Dudy Waterfall, Antalya. Photo how to get

The business card of the Turkish Sunny Beach Antalya is a Dudy waterfall. The local attraction of natural origin is included in all informative tours in the city. Thousands of tourists, locals, visitors from different parts of the country are visited daily.

where it is

a cascade of water flows falling from a height, which is placed within the boundaries of the cities of Antalya (Turkey), on the Dhared River, is the name of the same name. The resort town is located on the site of the Mediterranean coast (Turkish Riviera) in the south of the country and is the administrative center of Antalya province of the same name.

The cascade consists of two waterfalls, which are formed by the DEAD river flowing on the Anatolia Peninsula (Western Asian). The river crossing the country shares the territory of the Turkish Republic in half. Waterfalls on it are among the most beautiful places.

Dudy Waterfall, Antalya

Dudud takes the beginning in the area where 2 underground sources are connected: Kyrkgesler and Pinkshash. The river is poured into the Mediterranean Sea. Waterfalls belong to the karst system, which is emptiness in rocks and a kind of relief form, which is formed as a result of the impact of streams.

Such processes are possible only if there is easily soluble breeds in the soil: plaster, limestone, marble and stone salts.

Upper Cascade Locals are referred to in honor of A. Macedonian. It is located in the north-east of the resort. The lower part of the river flowing into the sea, the locals dubbed "dripping bye". It is located in the east of the settlement.

The head of the blue artery, originating from Karst Rodnikov, is located in the area of ​​the 30th km of the worn road "Antalya-Burdurgod" (southwestern part of the region). The water of their two sources is collected in one stream, which moves through the channels to the turbines of hydroelectric power plants. For this, artificial ditch was created, he passes through the city with Western on the eastern side.

The flow reaches the place called Detadbashi. Here begins the old river bed, which houses the Upper Falls.

In 1962, a hydroelectric power station was built, especially for which channels were built that change the direction of the water. Until that time, the natural riverbed in places passed underground at a distance of 14 km. The underground part originated in the Biyikl karst funnel, which is located close to the springs.

Here, at the moments of spills, a large flow of water is observed (about 30 cubic meters per second). The river was knocked out from under the ground earlier in the Varsak quarry. After a short flow over the ground, the flow disappeared again in the karst layers and after 3 km was knocked out.


At a distance of 10-13 km in the direction of the current, the Lower Duden is located, where a drop of the stream from a ledge 45 m high into the sea is observed.

How to get there

Duden waterfall (Antalya is the main resort of the Mediterranean region) consists of two parts. The Upper Cascade is located approximately 10 km from the city center in the Varsac quarter. It is easier to get to this place from the center by passenger vehicles, the trip will take 30-60 minutes. The bus stop is located in front of the park.

The city authorities have provided special applications that track flights and their travel time.

From Lara Airport, it is also possible to get to the National Park by public transport, but with transfers.

Routes and other means of travel are tabulated.

Purpose Ways of travel from the center of Antalya From Lara Airport
Upper FallsBus No. VF66 stops at Yuzuncu boulevards and Yener Ulusoy boulevards.The phased itinerary is as follows:

1. It is necessary to board the KL08 bus.

2. Get off at the Ulusoy Blv.2 stop and cross the road.

3. On the opposite side there is a stop Ulusoy Blv.2, from which you need to transfer to bus VF66.

Numbers of municipal routes running from different parts of the city: MK81, VC56, CV17, VF66A, VML55A , MD78, KC35.
It is possible to get there by rented or own automobile transport. Parking is provided on the opposite side across the road from the park.
The following taxi services operate in the city: Sahil Taxi, Altinkum Taxi, 7/24 Taxi, Pan Taxi.

The lower cascade, flowing into the sea, is located 8-10 km east of the center of Antalya, in the Fener quarter of the Muratpasa district. Nearby is Lara Beach.

You can get to your destination as part of groups of study tours, as well as on your own in the following ways:

  • Rent a bicycle. Auxiliary markings lead to the park.
  • Walking distance from the Old City. It will take about 2 hours to complete.
  • By public transport: bus route No. KL08. He walks in 15 minutes, the travel time will take approximately 40 minutes.
  • Bus route No. LF09, which travels from other parts of the city, but runs less frequently.
  • Call a taxi. For these purposes, yellow boxes with a special button are equipped on the streets of Antalya.

A ticket for using public transport (Antalyakart) can be bought from drivers or at specialized booths.

The cost of visiting the waterfall

Duden waterfall (Antalya attracts foreign citizens as a holiday destination not only in the summer season, but also in winter) can be seen in the course of formed tourist groups. Their price includes a fee for visiting the Upper Duden (National Park).

Those wishing to go to the waterfall must pay an entrance ticket in the amount of:

  • 7 Turkish liras (adult);
  • 4 lira (for children aged 7 to 15).

Children under 7 years of age enter the territory free of charge.

For all categories of the population, viewing a natural landmark that flows into the sea is free of charge. In 2015, the Lower Duden was refurbished and updated with the latest lighting system, thanks to which the waterfall has an amazing view at night.

Tour operators recommend arriving at the sights in the morning, when there is the best daylight. On weekends, locals, as well as visitors from other parts of the country, relax near the waterfall, so it’s better to choose the time for excursions during business hours.

Both parks have recreation areas, observation terraces, from which a picturesque panorama of the surroundings opens. Eating establishments have also been built here. The karst bed of the Upper Cascade has the form of underground grottoes. Water, falling off the cliff, plays in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow.

The best landscape of the Lower Cascade is observed from the sea. It will be possible to get there only with a group of tourist excursions, which is formed on the pier of the Old Town.

The National Park Gate is open daily from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. You can get to the Lower Cascade at any time of the day.

Description of the waterfall and park of the park

Dudy National Park, where one of the waterfalls is located, has a central gate, near which the input tickets can be purchased.

After passing the territory of the green zone, visitors immediately notice the little lake, in which poultry swim. From him to the place of falling water, it is necessary to walk along the paths, on the sides of which trees grow, their age is 6 hundred years. They create an old atmosphere.

The track leads to a huge sightseeing platform, which opens the panorama of falling from the height of water.

Sightseeing characteristics:

  • Height 27.5 m;
  • Width 2.2 m.

In order to see the waterfall below, it is necessary to go through an underground tunnel, the entrance to which is equipped as a cave near the sightseeing site. To visit this place, experienced tourists recommend to wear shoes with rubberized soles (non-slip), since here you can slip on the wet stones.

Stay in the cave gives additional viewing viewports in the form of viewing holes. From one of them, tourists are visible a flow of water in the frame of the boulders and branches of ancient trees. The cave is also a grotto with pothole in the ceiling, through which the sky is visible.

For stops inside the tunnel there are benches from which it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view for a long time. There is also a special place for those who want to make a desire, where you can tie a string for cave ledges.

Moving to the exit of the tunnel, visitors are under waterfall. Not far from the exit you can see another attraction in the form of long-lasting burials, which refer to the II-III century of our era. Also from the cave you can get up to the place of falling water due to the presence of a special staircase.

On the top viewing area there is a hinged bridge, which is located between the flow of water. Near the bridge is Platan or Chinar, which has about 700 years. Also like the tourists Walk Tunnel passing under the waterfall. However, it should be envisaged at the moment that the water is on the walls and on the head.

Dudy Waterfall (Antalya has a diverse nature suitable for all types of tourism), part of the National Park territory, is enhanced. A benches, snack tables are placed near it. Near the entrance there is a store of souvenirs, a playground, a cafe, in which local dishes are offered, lavash with filling, different snacks.

Thanks to the presence of good infrastructure, tourists and visitors can linger on the park for the whole day. There are also many photo sites here. It is forbidden to swim in the lake, you can get a fine for it.

to inspect a part of the daid, where the river flows into the sea can be freely at any time of the day. The waterfall breaks down from a height of 45 m (this is the greatest rate among river waters flowing into the sea).


    • were also well developed; alleys, paths were built across the plot;
    • a shops are equipped along the tracks;
    • the territory is enhanced by cascades of man-made waterfalls;
    • Panorama on a natural attraction opens from sightseeing areas, they are diverse in size, forms and elevation levels over the sea;
    • premises for hygiene;
    • The entire area is enhanced by green plantings, but since they are young, then the shadows give a little.

    The following classes are available among entertainment:

    • Rafting (sailing on the thresholds);
    • Zipline (descent on steel rope using special equipment);
    • Children's playgrounds.

    Not far from the park there are cafes, bars and spaces for snacks. You can walk to sightsets using pointers placed along the pleasure paths. Within a radius of several kilometers from the waterfall, there is a big noise, and the rapid flow of the river can be seen in the city (through the places where it runs).

    The best observation view opens to the landmark from the sea. Excursions on boats or boats leave the pier in the old town. Near the drop in flow of flows, transport is delayed for about 15 minutes. There is a special tour for those who want to "tickle the nerves", which consists in passing under the waterfall on the boat.

    Thanks to the proximity of the takeoff strip (about 10 km hosts the airport) over the landmark you can often watch aircraft. With the help of a special new backlight, the beauty of the waterfall can be contemplate not only during the daytime, but also at night.

    Notable features

    Lower waterfall Locals are called "drop-down watermelon" (translation from Turkish language).

    This name has 2 theories of origin:

    • Once a long time, the river was much left out of the shores and flooded Bakhchu with watermelons. They sailed along the river and fell from a high height in the Mediterranean Sea.
    • The story tells that watermelons were transferred along the farmel river to deliver to the city, but did not always have time to catch them in front of the waterfall.

    Cascade of Douden Waterfalls is one of the most visited natural attractions not only of the city, but also countries. A rumble of water is heard a few kilometers around.

    The upper waterfall begins with a small river, but at a distance of 100 m before the beginning of the park, its current is accelerated, as thresholds appear. Here the bridge is stretched through the channel, and also have a playground and a place to relax. The waterfall is surrounded by numerous paths from pebbles, tracks that allow you to see it from all sides.

    Near the Lake, where the streams fall, a coniferous forest is located. In summer, the stream of water of the upper dide is dried, and water flows with small jets. In the melting season of the snow (spring) or after an abundant shower, the waterfall turns into a formiduous stormy stream.

    Hotels near Waterfall

    Dudy Waterfall (Antalya is a place for relaxing and enjoying nature) is a popular tourist destination. City hotels are mainly located near the sea coast.

    For this reason, finding accommodation not far from the National Park is hard (it is distant from it at a distance of 6-10 km). But near the location of the river in the sea, there are many proposals of different levels of comfort, a wide price corridor. Below are the most popular options.

    Azuu Boutique Hotel

    is a beautiful modern hotel, which is located in the Lara district of 200-250 m from the sea.

    The institutions include:

    • an outdoor pool;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • air conditioners in all rooms;
    • satellite television;
    • balconies;
    • Mini bars in each room;
    • It offers food delivery to the room;
    • ​​
    • Registration workers are on duty around the clock;
    • Tour Bureau;
    • free parking;
    • Family Rooms;
    • Wellness Center;
    • Coffee maker or kettle in all rooms;
    • bar;
    • Exchange Point.

    Daily visitors are offered breakfast on the type "Swedish table", there is also a restaurant where you can order dishes of any kitchens of the world. The airport travel time is 15 minutes. Lower Dudy Waterfall is 1.5 km away.

    The number of rooms consists of options:

    • Standard 2-bed with 1 bed;
    • Twin with 2 single or 1 double bed;
    • family with double bed and single;
    • Suite with King Size bed;
    • Junior Suite with a large bed.

    Lara Konak

    Located in Antalya, 2.2 km from Blanche Beach and 8 km from Hadrian's Gate.

    Hotel services include:

    • bar;
    • garden;
    • free wi-fi;
    • parking is free;
    • all rooms are equipped with a seating area and TV with satellite channels;
    • Free toiletries in the shower room;
    • car and bicycle rental services;
    • there are rooms for non-smokers;
    • exchange office.

    Düden Lower Waterfall is 1.2 km away from the hotel, from which it is 8 km to Antalya Airport. The hotel offers its guests a "continental" breakfast, which can be taken on the terrace overlooking the sea.

    Rooms include:

    • budget double apartment with a double bed;
    • double room with a double bed.

    "Laren Sea Side Hotel Spa"

    Located in Antalya on Lara Beach.

    It offers the following services:

    • outdoor pool;
    • fitness;
    • bar;
    • private beach area;
    • garden;
    • 24/7 service;
    • room service;
    • currency exchange;
    • All rooms have air conditioning and satellite TV;
    • Kettle, hair dryer and desk with seating area in each apartment;
    • Turkish bath and sauna;
    • entertainment "darts";
    • free wi-fi;
    • transfer;
    • family rooms;
    • exchange office;
    • transport to the beach 4 times a day for free.

    The hotel offers a continental breakfast. The distance to the airport is 7.3 km, to the Lower waterfall 0.6 km.

    Rooms include:

    • Deluxe for 3-4 persons with 2 single beds, sofa or 1 double bed and sofa;
    • Suite with spa bath, 1 single bed and 1 double bed, 2 sofas for up to 5 people.

    «Hotel lugano»

    Located in the suburbs of Altinkum.

    In the services of the hotel include:

    • Free Wi-Fi;
    • air conditioners in the rooms;
    • bar;
    • Garden;
    • 24-hour maintenance;
    • Food delivery to the room;
    • All rooms are equipped with a kettle;
    • swimming pool;
    • Transfer;
    • Family Rooms;
    • free parking;
    • Non-smoking rooms;
    • The ability to stay with domestic pets.

    Guests are offered breakfast by the type of buffet, which can be taken on the terrace with a beautiful view. The license plate consists of 3-bed standard rooms with 3 single beds. Lower Waterfall includes 0.9 km, Antalya Airport is 6.9 km away.

    "Address Residence Luxury Suite Hotel"

    A hotel located at a distance of 500 meters from the lower waterfall in the prestigious suburb of Antalya Chagulaian.

    It offers its guests the following services:

    • free parking;
    • Outdoor pool;
    • Apartments with 1-2 bedrooms and air conditioning;
    • Each room has a seating area, a satellite TV, a washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen;
    • Rent a car and bicycles;
    • Bars, restaurants, shops;
    • Entertainment establishments;
    • free Wi-Fi;
    • Table tennis, cycling;
    • Food delivery to the room, including breakfast;
    • Delivery of products;
    • fitness center;
    • 24-hour maintenance;
    • Safe;
    • currency exchange;
    • Tour Bureau;
    • Storage Camera;
    • Garden;
    • library;
    • terrace;
    • Street Fireplace;
    • Non-smoking rooms;
    • Family apartments;
    • VIP services;
    • Bridal suite.

    The distance to the airport is 7.2 km away.

    Many hotels include vouchers overview tours of Antalya with a check-in at Dunes Waterfall, shopping shopping. In other cases, such a tour can be purchased for a symbolic fee of 5-10 dollars.

    Video about Detuds Waterfall

    Video review of the Upper and Lower Dudy Waterfall in Antalya: