Emigration to Australia from Russia. List of professions, requirements, pros and cons

Many people think where you can move from Russia to get the maximum benefit and then do not regret. Australia is one of the best places to emigrate from the country in which it is difficult to develop a business, living in harmony with the world around and earn good money.

Pluses of emigration in Australia for Russians

Australia is an economically sustainable and developed country, this attracts people from the entire planet who are tired of the surrounding chaos and poverty.

Life standard

Australia is famous for a very high standard of living, this is a net and advanced country in many areas. The economy and various industries are well developed here. Since agriculture in Australia is also at a very high level, there are all the possibilities to eat healthy natural products.

In this country, most of the population leads a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to the surrounding environment. The prices for alcohol and cigarettes are high enough here, so that bad habits can afford a few. Unemployment is practically absent, people have the opportunity to find a job with a good earnings. Immigrants have every chance to get a decent job, provided they have a quality education.

Highly qualified specialists in various fields are valued here. Education in Australia is valued all over the world, it is really of high quality and provides an opportunity for the realization of personal qualities and skills. A degree from an Australian university virtually guarantees graduates a good job in the future.


Emigration to Australia from Russia can also attract weather conditions. If in Russia there is snow for half a year, the temperature fluctuates, and you want to go out only on rare clear days, then Australia pleases its inhabitants with a bright blue sky, fresh air with a gentle warm wind and a sun that illuminates the world, which does not disappear for weeks.

Summer in Australia is hot, temperatures reach 40 degrees, it starts in December, you can not expect much rain until February. Golden autumn washes to please with a riot of colors. In winter, the rainy season begins, the temperature is about 20 degrees, at this time the nature of the country is very beautiful.


Australia is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. Industry has not yet managed to spoil nature. The population is actively involved in cleansing the country, streets are constantly swept in cities, garbage cans can be found everywhere, people take care of the cleanliness of streets and parks, and treat garbage with responsibility.

The only problem is the limited fresh water, there are not many water bodies in Australia and many of them are salty. But soon they are going to build additional desalination plants. The ocean surrounding the continent is regularly cleared.

In many places, a Seabin device is installed that passes water through it, filters it from oil, detergents and other waste, then releases already clean water. There is also an AMDI program that helps fight litter washed ashore.

Residents of Australia at any time can report where they saw the garbage, this information is examined by scientists to understand where the dumps are expected. Everything is promptly removed and cleaned. Thanks to good ecology and climatic conditions in Australia, people get sick much less often than in most countries, allergies are rare here.


One of the big advantages of Australia is free medicine. The country spends a large amount of money for the treatment of all citizens of the country, regardless of their age and earnings. Australia's medical system is very ramified and complex.

It consists of the following levels:

  • general Practitioner - family doctors who are contacted with most questions, similar to Russian therapists;
  • specialists responsible for specific industries and diseases;
  • public hospitals;
  • ambulance;
  • community health centers;
  • private clinics

Most of the medical procedures are paid for by the state, but for the services of cosmetologists and dentists you have to pay a lot of money. The quality of medicine is quite high, medical institutions are provided with professional devices and equipment, technologies are at the highest level.

Australian doctors are distinguished by professionalism, their task is to cure the patient, and not to put him in the hospital, as the state pays for it. Medicare Card public health insurance covers almost all types of treatment, it relies on all citizens of the country and immigrants who have applied for citizenship. You can also take out private insurance if you wish.

Disadvantages of living in Australia

To make a decision about moving to the country, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its disadvantages. There are some aspects of life in Australia that you need to be prepared for when immigrating.


Emigration to Australia from Russia also has disadvantages. Prices in the country are really high. Compared to most countries, services here are quite expensive for everything. Acceptable prices here are only for dairy products, since the country provides its residents with natural products, agriculture is developing here every year.

For other food products, clothes, tickets for various events, they are 10-20 percent higher than the world average. Alcohol and cigarettes in Australia are 2-4 times more expensive than usual. Real estate here is exhibited at 2 times more expensive than in most countries.


Income tax covers 1.5% of medical duty and includes fees for flood control.

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The housing tax is approximately 0.35%. Value added tax in Australia is 10%.


Emigration and acclimatization may not go too smoothly. Because for many people, Australia's high temperatures are stressful. Reaching 40-50 degrees sometimes, they are unusual for a person from Russia. Due to the constantly scorching sun, the risk of cancer increases.


Not only cute koalas and kangaroos are found here, but also a large number of poisonous spiders, snakes that can easily crawl into the house. There are also many other unpleasant living creatures that have the ability to harm human health, in some cases even cause death.In addition to dolphins, sharks swim in the water, which quite often attack people.

What you need to emigrate to Australia from Russia. Where to begin?

Moving to Australia is not as difficult as it might seem, you just need to familiarize yourself with all types of immigration and choose the best one.

Methods of immigration

Everyone chooses the method of immigration for himself personally in accordance with the possibilities, desires and goals.

Skilled immigration

Skilled immigration is convenient because it is suitable for almost everyone, the most important thing is to have sufficient skills and abilities in the chosen field. It is important either to have an education in a certain specialty that is on the list of those in demand, or work experience that shows that a person is oriented in what he does.

Required documents:

  • certificate confirming the absence of dangerous viral diseases;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • Diploma of Education;
  • Diploma Supplement;
  • academic note;
  • documents confirming the completion of industrial practice.

Emigration to Australia from Russia will go smoothly if you contact an immigration lawyer, the main thing is to make sure that he is registered with MARA, this will give you confidence that his actions are legal. A person with professional experience will be able to explain in an accessible way how such a complex process will proceed, to assess the possibilities and desires of each person personally.

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Occupations in demand in 2019

Every year, the list of professions in demand for the country is updated.

The most common professions in 2019 are listed below:

  • programmer;
  • therapist;
  • Anesthesiologist;
  • ecologist;
  • appraiser;
  • urologist;
  • medical director;
  • psychiatrist;
  • developer;
  • osteopath;
  • chiropractor;
  • pediatrician;
  • agronomist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • software engineer;
  • family doctor;
  • radiologist;
  • physiotherapist;
  • rheumatologist;
  • ​​
  • cardiologist;
  • surgeon;
  • psychotherapist;
  • oncologist;
  • cardiac surgeon;
  • gynecologist;
  • psychologist;
  • nurse;
  • resuscitator;
  • orthopedist;
  • builder;
  • estimator;
  • speech therapist;
  • rehabilitation specialist;
  • elementary school teacher;
  • caregiver;
  • foreman;
  • architect;
  • surveyor;
  • cartographer;
  • plumber;
  • welder;
  • electrician;
  • locksmith;
  • metallurgist;
  • bricklayer;
  • auditor;
  • accountant;
  • veterinarian;
  • social worker;
  • lawyer.

Types of Skilled Migration

There are three types of Skilled Migration:

  • Independent (permanent visa without restrictions).
  • Regional Sponsorship (requires living in a specific state for 2 years).
  • Long stay visa for engineers.

Nuances of independent migration

Independent migration is convenient in many ways, a person can move to another country with his family or alone. His occupation is not so important, he will not be tied to a particular state. This program allows you to feel more free.

After independent migration, a person can stay in the country forever if he lives there for 4 years, after such a short period of time it is even possible to obtain citizenship and an Australian passport.

The advantage of this migration is that in order to live in the country it is not necessary to immediately look for a job and confirm your status after moving, the whole family can live as Australians.

To be eligible for this type of visa, at least one family member must meet the following criteria:

  • age from the age of majority to 50;
  • education in one of the professions needed in the country and work experience in this field;
  • good scores on the international test in English;
  • from 60 points on the immigration program;
  • availability of relatives willing to provide sponsorship.

The disadvantage of independent migration is that it is rather problematic to obtain a visa under this program due to the number of applications submitted. Perhaps the queue for consideration will come up only after 2-3 years.

Nuances of regional migration

A regional visa can be obtained if it is possible to convince the authorities that the immigrant will contribute to the development of the region's economy.

It is also necessary that a person:

  • work and live in regions remote from the center with a small population;
  • obtained the consent of the authorities of the Australian States;
  • confirmed the profession in an expert organization.

This visa is temporary and is granted for a period of three years. The immigrant must take care of finding a job in one of the possible regions. When working in one place for two years, it is possible to obtain a permanent visa.

In this case, a person will be given the right to live anywhere in the country. This type of visa is convenient if the immigrant cannot score the required number of General Skilled Migration points. The country offers comfortable living conditions in areas with good ecology, inexpensive housing. Applications are processed quickly.

Migration considerations for engineers

Emigration to Australia from Russia can be quite easy for engineers. The country provides favorable conditions for good specialists in this field. The visa in this direction is given for 1.5 years.

Immigrants are given the opportunity to study, train and work in their specialty. After only 18 months, it is possible to obtain a permanent visa. Migration for engineers is very convenient, there is no point system here, work experience is not required, the most important thing is desire. Applications in this area are processed very quickly.

Basic criteria for immigrants:

  • age under 31;
  • a degree in engineering from one of Australia's most prestigious universities;
  • knowledge of the language;
  • necessary certificates confirming the absence of dangerous diseases.

Business immigration

Australia is growing stronger every year, and it needs specialists in various fields. People who know how to run a business, open their business anywhere and stay afloat are highly valued.

The country needs those who are ready to invest their strength, time and money in the development of any industry. You can set up a business in Russia and move it to Australia. Or start your own business after emigrating from the country.

Varieties of business immigration

If you want to immigrate to the country, you need to decide what kind of visa you can get.

In addition to the main documents and tests that are submitted in any case, the following papers are important for a business visa:

  • on business registration and the share that the immigrant represents in it;
  • property valuation;
  • tax returns;
  • balance of finances;
  • description of business development opportunities in Australia.

Immigration for business owners

This visa is suitable for those who are engaged in business personally, want to open something new, or promote old projects in another country. It usually takes 12 to 18 months to complete.

Requirements for candidates:

  • under 50 years of age;
  • required English language and immigration test scores;
  • proof of qualification;
  • health and criminal records;
  • in-demand specialties for development;
  • legal income;
  • the presence of assets that a person can invest in a business, initial capital.

The visa is given for 4 years, with success in business, a clean history with the law and sufficient funds, the immigrant then receives a permanent visa, and then citizenship. The most important thing for the program is to be involved in the business before moving, as well as investing in the Australian business, taking an active part in it.

Immigration for senior management

Senior management must be ready for interaction and an active business position in the new country. In addition to the criteria that apply to ordinary business owners, management must have a fairly high growth rate of companies in which they occupy high positions before moving.This visa can be obtained by people who have held leading positions in one business for more than 3 years.

Immigration under the Investor Program

The Investor Visa involves an investment in Australian shares for several years. Immigrants under this program must be no older than 45 years old, have an initial capital of $250 or more.

It is also necessary to prepare papers confirming that the money is earned by law. For those who have good money, the investor program is the most convenient and easy way to obtain a visa. The main requirement is the knowledge of the English language, which is confirmed by the appropriate exam.

Family immigration

For those whose relatives and beloved already live in the country, it is possible to arrange a family visa. It makes it possible to quietly move to Australia without higher education, business, good career. There are several types of family visas.

When making a marriage visa, it is necessary to marry with a partner, to live together, to provide evidence of the sincerity of feelings and intentions. To obtain a visa, the bride or groom must be prepared for marriage with a person who is already a Australian citizen who is already to know him personally. Such a migration can use only those who have reached 18 years.

Obtaining a parent visa is quite a long process, it can last from 3 to 20 years. The main condition so that most children live in Australia. Children's visa is drawn up for children under 18, provided that their parents are citizens of Australia. This type is executed quickly.

For all types of family visas, no criminal record is required, the presence of certificates confirming that there is no virus disease. For all types of family visas, there is no criminal record, the availability of certificates confirming that there are no viral diseases.


Australian education is valued all over the world, and many have the opportunity to get it by issuing a visa on the relevant program. It is available for any person who wants to learn, and takes not much time.

After graduating from the University, immigrants have the opportunity to receive not only good work, but also Australian citizenship. The minuses include high prices for education, which the student pays directly. To get be sure to pass the exam on language knowledge.

Humanitarian immigration

This visa can be obtained in severe discrimination in the native country and with gross violations of human rights. For this type of immigration, the Australian or Australian Organization is ready to give material assistance.


After purchasing a visa of this kind and accommodation in one of the regions of Australia, more than 4 years refugees have the opportunity to submit a request for citizenship and remain in the country forever.Legal refugee is drawn up documented on various discrimination, which people have been subject to. Australia offers asylum to those arriving in the country and provides humanitarian assistance abroad.

Emigration through the purchase of real estate

Persons with good capital can try to obtain a visa through the purchase of a house. It is given for 2 years immediately after purchase. If during this time there are no problems with the authorities, it becomes possible to obtain citizenship without much effort.

How to get SNILS for a foreign citizen

Immigrants can count on a state pension in Australia if they have lived in the country for more than 10 years. The amount of the pension depends on income and personal assets. Additionally, the employer deducts 9% of the salary every month to the employee's pension fund, this amount can be withdrawn upon retirement or withdrawn every month along with the state.

How Australians treat emigrants from Russia

Australians are friendly and always ready to support visitors. Many help to get comfortable, but more often people are neutral towards visitors, there is no negativity. Australia can be an ideal place for emigration from Russia, where people do not get tired of the eternal cold. The environment here is excellent, the standard of living is much higher than in many countries.

Statistics of emigration to Australia from Russia

good knowledge of English. Here there is an opportunity to develop a business, get an education that is valued all over the world. Many people are afraid of prices in Australia, but salaries there are many times higher than in Russia.

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