Holiday season in Montenegro. Weather, water and air temperature by months. When to go on vacation

Rest in Montenegro is associated with the Adriatic Sea, mountains and Balkan cuisine. To enter Montenegro, the Russians will not need to design a visa, it is enough to have only a passport.

In Montenegro, in summer, it is quite hot for swimming, and in winter the temperature is rarely lowered below zero. Before packing suitcases is better to explore the weather by months, find out the temperature of the water, air, and set the best time to travel.

Montenegro climatic belt

Montenegro is the Slavic state of the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea coast. It is also called Montenegro, translated from Italian this means "Black Mountain". There is plenty of attractions, lakes, national parks in a small area. Tourists appreciate rest in Montenegro for silence.

Montenegro occupies 3 climatic zones at the same time: subalpine, moderately continental and Mediterranean. The subalpine climatic zone is located on a high-altitude plateau in the north-east of the state. The moderately continental zone occupies the central plain part of the country, and the Mediterranean - a narrow coastline.

The third of Montenegro is occupied by the high mountains, the vegetation is represented by the withdrawal forests. The southern zone, devoid of soil, is occupied by the forest in which cypressions and oaks are dominated. In the forests of Montenegro, mammals live: curtains, deers, bears, boars, foxes, wolves and wild cats, adjacent to reptiles and birds.

Climate in Montenegro

Weather in Montenegro for months in different parts can be very different. The temperature in the coastal zone varies depending on the height. Podgorica, located near the sea, is distinguished by the warmest July temperature in the country, an average of 27 ° C. In highland Cetina, at an altitude of 670 m, the temperature is below 10 ° C.

The average January temperature ranges from 8 ° C at the bar, on the southern coast, to -3 ° C in the northern mountains.

Many precipitation falls in the mountain montenegro. Above which the bay of their annual amount is almost 5100 mm. Along the coast of Adriatic sediments fall mainly in the cold part of the year. In winter, snow cover can be found along the coast. On average, it holds 10 days, and in the high mountains the duration of the snow reaches 120 days.

The weather table in Montenegro for months

Spring in Montenegro begins early, in March. The temperature in the central and coastal areas stops at about 16 ° C, the frequent showers go. Mountains at this time remain covered with snow, and the ski season lasts until the end of March.

In April, heat extends throughout the country, but the rainy weather remains. April allows tourists with full comfort to explore numerous pedestrian routes.

May opens the doors to sea resorts for the first wave of visitors. The weather is good, but the water for swimming is cold. The precipitation decreases. Warm anticyclones come to the coastal and central districts, in the mountainous areas the temperature holds around 13 ° C. On the Adriatic coast, summer in dry and warm. June is a month with the most comfortable weather.

Air warm, without exhausting heat, cool water. The average temperature is 28 ° C - 30 ° C. In the Alpine regions is colder - about 25 ° C of average daytime temperatures. At night, it should be taken into account when preparing for hikes. The central regions of Montenegro have similar weather conditions, with the exception of warmer nights.

Weather in Montenegro for months in a table with signatures.

Autumn - the time of ripening of vegetables and fruits, such as figs, kiwi, grenades, persimmon, citrus. September and the first half of November - the velvet season. Sun at this time leaves the most resistant tan. The water of the Adriatic Sea is still warm for swimming.

Crowding begins in November. A decrease in temperature is accompanied by an increase in precipitation and leaves. In the mountainous areas, the cold is up to about 11 ° C. In November there are the likelihood of early frosts and snowfalls. Coastal areas of Montenegro have a mild winter with an average temperature of about 11 ° C. Snow rarely falls. Most of the time it rains.

In winter, there is nothing to do on the flat part of Montenegro. The mountainous areas have enough snow for skiing during all three winter months. The average seasonal temperature is -10°C. January and February are peak ski seasons.

Air temperature by months

Monthly weather in Montenegro coincides with Eastern Europe. Summer in Montenegro lasts from late May to mid-September. Sun lovers will love this period. Winters are mild, without sudden temperature fluctuations. The thermometer in Montenegro rarely drops below zero.

Max. average

temperature, °C

Min. average

temperature, °C


Water temperature by months

The swimming season in Montenegro coincides with the calendar summer and continues during the "velvet season". The Adriatic Sea does not cool down below 100C even in winter.

) Water temperature, °C 141414151821242523201715

Average annual rainfall in Montenegro

Summer in the country is dry, there is little precipitation. In winter, things are different, rain in winter in Montenegro is a common occurrence.

Precipitation, mm. 14116186806029321654104183157

The average number of sunny hours per day

, in contrast to some regions of Russia, is rarely cloudy days in Montenegro. Summer the sun can shine for 14 hours in a row. Darkens in Montenegro quickly.

Number of sun hours per day, h. 66.59101214141311977

when starts Winter, summer in Montenegro

In Montenegro, two tourist seasons: summer and winter. Most tourists attend the country in the summer to swim in the sea. Summer on the Montenegro coast roast and dry. The rain is not long and ended in an hour. Temperature ranges between 20 ° C at night, and 39 ° C during the day.

The summer months are very warm in the evenings, which is perfect for walking along the beach and visiting open restaurants. Water temperature on average - 28 ° C. The sea is clean and transparent, you can see the bottom from a distance of 45 - 65 m from the surface of the water.

In winter, the spa season is short and depends on the amount of snow dropped.

The temperature on the coast from 0 ° C to 15 ° C is accompanied by abundant rains. The climate of mountain areas is different from the climate of the coast. Travel in winter in the mountains is dangerous. The season begins from late November and lasts until May.

Tourist season in Montenegro. When it is better to go to vacation

the best time to visit Montenegro - the period from the end of spring and before the beginning of autumn. Summer months - a high tourist season, many hotels are booked long before the start of summer holidays. This period is suitable for beach recreation, studying national parks, such as a crossing or a burglar. Water warm until October.

Montenegro becomes a popular winter direction. From November to April - a period of ski months with high prices for hotels in Kolashin and Zablak. Most hotels on the seaside are closed at this time. Only in April becomes noticeable warmer and many hotels open slowly.

Weather in cities and resorts by months

Weather in Montenegro by month coincides immediately in several resort cities of Budva Riviera:

  • Budva;
  • Becici;
  • Sveti Stefan;
  • Petrovac;
  • bar.

Budva Riviera

Boca Kotor Bay - One of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, in which there are old cities: Kotor, Perast and Herceg Novi with a rich cultural tradition, a centuries-old history that has been survived by architecture, fortifications, churches, cathedrals, palaces, squares and other significant attractions.


Budva is the oldest coastal city of Montenegro. Beach Budva is very clean. The city is located right on the seafront, with high mountains on one side and the Adriatic Sea to another. In addition to natural beauty, Budva is rich in historical monuments. Old town is located on a small peninsula.

Tourist attractions:

  • Church of St. Trinity;
  • Monument to the writer Stepan loved;
  • Church of St. John;
  • Church of St. Virgin;
  • Church of St. Savva.
Temperature during the day, °C 91014182227303126201611
Temperature at night, °C 45710121618191613105
Water temperature, °C 14.413.81415.719.323.325.526.324.421.619.416.8
Amount of precipitation, mm. 167192175747043301775120221169


Becici is located east of Budva. It has 895 permanent residents (Census 2010). The village has a sandy beach of the same name along the Adriatic Sea. Some parts of the beach are closed and accessible only to hotel guests. These include the sections "Queen of Montenegro" and "Sveti Toma".

The beach has a developed infrastructure:

  • umbrellas;
  • dressing rooms;
  • sun loungers;
  • cafe;
  • bars;
  • shopping malls.

The village mainly consists of medium and large hotels. Convenient location and comfortable beaches make Becici perfect place to relax family. Here is a wide selection of water sports and sports facilities. The most interesting is the water park, the area of ​​which is 7.5 thousand square meters. m.

Temperature in the afternoon, ° C 91014182227303126211611
Tempery at night, ° C 45710121618191613105
Temperature of water, ° C 14.413.81415.719.423.325.526.224.421.519.416.8
The amount of precipitation, mm. 168192178756945291779124223170


Sveti-Stephen is an island located near the coast of Montenegro. Previously, it was a fishing village, today - a luxurious resort, ready to satisfy the most exquisite needs. The island is small, with stone houses on the top of the cliffs.

It is connected to the mainland 1 with a narrow bridge located on the sandstream. Only the hotel can visit the island, located on the island. On Sveti Stefan there is an art gallery, a shopping center, shops and 3 churches, one of which is built in honor of Alexander Nevsky.

Months IIIIIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXxxiXIITemperature damp, ° C 91014182227303126211611Tempery at night, ° C 45710121618191613105pace - water, ° C 14.413.81415.719.423.325.526.224.421.519.416.8The amount of precipitation, mm. 169192178756846281776125223170


Petrovac - Mediterranean pearl on the coast of Montenegro. As part of the Budva Riviera, Petrovac is located 19 km from the touristic Budva and 9 km from Sveti Stefan. This town is famous for its beaches, dense groves, Lučice bay and local cafes where you can dine and drink wine.

Daytime temperature, °C 91114182227303126211611
Temperature at night, °C 56810131619201714116
Water temperature, °C 14.313.71415.719.423.325.526.224.421.619.416.7
Rainfall, mm. 176192178786635231580118222168


The old city of Bar is the most significant in terms of cultural and historical monuments presented in it. In the suburbs, there is an olive tree planted by early Christian preachers. He is over 2000 years old. This tree symbolizes the life force of the Bar. The city is known for summer festivals and cultural events.

Temperature damp, ° C 101114182227303126211611
Tempery at night, ° C 67911141821211815127
The temperature waters, ° C 14.213.513.815.719.423.325.426.024.321.619.416.6
The amount of precipitation, mm. 180182176806634211483128222178

Weather in Montenegro for months is close in its climatic values ​​in the cities of the Bolko-Kotor bay. The temperature of the water in this region of Montenegro is at the same level.

Bolko-Kotorsky Bay

Bolko-Kotor Bay - the Bay of the Adriatic Sea in the western part of Montenegro. A number of medieval cities are located on its territory. All of them have a rich history. The bay is the most frequently photographed part of Montenegro. Ancient local temples and monasteries will delight pilgrims.


Herceg-Novi is a city located on the shores of the Bolko-Kotor Bay. It is considered to be the city of writers. It is a beautiful place, with unique nature and fascinating sea species inspired people for creativity. Annually a book fair is held in honor of the Nobel laureate Ivo Andrich.

Temperature damp, ° C 91013172126293025201510
Tempery at night, ° C 356911151718151284
Tempery water, ° C 14.61414.115.619.223.125.526.424.421.519.316.8
The amount of precipitation, mm. 1681931957910888483490141226152


Igalo has become famous as a spa center due to its mild Mediterranean climate. It is famous for flowering trees and healthy mineral water called Igalyanka.

The city of Igalo is conveniently located in terms of transport.

It is easy to get to Herceg Novi and the village of Igalo from it. The beaches of Igalo are covered with sand. For 250 meters from the coastline, the depth of the sea remains about 1 m. The water temperature is warmer than in other regions of the country.[1185)

Temperature, day, ° C 91013172126303025201511
Tempery at night, ° C 356911151718151294
the temperature waters, ° C 14.61414.115.619.223.125.526.424.421.519.316.8
The amount of precipitation, mm. 1681931957910888483490141225152


- an ancient city in which architectural monuments preserved since the XII century are presented. Medieval architecture and warm weather put to the top positions of the list of cities, mandatory for visiting. In Montenegro in which the largest annual temperature difference. During the year, the weather fluctuates greatly. In some months, oscillations can reach 5 - 70S.

(14 45)21.5
Topic damp, ° C 791217212629312420149
Tempery at night, ° C 346911141718151294
waterproof water, ° C 14.513.914,115.619.223.225.526.324.319.316.8
The number of precipitation, mm. 1802192098510284483596144234176


Tivat is a coastal city in the southwest of Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor. The geographical position of Tivat makes it an attractive tourist destination. This is the youngest city in the Bay of Kotor. The city is located on the Vrmac peninsula, which separates the Kotor and Tivat bays.

Tempery day, ° C 791217212629302420149
Tempery at night, ° C 346911141718151294
water temperature, ° C 14.513, 914.115.619.223.125.526.324.321.519.316.8
The number of precipitation, mm. 182218 ​​21084104483494147239175


Located on the rock, the old town rises above the new suburbs of Ulzin. It is protected by high Venetian walls with a great view of the bay. Beach is located under the walls.

Unlike other parts of Montenegro, Ultsin has an east flavor and the Muslim population as the echoes of the long-standing Ottoman presence in the area. Beaches in Ultsin sandy, and water has a milk white shade.

Tempery During the day, ° C 101214182227303126211612
Tempery at night, ° C 781012151922222016128
the temperature of water, ° C 14.113.413.815.719.323.325.125.724.321.519.416.5
the number of precipitation, mm. 186174172)838138221694129213160

Montenegro weather forecast for 2019

Montenegro in 2019 has a lot to offer tourists: from UNESCO protected cities - fortresses, bays and lakes, to sea food and wine.

The most popular summer destinations in Montenegro:

  • Budva;
  • Kotor;
  • Perast;
  • Lake Skadar.

Montenegro weather forecast for 2019:

Max. average

temperature, °C

Min. average

temperature, °C

Rainfall, mm. 151616172024) 252624222018

Montenegro is a small country, but boasts mountainous landscapes, coastlines, historical monuments and beautiful walled cities. Here the sun shines for several months in a row, and the sea remains warm even in winter.

The weather allows you to come to rest in Montenegro all year round. The picturesque nature and the amazing beauty of the mountains will leave unforgettable memories of a vacation in the cozy Mediterranean Montenegro.

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