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Cappadocia is a unique area that attracts tourists from all over the world. Incredible cave hotels, bizarre landscapes and rich history make this region unique and interesting to visit.

What is Cappadocia

Cappadocia is located in Turkey, in the central part of Anatolia. This region has a very unusual relief, which was formed before our era due to volcanic activity. The ejection of a huge amount of lava and ash for a long time formed deposits in this area, which, under the influence of natural factors, took on bizarre forms.

There are various assumptions regarding the origin of the name of the region. It is widely believed that the consonant name was originally given by the Persians. In their language, "Katpatuka" was translated as "A country where beautiful horses are bred." And they gave this name to the area because when they came to these territories, the local population was very productively engaged in animal husbandry.

There are also other versions about the district getting its name:

  • on behalf of the goddess Khepat, which was believed here back in 2000 BC.;
  • from the Hittite phrase "katta peda", which meant "a place below the capital".

Cappadocia, whose cave hotels are known all over the world, is now a region with unique ancient cities, including those located underground, as well as unique valleys with underground temples and unusually shaped landscapes.

The fact that the place is unique

, many interesting facts are associated with this place, which make it even more unique:

  • Cities underground were created To hide local Christians forced to hide from the authorities of the Roman Empire, and then defended from Muslim invaders. So, some underground settlements could accommodate up to 20,000 inhabitants.
  • For the lighting of premises in the rocks, torches were used in the dark. The locals living in the vicinity of the region and who did not know about the underground residents, getting here seen glowing rocks and rumored that the fairies live here. That is why such rocks in the form of cones are called "Fires".
  • Recognized Christian theologians of the IV centuries lived here and worked., Known as Cappadocian fathers. One of their merits is the development and adoption of dogmat about Trinity.
  • It is believed that the famous scenes on the planet Tatinen from star warriors and its 4th episode were delivered under conditions repeating the relief capadokia.
  • After research carried out at the beginning of the XXI century, scientists came to the conclusion that people who have very strange characteristics lived under the ground. Their growth was not more than 1.5 m, since people would not be able to move through underground aisles. As a result of existence, they looked much older than their years as a result of their difficult conditions.

A bit of the history of the region

The history of this region is very saturated, since the land located here always attracted people.

Cappadocia in the composition of the Hittte and Persian Empires

began its history of Cappadocia approximately from the XVII century. BC, when the capital of the Hett state - Khattushash was founded on its territory. The ruins of the city can be seen today. Hetta were excellent cattle and warriors and lived the fear of neighboring peoples. However, in 1200 BC. Their empire fell.

in the VI B. BC. The territory was occupied by Persians. However, the Persian era existed not so long - with the arrival in Alexander Macedonian in 336 BC. Ended and her came. There were almost no historical structures from it.

Greco-Roman period in Cappadocia

for an incredibly short term - only 11 years before his death, which Alexander Macedonian rules of these lands, he asked Greek culture here. In this region, the Greek language began to use everywhere.

from 190 g. Until 17 g. BC. Capadokia's joining came to the Roman Empire. The central city of the province was Matsak, which the Romans renamed Caesaria (today - Cayseri). It was at this time that Christianity secretly began to spread in this territory, thanks to Saints Peter and Paul, who preached in the territory of Anatolia.

Byzantine period

This period is characterized by the flourishing of Christianity in the area. And in the IV century. monasticism is developing very quickly here, which was an innovation. At this time, believers appeared, ready to renounce all blessings and devote themselves to service. They came here and created entire monasteries in the rocks.

Several thousand such churches have now been discovered here. Moreover, new discoveries still continue to appear.

In the XI century. the territories began to be subjected to frequent raids by the Turkic tribes, which ultimately led to the defeat of the Byzantine army. The lands passed to the Seljuk Turks.

History in the time of the Seljuks and the Ottomans

The Seljuks professed Islam and brought a new religion to the region. We must pay tribute and say that they were quite tolerant of the Christians living here, but the communities began to disintegrate, and ties with the Christian world were severed.

The last conquerors of Cappadocia were the Ottomans, who arrived at the end of the 13th century. The Ottoman Empire lasted until 1923, until the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Attractions and what to see here

Cappadocia has a huge number of attractions, which usually take more than one day to see.

The most popular of them are:

  • Goreme National Park. On the territory of more than 300 km ² there are underground and rock monasteries and temples. Here you can see unique examples of paintings and frescoes.
  • City of Avanos. The city, which arose under the Hittites, retained its ancient traditions. On the banks of the local river, clay is mined and pottery is made from it. Everyone can visit a pottery workshop and learn basic skills here.
  • Uchisar fortress. It was built by the Hittites for the purpose of defense. In those days, it could accommodate up to 2500 people. Currently, the fortress is partially destroyed, but its observation deck offers a gorgeous view of Cappadocia.
  • Fairy fireplaces. Unusually shaped rock formations resembling giant mushrooms, with cone-shaped hats, create a unique landscape.
  • Kaymakly. An underground city that consists of 8 floors. And each contains many rooms, each of which used to perform some function. Ventilation and water supply systems were installed here, workshops and kitchens worked.
  • Derinkuyu. The largest underground city, hiding the Christians who have once hiding here, has 11 floors and go deep into 85 m.
  • Museum of potion. A huge cave system, which housed churches, cells and residential premises. They lived here in the XX century, but due to the threat of collapsing the city had to leave.
  • Pink Valley. Named valley so thanks to the color of the rocks that form unique landscapes. There are several ancient temples here.

Cappadocia has one excellent tradition - flights in balloons. Every day, at dawn in Nemo, hundreds of balls, which in itself is a unique spectacle, which is offered to enjoy hotels in caves. This process is captured on all guidebooks in the region. In addition, the journey on the ball allows you to view all the main sights from the sky.

The best cave hotels, where to stay in

Cappadocia, hotels in the caves of which are attracted by many tourists, offers many such accommodation options.

Katpatuka Cave Hotel

This hotel is located at the address: Gaferli Mahallesi, Aydinkiragi MEVKI, 34, Herra. Nevsehir Airport is 40 km from the accommodation. 500 meters from the hotel is a museum under the open-air hemer.

Katpatuka Cave Hotel is a small hotel, which includes 12 rooms of different categories: Deluxe, Suite and Presidential Suite. Rooms are located in the caves and are decorated in traditional Turkish style. All rooms are air-conditioning, equipped with a bathroom with a bath or shower. There are rooms with hydromassage and sauna. Guests can use tea and coffee sets.

The following services are available:

  • Food delivery to the room;
  • food and beverages in the restaurant and bar;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • parking for cars;
  • Pets are possible;
  • car rental;
  • transfer;
  • Concierge services;
  • Buying tickets;
  • Currency exchange.

    Cappadocia, Turkey. Katpatuka Cave Hotel is located in Cave

, at the request of guests can be organized tours on balloons. In the case of buying a tour, the hotel provides a shuttle service to the airport for free.

Departure from the hotel is carried out to 11.00. Check-in starts after 13.00. Children under 2 years old have a baby cot. Children from 2 to 5 years old can accommodate for free on the existing places. Extra place costs from 15 euros per day.

The cost of the Deluxe Double Room, with an area of ​​30 m² in August-September is about 8500 thousand.rub. per day. This price includes breakfast.

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Sultan Cave Suites

Hotel address: Aydinli Mah. Aydinli Sok. 40, Goreme. The nearest airport is Nevsehir, about 40 km away.

In total, the hotel has 30 rooms of standard, junior suite, suite and royal suite categories. Each room is a cave that is luxuriously furnished with period furniture and antiques. All rooms are air conditioned and have modern appliances. Most rooms have a terrace or balcony.

The rate includes a breakfast buffet with a choice of more than 50 national dishes. The hotel has a cultural center of Cappadocia, where you can get acquainted with historical finds. Exhibitions and concerts are also organized here.

Guests are offered the following services:

  • babysitting services;
  • laundry;
  • transfer;
  • car rental;
  • WiFi;
  • parking;
  • meals in a restaurant serving national cuisine;
  • use of the swimming pool;
  • spa services;
  • hammam;
  • organization of excursions, including flights in hot air balloons.

Check-out from the room must be made before 11.00. Check-in starts at 14.00. Children under 6 years stay free of charge.

The cost of a standard double room at the end of summer is about 7,500 rubles. per day.

Vista Cave Hotel

Hotel address: Aydinli Orta Mahalle Aydinli Sokak 15/1, Goreme.

Cappadocia, which has a very well located cave hotel, invites guests to stay at the Vista Cave Hotel. Some of its rooms offer views of the Red and Rose Valleys.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems and have their own terraces. Guests are offered accommodation in rooms of categories: double stone, deluxe stone, deluxe cave and deluxe family cave. Cave rooms are located in real caves, stone rooms are made of stone and imitate caves.

The following services are provided for residents:

  • transfer;
  • horseback riding;
  • rental of sports equipment;
  • luggage storage;
  • ticket sales;
  • excursion services;
  • Internet.
  • ​​

Check-out from the hotel must be made before 11.00. Check-in starts at 14.00. Rooms are not equipped with extra beds, and children are allowed only from 8 years old. A double stone room with breakfast will cost an average of 5500 rubles. per day.

Old Town Stone House

Hotel address: Orta Mah. Harim Sok. No:20 Nevsehir, Goreme.

The hotel is located not far from the Goreme Museum and provides comfortable accommodation. Rooms are furnished in a rustic style with natural wood furniture. Each has air conditioning and a tea station. Accommodation is available in standard double rooms, deluxe rooms and suites.

Every day a very hearty breakfast buffet is served in the cafe. The choice of dishes is large, which has earned positive reviews from guests.

Residents can use the following services:

  • transfer;
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services;
  • car rental;
  • luggage storage;
  • tour desk.

The single check-out time at the hotel is set at 11.00. Check-in starts from 13.00. There are no additional places available. Children under 6 years old stay free of charge when using existing beds. The price for a standard double room per day is about 3500 rubles.

SOS Cave Hotel

Hotel Address: Aydinli Mah. Uzundere Cad. No:35, Goreme.

SOS Cave Hotel is located in the heart of Goreme village and is a hotel consisting of cave and stone rooms. The categories of rooms are named respectively - standard stone and deluxe cave. There are 17 of them in total. All rooms have an air conditioning system, some are equipped with a jacuzzi.

At your service:

  • transfer;
  • car rental;
  • hammam;
  • tour desk;
  • internet;
  • currency exchange;
  • parking.

Breakfasts are served on the outdoor terrace, which offers wonderful views of the Goreme valley. Check-out from the hotel is until 11.00. Check-in starts at 13.00. The hotel accepts children of all ages. Unmarried couples are not allowed here.

The cost of a standard double room is about 4,500 rubles. per day with breakfast.

Divan Cave House

Hotel address: Aydinli Mhl. Gorceli Sk. No 8, 50180 Goreme.

The hotel has a beautiful rooftop terrace equipped with seating areas where you can watch the sunrise. A local restaurant offers to taste dishes of national cuisine.

The caves are equipped with antique furniture, the floors in them are covered with Turkish carpets. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Some rooms have hot tub. The hotel features the following categories: Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite.

Guests can take advantage of the following services:

  • Parking;
  • transfer;
  • bicycle rental;
  • Internet;
  • Room service;
  • Car rental
  • excursion service.

Departure from the room must be carried out until 11.00. Check-in starts at 12.30. Children under 2 years old have a cottage bed for free, from 3 to 5 years old a child can accommodate for free of charge on the existing places or take advantage of an extra place for 15 euros per day.

The cost of accommodation in this property in the Deluxe Room is about 8500 rubles. per day. This price includes breakfast.


Hotel Address: Aydinli Mahallesi, Yavuz Sokak No: 1, herah.

Cappadocia, hotels in the caves of which are equipped with everything you need, offers guests staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel. The hotel features a number of rooms from 47 rooms located in the caves or decorated in the form of a cave.

They are stylized in Turkey traditions and equipped with furniture from the real tree. All rooms have air conditioning and everything you need for a comfortable holiday. It offers classic two and triple rooms, junior suites and suites.

The hotel offers the following additional services:

  • Transfer;
  • Rest by the pool;
  • massage;
  • SPA Center services;
  • visiting Hammam;
  • Internet;
  • laundry services;
  • excursion service;
  • Parking;
  • Rest on terraces, in restaurants and bars.

Departure from the room must be carried out until 12.00. Check in starts from 14.00. There are no additional places and baby cots in this hotel.

Budget Room with shared bathroom and toilet will cost 9000 rubles here. per day for two. The cost of the standard room with amenities starts from 12,000 rubles. per day. The price includes breakfast.

Peri Cave Hotel

Hotel Address: Muze Cad. No: 24 Nevsehir, herah.

Located Peri Cave Hotel near the Museum. Rooms are located in real caves or stylized for them. Room category In this hotel: standard double and suites in the cave. Luxury rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi.

At your service:

  • a terrace with a view of the balloons taking off every morning;
  • booking tickets;
  • concierge services;
  • parking;
  • car rental;
  • barbecue;
  • Internet;
  • transfer.

Check-in at this hotel starts from 14.00, check-out is until 11.00. The hotel does not accommodate small children, extra beds are not provided. The cost of a standard double room in this hotel is about 5000 rubles. per day with breakfast.

Elif Star Cave Hotel

Hotel address: Uzundere Caddesi No 37, Goreme.

The hotel has its own picturesque garden where you can have a wonderful rest. Breakfast is served each morning at the hotel's restaurant, which can be eaten outdoors at a table in the courtyard.

This hotel features Ottoman and Greek designs. The rooms are decorated with traditional textiles and natural parquet floors. It offers standard rooms "Comfort" and "Cave", family rooms in the cave.

Guests are invited to use the following services:

  • transfer;
  • excursion service;
  • room service;
  • currency exchange;
  • barbecue;
  • Internet;
  • parking.

Check-out time from the hotel is 10.30. Check-in starts at 12.00. Children are allowed free of charge up to 6 years old when staying without extra bed. In the case of registration of such a place, its cost is 10 euros per day.

The price of a Comfort room is about 6,000 rubles. per day. This price includes breakfast.

Table 1 presents a comparative description of the reviewed hotels.

Table 1. Comparative characteristics of cave hotels:

Hotel name Placement features accommodation cost (rub / day) What is included
Katpatuka Cave HotelThere are rooms with hydromassage and sauna8500accommodation in Deluxe and Breakfast
Sultan Cave SuitesA cultural center is open, There is a swimming pool7500Accommodation in a standard double room and breakfast
Vista Cave HotelView of red and pink valleys5500Accommodation in a double room Stone and breakfast
OLD Town Stone HouseFurniture made of natural wood3500Accommodation in Double Standard and Breakfast
SOS Cave HotelThere are rooms with Jacuzzi, Hammam4500Accommodation in a standard double room and breakfast
Divan Cave HouseThere are rooms with hot tubs8500accommodation in Deluxe and breakfast
Kelebek Cave Hotelthere is a swimming pool and hammam9000Accommodation in a budget room with shared bathroom and breakfast
Peri Cave HotelRooms are equipped with jacuzzi5000Accommodation in a standard double room and breakfast
ELIF STAR CAVE HotelThere is a private garden, check-in from 12.006000Accommodation in a double room Comfort and breakfast

All prices are indicated for the period of the end of August-early September and may vary depending on the dollar.

Thus, Cappadocia proposes to enjoy with anything with no comparable spectacle and impressions. Unique nature, swelling up the wind balloons, hotels in Caves - make this region in unique.

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