Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Attractions, photo, what to see in the city and around

among alpine Mountains on the Bavarian land is a city, the inhabitants of which respect traditions and their past. Garmisch-Partenkirchen comes not only to go skiing, breathe fresh alpine air, but also familiarize yourself with historical sights.

Where Garmisch-Partenkirchen is located

Alpine resort is located in one of the most lively places of recreation in the southern Bavarian Alps. The city, which is close to Munich and Innsbruck, has a centuries-old history that begins with the XV century. It was laid on the trading path of Venice-Augsburg, in the wide valley of the River Loyzakh, at the foot of Mount Zugspitze. Mountain height 2962 meters above sea level, this is the highest peak of Germany.

Numerous tourists from all over the world come to skiing into these places. In summer, outdoor enthusiasts go hiking to the caves and glaciers located on the Zugspitzplatt plateau. The city was formed in 1935 by the merger of two settlements: Partenkirchen and Garmisch.

Garmisch is a modern district of the city that has preserved the old streets. Partenkirchen is famous for its rich history, cultural monuments, architectural mansions.

The administrative center is connected by rail to the Austrian Tyrol and Munich. If you look from above, you can see how the railway divided the settlement into two equal parts: Partenkirchen in the east, and Garmisch in the west. From Munich to Garmisch can be reached by train in 1 hour. A road to Munich is laid through the mountains.

Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the best time to travel

If tourists want to get acquainted with the nature of the Alps, walk hiking trails, admire alpine meadows, then the best time to travel is from May to August. At this time, colorful summer holidays are held in the city.

Month Air temperature˚C Precipitation


Maximum Minimum
December-February+ 9-3169

Sights can also be seen in winter, combining ski tourism with sightseeing of the city. The best time for this is from November to March, the city is especially beautiful before Christmas.

Religious buildings of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, whose attractions attract many tourists, is famous for its churches built in past centuries.

Church of St. Anthony

A pilgrimage church of the same name rises on St. Anton Street. It can be seen by its characteristic onion-shaped dome.

Inside is a fresco by Johann the Evangelist Holzer, as well as late Baroque wall paintings and carved wooden pews. Outside, there are monuments to local residents who died during the two world wars.

St. Martin's Church

St. Martin's Parish Church on Marienplatz, located in the center of Garmisch, was built by the famous master builder and artist from Wessobrunn, Josef Schmutzer.

Gorgeous frescoes - the work of Matteus Gunter. The impressive statues of the Apostles Peter and Paul in full size were created by the famous sculptor Anton storming from Füssen.

Old Parish Church

The oldest parish church in Garmishe has a rich history. It has a 7-meter statue of St. Christopher, dating back 1330, as well as a baroque altitude altar and choral windows with gothic stained glass windows 1400 m.

Museums Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, whose attractions They are the national heritage of Bavaria, interesting to the coming Museums.

Villa Richard Strauss

Villa, Building 1908 is a museum and a memorial dedicated to the Conductor and the composer who lived and died here.

Every year, at the beginning of June, the Festival of Richard Strauss is held, orchestral, vocal and chamber groups come here.

Local Lore Museum of Versefendels

This small museum in Ludwigstrasse was opened in 1895 and is located in a merchant house of the 18th century. Among its exhibits a lot of archaeological finds, artifacts, cults of the cult, there are antique furniture.

Asenbrenner Museum

On the two floors of the museum there are puppet and porcelain collections. Here you can also familiarize yourself with various Christmas vertapes. The museum is located at: Loisachstrasse 44. It works from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00.

The cost of the ticket is 3.50 euros. For owners of ski passes 3 euros. Children's ticket costs 1 euro.

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Monuments in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

walking around the city, it is worth paying attention to the monuments, among which are unusual.

Old locomotive

Noteworthy object in the form of an old 1930 locomotive, painted in blue. The monument was delivered in the first half of the XX century.

Such trains were used to rise to the top of the mountain.

Architectural structures in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The administrative center is a single architectural ensemble with historical buildings, monuments, architectural structures.

Historic Street Ludwigstrasse

All houses on this street are built in medieval style and decorated with drawings on biblical themes. Millennium Back Street was part of the Roman road extending from Augsburg to Bolzano. A lot of old taverns remained on the street, in which artisans and confectioners are working.


The IV Olympic Games of 1936 took place on the territory of the settlement. This is evidenced by the well-preserved Olympic stadium.

The stadium acting on it is held competitions in winter and summer time.

Ruins of the castle Verdenfel

The buildings belong to the XII century, when a large trading path was held in the Partenkirchen area.

Natural attractions of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, attractions of which are not limited only by the city itself, is a convenient basis from which bus and walking tours of Ludwig II palaces, King of Bavaria begins.

Linderhof Palace

The building completed in 1836 is surrounded by French gardens, luxury fountains, artificial waterfalls. The halls of the palace present furniture, decoration, household items, richly decorated and encrusted with precious stones.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the beautiful Palace of Linderhof.

Linderhof is 26 km north-west of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. To get to the territory of the castle, you should reach Oberammergau and take a bus 9622, which will take the palace. Bus runs 9 times a day.

Hunting house King Ludwig

This is the most popular walking route to Jagdlos. For 4 hours on foot, from the city, you can walk to a hunting house, which is an outside wooden hut outside. But the inner decoration impresses tourists. The interior is decorated in the Moorish style, similar to the fairy tale "1000 and 1 night".

Neuschwanstein castle

The fairy-tale castle towers among the Alpine Mountains as a mirage. He was the prototype of the sleeping beauty castle in the Disney Cartoon Disney eponymous.

King Ludwig, inspired by the Opera works of Richard Wagner, planned this castle himself, recreating the world of German mythology. The most impressive is the Mestrel Hall, on the frescoes of which depicted scenes from the opera tanger.

Mountains of Parliaxm and Tsugspitze

A special landmark is the mountains that surround the community Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A railway branch passes through the mountain zugspitz, pierced through the rocks, called Zugshpitzban.

In the south there is a mountain gorge Parthklamm, 1 km long. The gorge is surrounded by vertical sheer walls, the partners river flows below. For mountain walks (hayking) a network of pedestrian trail and funicular was created.

AlpspiX observation deck

Almost immediately after its opening, AlpspiX became one of the most popular places for tourists to visit. The site consists of two crossed steel beams, which are placed several meters ahead of the gorge.

The panorama of the Alps opens all around, and below is a stunning view of the Göllental valley.

Modern objects in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, interesting to visit

January Carnival

Traditionally, a colorful celebration is held at the beginning of the year - a carnival procession. There are also parades, musical performances, various shows, masquerades, fireworks.

Beer Festival

Every year in August there is a festival where local folk groups perform.

Competitions are held, local beer is tasted.

Festival dedicated to Richard Strauss

One of the most important musical events is held in June every year. Numerous musical groups come to the festival. The city has more than 400 trade pavilions and shops where you can buy designer clothes, national costumes, and souvenirs. The main retail outlets are located on Ludwigstrasse and Partenkirchen.

Interesting places for recreation with children

The city has all the conditions for active recreation with children. For example, on the territory of the Olympiastadion, a bob ride is organized for children. There are other interesting places as well.

Freilchtmuseum Glentleiten

The museum, stylized as an ancient village, is located in the open air. The exhibits are wooden houses, each of which recreates the atmosphere of past centuries. Furniture, hunting trophies, antique dishes and costumes, all this can be seen on the territory of the museum.

Kletterwald Amusement Park

This is a rope town with many attractions, equipped in the middle of the forest. Instructors will teach children to move along the cable car, rope bridges.

Center Alpspitz-Wellenbad

Outdoor swimming pool with a beach surrounded by mountains, numerous towers, slides for jumping.

The water in the pool is heated, and you can relax here with young children.

Routes for exploring Garmisch-Partenkirchen on your own

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, whose sights and interesting objects amaze tourists with their beauty, can be explored on your own.


  1. You can start your walk from the train station in Garmisch by taking the Zugspitzbahn train. These are 2 small trailers that will take you to the Alpspitzbahn station.
  2. Then transfer to the lift cabin, which will deliver to the AlpsPix viewing platform, and admire the snow vertices, see the borders of 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
  3. Then return the same route and walk along the historic center of the city.
  4. Walk through Ludwigstrasse, admiring old buildings.
  5. to inspect the ancient house number 4, in which there were stalls for cows on the first floor, and at the top of the holiday room for visitors.
  6. House №24 - Old Burning Dvor "Gasthof Fraundorfer".
  7. On the facade of House No. 36, you can see the frescoes where the Most High, which commands the fire, water, earth and air is depicted.
  8. inspect the town hall, house number 39.

further along the path:

  1. at number 45 there is a hotel in the hall Which for more than 100 years there is a "peasant theater".
  2. At the intersection of Ludwigstraße and the Church Square there is a local history museum.
  3. Here is the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin, in which the picture of the Italian artist Letterini "The Assumption of the Virgin" is located.
  4. Further, Ludwigstrasse street rests on a small area called by the Lower Market. It appeared in the XVI century.
  5. Here on the territory of the plague cemetery, there is a church of St. Sebastian. This temple is as it were, as it were, the border between Garmishe and Parytechnichene.
  6. To the right of the street begins another- Schnitzschulstrasse, at the end of which is the Strauss Villa.

Hotels in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen takes not only lovers of winter sports. Many guests come here to participate in congresses, cultural events, and just those who want to admire the sights. Numerous hotels, mini-hotels, chalets, guesthouses welcome doors to all tourists.

List of hotels:

  1. Histof Fraunfer. Romantic place with cute home comfort. Accepts pairs with children, pets allowed. 3 * The hotel is located in a historic building at Ludwigstr, 24. Cozy family rooms, breakfast included in accommodation, the hotel has a restaurant. The room for two costs from 7 thousand to 9 thousand rubles.
  2. Zur Schonen Aussicht Hotel Garni. Quiet family hotel, suitable for romantic trips. Offers both family, so suite numbers. Breakfast can be included in accommodation. Allowed settling with pets. Nearby is Ludwigstrasse, the Olympic Stadium. Very bright, cozy room weathered in the style of "Country". Price per day: from 8 thousand rubles.
  3. Staudookaerhof Hotel. A classic hotel located at Hoellentalstrasse 48 offers included breakfasts, comfortable rooms with comfortable beds. On the territory there are spa services: two pools, one of them is heated, sauna. Not far there are many cultural objects of the city, the AlpsPix survey platform. There are various types of rooms, from double to suites. Price from 13 thousand rubles.
  4. Gasthof Zum Rassen. The hotel is located in the city center, not far from the church of Sebastian. The hotel provides for double and family rooms. Price per day: 6 thousand rubles.
  5. Golden Gapa Luxury Penthouse Luxury apartments, 250 meters from the city center, a 20-minute walk from the Town Hall. Spacious rooms with 2, 1-bed beds. Nearby there is a casino Bayeris, the bottom station of the cable car, Ludwigstrasse Street. The price of the hotel is from 13 thousand rubles. per day.
  6. Fantastic Mountains Apartament. Apartment is 800 meters from the city center, spacious, up to 85 meters, rooms. Price from 6 thousand rubles per day. Not far there is a supermarket, Institute. Richard Strauss, Ashbrenner Museum. Room cost from 6 thousand rubles.
  7. Golden Gapa Central Family Apartament 30. Apartment is 350 meters from the city center, spacious cozy rooms overlooking the mountains. Next to the hotel, 200 m, there is a central pedestrian street with shops, cafes, restaurants. Near the bus stop, from where you can get to the nearest ski lifts and surrounding villages. Price from 7 thousand rubles.

In budget hotels, accommodation will be available on average at 370 -450 euros for 7 days. In hotels 3 * accommodation will be somewhat more expensive - about 600 euros for 7 days. In the hotels of 4.5 * for 7 days of stay it will be necessary to give from 600 to 700 euros.

Where to eat in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

, the territorially small, the city boasts an abundance of restaurants, cafes, pubs, where national cuisine will always be offered, the best beer varieties.

For example:

  1. Schloderer Bierstuber. For all reviews, this institution leads. Here you can try duck breast, schnitzel, pancakes. Located at: Schnitzschulstraße 1, the average check: 30 euros.
  2. CHAPEAU CLAQUE. The restaurant specializes in the dishes of French cuisine Waxensteinstr. 1, the middle check is 40 euros.
  3. QAHWA SENSE OF COFFEE. In this cafe, loyal prices and delicious coffee. The average check is from 3 to 8 euros. Address: Chamonixstr. 5.
  4. Chocolaterie Amelie. The best cafe of the city, especially like chocolate lovers. Address: Ludwigstraße 37. The kitchen of this institution is very popular, so the places should be booked in advance. The average check is 30 euros. Address: zugspitzstr. 2.

The usual dinner in the middle class restaurant will cost 60 euros for two. Many inexpensive institutions offer to have a snack for 1 euro per person.

How to move on Garmisch-Partenkirchen

A bus remains the most popular transport, you can ride in the city, and to neighboring settlements. In the evenings, it is not desirable to move away from the hotel, because after 8 pm the number of bus routes is sharply reduced.

Garmishe has discounts for travelers. If you pay for the resort tax (2 euros per day), you can get a tourist map that gives breakdowns to the freight buses, as well as a discount for visiting museums, restaurants.

in the city you can move by car, this type of transport is developed in Garmishe.

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, there is anything for rest - quiet cozy hotels, historical attractions, attractive ski slopes. Tourists who visited here dreams come back here again and again.

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