Goa island. Where is located on the world map, attractions, recreation

Goa is a small but popular holiday destination for Europeans. In terms of area and population, this state ranks 26th out of 29. On the world map, this is a small area in India. Those who have already visited Goa recommend staying there from November to February (it is advisable to book tickets in advance).

Where is the island of Goa, coordinates on the world map

The state of Goa is located on the western coast of India, in its middle part. On the world map, it has the following coordinates: 15. 38355 north latitude and 73. 84291 east longitude. The total area of ​​the territory is just over 3700 sq. km. At the same time, the length of the beach line is 105 km, inland Goa has a length of 65 km.

On land, the state borders Maharashtra (to the north) and Karnataka (to the south and east). The western part is the coastline of the Arabian Sea.

The state itself additionally has an internal division into Northern and Southern parts, the common capital of which is Panaji with a population of just under 250,000 people (as of 2017). On the territory of Goa there are mountains (Sahyardi, in the east) and plains, as well as rivers (Mandovi, Zuari), which flow into the sea.

Regions of Goa

Goa, on the world map, is located mostly on the coast of India. At the same time, the Southern states occupy 2.5 times more area than the server ones. Their coastline is over 60 km out of 100 km. The rest is occupied by the northern and central parts (the central part is rarely indicated, but it is also available in GOA).

South Goa is designed for wealthy people who choose a relaxing holiday. The infrastructure for active recreation of tourists is poorly developed here. The main view is spending time on the beach or relaxing in hotels and restaurants. They are located away from each other, which provides peace and quiet.

You can restore beauty and health when visiting massages and spas. From active recreation, sightseeing and surroundings are recommended here. The sand on the beaches of South Goa is light, which makes the water in the sea seem very clean.

North Goa, despite its smaller area, provides all kinds of entertainment and is an active place for recreation. You can stay for a vacation in middle-class hotels or rent houses / villas.

Nightlife is developed in North Goa, these are clubs, discos and parties. Due to the constant noise and crowds in the settlements and on the beaches, this part of Goa is not recommended for families with children.

If desired, you can find less noisy areas, you can arrange an indigenous resident as a nanny (these services are provided for a separate fee). The beaches of North Goa are covered with yellow or gray sand (their color is due to volcanic origin), which makes the beaches look dirtier.

The beaches themselves are popular not only with tourists, but also with local residents, so they are crowded.

Central Goa is the capital of Panaji. It is the most populous part of the state. Not famous for hotels and recreation. The main attraction is the Portuguese quarter and the carnival before the start of Lent.

With a general comparison of North and South Goa, in both parts you can find affordable housing and a relaxing holiday. To do this, you need to prepare in advance for the vacation and find out all the nuances in the agency where the vacation tour will be issued.

In addition, it should be taken into account that in the southern part of Goa there is a fertilizer factory that pollutes the local air. When choosing a voucher, it is recommended to arrange a place of residence further from the plant.

Weather in Goa by months, water and air temperature

The weather in Goa corresponds to the subequatorial climate. It has distinct dry and wet seasons. For recreation, the weather can conditionally be divided into summer, winter periods and the rainy season.

Description of weather by seasons:

1. Winter. The best period for rest. The air temperature does not reach high levels, and the water is well warmed up. Rain and strong winds are practically absent. True, there are differences in temperature during the day and at night.

A slight breeze brings moderate coolness. October is not a good month for holidays. Since at this time the sea has not yet cleared of the mud brought by the rainy season, and is quite muddy for a pleasant swim.

Main characteristics of the winter season:

Month Daytime temperatures (degrees) Nighttime temperatures (degrees) Sea water temperature (degrees) Number of clear days / precipitation / overcast or cloudy Individual features of the month
October33-3522-2427-2921/6/4The duration of the activity of the sun is about 9 hours. There are practically no winds.
November32-3622-2428-2925/2/5Sun activity around 10 o'clock. Winds up to 9 m/s.
December32-3524-2427-2929/1/2Sun activity 10 hours. Slight wind boost.
January32-3419-2226-2829/0/2Sun activity 11 hours. Presence of wind (up to 11 m/s)
February31-3420-2326-2828/0/0The activity of the sun is 11.5 hours. Wind unchanged.

2. Summer. The season will appeal to people who love hot and dry weather. Closer to May, the humidity of the air increases. This is indicative of the coming rains. The winds on land and at sea are also getting stronger.

the main characteristics of the summer season:

month daily temperature indicators (degrees) ​​Night temperature indicators (degrees) water temperature in the sea (degrees) Number of clear days / s sediments / overcast or cloudy individual features of the month
Mart32-3523-25 ​​27-2930/0/1Sun activity 12 hours. Wind up to 13 m / s.
April33-3625-2628-3028/1 / 1Sun activity 11 hours. Wind up to 14 m / s. The humidity of the air flow is growing. High waves appear on the sea.
May33-3726-2728-3120/4 / 7Sun activity 9 hours. Wind up to 14 m / s. Air humidity becomes high. Swimming in the sea is hampered by high waves

3. Rainy season. It is characterized by abundant precipitation and a small amount of sunny days. Shni go from the southwestern side and move towards the East. Nonal hurricanes are possible. In this period, up to 80% of precipitation is possible. Bathing in the sea is almost prohibited.

The main characteristics of the rainy season:

Month Daily temperature indicators (degrees) Night indicators of temperature (degrees) water temperature in the sea (degrees) Number of clear days / s sediments / overcast or cloudy Individual features of the month
June30-3324-2729-304/20/6Sun activity 5 hours. Wind to 15.5 m / s.
July29-3124-2628-290/29 / 2Sun activity 5 hours. Wind to 15.5 m / s. Due to strong winds and high waves, swimming in the sea can be dangerous.
August28-3124-26271/27/3Sun activity 4 hours. Wind activity up to 14.5 m / s.
September29-3224-2527-286/16/ 8Solar activity 6 hours. Wind activity up to 12 m/s.

Goa is considered the best place to celebrate the new year. Warm weather during the day and slightly cool evenings create all the conditions for a comfortable holiday.

Depending on weather preferences, tourists can choose any of the seasons for recreation. But during the rainy season, not all bars, clubs and other nightlife activities work. This should be taken into account when planning your trip.

Tours to Goa: where to buy, cost

Goa, on the world map is located on the coast (western) of India. The best vacation in the states is a trip on booked tours.

Their cost varies depending on the comfort of the hotel, season and city of residence of the tourist:

City Name of travel agency 292)MoscowLEVEL TRAVEL39500
1001 TUR.ru19200
Saint Petersburg1001 TUR.ru40600
Zaputevka. RF15500
Perm1001 TUR.ru34600
Per mintur.ru28800
Tyumen1001 TUR.ru13900
Traveltr.ru170000 (only from 14 days)
1001 TUR.ru34500

When choosing a tour, you need to check with the agency where the hotel is located, in the Northern or Southern part of the state. This item is important for families planning holidays with children. In winter, good rooms are quickly sold out, so it is advisable to apply for a ticket in advance.

Resorts in the North and South Goa

North and South Goa differ in the development of infrastructure and recreation quality. They have differences and resorts located in these states. Below are a list and description of favorite resorts on the states.

Southern State

South states are recommended for a relaxed and quiet rest with a comfortable level of residence. In this part, Goa is better monitored for cleanliness, and it is more suitable for couples with children.

State resorts:

  • dona Paula. The resort is famous among lovers and lovers of outdoor activities. Here you can relax with comfort in hotels, attend excursions and lead active holidays on marine spaces (yachts, scooters, fishing). You can also take part in water sports. Tourists attract picturesque neighborhoods (mountains and rivers), the biological museum and the story about the unfortunate love of the daughter of the Vice-Governor of the state (in honor of her and named the resort);

  • Benaulim. is a quiet place to relax with an abundance of butterflies. Tourists attract the opportunity to see near the beach of Dolphins. There is practically no urban transport. Which allows tourists to completely rest from the city bustle;
  • Bogmalo. The resort is famous for the development of infrastructure, there are restaurants, a diving school and a fully equipped, small beach (only 600 m coast). It consists of light and clean sand and is equipped with a necessary inventory (umbrellas, sun beds). Due to high waves, in the sea, permanent rescue controls are underway for vacation. In the surrounding area there are often cows who like to eat treats from the hands of tourists. Local and European cuisine prevailing restaurants;
  • Kolva. This resort has a distinctive feature among the others. There are nightclubs, so the rest with children is not recommended. The beach has a sufficient number of restaurants for snack and more feedst food. The resort is crowded with the predominance of young people;
  • Majord. The resort is famous for the presence of coconut palm trees on the coast and other "foreign" plants. On the beach you can swim, sunbathe and conduct active rest (tennis, volleyball, water skating). Also interest in the resort gives a uniquely cooked fish and pastries on coconut milk.

Northern States

The area is intended for active and noisy rest. Holidays can last all night. It is believed that cheaper rest in this state. Among the holidaymakers are dominated by young people.

Staff resorts:

  • Mordemp. The number of Russian vacationers in this resort is 80%. Which is convenient, since many are already local residents. There are no language problems. The resort is convenient for couples with small children, it is considered quiet. Not flat and sandy beach. If you wish, you can master windsurfing;
  • Arambol. The exact opposite of Morjim. There are round-the-clock festivities and entertainment. Bungalows are provided for living; there are no more comfortable housing conditions in the resort;

  • Mandrem. Adjacent to Arambol, but is a family vacation spot. There are no night festivities here, there is a convenient and not gently sloping beach without rocks. Nearby is a market, pharmacies and an exchange office;
  • Calangute. The resort is famous for yoga, meditation, karate. The festivities take place around the clock. The food is dominated by local cuisine. Calangute is rich in merchants and souvenir shops. The resort may not be suitable for those who like to swim due to the pollution of the beach;
  • Sinquerim. It is the oldest resort. On the beach you can swim, sunbathe and engage in outdoor activities (volleyball, surfing, diving). It has a developed infrastructure, as a result of which the price tags for goods and services are inflated.

When choosing a resort, you should pay attention to which beach it belongs to and what the rest is famous for there.

TOP-10 hotels in Goa: description, prices

Goa "offers" guests to stay mainly in hotels, less often in bungalows, which are located in the northern part. When visiting the states on your own, it is recommended to take a world map in Russian with you, for the convenience of navigating the terrain.

Hotels recommended by tourists:

  1. Taj Exotica 5*. The hotel is located near the beach. It has a swimming pool, spas and a large number of restaurants and cafes. In the rooms, the situation depends on comfort, there may be a jacuzzi or a private pool, as well as a TV and a minibar. For couples there is a children's room with a teacher. I am dominated by local cuisine. Cost per day from 8500 rubles.
  2. The Diwa Club 5*. There is a green area for walking, a swimming pool, spa and fitness centers. Internet access is free throughout the hotel. It is possible to order food in the room, dishes of the visitor's choice (local or European). The cost is from 6600 rubles.
  3. Park Hyayy Goa Resort and Spa 5*. The hotel has a private beach and a private swimming pool. The rooms are deluxe. In recent years, it has been ranked 1st in terms of comfort and service. Cost per day from 7100 rubles.
  4. Heritage Village club Hotel 4*. The hotel is located 100 meters from the beach and close to the center, which makes it close to the sea and attractions. The rooms are equipped according to the European standard (TV, refrigerator, free internet). Cost per day from 5600 rubles.
  5. Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Rtsort 4*. The difference of the hotel is its antique design. The rooms have TV, air conditioning, mini-bar. For recreation, a sports ground is provided. The menu includes local and international dishes. Cost per day from 3100 rubles.
  6. Beleza By The Beach 4*. The hotel occupies an area of ​​more than 20 square meters. km. Located close to the airport and shopping centers. The hotel itself has swimming pools, spas and fitness centers. The available restaurants offer a variety of food. Cost per day from 4000 rubles.
  7. Resort Terra Paraiso 4*. This hotel has a Portuguese decor and is located near the beach. The rooms are equipped according to the standard (TV, air conditioning, telephone). The hotel itself has a spa and fitness center. The menu of restaurants is dominated by local cuisine. The cost per day is 3000 rubles.
  8. Kingstork Beach Resort 3*. The hotel is located away from the beaches. The rooms are equipped according to the standard (TV, mini-bar, internet). There are no additional amenities (swimming pool, sports ground). Cost per day from 1550 rubles.
  9. Renzo's Inn 3*. The hotel is located close to the beach, market and water park. The rooms have TV, air conditioning. Vegetarian options are available at the on-site restaurant. It is possible to rent vehicles (car, bicycle). Cost per day from 1400 rubles.
  10. Casa De Goa Boutigue Resort 3*. The hotel is located far from the beach, but there are private children's and adult pools. The rooms provide internet, TV, air conditioning. You can rent a car. Breakfast is included in the price. Cost per day from 3600 rubles.

Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can choose a comfortable hotel. Those who wish to swim can stay closer to the sea. Lovers of a quiet quiet holiday can relax in hotels, away from the beaches.

10 best beaches in Goa

Below is a list of popular beaches by state.

North Goa:

  • Tiracol. Is a quiet and peaceful beach. It is formed at the place where the Tirakol river flows into the sea. Nearby is the fort tirakol (destroyed).
  • Anjuna. Noisy and not very clean beach. More suitable for tourists with a small budget. It has a coastline of more than 2 km. Sea water is almost always cloudy. There is a similar menu. The beach is not recommended for families with children.
  • Vagator. Includes 3 beaches (large, small and medium). There are stones in the sea and not very convenient descent to the water. The small beach is the most convenient for relaxation. The big one is dominated by the local population. And the middle one is occupied by cows who have chosen this place for pasture.

  • Baga. It has a developed infrastructure with water and beach activities that last around the clock. The coast is covered with fine sand and has a smooth descent to the water. Of the minuses is considered a large number of dogs and cows. The beach is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Candolim. It is suitable for a quiet holiday. The infrastructure is well developed (shops and cafes). The sea is rarely calm. The depth is great off the coast.
South Goa beaches on the world map

South Goa:

  • Aguada. For a quiet and comfortable stay. The beach was created artificially and cleanliness is constantly observed on it. Vegetation has been planted around to provide shade. It is an expensive vacation spot.

  • Miramar. Quite a crowded and clean beach with possible water and beach activities. There are shops and hotels nearby. When swimming, it is necessary to take into account the existing underwater currents.
  • Cooking. Beach with developed infrastructure. Its center is crowded. But there are places for solitude. Music plays on the beach during the day. It is recommended for families.
  • Mobor. The beach is designed for wealthy tourists. There is a cafe and a casino. It is kept clean and picturesque enough for a quiet holiday in comfort.
  • Palolem. Has a developed infrastructure. The coast is covered with clean, white sand and coconut palms grow all around. Dolphins swim close to the shore. Palolem is a favorite place for locals and tourists, so it is always crowded. Holidays are designed for wealthy tourists.

Even in the northern part of Goa, you can find a quiet and inexpensive beach for families. Also in the southern part there are beaches with music and the possibility of nightlife. If you wish, you can choose the appropriate beach according to your budget and interests.

Entertainment and shopping on the island

There are many shops, markets and shopping centers in South and North Goa. The main working hours of shops, standard, from 10 am to 8 pm. Centers closer closer to 12 nights (due to entertainment complexes). Markets, most, work from 8 am to 6 pm.

The greatest popularity in Shopping acquired:

  • Camelot. The store works in the winter (October-March) from 10 am to 6 pm. It offers jewelry, clothing and shoes. Separately there is a department with souvenirs and antiques;
  • SOSA's. The store is open from 10 am to 7 pm. It is famous for fashionable and high-quality clothing and shoes, as well as accessories;
  • Habitat. Store working time at 10 am to 8 pm. It is famous for the abundance of elections souvenirs. The main variety is located on the 3rd floor of the building;
  • The flea market in Anjun. You can visit from 8:30 am and until 6:30 pm. A huge selection of goods and souvenirs, the price category is moderate. This attracts the bulk of tourists and locals, as a result, there are always many people in the market;

  • Trading rows under the open sky of Arpore. You can visit from 7 pm to 4 in the morning. It is famous for the souvenirs, interesting music and the possibility of a delicious snack. Belongs to the sights of Goa;
  • Market in Mapuze. The largest market with an incredible product assortment. Attracts tourists from all over Goa.

The price of goods vary from the desire's desire. For tourists, the cost is often overestimated. With the ability to bargain, the purchase price may be reduced 10 times. In specialized store prices Fixed (bargaining inappropriate).

Entertainment in Goa are available around the clock. During the daytime beach holidays with all sorts of water attractions and beach games. At night, casinos, bars, clubs are popular.

Recommended entertainment in Goa:

Rest view Cost (Rupee) Average Time
Water skiing80010 Min
Windsurfing8001 hour
Kaitsurfing7201 hour
Diving3250to 12 hours
snorkeling10001 hour
Rafting10001 hour
Fishing28008 hours
Swimming on the beach with dolphins.4001 hour
Elephant ride on plantations (possible with swimming)5001 hour
Horse riding3001 hour
Biking on the beach3001 hour
Parachuting over the sea9001 hour
Beach dancing6006 hours
BullfightingFree, pay only for stakes-
Water park400Entrance
Visiting nature reserves1500Entrance
Wedding ceremony for newlyweds2000Day
Yoga and massages400Session

The cost of most entertainment is not fixed, so you can bargain if you want.

What to bring from Goa as a souvenir

The choice of souvenirs is varied in choice and price category. Most tourists prefer products with a local bias.

The most common purchases are:

  • idol figurines;
  • homemade cigarettes;
  • local rum "Old Monk" (customs allowed to export up to 2 liters per adult tourist;
  • tea;
  • singing bowls or drum;
  • national clothes
  • jewelry and paintings;
  • bags, purses and belts made of leather;
  • scarves, bedding, bedspreads;
  • Indian cosmetics;
  • real Indian spices
  • henna for body painting

It is not recommended to purchase antiques, as their export requires various accompanying documents, it takes

Customs may also confiscate local currency, representatives of flora and fauna, as they are prohibited from export

Dangerous currents in Goa

When visiting beaches it is necessary to beware of undercurrents that often form along the coast. When choosing a beach, it is recommended to give preference to where there are lifeguards and flags indicate dangerous underwater currents.

Proper action must be taken when caught in an undercurrent. The water will drift gradually away from the shore, it is not recommended to swim against the current. This will not give a result, but strength will be lost.

One should try to swim along the coastline, although it will gradually drift into the sea. The currents are not long, and when it ends, you can safely reach the coastline.

An important rule for tourists is not to swim on deserted beaches. If you fall into the undercurrent, do not panic and follow the instructions strictly.

Attractions of the island

Goa, on the world map, is located on the territory that used to be a Portuguese colony. In this regard, some sights are related to Portugal.

When visiting Goa, it is recommended to visit the following attractions, without them the rest will not be complete:

  • Aguada Fort. His purpose was to protect the colony of Portugal from the British.
  • Church Basilica of Jesus.
  • St. Catherine's Cathedral.
  • Safa Masjid Mosque.
  • Spice plantations.
  • the old town or city of Hampi. In them one can get tired a lot about the history of Goa.
  • Dudhsagar waterfall. Its height is just over 300 m.
  • Bondla Nature Reserve. It has rich flora and fauna. It is famous for rare plants and animals.
  • The caves of Arablem. They are man made.
  • Mangesh temple. You can admire it from the outside. Tourists are not allowed inside due to religious prohibitions.
  • The capital of Goa is Panaji.
  • Market in Anjuta. It is famous for selling goods by locals and tourists on Fridays for a low price. Has historical value.
  • Arambol lake and hill.
  • Shiva's face on Vagator beach. This attraction is gradually destroyed under the influence of natural phenomena. Without restoration, it will soon completely disappear.

In addition, the sights of Goa include clean and beautiful South beaches. It is recommended to visit at least one, for a sense of peace and tranquility.

Transport on the island

Those wishing to visit more of Goa's surroundings are recommended to use the following means of transportation:

  • Bus. Allows you to get to any corner in Goa, the price varies from 5 rupees;
  • Taxi. The cost of the service varies by area, there are no mileage meters;
  • Rickshaws. Local equivalent of a taxi. It is designed for 2 passengers. It is convenient for short trips;
  • Car rental. It is possible with a local driver. Then you need to pay for his food and accommodation. The minimum cost is 1400 rupees.
  • Railway;
  • Ferries. Allow you to move on the water while admiring the local landscapes;
  • Bike, scooter or bicycle is rented out. This service is considered expensive from 4000 rupees. For refueling equipment with gasoline, it can only be bought from the hands. There are no refills.

When renting a vehicle, a deposit is required.

National Cuisine

National cuisine in Goa is distinguished by the use of a large number of hot spices. When eating and drinking, one should take into account the "dirty" drinking water and the possibility of contracting an intestinal infection.

The southern state of Goa attracts vegetarians with an abundance of menus (rice cakes, lentil dumplings). The north is famous for its abundance of meat dishes. Seafood dishes have gained popularity in both states.

Recommended, popular dishes:

  • Fish curry. Fresh fish and shrimp are seasoned with red pepper and coconut during cooking. Served with boiled rice;
  • Caphreal. Chicken fried in a mixture of peppers, garlic and ginger;
  • Xakuti. The dish consists of chicken, shrimp and vegetables. Additionally, walnut, chili pepper and poppy are used;
  • Sausages. The uniqueness of taste is justified by the unique composition of spices;
  • Bebinets. Cake based on coconut milk, sugar and egg yolk;
  • Popular soft drinks include lemon soda, lassi (based on yogurt), and kokuma. These drinks can be sweet or savory. At the request of the buyer;
  • From alcohol recommended: beer, port wine and wine of local production;
  • Sweets made from coconut and local dried fruits are also sold.

The cost of meals depends on the class of the place of eating. But even in expensive restaurants, you can get indigestion due to poor quality water.

Interesting facts about the island of Goa

Goa, on the world map, is located on the territory of India, which is famous not only for poor-quality drinking water, but also for the presence of landfills on the street.

The uniqueness of the state of Goa:

  1. This state has long been a colony of Portugal, as evidenced by some local attractions, including temples.
  2. Goa is a small state and compared to the nearest resorts, prices are quite low for accommodation, recreation and food.
  3. There is a big difference in prices and quality between North and South Goa.
  4. Despite the fact that the cow is considered a religious animal in India, restaurants serving beef can be found in Goa.
  5. It is the birthplace of Luwak coffee. It is in great demand among connoisseurs and costs from 13,000 rubles per kg.
  6. You can easily find cafes or restaurants with Russian dishes. This is important for couples with children. Since the local cuisine is dominated by spicy food.
  7. Drive on the left side of the road. Local police treat violations of driving transport condescendingly.
  8. In the markets and shops, you can bargain and reduce the cost of goods several times.
  9. In the fresh air and not in protected rooms insects prevail, it is necessary to stock up on the necessary means in advance.
  10. The stability of temperature indicators throughout the year attracts many tourists (average during the day 30 degrees, at night 25, water 27). In this regard, swimming is allowed all year round. But during the rainy season it is problematic.

Morjim is considered a favorite holiday destination for Russians, despite the inflated cost of services and housing. When planning your first trip and getting to know Goa, it is recommended to book a trip to this resort.

Useful information for tourists

For beginners booking a trip to Goa, it is recommended to consider the following important information:

  • for a relaxing holiday, in a travel agency, it is necessary to clarify the entire list of necessary documents, including for a child (if the vacation is planned with children);
  • for a comfortable stay, for 1 tourist, for 30 days, it will take about 60,000 rubles;
  • to pay for goods and services, you must have the local currency - rupees (almost equal to the ruble). Although locals may accept dollars as payment (this is not legal);
  • Only dollars can be exchanged for rupees at local exchange offices. Points are available in banks, hotels and shops. It is not recommended to exchange currency at the airport, the exchange rate is much higher;
  • The recommended season for recreation is winter;
  • Do not drink tap water. Even bottled water is not an indicator of purity;
  • With me, it is necessary to have means of protection against insects and the necessary medicines, including to restore the work of the gastrointestinal bodies;
  • The difference in time with Moscow is 2.5 hours in the direction of ahead in winter and 1.5 hours in the summer;
  • A visit to Goa is possible only on a visa, the manufacture of which takes 3-10 days;
  • Thefts are developed in the States, so the storage of cash and bank cards must be paid special attention;
  • When making a trip, pay attention to the presence of a transfer service (meeting of tourists at the airport or at the station);
  • Required clothing (swimsuit, shale, beach towel) It is recommended to bring with you. As well as personal hygiene objects (toothbrush, gaskets and contraceptives);
  • Shoes on heels and evening outfits will be needed;
  • When visiting temples and expensive restaurants, you need to remove street shoes. It is important to ask permission to enter the sacred place;
  • Smoking tourists are advised to take with them tobacco products, but not more than 2 blocks. In India, Tobacco has a specific taste and an aroma, which is not every soul;
  • With poor English proficiency, you can ask for help from tourists, the presence of Russians more than 60%;
  • in the winter, especially in the New Year season, vouchers, book in advance. The best hotels are already booked a month before the new year.

Frequent visitors to Goa recommend only newcomers fully equip the suitcase. At the next trip, the location of the markets and the necessary stores for the necessary purchases is already known.

You can safely visit Goa with a practically empty suitcase and all purchased in Goa at a low price. This is more profitable financially.

Goa is an acceptable place of rest in winter. The state is located in India, so it is recommended to respect the respect for religions (here it is very valuable). Even when visiting the resort on a ticket, for better movement and locality orientation, it is recommended to take a map of the world in Russian and the English-Russian dictionary for the traveler.

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