Garden Sea View 4 * Pattaya, Thailand. Reviews, photos, prices

Garden Sea View 4 * - the hotel at the resort of Salta Beach, in Thai Pattaya, invites travelers who prefer a quiet awakening rest. Family couples with children and retirees come here.

Reviews celebrate the peace and silence of the hotel, the ability to relax in the shadow of a luxurious garden, listen to the singing of exotic birds in the morning, take sessions of the famous Thai massage.

Garden Sea View 4 * Hotel Complex is named this, because the hulls scattered on the area of ​​22400 m2 are drowning in the lush greenery of the tropical garden. The hotel has a category 4 *, positioned as a beach hotel. People seeking peaceful, secluded comfort are coming here.

Distance from neighboring hotels, the absence near night clubs has to contemplative relaxation and promotes effective relaxation. Located a hotel complex for 1 coastline. Wongpracted, the hotel's own beach, begins immediately behind its territory.

The founding of the hotel complex dates back to the end of 1996, the solid reconstruction was completed in 2013. The effective exterior of the main building and its surrounding infrastructure, luxurious and elegant corresponds to the stated level of grade 4.

Location of the hotel and that in the surrounding area

Garden Sea View 4 *, reviews about which is noted by a very convenient location of the complex, is in sufficient separation from neighboring hotels. The hotel is located in the northern part of the city of Pattia, on the shore of the bay of Siamese Bay. The nearest airport is Suvarnabhumi Bangkok is 126 km away. From U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport to the hotel is 35 km away.

To the center of Pattya, you can walk on foot, it is only 5 km. Within a radius of 1 km from the hotel, you can find a lot of interesting, entertaining and cognitive. From the beach of Wongprayan overlooking the incredibly beautiful, fancy buddhist temple of truth with a height of 105 m. Wooden temple is already built for 32 years. It is built without a single nail, as proudly assure Thais.

The construction of the temple is based on the principles of the philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism. Each of the numerous carved figures adorning the temple, each ornament in its design carries a secret meaning. The construction of the temple is continuous, without interrupting even at the time of excursions. It is promised to complete it by 2025. The front ticket costs 350 THB (Thai Bat). From the Temple, the hotel is separated only 396 m.

located in 974 meters from the hotel Tesco Lotus North Hypermarket - one of the two Tesco Lotus network store in Pattaya attracts tourists abundance of the products offered and low cost. Here you can buy anything - from high-quality brand clothing to household appliances. A huge selection of products attracts a local population here.

There are also many small cafes and bistros where you can have a snack.

In the NA SPA SPA, known in Pattaya, located at a distance of 979 m from Garden Sea View 4 *, professional wizards will make a magnificent massage of the whole body, or individual parts of the body. Here you can make a scrub, wrapping, massage. There is a steam room, where in front of the procedures to the patient offer to break the body well.

A free shuttle service provides the center itself, you only need to call only. Maintenance is eastern respectful, enveloping attention and fine flattering. Thai massage here is 800 baht in 2 hours.

A little more than 1 km will have to go to the Russian Orthodox church of all saints (1000 m), the oyster farm (1153 m), the Hopf cafe (1484), the sea and vegetable market of Pattaya (1521). No one will leave an indifferent visit to the famous Okanarium underwater world Pattaya, which is located at a distance of 2520 m from the hotel. This is the place that needs to be visited.

100-meter underwater tunnel, where giant sharks are swimming over heads, unusual beauty bright exotic fish (Cloown fish, butterfly fish, fish-angel). There is an indescribable feeling of immersion in the marine kingdom.

The thickness of the transparent glass separating the inhabitants of the underwater world from the viewers is equal to 6.5 cm, which ensures the full safety of those and others. Adult ticket costs 500 baht, children's - 300 baht. Toddler growth below 90 cm skipped free.

At 2520 m from the hotel there is a massage salon of the blind, where those who have problems with the musculoskeletal apparatus and joints are treated. Experienced, sensitive hands of blind professional masseurs immediately pepper pain points and pressing on them, massaging and at the beginning sometimes causing severe pain. The effect of massage is awesome, it unanimously recognizes everything who appealed to this salon.

It is better to take a tuk-tuk to get to the unique reserve - "elephant village" 5034 m. Established in 1973, the private infirmary for old and sick elephants has evolved over time into an unusual amusement park. 30 elephants, served by 100 employees, without state support, earn their own living.

Surprisingly intelligent and good-natured, trained in various circus tricks, they perform an unforgettable show three times a day. Thai massage performed by an elephant is the highlight of the program.

You can see the fun bathing of elephants, and even participate in it. Spectators who dared to take an hour walk on elephants get great pleasure. The cost of an elephant ride is 1200 THB.

Infrastructure, beach and swimming pool

The infrastructure of the hotel is its strong point and well-deserved pride. In the center of the complex is a huge two-level pool with an artificial waterfall, shaped like a sea lagoon and amazing with incredibly blue water. On a wooden bridge you can go to the islands in the middle of the pool.

Infrastructure of the Garden Sea View Hotel.

A small artificial waterfall rushes down from the second level and flows into a huge lower pool. Around the pool, under spreading palm trees - free sunbeds with umbrellas. The pool is only open during the day and is closed at night for cleaning and sanitation.

The hotel complex includes:

  • 5-storey main building (consists of 3 adjoining buildings);
  • 8-storey building;
  • 2-storey cottages ;
  • 1-storey cottages
  • ;
  • parking;
  • 2 outdoor swimming pools (one with Jacuzzi);
  • restaurants - 2 (Thai and European cuisine);
  • 2 small bars;
  • gym;
  • billiards;
  • volleyball court;
  • football field;
  • jacuzzi;
  • laundry;
  • 4 conference rooms (capacity from 60 to 350 people);
  • shops;
  • business center.

The sandy beach, 200 m long and 10 m wide, begins just behind the main pool, just 10 m from it. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the bottom is solid, even. Huge boulders, specially brought to the beach, and giving it a unique flavor, hide under water at high tide.

There are showers near each of the two beach accesses where you can rinse off. The beach is guarded. A floating barrier prevents debris from entering the port from the beach. Wongprachan Beach is considered the cleanest in Pattaya.

Rooms and Room Features

The hotel features a number of rooms in 285 comfortable rooms and 64 bungalows. It offers accommodation for guests from the most expensive to budget. The tables present all kinds of rooms in Garden Sea View 4 *, their number, characteristics. The average price for the night begins from 3109 rubles. Designations in Table: ADL - Adult Guest, CHD - Child.

Building Main Building (5 floors):

Room category Characteristics Area (M2) Quantity Number of guests Overview from the window
Superior Roomone-room, Improved Standard241242ADL + 1CHDCity
Deluxe SEA Viewone-room, improved planning24652ADL + 1CHD
MINI Suite Cornercorner, high comfort. Sleeping and living areas separated4883ADL+2CHDbay, garden
Royal Suitetwo-room14444ADL+2CHDbay, garden, city

Deluxe Bay Wing Building (8 floors):

room category characteristic area (m2) number number of guests view from the window
Deluxeone-room, superior36842ADL+1CHDbay

) Bungalow Chalet (1-storey -7, 2-storey - 12): ​​

room category characteristic area (m2) number number of guests view from the window
Chalet Resort (there is a terrace)one-room standard24642ADL+1CHDgarden, bay
Garden Villa Roomone-room, superior24202ADL+1CHDbay, garden
Grand Chalettwo-room, improved40273ADL+2CHDgarden

they have everything you need to make guests feel at home:

  • balcony or terrace;
  • 1 double or 2 single beds;
  • bathroom with shower;
  • stationary hair dryer;
  • air conditioner;
  • cable TV;
  • mini-bar;
  • refrigerator;
  • telephone;
  • kettle.

The room has a wooden floor, the bathroom walls and floor are finished with ceramic tiles. Rooms are cleaned and towels are changed daily. Bed linen is changed every 3 days. For a tip, the room will not only be carefully cleaned, but a funny figurine in the form of a swan or a lotus flower will be built from the towels on the bed.

The rooms are not equipped for people with disabilities.

It can be damp in a bungalow, so with children it is better to choose a room in the building. The best choice for a family with children is the Royal Suite, but this is if the budget allows. On request, the bed for a child is delivered to the room for free. In Thailand, you need to take into account the feature of the settlement.

Two people with different surnames traveling together (one batch tour), can offer a room with a double bed. This can lead to unpleasant disassembly, especially in the case of a complete loading of the number Fund. In this case, one guest will have to sleep on the folding lodge. Therefore, choosing a tour, you should specify in advance what is required: two single or one double bed.

The rooms are not allowed to smoke. There is a balcony or terrace for this. Leaving the number, you need to make sure that the balcony is closed, the TV is turned off. Sometimes vacationers resort to tricks, removing the rectangular mount from the key and leaving it in the outlet.

At the same time, the air conditioner continues to work, and the guest returns to a well-cooled room. Such manipulations are strictly punished by the administration. The penalty is 500 baht.

Power concept, alcohol

Garden Sea View 4 *, reviews about which special attention is paid to the quality of nutrition on vacation, it is quite simple, but high quality and varied cuisine.

The price includes food over two systems, to the choice of guest: AI - "All Inclusive" and HB - "half board". On the "All Inclusive" system in the main restaurant is covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner "Buffet". "Half Board" assumes breakfast + dinner, or breakfast + dinner in the main restaurant. The menu consists of dishes from Thai, Mediterranean and Russian cuisine.

The Garden SEA large restaurant (garden of the sea) is designed for simultaneous accommodation of 500 guests. In addition, on the outer terrace of the restaurant, under the awning, the tables are installed overlooking the temple of truth. The restaurant has children's high chairs. The children's menu is not provided, but there are many dishes in the list than you can deliciously and satisfy the child.

In the Villa Corps on the 3rd floor on the open terrace, surrounded by tropical vegetation, there is a Rest Restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine. Restaurant bar is close between the pool and the beach. Cocktail bar in the lobby offers desserts and cocktails.

Alcohol offered at the hotel, good quality, this is noted in all reviews. Large selection: whiskey, rum, gin, beer and wine in assortment.

Very often tourists prefer to dinner and dinner outside the hotel complex. Thus, it is especially possible to feel the exoticism and the originality of Thailand. In addition, in local cafes and restaurants, prices are surprised and pleasing to their cheapness. Around the hotel there are many cafes, restaurants, near the hotel shops with fruit and seafood.


The hotel staff is amazingly friendly and smiling. There is a euphoric feeling of exclusivity and long-awaitedness. Everyone in the hotel speaks English, but many of the staff speak Russian quite tolerably. There are a lot of Russian tourists here, they make a lot of purchases, leave generous tips, so they are treated in a special way.

List of services provided by Garden Sea View 4*:

  • free car parking;
  • Luggage storage;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • babysitting services (for a fee);
  • Thai massage (extra charge);
  • free sauna;
  • beauty salon;
  • ATM (in lobby);
  • taxi service.

MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express cards are accepted as payment for services and hotel accommodation on an equal basis with cash. The national currency in Thailand is the Thai baht. The international designation for the baht is THB.

The exchange rate of the baht against other currencies as of May 2, 2019:

Thai baht US dollar euro ruble

It is better to take dollars on a trip to Thailand. The Thai baht is firmly tied to the main world currency. The exchange takes place at the rate of the dollar on the day of the exchange. There are many exchange offices: at the airport, near hotels, in shopping centers, near restaurants and even on the beaches. The course varies a little, so you should not rush, you need to look around and choose the best offer.

If necessary, you can exchange dollars at the hotel, at the reception desk. It is best to take large dollar bills with you - $ 50 and $ 100, since the larger the bill, the more willingly it is accepted, and the higher the exchange rate.

When withdrawing cash from an ATM, a commission of 150-180 baht is withheld.

It is better to take cash with you on excursions around the islands, as there are most likely no exchangers there. Tipping can be left both in baht and in dollars. If the quality of Wi-Fi at the reception and in the lobby is not satisfactory, if you want to use the Internet throughout the hotel complex, you can buy a local SIM card.

Health-improving and therapeutic, cosmetic procedures

Garden Sea View 4*, reviews of which certainly mention the unsurpassed Thai massage, has a staff of professional massage therapists. Thai massage is performed under a canopy by the beach. One session of a full body massage costs 300-400 baht. It is usually recommended to take 7-10 sessions to obtain a lasting healing effect.

In the beauty salon, for a small fee, they will make a scrub, wrap, wonderful cosmetic masks with sea salt, mud from the Bay of Biscay, with snail slime (Achatina). Jacuzzi will provide an unusual relaxing and tonic effect on the body of tight jets of hot water, bring harmony to the state of mind, give a sound healing sleep.

Entertainment for adults. Options for active and passive recreation

The main advantage of the hotel, in addition to the luxurious exterior, is its silence and incredible peace and tranquility, poured into the air. The hotel is most suitable for the elderly and families with children.

Romantic walks along the small promenade between the hotel and the beach, admiring the incredible beauty of the sunset, when the sun seems to fall into the sea and immediately night falls, will long remain in the memory of a sweet, aching memory. The surrounding landscape allows you to take stunning photos that will remind you of the trip and cause the envy of colleagues and friends.

The hotel does not provide noisy entertainment and animation. In the evenings, calm music plays near the main building. Sometimes there are concerts with invited local artists. Concerts are also calm, the songs are mostly Thai folk.

Tourists from China like to come to Thailand for the weekend. They behave noisily, but their fun does not go beyond the permitted limits.

The well-equipped gym is located in an open area. There are paths in the hotel park where you can often see hotel guests jogging in the morning.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy playing:

  • football;
  • volleyball;
  • table tennis;
  • futsal.

Hotel guides offer many excursions, among them the most wonderful:

  1. 3D Art Gallery in Paradise is one of the most places visited by tourists in Thailand. Pattaya Art Museum was founded in 2012. Images from paintings hanging on the walls flow smoothly onto the floor or ceiling. The effect of bulk 3D image is achieved by using complex spatial image techniques, dimming and shadows. Here you can become part of the image, merge with the picture, revive it. The stunning merge effect of a person and the image is particularly clearly visible in the photos. The art museum allows you to take pictures of incredible beauty and strength.
  2. Thematic Aquapark Ramayana, the largest in Thailand, is 15 km south of Pattaya. In addition, it is one of the best water parks of Southeast Asia. All that first came to Thailand, tourists, are advised to visit him. In the park over 50 stunning water rides. It was built on the ruins of an ancient city, around a large natural lake. The main topic of the park visits is the "Forgotten Ancient City". The cost of an adult ticket and a child with growth above 122 cm - 1190 THB.
  3. The famous theatrical Thai Show Siam Niramit enjoys great popularity among tourists. 150 professional actors are involved in the show, replacing up to 500 stage costumes. A 3-acting representation of 1.5 hours without a break tells about the history of the kingdom of Siam, about the Thai Paradise and Hell's presentation, about modern Thailand, his customs and traditions. Siam Niramite scene, as the highest in the world, entered the Guinness Book of Records.
  4. Similan Islands - Archipelago of 9 picturesque islands in the Andaman Sea, north-west from Phuket. The islands are the pride of the Kingdom of Thailand, his national heritage. An incredibly rich and colorful underwater world near the islands is a favorite place for divers. Each of them dreams to swim with the biggest, but absolutely safe, fish on Earth - whale shark.
  5. Chang-Dao cave complex is another of Thailand's business cards. Dwi-Chang-Dao deep into the Mountain, at its base, more than 100 caves stretched for 12 km. For excursions, 5 caves are open. In some cases, Buddhist temples are arranged. The entrance to the cave costs 40 baht. For an exclusive walk in closed caves, you can hire a guide. It costs 100 baht.

Some excursions Local Thais offer with a free transfer. For them, it is profitable, since for local excursions cost cheaper.

Entertainment for children

Garden Sea View 4 *, reviews about which consistently affect the organization of leisure activities on vacation, offers interesting excursions:

  • Unique Zoopark-Reserve Khao Kheo;
  • Funny Museum of Teddy Bears.

In the largest in Thailand, an open zoo-nature reserve Khao-Kheo animals are not sitting in cells. They are fluent in the reserve. The territory with predators is fencing a durable lattice, and innocuous mammals can, reaching out due to the fence, stroke the hand and even feed.

The reserve occupies an 800 hectare territory, over 8 thousand animals (predators, mammals, amphibians), reptiles and birds live in it. Here you can make magnificent photos. Teddy Island, or Museum of Teddy Bears, is located in Fatay. Teddy Bear Island is divided into thematic areas.

Bears of different sizes, in different kinds, in different designs (among them there are quite a few plush) with heroes of different eras, countries and nationalities. Here you can see bears - Indians, vampire bears, astronauts. Little children will be delighted with Teddy Island's visit, there will be many wonderful photos to remember.

To the nearest parking of Tuk-Tukov, you need to go 10-15 minutes. Therefore, with young children it is better to call a taxi straight to the hotel. For this, there is a taxi service at the outlet.

In the free time from excursions, children are happy to run with the ball on the football field, turn on the game volleyball on the beach. And, of course, with great pleasure will be splashing in the warm waves of the Biscay Bay, sunbathing and build fairy-tale castles from the snow-white purest sand.

A slight inconvenience to children deliver mosquitoes, so you need to stock up with fumigators and sprays, and the problem will be solved.

Business services

Suitable for the hotel and for business tourism. The spacious business center and 2 conference rooms each can accommodate up to 60 people, another 2 conference rooms are designed for 350 people.

Here it is good to arrange conferences, seminars, info-tours for tour operators, business meetings and banquets.

Tours and prices

An approximate list of package tours to Garden Sea View 4 * from Moscow for May 2019:

(41 3) 05/16/2019
tour operator room type feature number of nights cost departure date
NTK-IntouristSuperiorBreakfast, two adults79261105/12/2019
NTK-IntouristShaletBreakfast, two adults79598005/12/2019
JTUISuperior-ROH-2ADBreakfast, two adults78460405/16/2019
JTUISuperior-ROH-2ADBreakfast, two adults891423
PEGAS TouristikSuperiorDBL, breakfast (BB)11) 7081505/26/2019
PEGAS TouristikChaletDBL, breakfast (BB)117458405/26/2019

The price includes airfare, fuel surcharge in the amount of 10315 rubles. and travel health insurance.

Entry and exit rules

Since 2007, Russian citizens have not required a tourist visa to enter Thailand for tourism purposes for up to 30 days. A valid Russian passport is required. A child under 14 years of age requires a birth certificate and a notarized consent of the parents to take the child abroad.

During customs inspection at the airport, a stamp with the date of arrival and planned departure from the country is affixed to the passport. You must leave the country no later than the date indicated in the stamp.

Upon check-in at the hotel, a deposit of 2000 baht is required for the entire stay. It is recommended that you carry your insurance policy with you at all times. In addition, you need to have photocopies of Russian and foreign passports.


How to contact:

  • Address : 207/1 Moo 5 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi, Pattaya 20150, Thailand.
  • Site : gardenseaviewresort_com.
  • Phone : +66

    22 60 70 – 80.

  • Fax : +66

    22 60 69.

  • Email: [email protected]_com.

Reviews of tourists

Reviews of the hotel are overwhelmingly positive. Garden Sea View 4 * justifies all the expectations of people who come here for a relaxing beach holiday. But there are those who were disappointed, considering the rest here too boring. There are some complaints about the service, the quality of room cleaning. In general, the hotel deserves a high rating.

Garden Sea View 4* invites you to relax in an extraordinary country, where a paradise climate, incredible beauty of nature, warm, gentle sea with a white sandy beach, legendary Thai massage, exotic cuisine, ancient unique monuments.

Reviews about this hotel only warn that you should not make excessive demands on Thai service. But the pros of this hotel certainly outweigh its minor cons.

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