Cape Fiolent, Crimea. Photos of beaches, hotels, rest

Cape Fiolent is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the Crimean Peninsula. The unusual landscape and stunning views of forests, mountains and the sea every year from all over the world attract many tourists and lovers of landscape photography to a remote corner.

Where is Cape Fiolent in Crimea, location on the map

Fiolent is located in the Balaklava district near Sevastopol. The distance to the hero city is 15 km if you move towards the city of Yalta. This is the southwestern coast of Crimea.

The cape is located between Sevastopol and Balaklava. It is surrounded by beaches and bays, virgin harbors and bays untouched by human activity.

Remoteness of the cape from different cities and places of Crimea:

  • To the center of Sevastopol - 16 km.
  • Sevastopol Bay - 15 km.
  • Balaklava Bay - 10 km.
  • To Yalta - 84 km.
  • To Simferopol - 90 km.

Cape coordinates:

  • s. sh. – 44.498049;
  • c. d. - 33.489806.

How to get to Cape Fiolent, prices

You can get to Fiolent by public transport, car or taxi. In summer, a ferry service operates with Balaklava. The attraction is also visited on foot or with a guided tour.


You can drive from Sevastopol to the cape in 30 minutes. by car if there is no high car traffic. In a southerly direction from the city, the road runs along Gogol Street to General Ostryakov Avenue.

Then they turn off the ring road onto the second exit. Then they move along the Monastyrsky or Fiolentovsky highway. The monastery of St. George has a car park. It is designed for 50 cars. The most famous local aggregator Myrentacar offers cars of any class for rent. The car is booked at a price of 2200 rubles. per day. This also includes insurance.

There are no gas stations on the cape, so they stock up on fuel for future use. They take food and water with them, since groceries are much cheaper in the city than in roadside shops. A taxi from Sevastopol costs 400 rubles. A trip from Yalta - about 900 rubles.

There are various taxi services in Crimea, for example:

  • Yandex;
  • Pickup;
  • Seutaksi;
  • "Pyaterochka".

Buses and minibuses

Buses and minibuses run from Sevastopol and other Crimean resort towns. However, they are reached only with transfers.

The cape is easily accessible by bus No.:

  • 3;
  • 24;
  • 35;
  • 79.

These flights are:

  • TSUM;
  • "Reed Bay";
  • "Cossack bay";
  • "Monastery" and other stops.

For example, from the city to the stop "5 km of the Balaklava highway" (or "Fiolent") there is a minibus number 3. She runs from 06:00 to 22:00. Or go by bus number 79. Get off at the stop "Mikhailovo". Opening hours: 06:35 – 18:30. Further from it to the monastery park, walk another 500 m. Buses run frequently. This is the cheapest way to travel. Ticket price - from 20 rubles. per person one way.


In summer, boats or boats go from Balaklava from Naberezhnaya Nazukin to Fiolent. From the city they depart hourly from 08:00 to 18:00. Departure time back: 09:00 - 19:00. A one-way ticket costs 200 rubles. for one passenger. The journey takes approximately 60 minutes.

Landscape and nature

Cape Fiolent (photos of this unusual natural monument are placed on many tourist brochures) occupies a rather vast area. It is located on the coast of the Heracleian Peninsula in the Crimea. Its length is 7 km.

Rocky cliffs are quite steep. They go to great depths in the Black Sea. Many grottoes and caves are hidden at the foot of these stone giants. Occasionally they are filled with sea water.

Cape Fiolent is a cooled down volcano. This confirms the special pattern visible on the sections of mountain layers. Because the rocks have such a reddish unusual color. Red layers are interspersed with dark layers.

The Crimean Tatars called this place “Felenk-Burun”, which means “Tiger Cape”, since the rocks are distinguished by a striped color.

The name of the cape has changed many times over the centuries. "Violente" - "Furious" - that's what the Italians called it, because strong storms always raged near the rocks. However, in the end, the name given by the Greeks remained behind him: “Fiolent” - “God's country”.

Cape Fiolent. Photo

The unique area is rich in flora and fauna. Relic plants and medicinal herbs grow on its territory. Rare animals and birds live here. The cape is considered a pantry of nature, where there are many different substances useful to humans.

The entire Fiolent is a nature reserve. The reserve covers an area of ​​32 hectares. It was founded in 1996 to preserve its original appearance. Now it is a complex natural monument.

Climate and weather. Best time to visit

The climate on the cape is quite dry. It is very close to the Mediterranean. The air is moderately humid. Short-term rare showers fall mainly in June-July. Winters are mild and summers are quite hot.

During the whole season the average temperature is +25°. It stays stable daily at +30° in the middle of summer. The sea breeze brings a slight coolness at this time, and rather cold winds blow on the top of the cape.

The holiday season starts at the end of May. It continues until September - October. In summer the water warms up to +24…27°C. In some places, its temperature barely reaches + 20 °, since there are many underwater cold currents. The sea is clean and transparent, which is why it attracts diving fans so much.

September is the best time for a beach holiday. The beginning of spring and the middle of autumn is most suitable for photographing beautiful landscapes.

Equipped beaches of Cape Fiolent

Fiolent beaches are favorite places for tourists. However, most of them have almost no infrastructure and are considered semi-wild. But their sparseness and beautiful landscapes of local beauties attract many travelers.

The most popular landscaped beaches:

Beach name Duration Feature of the coastline Infrastructure
Yashmovy450 mThe surface of the shore and the seabed bottom covers a rather large colorful pebble. Occasionally there are small jasper particles.

Entrance to the water is convenient, but in places cool. The bottom is quickly deepened, if you go close to the shore. However, here the water is very clean.

Very popular beach. It is comfortable and equipped.

There are locker rooms and awnings that protect against sunlight. Sun loungers are taken for rent. And there is also a small store where refreshments are selling.

"Tsarskoye Selo"about 300 m

Width of 15 m

Coastline covers small and medium pebbles Dark color. In some areas there are boulders and quite sharp stones. Here the water is crystal clear and transparent.The beach is pretty cool, but a durable iron staircase (150 - 160 steps). It is equipped with metal railings. Rodnik is located on the right. Recreation benches are installed throughout the descent.

Initially, the stairs have a mini-cafe and there is a trading tent, where they buy drinks, ice cream, fish.

Wild Beaches of Cape

Cape Fiolent is famous for its wild beaches. Photos of the picturesque corners of nature are literally fascinating tourists who prefer active rest. These initial places have long chosen sports young people. Vacationers here dive into the water from the mask, jump from the coastal rocks, and also fish.

Groups of young people engaged in kayak sports, regularly stop on such beaches. They love to take walks along the coast.

Beach Cape "Lermontov" or "Crocodile"

His coastline 200 m, and the width of the beach is 12 m. It does not have pebbles, but there is a large number of boulders. It is descended by a dilapidated staircase. There is no infrastructure.

Karavella Beach


This beach is considered completely wild. Its length is 200 m. He is eliminated by Middle Pebbles, sometimes quite large stones fall. Restored staircase leads to the place of rest. Early in the morning you can see dolphins here.

Beach "Breeze"

Cape Grape - his other name. The place is distinguished by the emerald tint of water. The sea is so transparent that you can see the flocks of fish, furrowing marine expanses. You can reach the beach along the path. There are no steps here.

Bounty Beach

The beach is located near the fiolent - Cape Vinograde. The coastal strip is unintelligible, covered with pebbles. The entrance is gentle, first stony, and then the sand begins. In the water should be taken carefully. The steep slopes rise above the sky (in some places there is pebbles, sometimes sandwicked sandy). The water area of ​​the coastal zone is so clean that the marine inhabitants can be seen.

The bay of the form resembles crescents. Shrubs, grass, small trees grow near the beach. Palms and bright colors. There are 2 pretty dangerous trails to the place of recreation. In recent years, thanks to the Internet, the beach has become quite popular and now he is visited by many tourists.

Lighthouse beaches

These are real wild places. Before the first beach, it is quite difficult to get. It leads steep and uncomfortable trails. It should not be attended by people who do not have sports training. To the second beach the road is more comfortable. From the stop "Lighthouse" turn right. Next, go along a winding path, running between huge fragments of rocks.

The beaches at the navigation

they are located on the western side of the cape. These beaches are popular with jumping lovers in the sea. There are a large number of rocks here. Many tourists consider these places the best for fishing in the Crimea. The shore was sleeping by pebbles with large stones. Sunset is gently gentle, but caution should be exercised, since the bottom is stony. In this area there is another beach, however, he is paid. A comfortable road leads to it. On its territory also fall on the pass.

Sights of Cape Fiolent

Cape Fiolent (photo of rocks in the morning rays of the sun or at sunset look just fascinating) is famous not only with spectacular landscapes and a variety of beaches. Its surroundings are also located natural and man-made attractions that will be interested in all travelers. These objects are located next to each other. All local beauties can be visited in 5-6 hours.

Grotto Diana

Diana Grotto is a passage of the work in the form of an arc having a superwater and underwater part. It was formed under the action of winds and tides. An unusual natural monument is located on a small degree - Cape Lermontov.

The name is associated with the legend. Some historians believe that this place was sacred - in ancient times over the arch, there was a temple with marble columns of the Tavrician goddess of the Virgin, subsequently Greek Diana. In it served a priestess of infidencies. And in the depths of sea waters dumped victims.

The height of the surface of the grotto is 10 m. Under the arch depth of water is about 2 m. The width of the outlet 11-15 m. Here the sea is quite cold, because the sun's rays do not fall under the stone recess.

According to tourists, a fantastic view from Karavella Beach opens onto Diana's grotto. Tourists get to it on yachts, boats or rubber boats. Here they love divers, as well as dive and swim fans of an extreme view.

The monastery at Cape

It is believed that the Holy George male monastery was founded in the X century., Or maybe earlier. Although, according to historians, the exact date of its occurrence is unknown. However, it is already mentioned in the Genoese records of the XV century.

The first time a detailed description of the monastery was the Polish Chronist M. Bronvorsky back in the XVI century. The legend storys that in 891 the ship of Greek navigators suffered a crash from the Fiolent. The ship fell into a strong storm. He was taken right on the stone cliffs. Sailors began to pray George the victorious, and the storm gradually subsided. Later on a separate cliff, they found the find - the icon of this saint.

Then as a sign of gratitude to the sailors first founded the church in the cave at Cape, and later built the abode of stone. She was the center of Orthodox life during the period of Crimean Khanate and during the Middle Ages. She was visited by Russian kings. Well-known people visited it, for example, A. S. Pushkin, I. S. Bunin, A. P. Chekhov. The abode has always been valid. Later, the vintage buildings were restored. From the complex on the Yashmovy Beach leads a long, manually folded staircase in 800 steps.

Rocks Orest and Pill

Two stone blocks, standing in the sea pretty close to each other, are located 80 and 135 m from the coastline. They usually make their dive divers. They are associated with another legend.

Orest and seal for legends of Greek mythology were close relatives who came to the Crimea (Tavrid). From the Temple of the Virgin, they had to paint the statue of Artemis to return her to their homeland. However, barbarians grabbed young people and led to this temple to sacrifice the goddess. The infidenation served here was their tribesman. She decided to save at least one of the young men, giving them to decide who should die.

The young men began to root to argue. Everyone inferior to another right to life. The priestess inadvertently overheard their conversation and found out that they both are her relatives. The girl is solved by saving both and runs away with the Greeks, naturally, taking the statue of Artemis. Greek gods helps them safely reach the shores of Eldlas. Their history symbolizes eternal and unworthy friendship. Later, Pushkin mounted in his verse.

Georgievsky Park

Cape Fiolent (photo of the park and pictures of stunning views of the sea, opening from his sites, make travelers here, like a magnet) Every year it becomes more convenient for recreation. Most recently, a new square was built on the top of the cape. The territory located next to the monastery was reconstructed and equipped in 2019. Recreation park was made on the site of the former wasteland. The pavilions were rebuilt here, equipped benches, put benches.

To the monastery, the road was made of decorative tiles. The edge of the cliff had reliable fence. They made two separate passages that lead to the Yashmey Beach.

In the park equipped viewing platforms, installed species binoculars. In the center of the square equipped the covered cafe. The territory was made convenient for people with disabilities. Installed ramps, and selected areas for preferential parking. There is also a place where ordinary tourists can put cars.

Georgievskaya rock

is also called the rone of holy phenomenon. According to the legend, it was on her storm who threw the sailor vessel. Here they also found the icon of George the Victorious.

This huge stone boulder, located 140 km from Sushi. Now there is a cross on it. It is clearly seen from the observation deck of the monastery either from the Yashmey Beach. Extreme rest lovers get to it to jump into sea water.

Entertainment at Cape

In addition to beach holidays and swimming, there are popular and other entertainment, although they are not so much.


Cape Fiolent (photos of sea depths and their inhabitants look just fantastically) a paradise place for divers. Water from rocky cliffs is clean and transparent, and underwater landscapes are fabulously beautiful.

Popular plots of dives:

End of CapeNext to its tip, there is a small depth cave. Its width about 2 m. She gradually narrows and becomes smaller. At the very end there is a siphon. It has a dry laz that leads up. Depth 120 cm.
Diana grottoHuge through grotto in the rock. He is interested in his vegetation. Under the arch depth of water 2 m, and around it it reaches 12 m. Near the day there are the remains of a sunken traveler.
Rocks Orest and Pilate2 Separately standing rocks are located near the shore. The maximum depth of their base is more than 11 m. In a larger cliff, there is a grotto, through which you can swim. Around the set of large stones. Between them loves to frolic fish.

Service price:

Immersion Cost / rub.
Program for divers having a certificate (it turns on the equipment: Bot, cylinder, loads), guide services
1 time per day2 500
2 times in Day3 500
3 times a day4 500
3 days10 000
5 days16 000
7 days20 000
Night3 500
For people having a specialization
Nihgte Diver, surcharge 400 rubles. For a balloon 12 l
Check Diver2000
SCUBA Review3000

Place on the boat costs 1000.00 rubles. per person.

price of rental for a complete set of equipment:

Number of days Price, rub.


  • +38 295 220 4859;
  • Skype 648 537;

Detailed information can be found on the website: http // DiveLife_IN_UA /.

There are other travel firms in Sevastopol that organize diving training and scuba diving on the Phiolent, for example:

Organizations, address Phone
"Blackseadivers" - Dive Center

Index: 299042, Sevastopol, ul. Marble, 17.

7 (978) 730 09 80,

730 10 07

Firm "A-Ah!"

Fiolentan highway, 98

7468 13 80


Many fans of active recreation attract Travels along Cape Fiolent. They are performed on high-speed lung boats. In Crimea, there are many firms providing closed and open kayaks. They also organize tours on this type of water transport.

Company name, address Code Phone website
Yeti Kayak in Balaklava7 (978)75 008 67Yeti_kayakru
"Black Sea Kayak", the base is located in Partenit, Blue Bay of Sevastopol78 333 98Blackseakayak_ru
Aloha, based in Gurzuf7 (985)615 50 04, 253 05 54Vk_com/ gurzufkayak

Company name Address Phone Tour cost, rub.
"Turnado"Balaclava8 (978)

023 22 25,

111 04 20

1 890


1 323


Tourist group Shabanov8 (978) 033 72 11,

026 73 06

Call from 09:00 to 20:00

1 200

1 800


Ropejumping - jumping from rocks with a rope - is quite a popular entertainment for fans of extreme sports and thrills.

All details can be found by phone: 8 978 78 44 630.

Price: 1200–6300 rubles. The cost varies depending on the height and number of jumps at a time.

Give Everything Company:

  • Phone: 8 978 966 06 36.
  • Website: http:/podarivse_com/.
  • Price: 2650 rubles.

Website: B-TUR_RF:

  • Phone: 7 978 806 74 85.
  • Price: 3,500 rubles.


The Griffin-Tour company organizes excursions to Cape Fiolent. Travel is booked by phone: 7 987 515 08 88. E-mail address: [email protected]_ru.

Options for recreation on the cape

Cape Fiolent, whose photo is often published in tourist booklets, cannot boast of an abundance of hotels and hotels. They are not in close proximity to the beaches, since most of it protrudes into the sea and is located on a hill. And volcanic rocks are unstable, so next to it it is impossible to build hotels. From the nearest housing to the coast are usually 15-20 minutes.

Accommodation can be rented from local residents. One-room apartment by the day will cost 800 rubles. And in modern hotels, good apartments cost from 3,000 rubles. Prices are for April 2021

There are many horticultural associations in the vicinity of Fiolent. Many summer residents rent their houses to tourists. They also convert them into guest houses, mini-hotels, boarding houses.

Guest house "Inzhir"

The hotel is located in a holiday village.

  • Phone: 7 (978) 827 38 16.
  • Hotel website: http //ingir_biz/.
  • Price: from 1400 rubles. per day.

The hotel has standard rooms for 2-4 guests. There are double options. The apartments are equipped with TVs and refrigerators. They have separate bathrooms.

From the guest house to the sea 200 m. It has its own private beach. Tourists are given the keys to the gate.

Catering is organized on request. There is a kitchen where you can cook your own food. On the territory there is a dining room, barbecue, sauna. There is a terrace for relaxing. To the sea 10 min. on foot.

Guest house "Golden Apricot"

Address: SC "Tsarskoye Selo".

  • Phone: 7 (987) 710 62 27.
  • Hotel website: http: //zolotoyabrikos_ru/.
  • Price: from 2500 for 1 day.

The mini-hotel has 11 rooms of the category:

  • “standard”;
  • junior suite;
  • "luxury".

The establishment also has a family cottage, designed to accommodate 6 people at once. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, TVs, air conditioners. Guests can enjoy free wireless internet.

The mini-hotel has:

  • gym;
  • swimming pool;
  • sauna;
  • billiard room.

Meals are also included in the room reservation fee. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be ordered additionally. At the request of the guests, the administration can arrange a small celebration on the territory of the hotel. There is a transfer service from / to the airport of Sevastopol. Pets are allowed.

Vesta Guest House

This is a private boarding house of increased comfort. The room can accommodate 2-3 guests. Within the territory of the hotel there are flower beds, there are gazebos. They are decorated in antique style. And also there is a small restaurant like a banquet hall. It is decorated with a fireplace. The apartments include all amenities.

The hotel offers guests to visit:

  • heated pool;
  • sauna;
  • billiards.

The hotel administration organizes:

  • horse riding;
  • paragliding;
  • air tours.

800 stairs to the sea. The boarding house has low prices, although the entertainment program is quite rich.

  • Phone: 7 (978) 888 65 95.
  • Address: Fiolentovskoe highway 220, 1.
  • Price: from 1700 rubles. per day.

Hotels near Cape Fiolent

The nearest hotels near Cape Fiolent are located in the city of Sevastopol.

Guest house "Two Lighthouses"

Address: Cossack Bay, st. Lyudmila Bobkova 1/7. Phone: 8 (978) 146 03 33, 8 (800) 250 57 97.

The hotel has 1 and 2-room apartments. Additional places are also provided. Price: 400 rubles.

The ticket price includes breakfast, Internet access and TV. This also includes visiting the pool, playing billiards. Upon request, the property provides children's beds and chairs for a fee.

The hotel has its own dining room, where guests can also have lunch and dinner. Coffee and tea are offered free of charge. The hotel organizes a transfer at the request of customers. The rooms have air conditioning and heating system.

There is a gazebo, a barbecue area on the territory. The hotel has a conference room for various events. Near the hotel there is a parking lot, there is a stop.

  • Check-in time: from 14:00.
  • Check-out time: before 12:00.

The hotel offers tourists apartments of various comfort:

Class Number of rooms Price, rub. per day
Mini-room1From 2520
Standard1From 3150
Captain's1From 3240
Studio (with small kitchen)1From 3330
Family2From 4140

Delta Hotel

The cozy hotel offers tourists 15 modern comfortable rooms of varying degrees of comfort with all amenities and modern technology. There is a TV, refrigerator, free internet. Guests have access to a communal kitchen equipped with a kettle and cutlery.

Free services:

  • taxi call;
  • wake up at a certain time;
  • iron, ironing board;
  • daily room cleaning;
  • playground;
  • soundproof rooms;
  • first aid kit;
  • 24-hour front desk.

The hotel provides excursion services and transfers for an additional fee. The hotel has a cafe with a children's menu. Drinks and packed lunches are charged separately.

  • Address: Sevastopol, st. Repina, 15.
  • Phone: 7 938 699 79 21.
  • Price from 2500 rubles. per day.

Sport Hotel

The hotel is located in the center of Sevastopol. The number of rooms is represented by 7 types of apartments. There are rooms for non-smokers and couples. All of them are equipped with functional furniture and home appliances. There is free Wi-Fi.

  • Address: st. Pozharova, 27 / st. Chertsova, 2.
  • Phone: 7 859 485 00 17.
  • Price: from 2000 rubles. per day.

Cape Fiolent is a charming and beautiful corner of Crimea. This delightful monument of nature, captured in photographs, attracts many travelers, promising adventure and an unforgettable vacation.

Video about Cape Fiolent

Cape Fiolent is a very popular place among vacationers: