Desenzano del Garda. Attractions, photos with a description, what to see

The history of the ancient resort on the shore of the Alpine lake can be traced back to the heyday of the Roman Empire. Among the attractions of Desenzano del Garda are the ruins of luxurious Roman villas, medieval fortresses and amazing landscapes of the Alps.


The small town is located on the southwestern coast of Lake Garda, Lombardy region, on the way between Venice and Milan. All Italian cities are connected with regional centers by a system of high-speed routes.

By car

There will be no problems with renting a car if you have the necessary documents, the trip will allow you to get to know the life of the country better. From Milan to Desenzano del Garda, you need to take the A4 highway, passing through Brescia and Bergamo. The journey from Verona along the regional highway No. A4 / E70 takes 1.5-2 hours.

The train

The advantage of the resort in front of other towns on the shores of the lake is the train station, which regular trains from Milan and Bergamo.


  • from the Milano Centrale station in Milan every half hour Train FR. Ticket to stop Desenzano Garda-Sirmione will cost 8.5 EUR. Distance in 120 km The fast train will overcome for 50 minutes.
  • R7 regional trains are sent from Bergamo Station. A ticket to the town on the lake will cost 6.8 EUR
  • in Verona at Verona Porta Nuova station for 3.4 EUR buy a ticket to FR. After 19 min. The composition will arrive at Desenzano Garda-Sirm

The flight bus

from any major city to the island resort can be reached by bus:

  • From Veda from the station Via Milano / S. Zeno several times a day, the bus travel the road to the picturesque neighborhood will take 60-70 minutes, the fare of 3.4 EUR.
  • In Bressia at the station Via Solferino-Autostazione Find Bus No. 424. Cost of 2.3 EUR, travel time 65 min.

Weather, the best time for the trip

on the south coast of Lake Garda prevails a soft continental climate, with a dry summer and comfortable warm winter. From the north, the high Wall of the Alps closes the region from piercing winds and a sharp decline in temperature. From mid-May, the air is steadily warmer, + 24 + 28, by early June, water near the coast warms up to + 23 + 25.

The officially bathing season begins at the end of May and continues until mid-September. Warm weather on the coast closer to the foothills is replaced by a pleasant cool, when hiking in the mountains will need warm clothes. By October, it becomes colder, by the end of the month, the temperature drops to + 11 + 13 ℃, short-term rains are possible.

Autumn is the best time for excursions and walks around the surrounding area.

The coldest month is January: the thermometer column is lowered to 0 and below, freezes are possible in the mountainous areas. On average, the temperature in winter fluctuates + 5 + 11, often there are clear sunny days. In April, the resort guests will meet frequent rains and a cloudy sky. It is not for long, short-term precipitates will cease to May, and the temperature in the spring does not fall below + 18 + 21.

Culting structures

Desenzano del Garda, attractions and cathedrals in the vicinity of the city do not simply reflect the originality and uniqueness of the place. Each church keeps the wonderful history of its creation, old documents, painting and frescoes of talented artists of past centuries.

Duomo Di Santa Maria Maddalena (Saint Mary Mandalnaya Cathedral)

in 1586on the site of an older church, the construction of a new city cathedral began. Work under the direction of the architect lasted 25 years, in 1611 the cathedral received the first parishioners. The majestic building is decorated with laconic columns in the Doric style. They are carved from the precious Botticino beige marble, quarried in the north of the country.

The main altar decorated with marble inlays was created in the workshop of the sculptor Santo Calegari. On the walls, there is a colorful painting that tells about the life of St. Mary Magdalene. The cathedral is decorated with works by Andrea Celesti, Gian Battista Tiepolo, Palma il Giovane and Pietro Calcinaldi. Admission is free, break from 12:30 to 15:30.

Address: Via Roma, 7 La Cappella Ossario di San Martino (Saint Martin's Chapel)

Just eight km from the city, in the village of San Martino, from June 24 1870 a small chapel in classical Italian style was opened. The entrance of the austere facade is decorated with 3 beautifully painted statues of saints. Inside, there are stained glass windows created by masters from the Venetian laboratory of Salviati.

This place is not only a chapel, but also a memorial crypt: behind the altar, on open stands, the remains of more than 2,600 Italian and Austrian soldiers and volunteers rest. So the locals immortalized the memory of the people who died on June 24, 1859 in the battle of San Martino, during the war of independence. The visit is free. Address: San Martino della Battaglia, Desenzano del Garda

Parrocchia di San Giuseppe Lavoratore in San Giovanni (Church of San Giovanni Decollato)

While walking through the narrow streets of the Capolaterra district, it is difficult to pass by the medieval church, erected in 1595. In the second half of the 17th century, the building was used as a warehouse for ammunition and timber for the troops. After restoration, the doors of the church opened in 1815.

The high gabled façade of the church is adorned with a north-facing belfry and large semi-circular windows. Inside, on both sides of the rectangular hall, there are two chapels with altars and parts of the Holy Sepulcher stored in them. To the left of the central altar, on a dais, there is a functioning organ. Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1.

The most interesting museums

Desenzano del Garda, whose sights are connected with the history of the region, keeps the memory of the events of different eras, from the end of the last Ice Age to the bloody battles of recent centuries.

Museo Civico Archeologico Giovanni Rambotti (Archaeological Museum)

The museum, which contains numerous archaeological finds, was opened in 1990 on the initiative of the mayor of the city, John Rambotti, and bears his name. The basis of the exposition was the findings of the archaeologist Renato Periini, who studied the ancient dwellings in the Lavagnone peatlands area on Lake Garda.

Among the exhibits, the fully restored dwelling of the late Bronze Age and an ancient plow, wasted from a piece of solid wood. Address: Via Angelo Anelli, Cascina Monte Albano

The museum works:

  • Tuesday-Wednesday from 09:00 to 13:00;
  • Thursday-Friday from 15:00 to 19:00;
  • Festive and weekends from 14:30 to 19:00;
  • Output - every Monday.

Prehistoric pile settlements

from 111 monuments of prehistoric life preserved in the European Alps, the remains of thirty villages are preserved in the area of ​​Lake Garda. Here is an ancient Pool of Lavanon (Lavagnone) with an area of ​​6.04 hectares, in peat sediments of which the remains of houses, ceramics and organic materials are preserved.

Archaeologists dating unique settlements 5000-500. BC, between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

settlements consisted of wooden or cane huts based on the "piles" -Emond logs, vertically drove into the orstand the bottom of the lake or river. Silicon guns were found, made about 8,000 years ago, during the time of mesolitic hunters and collectors, the remnants of guns and ceramics of the era of neolithic and copper lugs 3000 years BC.

The first items were found in 1880-1886, permanent archaeological excavations are held since 1974. Objects are protected by UNESCO. Coordinates: 45 2611; 10 3214.

Villa Romana (Roman Villa Ruins)

In 1921, the ruins of one of the largest ancient villas in northern Italy were found in 1921. In four rooms, mosaic floors with images of scenes of hunting, fishing and harvest are preserved.

Excavation area takes almost 10 thousand square meters., In addition to the recreation area and guests, the preserved heating system in the ground and walls, ceramics, tools are found. and household items. Next to the villa is working antiquarium exhibition hall, in which the finds of archaeologists are collected. Address: Via CroCefisso, 22. The museum works from 08:30 to 19:00. Weekend Monday.

Monuments and Monuments

Most monuments and attractions of Desenzano del Garda illustrate the iconic moments of the life of an old town.

Statue of Holy Angel Merichi

The patroness of the city is considered a real-existing girl who cannonized by Pope VII in 1807Known for her caring and modest life, Angela Merici founded the Congregation of St. Ursula, a school and orphanage for girls from poor families.

The monument to the saint, created by the sculptor Santo Calegari, adorns one of the squares of the city. Address: Via Porto Vecchio, 4.

Monumento Agli aviatori del reparto alta velocit (Monument to the Aviators)

An unusual monument in a modern futuristic style is located in Piazza Matteotti. From 1927 to 1936, a school for training pilots of high-speed seaplanes operated in the city.

During this time, the pilots set several world records for flight speed. The monument in the form of a woman's head pointing upwards symbolizes their achievements. Coordinates: 45.469853, 10.540858.

Monument to General Achilles Papa

A monument to a local native, General Papa, who died in the battle of Bainsizza during the First World War, is erected on the city's embankment. Created by the architect Giancarlo Maroni, the stele is decorated with a bronze bust of the hero, and a majestic eagle folded its wings on top.

Architectural buildings

Desenzano del Garda, the sights of the city create a unique recognizable image of the resort: a medieval fortress on a hill, an ancient port and luxurious villas in the central square.

Castello di Desenzano (Desenzano Castle)

Narrow streets lead to the upper part of the city, where the remains of a defensive fortress built in the 10th century have been preserved on a hill. on the remains of a Roman bastion. A single observation tower with loopholes rises above the semicircular entrance to the gate. The rest of the building has been restored. The walls of the fortress offer panoramic views of the bright rooftops of the town, the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Virtual exhibitions, historical reconstructions and performances by guest artists are often held within the walls of the fortress. Entrance costs 3 EUR, there is a separate fee for visiting exhibitions. Address: Via Castello, 63.

Porto Vecchio (Old Port)

The city's port was founded in 1200, during the heyday of the Venetian Republic. Ships loaded with olive oil, expensive wines and fabrics came here from the north of the Riviera. The ships departed back with holds filled with local grain.

Desenzano del Garda. While sightseeing, you can't miss Porto Vecchio.

A small harbor is separated from the lake by an openwork bridge. ​​The port is used as a mooring for the local yacht club. Tours on the lake begin from here, ferries and hydrofoils depart, delivering tourists to neighboring resort cities. Address: Porto di, 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS. Coordinates: 45 470718; 10 540490

Palazzo in the historical center of the city

The historical part of the city was built in the 16th century. under the guidance of the talented architect Giulio Todeschini. His villa, Palazzo Bagatta, still dominates the harbor. Near the last column there was a worn stone, from which the ruined merchants informed the inhabitants of their bankruptcy. The building now houses an exhibition hall.

The three-storey mansion of the governor of the city has been perfectly preserved, the facade of which is decorated with a mosaic lion, the symbol of the Republic of Venice. Nearby is the austere Palazzo del Provveditore, also designed by Giulio Todeschini.

From the middle of the 18th century, active development of the city center began, luxurious palaces of noble families appeared: Palazzo Alberti-Parini and Palazzo Manzini on Duomo Square, Palazzo Locatelli and Tonoli, where Giuseppe Garibaldi liked to stay. All buildings are open to the public.

Natural attractions

Desenzano del Garda, whose attractions are associated with natural landscapes, is famous for its clean sandy beaches and amazing mountain scenery.


  • City beach Desenzano Beach is located near the city center. The entry into the water is gentle, the coast is covered with fine fine sand. The length of the beach is 197 m., there is a rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, cafes and attractions. Address: Lungolago Cesare Battisti, 91.
  • It takes about an hour to get to the pebble beach Spiaggia D’oro from the center. It is perfect for families with children: a gentle entry into the lake, small pebbles and a large entertainment center with trampolines. There is a pizzeria and several cafes, there is equipment rental. Coordinates: 45 460339; 10 559550.
  • La Dzattera beach is loved by the locals: every stone is visible in the clear water, fish often swim up to the shore, and animals are hung out to relax. Coordinates: 45 461490; 10 553700.

Modern objects of interest to visit

Desenzano del Garda is not in vain considered a trendy dynamic resort. In the evenings, music plays from the cafe, youth groups perform on the streets, nightclubs open closer to midnight.

Art Club Disco

An ideal place for lovers of club music, fiery dances and trendy cocktails. Three times a week there are Drag Queen shows, on weekends there are performances of striptease artists.

The menu includes local dishes, an extensive list of drinks. Address: Via Mella, 4. The club is open from 23:00 to 05:00; Weekends are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Sestino Beach

The establishment is located right on the shore of the lake, in summer, in addition to the closed hall, outdoor pavilions are available. Large selection of fresh fish dishes, local wine and exciting themed shows. In high season, a table must be booked in advance. Address: Viale F. Agello, 41/a. The club is open from 21:00 to 03:00. Days off: Monday, Tuesday.

Dolcevita Beach Restaurant & Bar

Nice design restaurant with lake view. Part of the restaurant is located on the pier two meters above the water.

The menu includes fish dishes, seafood, vegetables and homemade desserts. Alternately playing live music and a professional DJ. Address: 9, Via Vo, 8, 25015 Desenzano del Garda.

Interesting places for families with children

Among the attractions of Desenzano del Garda there are no separate attractions for children. For them, you can go to the neighboring resort towns, which can be reached by train or lake ferry.

Gardaland Amusement Park

On the shore of the lake, just 15 km from Desenzano del Garda, is one of the largest entertainment centers in Europe. The park in the town of Castelnuovo del Garda covers an area of ​​600 thousand square meters. and is divided into 10 thematic zones. There are 40 attractions for different ages, adventure labyrinths, cafes, restaurants and the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium.

Adult entrance ticket costs 41 EUR, children over 1 m - 36 EUR, kids are free. Visiting the aquarium is paid separately. Address: Via Derna, 4, 37014 Castelnuovo del Garda.


The territory of the entertainment complex consists of three parts:

  • Aqua Paradise Park created in the form of a tropical island with a coral atoll, an active volcano and a lost fishing village. There are high-speed slides, sandy beaches, a huge wave pool and separate entertainment for kids. Open from late May to mid September.
  • Movieland Park has 20 themed attractions based on popular films. There are age and height restrictions, some activities are only available when accompanied by adults.

The cost of an adult complex ticket is 34 EUR, for a child - 28 EUR. There are promotions for family visits and the purchase of a subscription for 2-3 days. Address: Via Fossalta, 58, 37017 Peschiera del Garda.

Natura Viva Park

The park's protected area of ​​more than 40 hectares is home to 250 wild species of animals and birds.

The park is divided into several zones:

  • Safari, where you can watch animals from the car window;
  • Fauna's pleasure zone, in which the inhabitants of all five continents of the planet are collected;
  • Prehistoric Park with Full-size Dinosaur Layouts and other extinct animals.

Entrance for adults-20 EUR, children 3-12 years-15 EUR, kids up to two years old for free. The park works daily, from 09: 00Do 17:30, safari is held from 10:00 to 15:30. Address: Localita Quercia, 37012 BUSSOLENGO VR.

The route for inspection independently

Desenzano del Garda is a small cozy town, a walk through which will not take much time, but will deliver aesthetic pleasure. The historic center is so narrow streets that the movement of cars is prohibited.

Sample route:

  • A large locomotive monument has been installed near the railway station here. Roads.
  • via Via Sant. Angela Merici goes down to the city center. Left the center begins the chain of the beaches.
  • Via Dal Molin to go to the Giovanni Rambotti Civic Archaeological Museum. Not far from the museum are excavations of the ruins of the Roman Villa. From this place offers a beautiful view of the lake.
  • The right side of the embankment takes to the old port and the medieval Palazzo surrounding it.
  • A walk by the port will lead to the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene.
  • By Plazza Malvezzi to go to Via Castello and climb the walls of the medieval castle.
  • On the second day, go for a walk on the lake.


Most hotels in the town are located near the lake and have their own way to water. The rest are located in the old part of the city and compensate for the absence of a beach close to the main attractions.

Hotel Classic Apartment 2 guests / EUR per night Lux Apartments 2-3 guests/ EUR per night Infrastructure ) Address
Park Hotel 4*90-113110-176Fitness center, outdoor pool, restaurant, cafeLungolago Cesare Battisti, 17
Piccola Vela Hotel 4*97-115138- 150Outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, gym, parkingViale Tommaso dal Molin, 36
Villa Rosa 4*82-114117-164Fitness center, swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, barLungolago Cesare Battisti, 89
Palace Hotel Desenzano 4*76-8190-127indoor swimming pool, golf course, restaurant, bar73-93Outdoor pool, golf course, separate kitchen in the roomVia Belvedere, 2
Oliveto 3*59-7684-122Indoor and outdoor pools, beach access, spa, fitness center, restaurantVia Tito Malaguti, 2

Where to eat

Italian cuisine is famous for its balanced combination of meat, seafood and fresh vegetables.

Restaurants on the shores of the largest lake in the country serve fresh fish, seafood and young local wine:

  • Esplanade restaurant (Via Lario,3) is famous for its exquisite author's cuisine, meat and fish dishes and rich wine list. Located on the lake, there is parking. Average check 120-180
  • Restaurant Rose & Sapori is located on the sandy beach of Villa Rosa. Romantic setting, large selection of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, a dedicated vegan menu and gluten-free desserts. Dinner for two will cost 250-190
  • A small cozy restaurant with a large terrace La Taverna del Garda (Via Roma, 38) is located in the historical center. In the evenings, jazz plays, the menu has a fresh catch from the lake, an extensive wine list. Average score 70-90
  • The menu of the trattoria Bruschetteria Nose (Via Parrocchiale, 44/46) is distinguished by moderate prices and a large selection of bruschetta, pasta and desserts. Snacks are served with freshly brewed beer or homemade lemonade. The average check 25-40
  • in Pizzeria Da Renato (Viale Antonio Gramsci, 60) You can taste more than 20 types of pizza, the bird on the grill and fish dishes. The menu has vegetarian and flavored recipes. The average score of 30-55

How to move

The city runs several regular buses, but most citizens and tourists prefer to move on bicycles or on foot. Rest in Desenzano-del Garda will be remembered for long interests, Italian flavor and amazingly beautiful nature.

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