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Grenada on the world map is located nearby There are groups of small Antille Islands in the southeastern part of the Caribbean Islands. Before the arrival of European sevosts in the XV century, the island inhabited the tribes of the Indians of Aravaki and the Caribbean. It was open in 1498 by Christofore Columbus during the 3rd sailing to the shores of America.

The value of Grenada in the modern world

Grenada on the world map, as an independent state, appeared on February 7, 1974. The first of its name "Concepcion" island received from Spanish conquistadors. Before the beginning of the 20th century, there were no European settlements on Grenada. The militant local tribes did not give the arrived conquerors to gain a foothold on the island.

In April 1609, the British Expedition of Admiral Robinson and Godfrey on 3 DIANA ships, "Penelope" and "Endeavour" arrived to the shores of Grenada. 204 English colonists founded the first European settlement. The fortified British fort was repeatedly subjected to attacks of the tribes of militant Aborigines and was destroyed in November. Indians killed most of the colonists.

On December 15, 1609, the remaining British were evacuated from the island on an arrived squadron. The first European settlements were created by Spanish conquistadors, severely exterminated by local aborigines, in the 20s of the XVII century.

In 1650, Spain sold France Island, which by 1655 completely destroyed the indigenous Indians. The French was built a major settlement, next to which indigo and tobacco plantations were broken. A cotton and nutmeg were grown on the island. Worked on the fields African slaves.


In 1763, Grenada was captured by the British Empire. The English Board continued until 1779, in which the French returned themselves control over the island. In 1783, according to the Versailles Agreement, Grenada finally departed in the possession of England.

The periods of British colonization of the island: from 1885 to 1956 as part of the colony "Leed Islands", from January 1956 to May 1962 - in the West-India Federation. In March 1967, Grenada received the right to the internal self-government and state status in the Association with the United Kingdom.

In the modern world, the island is famous for the production of rare spices, essential oils and cocoa beans.

The capital of Grenada is Saint George with a population of 2,982 people. The city is located on the west coast of the island at an altitude of 188 m above sea level. It was founded in the XVII century on the site of the largest French settlement of that time.

The most famous cities of Grenada:

City population population, people. Region
Carriac6081Dependent territory Carryaca
dense3378Saint-John District
Grenville2270Saint Andrew District
Soter1300Saint Patrick District
Hillsboro1000Dependent territory Carryaca
Saint-Davids908Saint David district
PH-Martinique900Martinique District
Victoria400Saint-Mark district

The Grenada State Flag was approved on February 7, 1974. It is a rectangular cloth with the aspect ratio of 3: 5. 3 colors on the flag of the island state have their meanings: yellow means a friendliness of citizens and the sun, green - agriculture, red symbolizes courage, unity and harmony.

7 stars personify the number of administrative-territorial units of the Grenada. The image of a nutmeg on the flag symbolizes the source of the main income of the state. On the world map, Grenada occupies 222 place in the area, which is 344 km².

The population of the island state is 108,470 people:

  • African Americans - 82%.
  • Mulati - 12%.
  • Europeans - 5.4%.
  • Indians - 0.6%.

The religious composition of the population of Grenada is in popularity:

  1. Catholics - 53%.
  2. Protestants - 44.7%.
  3. Folk beliefs - 1.3%.
  4. Hindus - 0.7%.
  5. Muslims - 0.3%.
Grenada, population of the country.

Grenada on the map of the world is located in the group of small Antille Islands. The state occupies the southern part of Grenadines. More than 70% of the country is located on the island of Grenada.

Where is Grenada

Grenada is the island of volcanic origin, which is located in the group of lands of the south-eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, 120 km north of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The entire coastal territory of the state is considered a low-lying surface, and in the center of the island the mountains and various hills are dominated.

The High Point of Grenada is considered to be Mount St. Katerlin, which reaches 843 m above sea level. In addition to the main island, the country's ownership is also included, the relatives of the lying groups of the southern part of the chain of the Grenadine.

In the capital of St. Georges, the International Airport "St. Petersburg is located. George's Point Salines International Airport. Direct flights are carried out in the Caribbean, South and North America.

Weather in Grenada, the best time for a trip

Grenada has tropical transmission climatic conditions with a moderate amount of precipitation throughout the year. The greatest amount of rain is held from May to October. On average, the air temperature is kept at 25 ° C for a year. And the amount of precipitation usually does not exceed 150 cm.

Weather conditions on the island for seasons:

month name min. pace. air, ° C Average value, ° C Max. pace.air, ° C The amount of precipitation, cm

The precipitation on the island is frequent, but short. From May to August, tropical hurricanes are held on the island. The period from January to April is considered a drought season.

The climatic conditions of the state by month:

  1. January. It is considered one of the best months to visit the Grenada, since the temperature is held within 26 ° C, and the amount of precipitation is approximately 10 cm. This period is one of the most moderate conditions on all indicators on the island.
  2. February. The coldest month of all, the temperature during this period may fall to 22 ° C. It rains at this time pass often, and the amount of precipitation is approximately 8 cm.
  3. March. The period began drought, rains are quite rare, about 2-4 times in the entire month. The amount of precipitation is about 4 cm. The air temperature at this time reaches a record 31-32 ° C.
  4. April. At this month, the temperature throughout the island reaches 31 ° C, and the amount of precipitation is approximately 5 cm. This period is considered to be completed drought in Grenada.
  5. May. The temperature in this season reaches 32 ° C, and the rainy increases in comparison with April 2 times. The total amount of precipitation for the entire month is 10 cm.
  6. June. The official start of the rainy season, the amount of precipitation increases in comparison with previous months by about 2-3 times. On average, the air temperature may increase to 30-31 ° C. The amount of precipitation is 20 cm.
  7. July. At this time, the amount of rains does not decrease, and the rainfall is approximately 19-20 cm. The air temperature in July reaches 30-31 ° C, and the lowest fixed bar is 23 ° C.
  8. August. The continuation of the rainy period, the amount of precipitation at this time is approximately 19 cm. The air temperature in this season reaches 30 ° C.
  9. September. In this period, the amount of rains slightly decreases, but the number of precipitation is 16 cm. The air temperature reaches 31-32 ° C, and the lowest fixed bar is 23 ° C.
  10. October. At this time, the amount of precipitation increases, 23 ° C is dropped over the entire period. The temperature reaches the maximum mark at 32 ° C.
  11. November. A month that is characterized by the greatest amount of heavy rains throughout the year. In general, for all seasons on the island, about 25-27 cm of precipitation falls, and the air temperature in this period is approximately 27 ° C.
  12. December. The final month in the period of torrential rains and cloudy weather. The number of precipitation is approximately 10 cm, and the air temperature begins to fall and reaches the maximum 30 ° C.

The best time for visiting Grenada is the period from January to April. The rains at this time falls small, the temperature in the sea is + 22- + 26.

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Sights of Grenada

Grenada on the world map is located among the belts of the Caribbean Islands. A large number of attractions are located throughout the state, which are closely related to the colonization period.

Culting structures of Grenada

Among the most popular cult facilities are distinguished:

  1. The Anglican Church of St. George in Sent Georges was almost completely destroyed by hurricane "Ivan" in 2004. Currently, all over the world is a collection of funds for the restoration of the religious monument of the architecture of the capital of the Grenada. Most of the construction rebuilt again. The clock on the church tower was repaired, which exactly repeat the battle of Westminster Abbey in London. Fully restored roof, window stained glass windows and church gallery. Services are held in the temple and at this time it is partially open to visiting tourists.
  2. St. George's Catholic Cathedral in the capital was built in 1818. The interior of the iconic St. George's building features brightly colored tapestries, stained-glass windows, and wall paintings. From the windows of the tower of the cathedral you can see the whole city and the marina. The temple is active, but is always open to tourists.
  3. There is an active Anglican Presbyterian Church on Grenville's main Victoria Street. The temple is the tallest building in the village. The parish school for boys, made in the Creole style, is open at the church. Services are held in the temple. It is open to visitors and tourists.

Museums of Grenada

The National Museum of Grenada is located in St. George's at the corner of Young and Moncton Streets. It was opened on April 17, 1976 at the initiative of Prime Minister Eric M. Gairy. The most valuable exhibit of the museum is the marble bath of Napoleon Bonaparte's beloved Josephine.

The exposition presents household items of ancient Indian tribes, machines for processing sugar cane and equipment used in whaling.

The main thematic sections of the museum:

  1. Slavery.
  2. The first colonists.
  3. Plantation economy.
  4. Whaling archaeological finds.
  5. Ancient technologies and transport.

The National Museum of Granada is housed in an old French barracks built in 1704. The Carriacou Museum is located in the capital of Grenada, St. George's, in the Hillsborough area. Previously, the building represented 3 combined buildings and only in 1989 was transferred to the main building, where the museum is located to this day.

In it you can see many exhibits of Indian and European culture from the time of the colonization of these territories. In addition, the museum contains artifacts, documents and various decorations made of glass, ceramics and other materials. This place is visited annually by many tourists from all over the world.

Inside the museum there is a souvenir shop where you can buy various historical handmade engravings and souvenirs for a small price. The museum is located on Paterson Street. Admission is $2 for adults and free for children under 12.

The Chocolate Museum was opened around 1980 and is located in St. George's. Inside the building, you can taste or purchase various local chocolate products. All products in this house are made by hand without the use of automatic technologies.

In addition to buying sweets in the museum, you can learn about the history of the beginning of chocolate production and the extraction of cocoa beans, the process of preparation, packaging and other processes in the manufacture of confectionery. The cost is low, a bar of 70% dark chocolate in 200 gr will cost about $ 2. Museum address: Young Street 10. You can visit this place for free.

Architectural buildings and monuments in Grenada

A large number of architectural sights are located throughout the state, most of which date back to the 27th century. Fort Frederick is one of the most important and beautiful sights of Grenada. It is located on the east coast of the island near the port in the city of St. George's. There are several levels of rooms inside the fort.

There are 3 floors in total, each of which was designed for a separate task:

  1. Storage of equipment, military ammunition and powder kegs.
  2. A room necessary in case of a siege of the fort, various provisions were placed on this level, which did not spoil, a tank with drinking water, the total volume of which exceeds 100 liters. In general, about 1 thousand people could fit in this room.
  3. The last floor is equipped with an intricate web of tunnels and passages. The garrison soldiers lived in this place, and a complex system of movement was devised for easy internal defense in case of defeat.

The best way to get to the fort is by car. Address: Richmond Hill, Grenada. You can visit the building daily from 8:00 to 17:00, the cost is $ 2.5. Fort George is another defensive structure that was built in Grenada around 1700. It is located in the city of St. George's on the east coast, not far from the local yacht club.

In contrast to Fort Frederick, the building was largely undamaged over time and remains in good condition to this day. At the moment, this building houses the local police, but part of the fort has remained open to tourists. It contains ancient weapons and ammunition.

The whole building is guarded around the clock by the military, who specially change into the uniform of the 27th century. If necessary, they can also tell and even show how a particular weapon works. The cannons on the fort also remain fully combat-ready and even fire periodically, but only in honor of an event.

Due to the fact that the fort is located approximately in the center of the city, it can be easily reached on foot, the entire journey from the extreme point of St. George's will take approximately 35 minutes. It is not difficult to notice the structure, it is located on the highest point in the city and is clearly visible both from land and from the sea. You can visit the fort daily from 9:30 to 17:30, admission is free. Address: Grand Etang Road, St George's.

One of the most fascinating attractions on the island is the Underwater Sculpture Park. Monuments under the water appeared relatively recently, in 2006. Approximately at a depth of 3 m there are about 60 sculptures. Designed and built by Jason Taylor.

Every day, boats with tourists arrive at the monuments to go diving and see these amazing sculptures on the seabed for themselves. In addition, they are surrounded by a variety of coral reefs. The cost of a diving lesson with the rental of all related equipment will cost about $50.

Natural attractions of Grenada

On the world map, Grenada is located in a tropical zone, which is characterized by beautiful and diverse terrain. In addition to amazing places and ancient architectural buildings, Grenada has a large number of parks and natural attractions.

Lever National Park is located in the northern part of Grenada and was established in 1992.

Today, this area is considered one of the most picturesque among all the coasts of the state. This small area of ​​about 180 hectares is home to a large variety of animals. Among them, there are about 85 species of birds, some of which are found only in this area and nowhere else in the world. Also, this coast is home to local leatherback turtles.

The most convenient way to get to the national park is by car, the shortest way is along the Western Main Road. The entire journey takes approximately 1 hour, provided there are no traffic jams. Address: Saint Patrick.

Another national park, Grand Etan, is located closer to the center of the island and is a large evergreen forest with a large number of animals, insects and other creatures. However, the main attraction of the park is the Seven Sisters waterfall. It got its name because of the number of cascades. You can get to it simply by following the paved paths at the beginning of the park.

The whole journey will take about 5-10 minutes. Address: Grand Etang, St Andrews. One of the main natural attractions of Grenada is the Jessamine Eden Botanical Garden. This place attracts tourists from all over the world because of the wide variety of flora that is collected in the garden.

In it you can find the rarest plants from almost the entire planet. In addition, the smallest birds - hummingbirds - live here. The easiest way to get to the garden is by car from St. George's. The entire trip will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Address: Grenville Vale Road, St. George's.

Leisure in Grenada

Leisure in Grenada is quite diverse, on a small island everyone can find a suitable type of leisure activity to their liking. Most tourists come to this state for the sake of white beaches, beautiful views and the Caribbean Sea.

The most common quays for tourist recreation:

  1. Lever. This beach is located near the town of Suturs. The government of the country ranked this area among the national parks of the state. Sea turtles and 10 species of birds live on this promenade.
  2. Tyrell Bay. This is a beach located on the island of Carriacou, which belongs to Grenada. Usually yachting is practiced in this area. If you do not have your own floating vehicle, you can rent it from the yacht club. The cost of such a lease will depend on the type and size of the vessel, but on average the cost varies from $500-1000 per day.
  3. Basway. Another wild beach near the town of Suturs. It is perfect for solitude and relaxation from the civilized world.

Shopping in Grenada

Boutiques and souvenir shops are located in all settlements, where you can buy something interesting or unusual.

But the most unforgettable purchases can be made in these places:

  1. Riven-Antoin-Rum-Distillery rum distillery. This distillery has been in operation since 1785. Here you can observe the process of rum production and learn about exactly how and with what it is made. In addition, at the end of the tour in a specialized store you can buy a bottle of good Caribbean rum.
  2. Street vendors in the city of Suturce. In this small town you can buy various handmade souvenirs. Because of the great competition, everyone wants to stand out and sometimes you can find very interesting souvenirs. Also for this reason, you can buy any trinket at a low cost.
  3. St. George's Stores. The capital of Grenada has many shops of both local and fashion products. The most popular shops with cigars, rum and handmade jewelry.

Places of interest for families with children

There are few places in Grenada suitable for families with children. One of the interesting places to visit with a child is the Crociu Zoo.

It lives in it:

  1. turtles.
  2. Iguana.
  3. birds.
  4. Snakes.
  5. donkeys.
  6. Primates.
  7. armor.

In addition, almost all of them can be stroked or fed. Address: A Crochu, Croku. The cost of visiting: $ 4 for adults and free entrance for children under 12 years old. Plantation Cocoa Belmont Estate is located in the capital of Grenada. It can be observed for the growth of cocoa beans, their assembly and the preparation of chocolate sweets.

In addition, at the end of the tour you can spend tasting and purchase you liked. Address: St Patrick's. Opening hours: From Sunday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00, Saturday is a day off. Jenny Island is the most suitable for relaxing on the beach with children. The water in this region is very clean and in it within a radius of 30 m can be seen underwater inhabitants.

Active rest in Grenada

In addition to a calm and measured rest in Grenada, you can engage in active leisure:

  1. Diving. Almost on any beach there are centers that provide underwater dive services to explore the seabed and its inhabitants. In the diving center you can rent all the necessary equipment and take a brief training.
  2. Surfing. Most waters on the beaches of the Grenada are calm, but there are several places in which surfingists often collect. The most popular place is the Beachway Beach. Large waves are rising in this region, most suitable for surfing.
  3. yachting. Another common entertainment in the Caribbean Sea. You can rent a yacht in the capital of Grenada, its value depends on the size and type of vessel. The average cost is approximately $ 700.

Excursions in Grenada

In Grenada, you can order a Russian-speaking guide or a whole tourist program on the island. Inspection "Valley". Boat excursion one of the longest coral reefs in the Caribbean world. Pouring into the required region under the supervision of the instructor is immersed under water in special equipment.

The main part of the excursion is the study of the underwater world (fish, corals, stars and other marine inhabitants). Cost: $ 400 per person.

Excursion to the waterfall Tuffon Hall. It is the highest in all Grenada. To get to it, it should be overcome through a desert area, the passage of which will take about 3 hours.

The professional guide will accompany throughout the journey, and also tell about the nature of the nature of Grenada. Cost: $ 200 per person. You can order most excursions via the Internet or directly at the hotel reception.

Route for inspection of Grenada independently

Grenada on the world map is located among the rest of the surrounding island.

due to the fact that the island is small all major sights can be viewed in 6 days:

  1. Excursion for the main attractions of St. George (Fort Frederick and George), Lunch in a restaurant with local cuisine.
  2. Visit the island of Carryak to relax on a clean beach, as well as diving and studying flooded ship.
  3. Visit the Grand Ethan Park, it is recommended to go to the waterfalls.
  4. Pass on the Museums of the capital and visiting the Botanical Garden.
  5. Diving occupation on any of the beaches of Grenada.
  6. Visiting the Cocoa Plantation Belmont Estate and Roma Factory.

Hotels in Grenada

In Grenada, hotels of various price categories can be found:

Name of Hotel Services Cost, $
Radisson Grenada Beach ResortParking space, 24-hour room service, fitness center, conference rooms, dry cleaning, laundry, tennis court, all necessary equipment for people with limited opportunities.300
Siesta HotelLaundry, Airport shuttle, Professional nanny services for a child, Breakfast in the room.100
Carriacou Grand ViewPossibility of ordering food in the room, transfer from the airport, parking space, laundry room, halls for business meetings.

How to navigate through Grenada

in Grenada, not a large variety of transport:

  1. Bus. One of the most common types of transport on the island. There are about 20 routes throughout the island. The cost of average travel costs $ 1.
  2. Taxi. The price of travel depends on the amount of overcomed distance, 1.5-2 $ / mile.
  3. Rent a car. The cost of car rental varies from 40-80 $ / day depending on the brand of the car.
  4. Rent a bicycle or scooter. The price of renting this vehicle on average in all regions of the island is $ 10 / day.

Grenada is on the world map in the tropical zone and is washed by the Caribbean Sea, because of this, a large number of tourists come to the island annually.

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