Cook Islands. Photos, where are on the world map, capital, flag, holiday prices

Islands on the world map appeared thanks to Spanish navigators, and the modern name was given to the archipelago by the Russian navigator Ivan Kruzenshtern in the 19th century in honor of the famous English traveler James Cook, who explored the territory, discovered new ones and named them Hervey.

Where are the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands on the world map are located in the southern hemisphere next to New Zealand in Polynesia. The archipelago is washed on all sides by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The territory consists of 15 small islands and atolls:

  • the northern group of 7 islands of volcanic origin;
  • southern group of 8 coral atolls.

The following islands are the most popular among tourists:

Island Area Description
Rarotonga67 sq. kmThe largest, most populous, popular island of the archipelago with developed infrastructure, rich nature and beautiful beaches.
Aitutaki18 sq. kmCharacterized by seclusion and romantic atmosphere, it is the leader in attendance for beach holidays and water activities.
Atiu27 sq.kmAn island with untouched nature of tropical thickets, relict trees, wild animals, mysterious caves and charming indigenous villages with folk crafts.
Suvorov0.5 sq. kmAttracts fans of eco-tourism and scuba diving who look for the treasure hidden by the captain.
Takutea1 sq. kmThe entire territory is occupied by a reserve with rare species of exotic plants and flowers. An uninhabited island with pristine nature and an unusually clear sea, which attracts diving and spearfishing enthusiasts.

The islands have no direct flights to Russia. The flight will take at least 1.5-2 days with at least 2 connections. The cost of a plane ticket ranges from $1.5-2 thousand. Charter flights can fly with transfers through the United States, Australia, French Polynesia and New Zealand.

The most convenient way to fly with Aeroflot flights from Moscow via Hong Kong and Auckland takes about 26 hours of total time, including waiting for a connection. There are daily flights from Auckland to Rarotonga with the local airline. The duration of the flight is about 4 hours. The ticket price is from $250.

Characteristics of the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands on the world map belong to the Kingdom of New Zealand, but are a self-governing state entity. The capital is the city of Avarua, located on the island of Rarotonga.

Except 3 uninhabited, all islands are inhabited. The total area of ​​the archipelago is 240 sq. km, no more than 20 thousand people live here. The religion of most of the population is considered to be Christianity, Protestantism.

The official languages ​​are English and Cook Maori. The form of government on the islands is a constitutional monarchy. The currency is represented by the New Zealand dollar. The flag of the state symbolically emphasizes the historically close ties of the Islands with the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and a circle of 15 stars on a blue background represents the islands in the ocean.

Climatic conditions, best time to travel

The islands have a pleasant tropical maritime climate with pronounced rainy seasons and tropical cyclones with dry spells from May to October. The rainy period is accompanied by strong winds, officially lasts from November 1 to April 30.

The Cook Islands is a whole complex of islands in New Zealand.

Most precipitation occurs in February and March.

The average annual temperature ranges from 21 to 28 degrees. Visiting the islands is possible all year round. During the rainy season and the off-season, there is a significant decrease in prices and a decline in tourist activity. The busiest tourist season starts from the end of June to the end of August.

In addition, there is an influx of visitors to the islands:

  • in April due to a significant dance competition;
  • in July, the song festival begins, which lasts 5 weeks;
  • around August 4, Independence Day celebrations take place;
  • The last week of November is famous for the flower festival.
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Holidays in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands on the world map are located in the southern part of the Pacific, which attracts lovers of diving and carefree beach holidays.


Muri Beach on the island of Rarotonga is a legendary sandy beach with a flawless coastline where you can admire the bright colors of exotic fish in the turquoise waters. There is a small depth and always a calm sea. There is a bar and a restaurant for a comfortable snack or a full meal. Yacht Club offers cruises on pleasure yachts.

You can ride a catamaran or kayak. The most popular and beautiful beach for a relaxing holiday and great photos is Oneroa Beach. It is picturesquely located among powerful rocks, and a strip of snow-white clean sand occupies a fairly large space. It is not often visited by locals, so the beach is not very crowded.

One Foot Island beach on a desert island is a place of attraction for all tour groups, so it is quite crowded here.

It is distinguished by magnificent nature with luxurious palm trees, against which magnificent photographs are obtained. Swimming is not very comfortable. The bottom and shore are strewn with coral crumbs. Oravaru Beach on the island of Atiu is famous for being the first to receive the famous traveler James Cook.

In addition, this is a very popular place for diving, as numerous coral reefs with decorative species of underwater inhabitants grow nearby. Ee island beach is considered an ideal tropical beach for a secluded holiday with children, as the sandy shore is very gentle, the entrance to the water is very shallow.

Active recreation

Paradise conditions are created on the islands for lovers of active water recreation.

All kinds of sports and entertainment are available here:

  • diving;
  • windsurfing;
  • deep sea fishing;
  • sailing;
  • rowing and kayaking.

Many diving centers and clubs offer all necessary equipment free of charge. And nearby are underwater reserves with exotic species of fish. For a solitary dive, you can go to uninhabited islands.

Numerous trekking routes of varying difficulty and speleology are offered to tourists for pastime on the ground. You can rent a boat for $13 per day and make an independent trip across the ocean around the nearby islands.


The Rehab nightclub on wheels on the island of Avarua is very popular among young people. There are always a lot of people here, live music, you can make new acquaintances and have fun. The bus party will cost $25 per person per entry, excluding drinks.

Wilson's Beach Bar at Arorangi 682 offers al fresco dining with ocean setting sun, delicious refreshments and alcoholic cocktails. Every evening before sunset, there is a promotion - a happy hour, and after that entertainment shows and open-air themed parties with live music begin.

Boogies Bar & Takeaway on the island of Avarua invites you to listen to one of the best guitarists in the Pacific on Friday nights. Here you can feel the atmosphere of local relaxation and fun, enjoy delicious snacks with a glass of cold beer or a tropical cocktail.

Sights of the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands on the world map are located at a great distance from the Old World, which had a peculiar effect on the cultural life of the islanders.

Tinoman's Palace

An architectural monument in the village of Arorangi is a 2-storey mansion built by the British from coral and limestone.

Translated as "The world born of Christianity." The first

Cook Islands Cultural Village

An open-air ethnographic museum of the archipelago, is considered a worthy place for tourists to visit. Here, the traditional buildings of the islanders have been preserved, you can get acquainted with historical household items and various crafts. The visit to the village ends with a feast of traditional products and dance performances.


On the island of Rarotonga in the suburb of Avarua are the ruins of the Royal Court, where the ruling head of the PA dynasty with the family lived.

Today, the territory is in some laptile, but tourists chose these places and often walk among the crushed palm trees.

Fiber Art Art Studio

Small production from plant fibers of bright colorful fabrics, napkins, quilted blankets and covered. is the most famous local fishery on the islands. In the studio you can buy liked handicraft products. Mode of operation from 9 to 15 hours, except Sunday.

Coffee factory

On the island of Antiu, you can visit the coffee production factory and get acquainted with the details of the preparation process and roasting the grains of this popular drink. You can buy packaged varieties of local coffee as a souvenir or gift.

Winmore waterfall


represents a stormy stream of Papua mountain river, which is divided into a lot of sleeves, and subsequently going again, forming a large natural pool with cool clean water. Here you can redeem and swallow.

Takuta Reserve

takes fully the entire territory of Takuta Island, which attracts fans of ecological tourism and naturalists to the reserve.

thanks to the impregnable and dangerous reefs around, the pristine nature was preserved here with many rare species of birds and plants.

Anatakitak cave

An amazing cave, opened only in the 30th year of the last century, is located in the central part of the island of Atiu. It consists of numerous intricate corridors and moves, a total length of more than 1 km. Here you can admire a small lake and snow-white stalagmites. It is not easy to find the entrance to the cave, as it is reliably hiding dense thickets of the jungle.

Excursions on Cook Islands

On the main island of the archipelago, a large selection of various excursion programs are offered:

  1. Excursion review tour at Velo Tuk-Tuka It takes on the island of Arorane for 3.5 hours. There is an opportunity to transfer from the airport. The cost of $ 45.
  2. The marine group walk on the VAKA cruise boat with a guide lasts about 5 hours. Includes a visit to 3 islands, swimming with a mask and a delicious buffet dinner with a variety of dishes. The bar works on the boat. Current cost $ 125.

Hotels on Cook Islands

Cook Islands due to their remoteness and losingity on the world map, it makes sense to visit for a longer period, so it is important to calculate the budget accommodation and recreation.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki

A chic 5-star hotel at Aitutaka resort offers salon spa services, a golf course, a swimming pool and a first-class beach. The hotel has a bar and 2 restaurants with local and international cuisine, live music and show program in the evenings.

The accommodation is possible in the rooms with a terrace, a spacious bungalow or a villa on the ocean at a price of $ 1,000 per day. The price includes a delicious and satisfying breakfast with fresh fruit.

Tamanu Beach

Conveniently located 1-line resort offers accommodation in studio rooms or bungalows with a magnificent view of the Bay of Arundang Island. There is a private garden around the hotel, a private closed beach with complimentary equipment for snorkeling, umbrellas and sun loungers, kayaks.

There are 2 pools, a travel bureau on site, a free tropical breakfast is served in the restaurant, and fires with traditional island songs and dancing are served in the evenings. The cost of accommodation begins from 24 thousand rubles.

ABERA's Aitutaki Villas

The complex of individual villas on the island of Aruntanga has its own garden, outdoor pools, barbecue area and leisure terraces. Each villa is equipped with a kitchen with a microwave and a coffee maker, there is a living room and a separate bedroom.


Continental breakfast is served in the restaurant in the morning. For fans of snorkeling, accessories and equipment are issued. The cost of accommodation is 13 thousand rubles.

Kuru Club

On the island of Aitutaki, you can stay in a modern hotel on the magnificent beach of Amuri. It offers rooms with an outdoor terrace and a dining table. There is a wide selection of inventory for water sports, beach equipment, boats and fishing. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, there is a patio, barbecue area, swimming pool. The price of the room begins from 9.7 thousand rubles.

Where to eat

On the islands, many different institutions suitable for fast snack or solid acquaintance with local cuisine, there are restaurants with entertainment programs and live music.

List of seats:

  1. Cafe Salsa On the island of Avarua, it works from 7-30 to 15 hours. Here are prepared asian cuisine Tasty pizza, salads and healthy dishes at a price of 300 to 800 rubles. Excellent selection of drinks and desserts.
  2. Cafe Beluga offers delicious and light meals for breakfast or lunch at reasonable prices from $20. The establishment is open from 7:30 to 15:00. Suitable for vegetarians.
  3. Tuoro Restaurant & Cafe on the island of Avarua offers New Zealand cuisine and seafood dishes at prices ranging from 450 to 1600 rubles. Pleasant interior, there is a terrace in a green garden. The portions are large and appetizing.
  4. Bar Cafe Charlie’s on Titikaveka is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. It offers quick snacks, hearty lunches and hearty dinners at quite reasonable prices from 400 to 1100 rubles. You can order and take away large tasty sandwiches. A wide range of drinks is offered. There is a kitchen for vegetarians.
  5. The Flambe Restaurant in Rarotonga is a winner of last year's Quality Certificate and serves delicious Mediterranean, European, New Zealand and international cuisine. The institution is open from 17-30 to 21 hours. The average check is from 1100 to 10 thousand rubles. A fire show and entertainment programs are held here, live music is played.

How to get around the Cook Islands

The largest island in the archipelago does not exceed 30 km in circumference, so the most convenient way to travel overland will be walking or cycling. It is possible to make a horse ride along the paths of tropical plantations by renting a horse.

The main island of Rarotonga has a regular bus service, but they run once an hour, and only in the mornings and evenings on weekdays. Stops are not specially announced, they are carried out at the request of passengers. Sunday is also a day off for drivers. Ticket price is $5.

If you have an international driver's license, you can rent a car. The rental price ranges from $40 to $120 per day.

Local residents use scooters and bicycles. But if necessary, you can always call a taxi car. There are no regular sea ferries between the islands. On the coastline you can find the whole range of water transport, from canoes to yachts, which serve the connection between the islands without a clear timetable.

There is a regular private company air service between the southern group of islands.

The cost of tours to the Cook Islands

Rest on the islands can be included in the program of a large tour with a tour of other Pacific island countries or an independent trip. Weekly tour on Cook Islands offers express beach recreation and active water entertainment, also includes a sightseeing tour of the capital, visiting major attractions and acquaintance with national culture.

Guide will tell the best beaches and nightlife, routes for independent walks and shopping. The cost of the tour depends on the selected hotel and the number of excursions, calculated in each case individually. A 16-day recreation program on Cook Islands with a visit to Los Angeles takes place weekly from Moscow, every Thursday.

includes a flight, a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles and inspection of the main attractions within 2 days with overnight in the hotel. This follows the flight to Rarotonga and accommodation at the hotel with breakfasts, beach holidays for 5 days. A visit to the island of Aitutaki, with flight and weekly accommodation in the hotel with paid breakfasts.

The cost of the tour with all airfare is $ 3224, subject to placement in 3-star hotels.

Cruise through Cook Islands and French Polynesia for 12 days will cost $ 5.9 thousand excluding airfare. Unforgettable feelings from a luxurious holiday on a cruise liner are guaranteed by an excellent service. The program includes a visit to the island of Tahiti with shopping, lunch in a restaurant and recreation in a local club.

Next is planned to study the island of Huahine, the inspection of the shrines of the ancient Polynesian tribes and legendary historical attractions. If you wish, you can also go deep-water immersion or relax on the beach. Acquaintance with Aitutaka Island and a sightseeing tour are scheduled for the 4th day of travel.

Next, visit the island of Rarotong with snorkeling in Lagun Muri, inspection of the Reserve Takitum. After that, the liner goes to the islands of Bora Bora, Takhaa, Moorea and return to Tahiti.

Cook Islands are a paradise in the Pacific Ocean, and due to the remoteness on the world map and inaccessibility for most tourists, they were able to preserve the unusual atmosphere and the original beauty of tropical nature.

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