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One of the states of the United Arab Emirates ( of the United Arab Emirates ), Dubai (Dubai), is located in the north-east of Arabian Peninsula. This major administrative entity has become one of the most dynamically developing cities in the world. Just 30 years ago, there was a desert and several houses in his place.

Today is a leading global business center and tourism center with skyscrapers and upscale hotels, which has become a symbol of rapidly growing well-being and successful economic development.

The location of the UAE on the world map

of the United Arab Emirates is the federal state of the Middle East, consisting of 7 developed, independent from each other, the Emirates. It is located in the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula, which is the largest in the world. This part of sushi lies between Africa and the Asian continent.

Dubai, UAE

In the West, the United Arab Emirates are adjacent to Saudi Arabia, in the north-east - with the state of Oman and Omansky Bay. The Persian Bay in the East shares the UAE with Iran, and in the south-west - with Iraq.

The total area of ​​the federal state consisting of 7 independent emirates is 83,000 square meters. km. Its most of the Rub-Al-Khali desert (rub-al-Khali). Dubai was erected on her sandy expanses.

This is one of the largest territories in the world that is covered with sand and is located in the territory of 4 countries. It is part of the Arabian desert, and its area is more than 650,000 square meters. km.

In which country is located

Dubai located in the state of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE includes 7 independent emirates. In each of them, the board belongs to Emir, and the authorities are inherited.

Dubai city is the administrative center of the largest emirate population. About 3 million people live in it. On the area of ​​its territory, a highly developed center of tourism and entrepreneurship is inferior to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and his emir is the president of the state. In ancient times (until 1833), Dubai was under the authority of Abu Dhabi. Since 1833, for several centuries, the 7th Emirates rules the Sheikh dynasty and Emirov Al Maktoum (Al Maktoum).

Of all the heads of states in the UAE, only the Emirs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the right to impose a veto to any of government decisions.

Which sea is washes by the UAE

Many people are called the water area in which the United Arab Emirates is located. From a geographical point of view, this is not the case. However, according to the parameters of hydrochemistry and hydrology, Persian and Omani bays refer to the seas.

The sea in the Persian Gulf

in ancient essay called Geographica ("Geography"), owned by Peru traveler and the geographer of the ancient world of Strabo, the Persian Bay is called the sea. In fact, he is part of the Indian Ocean, and in many hydrological indicators - the Mediterranean Sea.

Modern parameters of Water Area Persian Gulf really similar to marine signs:

  • it is deep crashed into land;
  • has a large area (239,000 square meters. M);
  • has a greater length (926,000 m);
  • has a depth of about 102 m;
  • in it there are coral reefs;
  • there are tides and flows;
  • A variety of multiple rivers fall into it;
  • There are small and medium-sized islands in it, many of which are inhabited;
  • Dolphins and sea cows are found in it;
  • It is rich in fishing species of marine fish, crustaceans and other inhabitants of sea depths.

Sea in the Oman Gulf

Omansky Bay, as well as Persian, is part of the Indian Ocean. Until the XVIII century. In many countries, he was called the Macrian Sea.

in size and some other indicators it differs last:

  • has an area of ​​about 165 000 square meters. m;
  • has a length of about 460,000 m;
  • its depth of about 3,700 m;
  • Its water is colder than in the Persian Gulf;
  • In the bay there are dead sea zones, where there cannot be living organisms with the complete absence of oxygen.

Many rivers fall into the Omansky bay, and he himself smoothly merges with the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The sea in the center of Dubai

Dubai is on the coast, it is washed by warm waters of the seas and bays. There is a reservoir in the center of the emirate. Once it was the Dubai Creek channel ("stream"), originating in the Persian Gulf. In the 60s. of the last century, it began to be thoroughly expanded. Thanks to the work done, small and large vessels can now move through its waters.

The length of the bay is about 14,000 m. It divides Dubai into western and eastern parts, Bur Dubai and Deira areas. For communication between the banks, 4 bridges and a tunnel were built.

Today, up to 700 vessels of various sizes can moor in the bays and berths of Dubai Creek, and the transport infrastructure of the administrative center directly depends on maritime activities.

Features of the sea in Dubai

Dubai is a prestigious center with a developed tourist infrastructure. It is located on the coast, the length of which is 72,000 m. It is filled with beaches, hotels and recreation areas.

In 2016, the famous American travel company Royal Caribbean and Dr. David Holmes conducted an international survey, according to which the Dubai coastline was recognized as the best.

The following factors were taken into account when counting the votes of respondents:

  • weather conditions;
  • horizon clarity;
  • air purity;
  • sand quality;
  • the color of the sea;
  • the variety of entertainment offered to vacationers.

The waters of the bays surrounding the 7th emirate are quite calm. Coral reefs and artificial islands form breakwaters in the water area. They reliably protect the beaches and the coast from the tides.

Sea temperature in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates are located on different coasts of the Arabian Peninsula and are washed by the waters of the Persian and Oman Gulfs. These factors determine the temperature difference in the water areas. During the summer and autumn months, the water temperature in the Gulf of Oman is slightly lower than in the Persian Gulf. In spring and winter it is several degrees higher.

The Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm el Qawain and Ras al Khaimah are located in the waters of the Persian Gulf, and Fujairah - in the Gulf of Oman.



Month of the year Water temperature
1.Januaryfrom +22°C to +24 °С
2.Februaryfrom +21°С to +23°С
3.Marchfrom +22°С to +24°С
4.Aprilfrom + 25 ° C to + 27 ° C
5.May+ 28 ° C to + 29 ° C
6.Junefrom + 31 ° C to + 32 ° C
7.Julyfrom + 32 ° C to + 33 ° C
8.Augustfrom + 32 ° C to + 34 ° C
9.Septemberfrom + 32 ° C to + 33 ° C
10.Octoberfrom + 31 ° C to + 32 ° C
11.Novemberfrom + 28 ° C to + 29 ° C
12.Decemberfrom + 24 ° C to + 26 ° C

Plan a trip to Dubai better from October to April. At this time there is not so hot here, and sometimes it is raining. The bathing season is open here all year round, but the most comfortable is the period from April-May to October-November.

Sea Attractions


Dubai is located in the waters of 2 large bays, which can rightly be called seas and are part of the ocean. Therefore, it is natural that the magnificent city of glass and concrete has unusual and interesting attractions in its arsenal located on the water.

The most popular are 3 palm islands (Palm Islands) and 2 archipelago between them:

  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Palm Jebel Ali;
  • Palm Deira;
  • WORLD Archipelago;
  • Universe Archipelago.
Palm Jumeirah Island

All of the above-mentioned islands created man-made.

The idea of ​​the construction of artificial archipelagos arose due to lack of land under construction of housing and hotel complexes. Dubai (Dubai) became very popular and one of the most sought-after tourism centers not only in the Middle East, but also around the world.

ideological inspirer of an unusual, but promising project belonged to Emir of Dubai Sheih Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktumma. His in the sidelines is often called the architect of the XXI century.

Thanks to the erected artificial islands, the coastline of the Emirate has increased, new comfortable hotels were built and well-maintained residential neighborhoods were erected.

Three Palm Islands

The islands of palm trees were the first to be the first. They have not only a common name, but the form. From a bird's eye view, as well as from space, the outlines of archipelago are visually defined as silhouettes of dates. And it is not by chance. Palm palm tree is a symbol of the 7th Emirate of the UAE.

Each of the islands of Palm has a "trunk", through which the motorway is laid, and the "crown" of several smaller islands where residential neighborings are located. Each tree is crowned with a crescent, which is a breakwater to protect buildings from the raid waves from the bays.

The first was built by Palm Jumeirah. The construction of an unusual man-made island began in 2001, and by 2007 he was given under construction with real estate objects of various purposes.

On the territory of the Palm of Jumeira, there are upscale luxurious hotels and the largest water park "AquaVenture" in the Middle East. With Dubai Island connects a large motorway and monorails. They run on the "trunk" of "palm tree".

Next, in 2002, began to erect Palm Jebel Ali. After 5 years, it began to build it. He is a larger than Palm Jumeirah about 2 times.

Modern business centers, office buildings, entertainment parks, water parks and oceanariums are elevated on this island of palm trees. In addition, there are large buildings from villas and bungalows, which are intended for tourists.

Numerous Palm Jebel Ali pier allows you to moay here to a large number of yachts and various ships. Thanks to this, it is easy to get to the island. In addition, it can be reached here by motorways that lead to the center of Dubai.

Palm Deira began to be erected in 2004 according to the initial project, its value was to be a grandiose. However, the economic difficulties that attacked the whole world into some stagnation made their own adjustments to construction plans.

However, the island still became the largest of 3 palm archipelago. More than 1,000,000 people can accommodate more than 1,000,000 people. Palma Deira is connected to the dubbing bridge, which was commissioned in 2016

Archipelago "Peace"

Another Grand Project of Emir Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Mackum was the construction of a group of 300 artificial islands At the distance of 4,000 m from the coast of the 7th Emirate.

The unusualness of this archipelago is in its form, which resembles a world map with its continents and continents. Due to this, the name of the islands was given - World Archipelago (World Archipelago). The total cost of the project was announced. It amounted to $ 2 billion.

The first of the islands appeared in 2004. He was given the name "Dubai" ("Dubai"). Subsequently, all new parts of the archipelago grown out of the water, each of which received its name ("Middle East", "Asia", "Africa" ​​and others).

Since 2006, the islands began to sell. Some of them Sheikh and Emir Dubai gave famous and wealthy people. By the end of 2008about 70% of them were sold.

The World archipelago was planned to be built up with comfortable hotels, entertainment centers, fashion houses, luxury villas and private beaches. However, the difficult economic situation in the world and the fall in demand for luxury real estate have made their own adjustments. The construction project has not yet been completed.

The islands are not connected to each other and the coast of Dubai, so the connection between them is provided by air and water transport.

The Universe archipelago

). It was supposed to include artificial land areas in the form of the Milky Way and the solar system. Construction was announced to be completed between 2023 and 2028.

However, work was suspended in 2009. The reason for this was the global economic crisis and environmental difficulties that arose even at the stage of construction of the artificial Mir archipelago. And in 2011, this project disappeared from the list of long-term plans of the developer company.

Beach holidays

Dubai is located where the bright sun always shines (up to 355 clear sunny days a year), and the water in the sea is almost always warm (its temperature does not fall below + 21 ° C - +23°C). These factors determine the main direction of business and infrastructure of the state.

The entire coastline of the 7th emirate, with a length of more than 70,000 m, is covered with snow-white clean fine sand and numerous beaches comfortable for relaxing.

The beaches in Dubai are divided into paid, free and private. Paid and private beaches are distinguished by a developed infrastructure and the presence of a large number of boutiques, cafes, equipment and equipment rentals, as well as water sports schools and clubs.

The emirate's free beaches do not have public facilities, but they are just as clean and well-groomed, with gentle slopes into the water.

The state of the water area in the coastal areas of Dubai and stable weather conditions attract not only beach lovers, but also diving, surfing and kite surfing enthusiasts.

It should be noted that the construction of artificial islands led to changes that affected the state of the underwater world and coastal areas. The water in the water area has almost no waves due to the erected artificial islands. Therefore, for beginners, lovers of scuba diving, it is comfortable here. More experienced divers have to go to dive sites on boats.

However, international diving schools and clubs give everyone the opportunity to acquire the necessary diving skills. More than 15 barges and ships were sunk especially for divers in the Dubai waters to a depth of 30 m. Among them are those that belonged to Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktumm.

Surfing and kitesurfing require wind and waves. The beaches located on the coast, where the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf meet, are the most favorable for these types of outdoor activities. There are good waves here. Therefore, you can ride the boards.

Kite Beach is very popular among kite surfers (boarding on the waves under a large kite-sail). In addition, there is a Kitesurfing school where you can rent the necessary equipment. Even the fair sex can be trained in wave riding skills.

One of the main types of business in Dubai (Dubai) is tourism, so everything in the emirate is aimed at providing guests with comfortable conditions for recreation and stay in the country. The beaches here have comfortable green areas, shops and cafes where you can take a break from the sweltering heat.

Interesting facts

Many people wonder how the man-made Palm Islands appeared. For their construction, tons of sand and stones were extracted from the bottom of the Persian Gulf, which were poured onto the designed places of the islands.

More than 100,000,000 cu. m of sand and 5,000,000 cubic meters. m stones. A wall of this amount of materials could encircle the entire globe, while having a height of more than 2 m.

It is interesting that the barrier reefs of Palm Jebel Ali are built in the form of inscriptions in Arabic. These are quotes from the poetic opuses of Sheikh Mohammed.

It is noteworthy that the ruler of the emirate decided to implement his unusual large-scale project, despite the fact that his state already brings large incomes oil production.

Holidays in Dubai, most of which are in the desert, attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Everything is comfortable here: from staying in hotels to staying by the sea on the beaches and visiting interesting sights.

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