Dubai. Attractions on the map, photo, metro map, what to see for a tourist

Dubai is a place where you can find all the most beautiful and large creations of a person. Here is the highest building in the world, the largest entertainment center and even built an artificial archipelago, which is visible from space. The attractions of this city are amazed by their smartness and splendor.

Dubai: Location, description, tourist attractiveness

Dubai - the largest city located on the territory of the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf Coast and being a large seaport with deep waters. It borders the city with the capital of AOE, Abu Dhabi, in the northeast. Its area is 4 thousand. 114 km², length - 134 km, and width - 35.

The first mentions about the settlements of the people on the site of the city are dating 99 in the year of the 18th century. The population for that period was not more than 1100-1300 people. At the moment, more than 2.5 million people live here. Also Dubai is a concentration of numerous festivals, exhibitions, conferences. In 2020, an expo, international exhibition is planned here.

The climate of the city is very hot, the average summer temperature reaches a mark at 35 ° C, and winter - 19 ° C heat. Dubai belong to cities with the hottest climate in the world.

The city can be divided into several main areas:

  • the historical part - Bur Dubai;
  • residential area by the sea - Jumeirah;
  • residential area - Gardens;
  • trading part in the east - Deira;
  • business center of the city - Downtown;
  • the area near the man-made bay in the western part - Dubai Marina.

This city is attractive for tourists due to the abundance of historical monuments, originality and uniqueness.

What to see in Dubai? Metro map for tourists

Dubai attractions are one of the main reasons that attract crowds of tourists. And the most popular of them are skyscrapers. They have taken almost all the records for the height of existing buildings, and their number already exceeds thousands. One of the first noteworthy skyscrapers was the Dubai trading house, then the tallest skyscraper in the world - the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is a city that not only has different attractions, it simply consists of them.

The twin Emirates Park Tower and the Rose Tower also attract attention. In the historical part of the city there are old quarters where markets have been preserved. For example, the Bastakiya region with ancient Arab architecture and the ancient Al-Fahidi Fort. You can also visit the Jumeirah Mosque, which is open to people of different religions.

Outdoor enthusiasts can go on a jeep safari tour through the desert around Dubai, ride a camel, quad bike or go down the sand dune on a snowboard. Professional and novice divers will be able to go down under the water for pearls, and skydivers will be able to fly over the city.

In addition, here you can walk along the artificially created complex of islands - Palm Island, climb the 122nd floor in the Burj Khalifa or look at the fountain about 0.15 km high. In 2009, the Dubai Metro was opened, which covered the entire city and allows you to get to any point in it. The metro map is shown in fig. 1.

Fig.1. Dubai metro map

Dubai attractions. History, description, how to get there

On the territory of the city of Dubai there is a huge number of attractions, both familiar to the whole world and little known. Here are located, which are included in the Guinness Book of Records, protected natural areas, huge shopping centers and cultural and historical values.


Al-Fahidi is an area of ​​Dubai that has preserved its identity and heritage of history. It was built according to the rules of ancient Arab settlements and is a fortress in the form of a labyrinth city. Here you can spend more than one hour, getting either to a spacious square with a mosque, or to a narrow street. It is located on the coast of the Bay of Dubai Creek not far from the Golden Market. You can get on the subway.

There are no luxury and expensive skyscrapers in this part of the city, because simple Arab people lived here: fishermen and pearls.

Here you can find only the same small sandy houses on the streets, where the sunlight does not fall. Against this background, only decorated by Muslim window patterns. For entry into the territory of the Fortress, do not take, as well as for an independent walk. If there is a desire, you can pay only guide services that will spend a tour.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the highest structure, named after Sheikh Califa Ibn Zaid An-Najiana. The height of its extreme point reaches 828 m.

in the building Are there:

  • Hotel;
  • Living area;
  • office premises;
  • shopping centers;
  • Restaurant.

There are 3 inputs leading in different parts: a hotel, apartments and offices. The first 39 levels occupy the Armani Hotel and its administration. Except 17 and 18, these are floors for industrial services. It is noteworthy that the design for this hotel created J. Armani. From 44 to 72 and from 77 to 108 levels there are residential apartments. The owner of the entire hundredth of the level is a billionaire from India B. R. Shatti.

The above are office space, fitness rooms, pools and jacuzzi. 148 and 124 floor, 555 m and 425 m, respectively, occupied 2 viewing platforms. And on the 122 floor - the restaurant "Atmosphere", which accommodates 80 people. The air in the building is also special. It is supplied inside by the lattices located in the floor.

Passing through the membranes, it is cooled and obtained a fragrance that was created specifically for this skyscraper. It will not be possible to feel anywhere else anywhere. At the foot of the Burj Khalip is located lake with a musical fountain of 275m. There is a building on the red line of the Burj Khalife Metro Station / Dubai Mall. From the subway tunnel takes into Dubai Mall, from where you can go to the tower.

Jumeirai Mosque

Jumeira Mosque is located in the east of Jumeira Beach Public Beach near the Zoo. It is considered the most beautiful and main in the city. The Middle Ages Mosque is built and resembles the buildings of the era of the Fatimid Caliphate, (in honor of which it was built) at the same time made from modern materials. Erected in the 70s of the 20th century. And the discovery took place in 79.

Construction was carried out according to all canons of Arab culture and architecture.

This is one of the first and few temples that are open to everyone, even those who do not profess Islam. The mosque holds up to one and a half thousand people. Get here better by taxi, because public transport stops are far away.

Bollywood Parks

Attractions of Dubai are not limited to Islamic culture. So, in the city there is Bollywood Parks. This is the only park fully dedicated to Indian cinema. Here you can find elephants, deserted in different colors, snow-white palaces, air pavilions with colorful panels and bright lighting.

as well as songs and dances that accompany all the film sedores created in India. On the park there are attractions that are connected and film production. For example, here you can learn how the captures are created and trace their implementation, see modern technologies in cinema and even play a role in the film.

on some sites to feel all the completeness of actions, it is recommended to wear 3D format glasses. As the main spectacle, it is fashionable to highlight the show of the dance on the stage in the Rajmakhal Pavilion. The presentation begins in 8h. Evenings and passes daily within 20 minutes.

In addition, there is a detailed street of Mumbai Mumbai Merchants Street with souvenir shops, shops and cafes where Indian dishes can be enjoyed or drinking traditional tea. Bollywood Parks get better on a free city bus that departs from Dubai Molla and from a stop near the Sofitel hotel.

IMG Worlds in Dubai

The IMG Worlds of Adventure Park accommodates many attractions, shops and coffee shops.

The park is divided into 5 zones by themes:

  • Marvel;
  • Cartoon Network;
  • IMG Boulevard;

In the first dwell, the heroes of film fantasics from the MARVEL universe, with whom you can meet. In the Lost Valley district, dinosaurs and other population of the Jurassic Park are living. Here are themed attractions for adults and multi-age children. In the Cartoon Network zone you can find the heroes of cartoon films and visit the 5D cinema.

in IMG Boulevard is a "ghostly hotel", which is equipped with a series of coffee and boutiques. In part of the NOVO Cinemas Park, more than a dozen modern cinemas, where all the new cinema are shown. There are also cinemas here with the world of virtual reality.

The park is almost completely built in a room where any weather conditions are not terrible. You can get here by taxi, by car or bus, which departs from hotels.

Wilde Wild Wild Water Park

Wild Vadi Water Park is located in the elite part of the city between Burj Al Arab hotels and Jumeira Beach, guests of which can visit it for free. A visit is possible for multigenous guests, however, for those whose growth is below 1,10 m, there are restrictions, they may not be allowed to a number of rides. This rule works according to safety requirements.

Wild Wadi is decorated in the style of the classic Arabic fairy tale "Sinbad-Sea-mode". There are 30 water rides, restaurants, cofets and legs with souvenirs on its territory. The water temperature in the pools is always 28 ° C above zero.

Payment is made for entry into the water park, buying a ticket, you can use all the attractions as much as you like, take life jackets and lie on the sun loungers.

To pay for lunch or purchase a souvenir, you need to get a card at the entrance, which does not wash and attached to the wrist. It needs to be credited to it, the residue will be returned at the exit. You can get here by bus or taxi.

Aquarium in Dubai

Dubai is rich in attractions that are beaten by world records. Another such object is aquarium. It is located in the shopping center "Dubai Mall" and reaches a height of 50 m. More than 33 thousand maritime residents live here. Through the aquarium center there is a transparent tunnel, providing an overview of more than 250 °. There are different types of sharks, squid, fish and crustaceans.

You can also plunge into the sea world and swim among the sharks. Newbies before this should be trained, and professional divers can immediately lower the aquarium to the bottom. Lovers of not such an extreme rest can ride a boat with a bottom of the glass. The floor is above there is a zoo and a center study center.

Al-Mamer-Beach Park

Al-Mamer-Beach Park is the beach that is at the extreme point of the banks of Dubai. All that is northeast, already belongs to Sharjah. This beach park has been awarded the international award - the blue flag. It is divided into 5 bays, each of which is equipped with a beach. There is a rescue tower, shower and dressing cabins.

This place is very well maintained and contains simulators on its territory, playgrounds for children and 2 pools. Also on the beach you can rent an umbrella, a chaise longue, visit cafes or grocery shops. Entrance to the beach, as in the pool is paid. You can get to it by taxi. This option is the most successful.

Archipelagos "World" and "Universe"

Dubai attractions include the whole "World" - the largest artificial island in the world. It repeats the outlines of the planet Earth and is divided into cities and countries. One of these settlements can be purchased in full ownership, its cost reaches 250 million dollars. After the purchase, you can dispose of the territory at your discretion.

An archipelago of sand was created on the coast, the islets are separated by straits up to 0.1 km wide and 15-17 m deep. The area of ​​the islands fluctuates between 14,000 and 83,000 square meters. Excursions around the "Mir" are not carried out and an ordinary tourist cannot get there. Walking around the islands is possible only by individual invitation. You can't get there by land, only by boat or helicopter.

It is planned to build a series of islands united in the Universe archipelago.


Bastakiya is an ancient district of the city, which is located between the Fl Fahidi Fort, Musall Street and the coastal Bay. Most of the buildings were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Then this place was inhabited by wealthy Persian merchants. Now the houses are being restored, turning the area into a cultural and historical center, where there are restaurants, souvenir shops and museums.

A feature of local houses is the presence of a “wind tower” on each. They are intended to cool the air in houses, since Dubai has a hot climate. Therefore, it is better to plan a visit to Bastakiya in the early morning or evening. You can get to this part of the city by bus or metro. True, it will take about 10-15 minutes to walk from the station.

Almas Tower

Almas Tower got its name from the fact that it houses the gemstone exchange and the offices of companies that trade and process pearls and diamonds. This tower is the tallest skyscraper in the business district of the city and reaches 360 m in height. The base of the building is made in the form of a two-level podium in the form of 8 triangles.


The building differs from others in a special shape: it consists of 2 ellipses that adjoin each other. They are also diagonally displaced, the southern part is 12 levels higher than the northern one. In addition, the towers are covered with different materials to avoid strong surface heating. You can get here by metro, the nearest station is Jumeirah lake Towers.

Rose Tower

Rose Tower is a skyscraper located on Sheikh Zayed Road. It houses the Rose Rayhaan by Rotana hotel. The height of the building reaches 333m and is included in the TOP10 tallest buildings on Earth. This hotel is non-alcoholic: on its territory is not for sale alcohol, it is also forbidden to drink in public places. You can drink only in the room.

The external facade of the building is covered with a glass of blue and silver colors framed by the golden ornament.

at the corners of the tower are cylinders of glass, creating the effect of similarity with the rocket. Nopper skyscraper - panels that resemble rose petals. You can get to Tower Roses on the subway, Financial Center station.

Big Dubai Mosque

Big Dubai Mosque The largest in the city, erected in 1998. At this place was previously located a milea house. Its capacity is about 1300 people. Log in inside is allowed only to Muslims. People who confess other religions can inspect the temple outside and visit Minaret.

The building is characterized by a modest design of the facade, where the decorative elements are arranged. Above the column at the central entrance sign with a quote from the Quran. You can get to the mosque on the subway. Go to alphaid stations.

Dubai Creek Bay

Attractions of Dubai not only man-made, but there are among them natural. One of them is the Bay of Dubai Creek. Near her, the first houses of the city appeared and soon from fishing houses turned into a height. Part of the bay is protected by the state and is a protected area.

Its length is 14 km and divides the city to Bur-Dubai and Deer. The mouth has a width of 115m in the mouth and 1.4 km at the end. In the western part of Dubai Creek, there is a Crichesite Park, where there is a town for children, in the eastern - port Rashid.

Ski Dubai skiing complex

"Ski Dubai" is a ski resort in the middle of the desert. It is located in the shopping and entertainment center "Mall Emirates". Snow here synthetic and does not melt even on the hottest day. The resort is equipped with lifting equipment, tracks and rolling equipment. In addition, we can also take warm clothes there, except for hats and gloves. Rent is included in the ticket price.

The complex contains slopes for different skill levels, a separate road for snowboarders and a snow park, a visit to which is paid separately. Instructors for beginners working individually and groups work here.

For children, there is a specialized platform where the quests with the organizers are held.

You can relax in the place allotted for this place, and dine in a cafe. To get to Molla better by taxi or subway. Go to the station "Mall of Emirates".

Downtown Dubai

Downtown is the business district of the city, where most of the offices, banks and shopping malls are concentrated. Its construction began in 2004.

Here they enter:

  • Burj Khalifa;
  • Dubai Mall with a gold market, an aquarium and hundreds of different boutiques;
  • Dubai Fountain (with musical accompaniment, 50 stories high).

In addition to modern skyscrapers, there are buildings reminiscent of the past. For example, the Souk al-Bahar shopping center, which was built in accordance with the traditions of Arabic architecture. In the Downtown area, you can also visit the many shops, cafes and fitness centers located along Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. Its length is 3 km 500 m.

Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain that borders Oman, and it will take at least an hour and a half to reach it. The path lies through a winding 4-lane road through the desert with beautiful and unusual landscapes without vegetation. The mountain is included in the list of UNESCO sites.

There are viewing platforms in visited places. Jebel Hafeet reaches 1,249m in height. From there you have a view of the Rub al-Khali desert, ancient caves and the Mercure Hotel. To get there you will need a car that is not afraid of heat and long distances. You need to go along the E66 highway.

House-Museum of Sheikh Said

This attraction is located on the Shindaga Peninsula near Creek Bay and is open to all tourists. The house was built by the ancestors of the modern ruler and is protected as a national monument. After restoration in 1986, the house acquired the title of a museum. It represents a simple house, which is made of coral polyps treated with limestone and gypsum.

This method of construction is traditional in the UAE. It has 30 rooms and you need to visit them from right to left according to Arabic traditions. The history of the Maktum family is displayed in the family hall, where you can get acquainted with the life scenes of the ruler and his relatives. Some of the rooms are dedicated to the city, they contain photos of Dubai.

The museum was built according to the traditions of the 19th century with high vaulted ceilings, overhanging window and arched doorways. Outside there are 4 towers called barges. They cool the air. On your own, you can get to the Sheikh Said House-Museum by city buses.

Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo is considered to be one of the oldest in the whole Arabian Peninsula. To enter the zoo, you must follow the dress code: knees and shoulders must be covered.

The vegetation of the zoo consists of deciduous trees. And along the enclosures with animals, benches are installed at a safe distance. It is home to 230 species of animals and 380-390 species of reptiles. Some individuals are placed in the Red Book. On the territory there are a lot of both ordinary and animals that are unlikely to be found in the wild: vulture, peacocks, wolves, foxes and wild cats.

You can eat at the numerous coffee houses located inside the zoo.

To get to it, you will have to use a taxi or public transport, since there is no metro station nearby, although it is located in the central part of Jumeirah, a tourist area.

Duty free in Dubai

Dubai duty free is notable for its scale, its area is 36 thousand square meters. m. This is one of the largest duty-free shops in the world. And the only place where a foreign tourist can buy alcoholic beverages, with the exception of hotel restaurants.

Another of his features is the frequent draws with expensive prizes: a German car, a motorcycle or a million dollars. Tickets are sold online and in the store itself. It is located in the first Terminal of Dubai International Airport.

Other places of interest in Dubai for tourists

In addition to the above attractions, tourists often visit one of the most luxurious skyscrapers, Burj Al Arab. It has the shape of a sail and is located on a separate island. Its guests can visit the water park for free.

The Dubai Twin Towers are also in demand and interest among vacationers. They are on the main street. One of them was considered the tallest building in Europe and the East. But she lost her status with the advent of the Burj Khalifa.

The Palm Island archipelago consists of 3 parts:

  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Palm Jebel Ali;
  • Palm Deira.

On the first one there is a road with a monorail with a length of 5 km. Also in the city there is a famous sculpture “together”. It depicts an Arab couple dressed in traditional black and white clothes and is made of Carrara marble (white) and Swedish granite (black) and reaches over 4m in height. The author of the sculpture is Lutfi Romhein.

Dubai is one of the richest cities, both economically and historically. On its territory there are a lot of man-made and natural attractions. It is unlikely to be able to see one vacation, so it's better to immediately choose what is more interested in and make a plan.

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