Crimea. Attractions by car. Route, photo with description, entertainment

Crimea has a mass of both historical and natural attractions. And many of them can be examined in a few days traveling by car. To do this, you need to calculate the route, and think about where and when to stop for an excursion or rest.

Where is the Crimea

of the Crimea Peninsula is located in the south-east of Russia, and it is washed in the West, the south and south-east of the Black Sea, and in the east - Azov. Its geographical latitude lies between 46 ° 13'37 "and 44 ° 23'14." Longitude: 32 ° 28'47 "- 36 ° 38'49".

You can get to the peninsula in different ways:

  1. Aviation. The only airport that takes passengers is located in Simferopol. Direct flights are possible only from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.
  2. Train. ​​At the moment, to get to the peninsula in this way, you need to purchase a single railway ticket. Its cost includes a trip in a jewel or a second-class car to Anapa or Krasnodar, a further transfer to ferry crossing, and ferry transport.

You can get on the peninsula on buses or own car. In this case, the road runs through the newly built Crimean bridge. The main bus stations of Crimea - Kerch, Sevastopol, Yalta, Simferopol and Feodosia

and also get on the peninsula through ferry crossing. And from Anapa constantly walk high-speed catamarans in Yalta and Feodosius.

Weather, the best time to travel

Crimea (sights by car can be inspected all year round) has a unique climate. And most of its iconic structures are always open for tourists.

But choosing time to travel, it is worth considering the purpose of the trip:

  1. Winter. This time is ideal for sightseeing historical and cultural, but not natural attractions, as well as for treatment in sanatoriums. The temperature fluctuates between 0... +15 ° C, there is practically no snow, but rains and fogs are not uncommon. Sometimes severe storms occur at sea, and coastal waters are covered with ice. But in winter, housing and food prices are very low, and there is no influx of tourists.

    the climate on the peninsula is tropical

  2. Spring. This time is suitable for those who prefer a sanatorium vacation, and also likes to explore natural and historical sights. In March, the temperature fluctuates between +10…+15 °C. But sometimes it gets cold at night. At this time, buds and primroses bloom, almonds bloom. There are still few tourists, and you can safely explore the iconic places. In April, the temperature is kept at around +20 °C. This month is ideal for traveling to the mountains and gardens. The number of tourists is increasing, but mostly those who want to get medical treatment in sanatoriums or go hiking come here. The beach season starts in May. The sea is already warming up to +18 °C, during the day the temperature is kept at around +30 °C. At this time, prices for services increase. And there are more and more travelers.
  3. Summer. At this time, the peninsula is ideal for a beach holiday. In June, the sea is still a little cool, but there is no scorching heat. In July-August, the exhausting heat persists, and the temperature rarely drops below +40 ° C. Fans of sightseeing and spa treatment should not come here in the summer. After all, the heat and crowds of vacationers will prevent you from enjoying your vacation. In addition, at this time, the highest prices for housing, products and services.
  4. Autumn. In September, the "velvet season" begins. At this time, there are fewer tourists, because families with children and students leave the peninsula. The weather pleases with warmth and you can still swim in the sea, but there is no exhausting heat. Vacation prices are dropping. The swimming season lasts until mid-October, and at this time the air warms up to +30 °C. It rains occasionally. In November, the weather changes dramatically for the worse, and it becomes too slushy. It rains regularly, which can spoil the feeling of rest. In addition, the sea begins to storm, so the end of autumn is the time for sanatorium treatment rather than excursions and hikes.


Crimea is a unique peninsula with beautiful landscapes. But this place attracts tourists not only with the warm sea, gentle sun and clean, comfortable beaches, but also with its centuries-old history. After all, different cultures, religions, civilizations are intertwined on the peninsula. And in terms of the number of attractions, it can compete with many European countries.

Religious buildings

Crimea (sights can be seen by car at any time) is rich in religious buildings. But the vast majority of them are mosques, and there are many times fewer Christian churches, because for many centuries predominantly Muslims lived on the peninsula.

Significant places for believers:

  1. Temple of the 12 Apostles. The Christian church, built as early as 1357, is not large. But on the other hand, it has a long history, and it is rightfully considered one of the oldest on the peninsula. Despite the venerable age, services are still held here, and the relics of St. Clement, Blessed Basil, and St. Sergei of Radonezh are also kept. Address: Balaklava, st. Kuprin, 15/a.
  2. Foros Church. This religious building, built in 1892, is considered a symbol of the southern coast of the peninsula. It attracts not only believers, but also tourists, because the church has a unique architecture, besides, it was built at a height of 427 meters, and its observation deck offers stunning views of the surroundings. The church is active and ordinary and festive services, the sacraments of baptism and weddings are held in it. Address: Yalta district, Old Sevastopol highway, pos. Foros.
  3. Holy Dormition Cave Monastery. This iconic building has been considered an outpost of Orthodoxy on the peninsula for centuries, and thousands of pilgrims from different countries come here every year. The icon of the Mother of God, which has healing powers, is kept here, and there is a healing spring on the territory of the monastery. In addition, the architecture of the complex is also of interest, because it was erected on the slopes of the Crimean Mountains, and many of its structures are literally carved into the rocks. The monastery is active, and solemn prayers are held here on Orthodox holidays. Address: Bakhchisaray, Staroselye, Maryam-Dere gorge.

Entrance to any of the temples is free. But when visiting places of worship, you need to take care of the appearance. You can not enter the temples in shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, short skirts. Women need to cover their heads and shoulders with a headscarf or scarf.


Museums of the Crimea, and there are more than 50 of them, store important artifacts, thanks to which you can thoroughly study the history of the peninsula: from ancient times to the present.

And the following sights will be especially interesting for tourists:

  1. Khan's Palace. This is the only museum of its kind that introduces Crimean Tatar architecture and art. Its territory covers an area of ​​4.5 hectares, which contains several historical monuments. It is the northern gate, and the portal of Demir-Kapa, ​​and a harem complex, and the famous Fountain of Tears. The entrance to the territory of the Museum is paid, and a ticket for an adult will cost 250 rubles, for a child - in 100 rubles. Address: Bakhchisarai, ul. River, 133.
  2. Historical and Archaeological Museum in Kerch. In this amazing location, almost 250 thousand exhibits are collected, acquainting visitors with the past Crimea, ranging from the antiquity and reign of Byzantium to heroic defense in the Great Patriotic War. But the main highlight of the collection is the "Golden Storeroom", which presents gold and silver coins collected in all historical periods of the peninsula. And also the collection includes ancient jewelry found in the Crimean tips. The cost of visiting adults is 100 rubles, for children - 50 rubles. Address: Kerch, ul. Sverdlova, 22.
  3. Central Museum of Taurida. More than 150 thousand exhibits relating to different epochs were collected here. The museum can be examined by the tools of the Stone Age, the sculptures of the Iron Age, the objects of life of the ancient brands, cymercheans, ready and the Byzantines. Of particular interest for tourists is a collection of precious jewelry and coins discovered during the excavations of Scythian and Sarmatian grains. The adult ticket will cost 120 rubles, 30 rubles must be paid for the child. Address: Simferopol, ul. Gogol, 14.
  4. Museum of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. In the halls and expositions of this museum, you can familiarize yourself with the marine history of Crimea and Russia as a whole. Here are the exhibits of different eras, ranging from the founding of the Black Sea Fleet until the construction of the modern base of the Navy on the territory of the peninsula. In addition to photos, documents, personal belongings of sailors and combat officers, you can explore the museum, and even touch the ship equipment and guns, as well as underwater mines and shells. The entrance is paid, and the ticket for an adult will cost 100 rubles, for a child - 50 rubles. Address: Sevastopol, ul. Lenin, 11.

Architectural structures and monuments

at the Crimea centuries-old history, so it is not surprising that there are a lot of architectural and historical monuments on the peninsula. Moreover, most of these attractions can be easily explored by traveling by car.

What can not be skipped:

  1. "Swallow Nest". This castle, located in the suburbs of Yalta, is considered the main attraction of the peninsula. It was built on a sheer Aurry Rock back in 1783, and from his observation deck offers a magnificent view of the city. Entrance to the territory of the historical monument is free, but to get inside the castle, you will have to pay 200 rubles. for an adult and 100 rubles. for the child. Address: Gaspra settlement, Alupkinskoe sh., 9A.
  2. Vorontsov Palace. The architectural complex is located on the southern side of the peninsula, in the suburbs of Yalta. It is located at the base of Mount Ai-Petri, and is an amazing building that combines classical and English style of architecture. Of interest is not only the interior of the castle, striking in luxury, but the park area, which occupies 40 hectares. The price for visiting the Vorontsov Palace for adults reaches 350 rubles. For a child you will have to pay 70 rubles. Address of the architectural monument: Alupka, Palace Highway, 18.
  3. Panticapaeum. The most famous archaeological site is located in the very center of Kerch, on Mount Mithridates. To get to it, you need to climb the stairs of 431 steps, which leads to the ruins of the ancient state. These centuries-old ruins amaze with their monumentality. In addition, the necropolis with the tombs of the Scythian nobility practically remained untouched by time or wars. Entrance to the territory of the historical monument is free. Address: Mount Mithridates, Kerch.
  4. Tauric Chersonesus. The hysterical monument is located in the Gagarinsky district of Sevastopol. The area of ​​​​its territory is so huge that it will not work to see everything in a day. But when visiting Chersonese, you should definitely visit such sights as the Amphitheater, the Mint, the Hall of Antique Exposition, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, the Foggy Bell. Entrance to the territory is free. Address: Sevastopol, st. Ancient, 1.
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Natural attractions

Crimea (everyone can see the sights by car) is rich in amazing corners with stunning nature.

And when traveling around the peninsula, you should definitely visit the following places:

  1. Emerald Lake. Located on the southern side of Crimea, a miniature but deep body of water strikes with its clear emerald-colored water. It is especially beautiful here in the spring, when buds bloom on the trees growing on the shores of the lake. The water here is quite cool, but in summer you can safely swim. You can get to the Emerald Lake only by car, because public transport does not go here. The reservoir itself is located near the village of Zelenogorye, which is 7 km from the Sudak-Alushta highway.
  2. Cape Chameleon. This is an amazing place located a few kilometers from Koktebel, received its poetic name for being really constantly changing its color. In the morning, the cape could be blue, and by evening it becomes a purple or purple. Near it there is a free, but clean and practically a deserted beach, where you can sunbathe, swim, and even caress crabs and snails.
  3. "Bowl of Love". In the Western Half of the Peninsula, near the village of Olenevka, there is Cape Tarkhankut. And on his south side there is an amazing place - "Bowl of Love". This natural pool, surrounded by cliffs, is amazing cleanliness. And he is so beautiful that films were often shot in his surroundings.
  4. Cape Fiolent. In the south-west of the peninsula, 15 km from Sevastopol towards Yalta, there is an amazing beauty of Cape. It attracts tourists with his untouched nature, clean beaches, and fascinating landscapes. And also at Cape Fiolent, the Holy George Monastery is located, based on legend, back in 891.
  5. Sasiek-Sivash (Swan Lake). An amazing reservoir is located on the Evpatoria - Saki highway. It is famous not only for his healing mud, but also because his waters are densely populated by swans, ducks, cormorants. Birds are almost manual, and give a picture with them, and even take food, if hungry. Therefore, when traveling to the lake is desirable to capture bread with you.

Holidays on the peninsula

Every year, the Crimea visits the mass of tourists, and their number will only increase, thanks to the construction of the Kerch Bridge, and the developing infrastructure.

Prices for accommodation on the peninsula is much lower than in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory or abroad, and the comforts of the Crimean hotels are not inferior to the Crimean hotels. In addition, on the peninsula there are plenty of attractions and entertainment, which will be interesting for both children and adults.

Interesting seats for recreation with children

On the peninsula there are plenty of places where you can have fun and cognitive holidays with children:

  1. Zoo "Fairy Tale". This place is known far beyond the limits of the Crimea, because for animals there are excellent conditions. More than 100 species of animals, including giraffes, lions, monkeys, bears inhabit the territory. Some pets are allowed to feed, but food is better to buy in the zoo itself. And there is also a "grandmother's courtyard", where you can communicate with manual animals directly. For a ticket for an adult will have to pay 500 rubles. The entrance for children under 10 will cost 250 rubles. Address: Yalta, p. Grape, ul. Kirov, 156.
  2. Water Park "Bananova Republic". This is the largest and most famous water park in Crimea, on the territory of which there are 25 slides and attractions for children and adults, as well as 9 pools. Prices are quite high, and tickets will cost 500-3400 rubles. Address: Coastal village (near Evpatoria), st. Kalamitskaya, 14.
  3. Genoese fortress. This architectural complex consists of a fortification wall and several crenellated towers. It is of particular interest to children due to the Genoese Helmet festival, which, in fact, is a jousting tournament. The cost of visiting the castle-museum is small: 150 rubles. for adults, children under 16 years old admission is free. Address: Sudak, st. Genoese fortress, 1.

Leisure activities

The peninsula will not be boring for extreme-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

At their service are the following entertainments:

  1. Ropejumping on Ilyas-Kaya. The attraction is located at an altitude of 680 m above sea level. Free fall lasts about 4 seconds. For one jump you will have to pay 3300 rubles.
  2. Paragliding with an instructor. Similar entertainment is offered in different parts of Crimea. But judging by the reviews of tourists, it is better to book an adventure in Koktebel. For 15 minutes of flight you will have to pay 2500 rubles.
  3. Diving on Tarkhankut. Cape Tarkhankut is famous for the purity of the water, which remains transparent at a depth of up to 25 m, as well as picturesque grottoes, and unique underwater landscapes. Diving here takes 30-60 minutes, and you need to pay an average of 1900 rubles for them.

Driving route

The most interesting and iconic places of the peninsula are collected in its southern part. And the itinerary is designed with this feature in mind.

The trip consists of the following destinations:

  1. Kerch.
  2. Feodosiya.
  3. Koktebel.
  4. Sudak.
  5. Simferopol.
  6. Sevastopol.
  7. Balaklava.
  8. Alupka.
  9. Yalta.
  10. Alushta.
  11. New world.

The first attraction will be the Crimean bridge, from which you can immediately get to Kerch. It is advisable to stop here for at least a day, because the city has a lot of attractions. You should definitely visit Mount Mithridates, on which the ancient Panticapaeum is located, and you should also get into the Adzhimushkay catacombs, and take a walk along the embankment in the evening.

Feodosia and the beauty of Koktebel

From Kerch you need to go to Feodosia. The distance between cities is 100 km. Somewhere in the center of the path is the village of Primorsky, where families with children need to stay, because there are a lot of attractions, cafes, and excellent beaches.


In Feodosia, it is worth viewing the following sights:

  1. Aivazovsky Gallery.
  2. Church of Saint Catherine.
  3. Museum of antiquities.
  4. The Genoese Cafe Fortress.
  5. Dacha Palace of Stamboli.

From Feodosia, it is advisable to go to Koktebel (the road will take no more than 30 minutes). Here you can go to the Karadagi Reserve, Lisa and the Silent Bay, which are famous for their beaches, as well as on Mount Clementyev, where there are excellent camping places.

Sudak and Simferopol

The next stop should be done in Sudak. Here you can explore another Genoese fortress, and if you are lucky, get to the knightly tournament.

Further path lies in Simferopol, through the village of Grushevka. But between these points it is worth visiting Belogorsk. In this city there is the largest zoo of the Crimea "Tagag".

In the capital of the peninsula, you can visit the Central Museum of Taurida, except for him there are no special attractions.

The road to Sevastopol

After Simferopol, the path lies in Sevastopol. You need to go to the city-hero on the highway H06. On the way it is necessary to stay in Bakhchisarai and inspect the Khan Palace. And he should also look into the Holy Assumption Monastery, which will be interesting not only to believers.

In the very sevastopol, it is advisable to stay for several days, because in the city there is plenty of attractions. It is necessary to visit the Hersonesons Reserve, Diorama on Sapun-Mount, Museum of Defense Sevastopol. Believers will be interested in the St. George Monastery and the Cathedral of Vladimir.

Roadway on the South Coast

After Sevastopol, it is worth going to Balaklava, where there are also a lot of attractions that will be interested in tourists. From here the way lies in Foros, where you can soak on the beaches or visit the ancient Orthodox church of the peninsula.

On the South Coast Highway, you need to go to Alupka to look at the Vorontsov Palace and the famous "Swallow Nest". Here you can climb to the top of ai-petri.

The next destination path is Yalta, with its crowded beaches, entertainment for children, and nightly life. Then you need to go to Alushta, where it is worth a visit to the Park "Crimea in Miniature", the waterfall of Jur-Jur, the valley of bringing, Chatyr-Daga caves. Further starting point - the village of Novy Light.

In the village itself, it is worth considering such attractions:

  • Hericin trail;
  • Cape Kapchik;
  • Private dampness "Tavric";
  • Factory of champagne wines.

After the village, the path lies again to Sudak. On the way there are several cozy bays in which you can smash the tent for the night. From Sudak, the path lies in Kerch, and from there again to the bridge.


Crimea (attractions by car can easily explore at any time of the year) has a developed infrastructure.

Villa Oneiro

and here it is proposed for housing for the most different budget:

Name Numbers Prices Services Address
Villa OneiroTotal 14 rooms of different categories of comfort. There are apartments for smoking and not. Possible placement with animals.On average, the price of a double room reaches 3,700 rubles.Fitness Center, diving, free Wi-Fi, riding lessons.Alupka, ul. Western, 6 / a.
Spa Hotel "Livady"Complex of 15 buildings, with numbers of different categories of comfort.The price of accommodation in the hotel starts from 4000 rubles. For an adult per day. Premium Suite will cost 17,000 rubles.There are mass entertainment for children, including dolphinarium, Lego Land. Animators work around the clock. Adults other than spa procedures. Can enjoy recreation in several bars and restaurants.The hotel is located in P. G. T. Livadia (suburb of Yalta), ul. Grape, 95.


The number of rooms consists of 1, 2, 3-seater apartments of different levels of comfort. All of them have their own balcony, and are equipped with air conditioning.Two "Standards" will cost 3750 rubles. For the "suite" will have to pay from 7650 rubles.Own beach, picturesque and protected area, animation program for children and adults.Alushta, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 9.
Complex "Azov"from the mini-standard to family apartments and houses with verandas.from 1300 to 14,000 rubles. Depending on the placement. The cost of the voucher includes 3 meals a day.There are 3 own pools, equipped kitchen, sauna, sauna, billiards, children's and adult animation.Schelkino, p. Shortborn, ul. Vatutina, 12 / A.

and also in almost any city of Crimea you can rent a room from a private owner, which will cost cheaper, What is the hotel room. The same who inspects sights by car and want to save, you can, in general, break the tents on the territory of the campgrounds that are practically in any corner of the peninsula.

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