Colombia. Attractions, photos, where is located on the world map, the capital, which is interesting for the tourist

Colombia - in all senses A unique country, on the world map, it is washed by t By them and the Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Caribbean Sea, which makes its location from three sides by washed flows and retains a unique climate equilibrium.

The value of Colombia in the modern world

Colombia on the world map was first noted by the colonizers in 1499, in the flourishing of active conquests and opposition to local tribes. In 1819, Spain's authorities were forced to recognize the independence of the new colony, but the created state did not hold on for a long time, constantly changing and including new cities, together with the department of old.

In 1886, the country was finally formed and received the final name. The only territorial change since then was only a branch of Panama in an independent state. Now Colombia is called Republic.

Colombia is a country with a high level of economy, and confidently occupies a place in various international organizations, including membership in the UN and the Trade Pacific Alliance. At the same time, Colombia enters the eight of the countries, the most harmful world ecology, as well as the top three on the diversity of flora and fauna living here.

The capital of Columbia is Bogota, one of the largest cities of the country, its cultural and administrative center. Also among large cities include Kali, Cartagena and Medellin - all the city-million painters, the capital of administrative districts.

According to the area of ​​Colombia, it takes 25th place in the world, inferior to Iran, Mexico and Indonesia. In South America, ranks 4th in Square, and, except for the mainland, owns the archipelagoes of the islands. By the number of residents, the country occupies the 28th place, ahead of Spain.

Where Colombia is located

Colombia is located in the north of Latin America and lies with 5 degrees of northern latitude and 71 degrees of Western longitude. The geographical location makes the country itself, its climate and nature are so unique.

Get to Colombia from Europe countries will only be plane: This is the only way to travel for long distances. The main flights arrive in the capital, from where a large-scale network of private flights between large cities is located. Between Bogota and the capitals of neighboring countries, such as Panama, regular air flights are also established.


Weather in Colombia, the best time to travel

on average, the climate of Colombia refers to the subequatorial, but closer to the coast is replaced by Equatorial. It changes depending on the region and is not uniform for the country as a whole: the higher the level of the sea, the more colder.

Every three months in the country there is a change of the season of rains and drought. The least precipitation in the West, about 100-150 mm per year. Most of all rains are in the northeast.

The best time for visiting Colombia falls in the spring-summer period, surfing lovers and outdoor activities can be focused on January.

The attractions of Colombia

Colombia are a country of ancient cultures, traditions and new trends in all spheres of life. It concentrated unique museums, national parks and amazing churches.

Colombia's cult facilities

The main religion of Colombians - Catholicism, and most temples belong to the Roman Church.

  1. Church of Las Lahas. Neo-neutic cathedral, located practically above the precipice, is considered one of the 7th modern wonders of Colombia. Initially, there were two churches on both sides of the gorge, which after joined the arched bridge. In the church there is an unusual rocky icon, which is considered non-manual and giving healing. Based to Basilica is the easiest most from the city of Ipagees.
  2. Sipakira Salo Cathedral. This is the only one of its kind underground church, which is at a depth of 200 meters in a salt mine. The cathedral is open on Sundays, civil servants regularly pass. The underground cathedral is located on the territory of the Salt Park near the city of Bogota. The cost of descent to the cathedral and a small excursion varies up to $ 14. Additionally, during an excursion, a small piece of salt can be knocked into memory.
  3. Cathedral. The pearl of Bogota is a Catholic Cathedral in honor of the immaculate conception of the XVI century on the central square. The temple is shocked by its sizes, its area exceeds 5,000 square meters. m and can accommodate up to 10,000 people at the same time. The cathedral is open for visiting daily, the entrance is free.
  4. Convention de la-prost. The women's monastery is almost over the break, at an altitude of 150 m above the city. This "monastery of the stern", named so because of its form, opens a beautiful view of Cartagena de Indias stretched at the bottom. The entrance to the monastery is free, but for a taxi you will have to pay approximately $ 14 - these are the necessary spending to avoid the sunshine when lifting on a steep slope.

Colombia Museums

Colombian museums are not similar to other world museums in their peculiarities and quality of artifacts.

  1. Mose-del-Oro. A unique museum in its kind is the richest museum of the world, which presents decorations and gold objects from the Precucumbian era. Museum stores more than 30,000 different items, including figurines, masks, amulets, coins, ritual objects. The Gold Museum is located in the city of Bogota, the cost of excursion to $ 10, on Sundays a free entrance.

    Museum of Gold in Colombia

  2. House-Museum of Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar is revered in the country as a leader of the War for the independence of the colonies. In his house, everything is saved in the same way as during the life of the liberator: antique furniture and interior items, right up to small details of chandeliers and paintings. The museum itself is located in the city of Caracas, entrance to the museum is free.
  3. Museum of the Inquisition. In Cartagena, you can visit the famous museum dedicated to the large-scale church history and the destruction of witchcraft. Here until 1821 operated the headquarters of the Inquisition, and in the museum, genuine torture objects, books, scales for witches and various adaptations were preserved. The entrance to the museum costs $ 8, it works daily, the building is under UNESCO guard.

Architectural structures and monuments in Colombia

Dead Columbians place the statues of Christ and Saints in many cities of the country.

  1. Ciudad Perrit. These are the remnants of an ancient destroyed city, more ancient than the world famous monument to Machu Picchu. The city was opened in 1972, and in 1975 engaged in his research. The city has remained stone platforms of buildings, terraces, cobbled roads. Objects of utensils and figurines are presented in museums. The cost of foot travel in the Lost City will be approximately $ 200 from the city of Santa Martha and will require physical training.
  2. San Felipe de Barajas. The castle in Cartagena is considered one of the recognizable places of Colombia. The fortress was built back in the XVI century and was the center of hostilities, often exposed to sieges. Now this is a tourist place, there are also various urban events here. The cost of the excursion is $ 10-15.
  3. Presidential Palace. He refers to the sights of Bogota. To get inside is impossible, and the quarter around the palace is under strengthened guard and coc. Every day, a solemn shift of Karaul takes place here, which attracts tourists to itself. You can look at the ceremony and get closer you can be free, but you should be ready for selective checking bags, and, of course, have documents with you.
  4. Statue of Christ. In the city of Kali there is a reduced copy of the famous statue from Rio de Janeiro, a statue of Christ with open arms. The monument is located on a high grief, next to it is a viewing area. The statue was established in 1953, open for tourists at any time of the day. From here overlooking the entire city.

Natural Attractions of Colombia

Colombia on the world map represents tourists special natural education, rivers and mountains:

  1. Tyrona National Park. A unique park on the coast of the Caribbean is open to visitors since 1969 and is a practically intact man zone with sandy beaches, coves and coral reefs. The park is ideal for wildlife lovers, and is located near the city of Santa Marta.
  2. River Canyo-Crystales. The river is considered the most beautiful river in the world. Its feature is amazing colored spots of water that are not mixed with each other. The secret of iris water lies in algae, pigment water in various shades of yellow and red. Locals call her "River of five colors." You can admire the river in the National Park near Serrania.
  3. El Penon de Guatap. An amazing rock is located between the cities of Pelol and Gatory, and towers 220 m above the surrounding plain. Previously, she was sacred for local Indians who considered her body of magical fish. Now the rock is open to visiting: the cost of lifting is only $ 2, and only 650 steps must be overcome.
  4. Sierra Nevada de Santa-Martha. This is a mountain range near the city of Santa-Martha, which is a pristine nature of the North. Here you can see glaciers, forests and unique plant species.
  5. San Agustin. A unique archaeological park includes more than 500 different stone sculptures depicting people and gods. The statues differ in the size and method of processing the stone, and something similar to the statues of Easter Island. You can get there from the city of Neiva, the entrance to the park is free, but due to the probability of theft of small statues, at the entrance to the strict inspection of personal belongings.

Rest in Colombia

Colombia on the world map is simply created for high-quality rest: here you can buy in stores beautiful inexpensive things, relax on the beach.

Shopping in Colombia

Visit Colombia and not to transport souvenirs from almost the crime. Residents of this country love to bargain - the price for any product can be reset the minimum twice.

  1. The market in Otavalo. This Indian market is considered the largest market in the vicinity of the city of Quito. It is famous for the shop of artisans - here in a large number of decorations, souvenirs, fabrics and national jewelry are sold. The market is best to visit in the morning, before the appearance of a large number of tourists here. Getting here more convenient from Quito, and the road will take about one and a half hours.
  2. The farmers market. The market in Bogota is ideally suitable for lovers of various vegetables and fruits. Here you can buy exotic fruits, flowers, homemade products, meat and fish. The best time for visiting is an early morning. Perhaps prices here will seem higher than similar products in stores, but it is compensated by the quality and variety of goods, besides, you can always bargain.
  3. Centro COMERCIAL ANDINO. The shopping complex in Bogota is ideally equipped for visits to children, and, in addition to boutiques, offers gaming zones and recreation areas. Inside there is a variety of diverse stores, many of which are branded. In such shopping centers it is recommended to buy decorations, clothes and various dear things.
  4. LEE WASSON. This line of jewelry stores is engaged in the sale of the emeralds of the highest quality. In addition to the decorations presented, you can always make an individual order with a small markup. The average cost of jewelry is practically no different from European price tags.
  5. Artesanías de Colombia. The trademark of craft stores is ideal for buying a variety of leather products, souvenirs and pleasant practical things. Here you can buy clothes, including handmade, exclusive figures from wood, bags, decorations and toys from wool Lam.

Interesting places to relax with children

There are quite interesting places in Colombia, which will be interesting and adults, and children.

  1. Park of Butterflies. Children will like visiting the park of butterflies in the Botanical Garden in the city of Armenia. The optimal conditions for the best life of more than 150 types of butterflies are preserved here, and the museum building itself also has the shape of a big butterfly. Botanical garden free.
  2. Popayan. The city of Popayan is considered one of the best for recreation with children. This is a calm area, far from the metropolitan fuss, and friendly to tourists. Here are hot springs, useful for health promotion, as well as equipped with children water slides and recreation sites. You can get to the city from the capital by bus or aircraft.
  3. Coffee National Park. Another attraction of the city of Armenia will have to do with adults and children. In addition to the opportunity to try the best coffee in the world and look at the interactive cooking process, you can use the cable car and see ethnic views for all ages. The price of visiting the park begins from $ 15, the entrance to children is free.

Active rest in Colombia

Colombia - a country for outdoor activities in all its diversity:

  1. Barranquilla Beach. In the north-west, there is one of the best beach cities of Colombia, representing rest on a wild beach. There are almost no multi-storey hotels here - only rows of bungalows and wildlife. In addition to resting on the beach, you can do diving or surfing. You can fly here at any time from the capital, flying daily.
  2. Santa Beach. The beaches of the Caribbean have the white sand and blue lagoon water. The beaches here are suitable for camping lovers, and the variety of coral reefs will appeal to fans of underwater dives.
  3. Bayo-Solano Beach. The beach will be interested in lovers of underwater inhabitants - in the local water along the beaches they swim for a period of reproduction of humpback whales, as well as underwater paths of dolphins.
  4. San Anders archipelago. The archipelago is the best place for diving. In reefs, many diverse species of fish live, and water purity guarantees unique underwater visibility. More than 50 species of various corals and more than 200 diverse species of fish live here.
  5. Terkito Beach. Next to the city of Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast there is a beach, the most suitable surf lovers. The permanent amount of tidal waves attracts both newcomers and professional surfers. The beginning of the season falls on January.

Route for the inspection of Colombia independently

For self-journey, it should be remembered that the state language of the country is Spanish, almost everyone speaks on it. In many tourist sites there are English-speaking guides, but it is better to be ready for overcoming the language barrier in advance.

For self-journey in Colombia, a similar algorithm is suitable:

Day 1The first day begins with arrival in Bogota, the country's capital. The first thing is accommodation in the hotel and time for acclimatization due to the difference in time zones.
Day 2On the second day, you can see the historical center of the capital, climb on the funicular to Montserrat Mountain, metropolitan museums - for example, the Museum of Police and the House-Museum of Bolivar Quinta.
Day 3The best solution is a visit to the park. From Bogota goes there a night bus. In the Sierra de la Macaren National Park, you can look at the Orinoco rainbow river. After the day of the park walk - return to Bogota.
Day 4In the early morning you can fly to Cartagena, the city of Caribbean coast. You can spend the whole day for studying the city, or even two: to buy souvenirs, inspect the architectural monuments, take a walk in the market.
Day 5Bus trip to Santa Marta, visit to the city and surrounding beaches. You can climb the mountains or stay on the shore, spend the day in nature.
Day 6Return to Bogota by evening transport on the eve or morning flight, free day. It is possible to visit the emerald market, optional night flight home.

Hotels in Colombia

Colombia on the world map is full of hotels for every taste and wallet. The average cost of the room for two adults will start from $ 50 in any country hotel. Each hotel presents a full range of services: on site there are restaurants, separate bars, parking, Internet services and TV.

  1. LAS Americas Casa de Playa. This is one of the best hotels in Cartagena to quality ratio and price. It is possible to choose one of the 251 hotel rooms: there is an all variety of hotel rooms. The room price varies from 45 to $ 60, the hotel is suitable for family holidays.
  2. The Charlee Hotels. The hotel in Medelline is located in a beautiful and new building with an excellent view of the city. It is the center of the tourist life of the city, and is ideal for family or romantic holidays. The average price for one of the 42 standard rooms ranges from 60 to $ 80, the hotel provides free airport shuttle.
  3. Hotel Arena Blanca. Hotel on San Andres Island occupies one of the leading places on the list of hotels in the country. The hotel provides 72 rooms to choose from, the average cost of the room is from 50 to $ 90.
  4. The hotel in Cartagena is located in the historic part of the city, is close to the beaches and the city center, there is an opportunity to choose from 258-rooms. The average cost of the room is from 40 to $ 60. The hotel provides a free shuttle service.

How to move on Colombia

Colombia, its special terrain, mountains and swampy terrain complicate road transport. In general, there are roads in the country, and railway canvas, but the fastest and in demand method of movement on the world map and countries are still considered airfares.

in Colombia more than 650 airports connecting various corners of the country. In the price category in some cases, the flights can not be released faster and more convenient, but also at times cheaper. The average cost of the airfare between cities varies from 10 to $ 35.

If the far road is not expected, you can rent a car. Such services are available in almost any hotel: the machine you like will be available throughout the entire holiday time and will be indispensable when traveling to your course without guides and strict travel frames.

Moving between cities on buses is predominantly nightly, take longer and do not always pass along high-quality roads. Change temperatures (at night can fall to + 18 ° C) can give a certain discomfort at night.

In general, Colombia is one of those among the world on the world map, which have a unique ethnic diversity, charm of someone else's culture, and beautiful ocean scenery.

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