also there it is better to move at night by taxi.


Venezuela is famous for the majestic landscapes and picturesque beaches. But this country is rich in other attractions and architectural monuments.

Telerphic-de Merida

The cable car connecting the city of Merid and the tops of the Especho Mountain is considered the longest in the world. Its length reaches 12.5 km. It is equipped with safe and cozy cabins accommodating up to 45 passengers. They move at a speed of 35 km/h, and the trip from the city to the top of the mountain takes about 2 hours.

There are 3 intermediate stations on the route:

  1. La Montana.
  2. La Aguada.
  3. Loma Redonda.

Each of them is equipped with viewing platforms from which a view of the surroundings opens. From the last station you can walk to the top of Mount Espejo.

The cable car operates from 9:00 to 13:00. But it is better to go to the mountain in the morning, because closer to noon the top is often shrouded in fog. And this makes it difficult to see the surroundings. The cost of the cable car ride is $25 per person. Address: Plaza las Heroinas, Calle 24 Rangel, Merida.

House-Museum of Simon Bolivar

The house where the outstanding revolutionary of Venezuela, Simon Bolivar, was born, is recognized as a national monument of the country. It is built of textured red brick, and is designed in a colonial style. The museum itself is a one-story building with a courtyard and wide corridors.

In the center of the courtyard there is a stone font in which the future revolutionary was baptized, and massive pots with palm trees are installed around it.

The museum itself has a wide exposition of objects. Here you can see antique furniture, chandeliers, gilded cornices and damask curtains - everything that surrounded Simon and his family during their lifetime. The museum contains weapons, awards and personal belongings of the revolutionary, and the walls are decorated with paintings and frescoes.

The house is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30, Saturday and Sunday: from 10:00 to 16:00. Free admission. Address: Av Universidad, Esquinas de San Jacinto a Traposos, Distrito Capital.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1918 in a building that used to belong to the Central University. And in 1938 it was moved to a separate building designed by the architect Carlos Villanueva.

The museum's collection includes ancient Egyptian, Latin American, European and American art, Chinese ceramics, engravings, rare photographs, and works by contemporary artists and sculptors. And the full exposition consists of 5500 exhibits.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum has a library and a gift shop. The city archive is also located here, and various seminars are regularly held.

Museum address: Plaza de los Museos, Bellas Artes, Av. Libertador, Caracas 1050, Distrito Capital. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 16:00.

Miraflores Palace

The Miraflores Palace was built in 1884 and was originally inhabited by the family of Joaquín Crespo, one of the leaders of Venezuela. And since the beginning of the 20th century, it has served as the residence of all the presidents of the country. Since 2013, some rooms of the palace have been open to visitors.

These include:

  • Simon Bolivar's press room.
  • The Ayacucho Hall, seating up to 500 people, and lined with rustic panels.
  • Decorated with themed frescoes, the Boyac Room, dedicated to the victory in the Battle of Columbia.
  • Hall of Mirrors by Joaquin Crespo.
  • Diplomatic office "Peruvian Sun".
  • The Vargas Room with couches, a piano, paintings and presidential chairs from various periods.
  • The Hall of the Council of Ministers, decorated with paintings by various masters.

Address: Av. Nte. 10, Caracas 1012, Distrito Capital.

Del Este Park

The main park of Caracas was opened in 1961 and the famous Venezuelan architect Marx participated in its design. It is located in a picturesque area with an area of ​​75 hectares. On its territory there are 10 lakes, an arboretum, an open theater, a zoo, and several museums. There are many attractions and sports grounds, as well as picnic areas.

Entrance to the park is free. Address: Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Caracas.


In Venezuela, you can find hotels for every taste and budget.

Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas

Some accommodations:

Name Features and Services Cost per night, address
Cayena-CaracasCategory 5 hotel stars. It offers guests 1 and 2 local and family rooms, an outdoor pool, a bar, a restaurant, 24-hour security and free parking. There is also a massage parlor and a spa and wellness center on site.Room rates start from 22,000 rubles. Hotel address: Av. Don Eugenio Mendoza, entre calles El Bosque y Jose Angel Lamas. La Castellana, 1060.
Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites CaracasThe hotel includes 617 rooms of different comfort levels. It offers guests a spacious conference room, a well-groomed garden, a sun terrace, a swimming pool. The hotel has its own mini market, bar, restaurant, parking.The cost of living starts from 10.3 thousand rubles. The hotel is located at: Final Calle La Guairita, Caracas.
MARIANI International Tower Guest HouseMini-hotel offers comfortable accommodation options at a democratic price. For travelers:
  • Sun terrace;
  • well-kept garden;
  • Restaurant;
  • Fitness Center;
  • Zone for barbecue.

on site there is private, free parking.

The price of a room begins from 2.2 thousand rubles. Guest house address: 1070 Macaracuay.

The cost of tours

of Venezuela, the rest in which it is worth planning in advance, rich in the sights. And in order to examine as much interesting places as possible, it is better to acquire tours to the popular directions of the country.

Aquapark of the Jurassic period

The tour is designed for 12 days and 11 nights. It includes a visit to the main attractions of Caracas, climbing the Roraim Plateau, inspection of the waterfall of Santo Angel, alloys for the rivers of Orinoco and Corossi, a trip to the Canaim National Park.

The price of the tour includes:

  • nutrition;
  • accommodation in hotels and guest houses;
  • Transfer;
  • Medical insurance up to 50 thousand y. e.;
  • Internal flights;
  • Porter services (weight up to 8 kg);
  • tents, mattresses;
  • Services of the Russian-speaking guide.

The cost of the tour is $ 2770. Separately you will have to pay for the entrance to the National Park of Canaima ($ 20), as well as internal airport fees. The price of the tour also does not include the transatlantic flight Moscow - Caracas - Moscow.

New conquisites

The tour is designed for 8 days and 9 nights. Its program includes an excursion around the city of Merida, a trip to the highland plains of the Andes, a visit to Savannah Barinas and the National Park of Canaima. Also during a tour, you can get to the viewing platform of Rasisto, which overlooks Angel - the highest waterfall in the world. If you wish, you can swim in its lagoon.

The price of a journey begins from $ 2295.

The tour price includes:

  • All internal flights and transfers in the program;
  • Food and accommodation in hotels;
  • excursions;
  • Medical insurance.
Resting in Venezuela Be sure to visit the city of Merid

Additionally, you need to pay for an international flight, entrance to the Canaima Park, and Services of the Russian-speaking guide. Also in the price does not include alcoholic beverages.

Venezuelan Amazonia

The tour is designed for 3 days and 4 nights. His program includes visiting and accommodation in Puerto Ayakucho - the capital of Amazonas. During the tour, you can get acquainted with the life of local tribes: Pyroa and Yanomamo, visit the Indian market, and see the monuments of ancient civilizations.

The price of the tour includes:

  • accommodation in hotels and transfer;
  • nutrition;
  • Internal flights;
  • excursions with an English-speaking guide;
  • Medical insurance.

The price of a tour starts from $ 675. The price does not include a flight from Moscow to Venezuela and back. Additionally, you can get a vacation in the hammocks at the Holy Indian Mountain of Aoundan.

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