Cairns, Australia. Attractions, photo and description, map, what to see

Australian Cairns is the leading metropolis of the northeastern part of the mainland and one of the main seaports. The sights of the city, among which the Great Barrier Reef occupies the main place, are unique natural objects included in the list of new wonders of the world protected by UNESCO.

Where is the city located

Cairns, Australia, (the sights of the city combine the unique creations of nature and human labor) - a city that has grown from a small seaside village inhabited by aborigines.

Over time, the cozy bay, first noticed by D. Cook, was transformed first into a transshipment base located between the tin mining sites and the seaport, and then into a sugar cane processing center.

Since the opening of the railway and the development of agriculture, a small seaport named after Governor W. Cairns has gradually turned into one of the largest cities in Australia (second only to Sydney and Melbourne in size).

Modern Cairns is a large, bustling metropolis, annually hosting thousands of tourists seeking to visit the unique natural attractions of the city, among which the Great Barrier Reef stands out in particular. Cairns is located in the northeastern part of the mainland, on the coast of the Coral Sea.

The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, offering its guests:

  • picturesque places for walking;
  • water activities;
  • tropical zoos;
  • a unique wild botanical garden;
  • rich nightlife;
  • great opportunities for a variety of shopping

Cairns has an international airport that receives regular domestic flights and airliners from Singapore, Japan, New Zealand. You can also get to the city by rail or highways connecting Cairns with Queensland, Townsville.

From the railway or bus station, it is easy to get to any city by taxi. The cost of one trip here varies from 7 to 15 dollars. USA and takes about 15-30 minutes.

Weather, the best time to travel

Cairns, Australia (see the sights of the metropolis below), is located in the eastern part of the Cape York Peninsula, crossed by the valleys of the Mulgrave and Barron rivers, and is characterized by hot tropical climate.

Tropical showers and cyclones dominate the city from December to May. The abundance of rainwater here often causes rivers to overflow, causing flooding of highways and railway lines, thereby cutting off the city from the rest of the country.

From May to November, the tourist season opens, characterized by dry, warm weather. The average air temperature in summer does not fall below +25 degrees Celsius.

Religious buildings

Australian Cairns is a real paradise for lovers of nature and extreme tourism.

The shores of Cairns overlook a large barrier reef - the main attraction of Australia

The main attraction of the metropolis is considered to be the unique Great Barrier a reef that attracts millions of divers from all over the world to its depths.

Among the natural reserves, the Daintree Rainforest stands out, famous for its protected areas, cable cars and huge waterfalls, among which the majestic Barron occupies the main place.

Since 1997, a unique tourist complex Convention Center has been opened in the city, including a concert hall and an indoor sports arena.

Cairence has no natural beaches, as the waters of the Coral Sea basin are home to a huge number of crocodiles, sharks, sea snakes and poisonous jellyfish. For the convenience of guests, a huge lagoon is equipped in the central part of the metropolis, with snow-white bulk beaches and a sandy bottom. The depth of the pool is from 0.8 to 1.6 m, which makes it absolutely safe for both children and adults.

Near the Laguna, the Esplanade Park is located, offering city guests a walk, rollerblading or enjoying a picnic.

Natural attractions

Cairns, Australia (the sights of the city are included in the list of wonders of the world and are under the protection of UNESCO) is considered a unique place with a huge number of unique natural monuments:

Rainforest Daintree

Huge tropical paradise, considered an ideal place for lovers of nature and extreme recreation. A UNESCO World Heritage Site Endless Woodland is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to a variety of Australian flora and fauna.

It is easy to move around the forest on your own, exploring cable cars and hiking trails leading to the main decoration of the park - Barrow Falls. Swimming enthusiasts can enjoy untouched sandy beaches, where it is so nice to sunbathe, meet sunsets and sunrises.

You can spend the night in the forest in tents. Those who do not like extreme tourism will like wooden houses, located in a small village in the middle of Daintree.

Great Barrier Reef.

A unique natural site that annually attracts tourists from all over the world. Located between New Guinea and Australia, the coral garden is considered an ideal place to explore and study the life of the inhabitants of the deep.

In the waters adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, life can be observed:

  • a variety of coral formations;
  • reef sharks;
  • sea turtles;
  • whales;
  • parrot fish.

The unique natural site is under the protection of UNESCO.

Atherton Plateau

Part of the watershed range rising 600-1100 m above sea level. Previously, local tribes lived here, but after the conquest by Europeans, the Plateau became the famous agricultural center of Australia. Now it is a popular tourist route, offering its guests to relax in the wild.

At the service of tourists here:

  • boating;
  • walks on sandy paths past the beautiful crater lakes of Barrin and Icham, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • birdwatching;
  • beach holidays and swimming in clear water;
  • visiting limestone caves;
  • ballooning;
  • fishing.

Located in the Athertom Plateau, Lake Tinao is not only beautiful, but also famous for its water activities.

Fitzroy Island

A small area of ​​land located 30 km from Cairns. You can get to the island by ferry (40 min ride). The sandy landmass is surrounded by coral reefs and is famous for its pristine beaches and safe coastal waters.

About 97% of the island is occupied by the territory of national parks, representing a variety of ecosystems in which various representatives of the flora and fauna of the tropics live. There are no poisonous snakes on the island, and monitor lizards and pythons are considered the main predators here.

The most interesting museums

Cairns does not have a large number of museums, but the most visited exhibition centers in the metropolis are:

Cairns Museum

tourists about the construction and emergence of the city in the north-eastern part of Australia.

The museum's collection contains a large archival collection of photographic documents and exhibits, which tells:

  • about the life of the aborigines of the peninsula;
  • on the European occupation and the war with the local population;
  • on the extraction of sugarcane;
  • about local flora and fauna;
  • about the cultural heritage of the indigenous inhabitants of the metropolis;
  • about destructive tropical tsunamis and their consequences.
Opening hours
  • from 10:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday;
  • from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday and Sunday.
Admission fee
  • adult ticket - 15 USD. USA;
  • child ticket (up to 16 years old) - 6 USD. USA

Australian Museum of Military Equipment

A collection of various armored vehicles and artillery from 1800 to the present. The museum presents an exposition of a variety of weapons used in all world conflicts, but special attention is paid to the history of World War II.


In addition to inspecting weapons, guests of the exhibition center are offered:

  • ride on a personal armored carrier;
  • Visit the shooting gallery, and shoot from antique firearms.

Little tourists are allowed to be photographed in military uniform and participate in the recreating a real military battle.

Opening hoursdaily from 9:00 to 16:30, except for days of public holidays
Cost ticket
  • adult - 15 dollars. USA;
  • Children - 7 dollars. USA

Gallery of samurai

A unique museum telling about the history of the life of Japanese soldiers of Samurai, relating to the feudal class of the country of the Rising Sun, and Holy Code of Bouusido's loyalty code.

The museum presents the rarest artifacts of samurai culture, among which:

  • armor;
  • Katana swords;
  • Wakidzasi swords;
  • Japanese tanta knives;
  • Tsubi swords.
Opening hoursdaily from 10:00 to 16:00
Ticket costsAdult - 10 dollars. USA;

Children - 5 dollars. USA

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The art gallery of the Aboriginal Tropical Forests

3 art galleries created by a collector F. Nooravi, nourishing weakness to the art of aborigines living in tropical forests and Central Australia.

The fundamental population of the mainland did not have a written language, making up its laws and traditions and with the help of painting, dances and songs. F. Nooravi has repeatedly visited the central part of the country, establishing a connection with more than 150 Aboriginal artists, whose canvases are represented in the gallery halls.

In addition to the pictures, guests are offered to familiarize themselves with the rarest artifacts created by the hands of local tribes, distant from civilization. While visiting the gallery, tourists can purchase paintings or art objects.

Opening hoursfrom 10:00 to 16:00
Login Free

Eclectic Gallery of Contemporary Art

Exhibition halls offering guests to familiarize themselves and acquire a variety of figurines, paintings, jewelry made by local beginners or famous artists of Cairns working in abstract and surrealistic style. After inspection, guests can take away any art object they like, adding and decorating the interior of their home or office with it.

Opening hours10:00 to 16:00
Admission is free

Monuments and monuments

Cairns, Australia (the sights of the city are best explored on your own by renting a car or using the services of regular buses) rather poor to a variety of architectural monuments. While exploring the city, tourists will undoubtedly be interested in:

The old railway station

The railway station, built in 1984 as a tribute to the memory of the pioneers who laid the first railway to Kuranda in 1887-1891. The first railway station is now considered one of the sights of the city, offering its guests breakfast in restaurants stylized as railway cars, which offer a beautiful view of the mountains.


A military monument erected in memory of soldiers who died during the First World War. A monument depicting an artillery mount is located in the center of Cairns and is decorated with a memorial plaque.


The monument was erected in honor of the anniversary of the city and commemorates the first European sailors who landed on the coast of the north-eastern part of Australia in 1876.

Paronella Park

Ruined castle built by Spanish immigrant H. Paronella, 120 km from Cairns. Initially, a luxurious building, with a beautiful garden with 7 million trees, and a brick master's house served as a favorite vacation spot for local residents.

On Saturdays, film screenings were held in the park, smoothly transforming after sunset into dance evenings. After acquiring a huge mirror ball, the park became a favorite place for wedding ceremonies.

The elements that destroyed the castle at the beginning of the 20th century caused serious damage to the park, but the owners who bought the natural object did not begin to carry out a full restoration, we will keep the original buildings damaged by the tsunami, which have become a favorite vacation spot for tourists

Modern objects, interesting to visit

Modern Cairns is a hub of night markets, luxury spas, boutiques and casinos.


Shoppers will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of goods presented in the central Cairns department store. Here guests can buy clothes from world brands at affordable prices, as well as just take a walk and drink coffee. Special attention should be paid to Luis Viton's boutique, offering to use the Tax FRI service to purchase brand clothing and accessories with large discounts.

Spa centers

Reds Day SPA at the Hotel Lakes Resort - the most luxurious spa, which is accompanied by guests of highly qualified personnel.Here you can enjoy any types of massage, visit wraps, make a pillingl with the help of marine inhabitants. The guests also provide for hairdressers and assistance to manicure specialists.

Port Douglas

The most famous suburb of Cairns, located 70 km from the city center. Port Douglas, offers to enjoy an extensive cultural program, magnificent shopping and beaches. Every year in May, the carnival, which opens the parade, to which more than 10 thousand people participate.

in the entertainment October program of the city:

  • GO TROPPO art festival;
  • Music Festival "The Sunset in The Park Music Festival";
  • Beer Festival "Portobberfest".

In addition to the cultural program, the suburbs has a large number of golf courses and excellent conditions for marine fishing.


"Rusty's Market" - the main fruit and vegetable market of Cairns, which gives the opportunity to guests of the city to acquire a variety of tropical fruits of local production. Special attention deserves a tasting of freshly squeezed juice from sugar cane, carried out on the days of the market.

Visit Rusty's Market »You can:

on Fridayfrom 05:00 to 18:00
on Saturdayfrom 06:00 to 15:00
on Sundayfrom 06:00 to 14:00

Night Markets Night Markets are open daily from 18:00 to 00:00. Here, tourists can purchase a variety of souvenirs and local goods, among which products from sea pearls occupy a special place.

Guests can buy both separate pearls and jewelry from local producers. In addition to goods on the market, spas salons and cafes are constantly open, where you can make an inexpensive massage and try delicacies of local production. [300! For their young guests.

Esplanda Park

Located in the city center, the park is considered a great place for walking and rollerblading. Since swimming in the coastal bay of Cairns is very dangerous, a Lagoon with sandy beaches has been created in the center of Expland. The depth of the day here is from 0.6 to 1.8 m, which makes swimming safe even for the smallest tourists.

Near the Lagoon is Cairns' main playground, designed to entertain children from 1 to 10 years of age. There are many rides and a small fountain that sprays jets on running kids.


Australia is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna.

Cairns Zoo is a huge zoo located near the Palm Cofe beach. Here, children can not only get acquainted with various inhabitants of the tropics, but also stroke the animals they like. At the end of the walk, the young tourist will be presented with photographs taken in an embrace with a selected four-legged friend

Courant Aboriginal Village

A picturesque place located near the city of Cairns. The path to the village lies through wild tropical forests, which can be traveled by train or by cable car. The village itself is a habitat of Australian aborigines, where you can truly study the life and culture of wild tribes.

Not far from Kuranda are located:

  1. Rainforest, on the territory of which various representatives of the local fauna live. In the center of the forest there is an aboriginal study center, where a huge amount of information about the culture and customs of local tribes is collected.
  2. Bird park. Located in the village of Kuranda, a huge canopy gathered under its arches many feathered inhabitants of Australia, taking food directly from the hands of tourists. Birds are absolutely not dangerous, they easily sit on their shoulders and allow themselves to be stroked.
  3. Koala garden. A small zoo populated by kangaroos, koalas, porcupines.
  4. Butterfly hideout. A spacious tent, under which the most beautiful representatives of winged insects live.

6 days self-guided itinerary

Cairns is a relatively small city, great for self-exploration. You can move around the metropolis by regular bus or taxi. Travel time from the city center to any point does not exceed 15-30 minutes.

Route for independent travel.

Day 1.

  1. Walk around the city center. The central part of the metropolis is located on the shore of the bay. From the walking path, tourists have a beautiful view of the mountain peaks covered with tropical forests. You can not swim in the bay, due to the danger of the attack of crocodiles.
  2. Visit to the Park for Explore and Swimming Pool. In the center of the park, next to the bay, you can swim in an artificial reservoir with a sandy bottom. The depth of the lagoon varies from 0.6 to 1.5 m. Near the pool there is a playground with artificial jets of fountains, intended for games of children from 1 to 10 years.

Day 2.

  1. Walking along a cable car built in 1995. The length of the path is 7.5 km. The road passes over the tropical forests, canyons, river. From the middle of the way there is a beautiful view of Barrow Waterfall.
  2. Curanda village. The cable car in the village of Aborigines ends. Here you can get acquainted with the life of indigenous Australian tribes, visit the market and acquire souvenirs. For children will be interested in visiting 3 zoos (bird park, Koala Garden, Butterfly asylum), inhabited by various representatives of local flora and fauna.
  3. Railing trip. You can return home by the oldest railway in Australia, built in 1882 the trip passes along the edges of the tropical forests, the 21st bridge, 15 tunnels and the 93rd turns. During the way, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the tropical nature.

Day 3.

  1. Flying by helicopter. The trip will enjoy the beauty of the beauty of tropical jungle and a large barrier reef.
  2. A visit to the CAIRNS Central department store. Here you can visit the boutiques of world trademarks and acquire branded products by fairly democratic prices.
  3. Walk through the fruit and vegetable market. The market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 06:00 am and offers guests not only to acquire a variety of tropical fruits of local manufacture, but also to try fresh sugar cane syrup.
  4. Night market. The famous place in Cairns, starting work from 18:00 pm. Here traded a variety of souvenirs, including pearl products produced in the waters adjacent to a large barrier reef.

Day 4.

  1. Walk on the ship with enlightenment of Fitzpatrick Islands and Frankland and swimming in the coastal waters of the coral seaside.
  2. A trip to the Cairns Zoo zoo, where you can not only watch the life of tropical animals that are in wildlife conditions, but also photograph with the inhabitants you like.
  3. Gambling lovers should spend the evening at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino - the main game center of the city. Here you can play all kinds of automata, roulette and cards, dance and visit the bar.

Day 5-6

A trip to the green island and inspection of a large barrier reef:

  1. sail from the pier on the boat. Time on the way about 40 minutes.
  2. Arrival on a green island. It is worth spending a few days, stopping in one of the comfortable hotels. Tourists are also offered to lease wetsuit and snorkeling equipment.
  3. Walk on a boat with a transparent bottom. During the trip, you can see coral overgrown and familiarize yourself with the life of deep inhabitants.
  4. A visit to the crocodile zoo. The center is founded by the famous crocodile catcher and contains only reptiles that distinguished themselves to human life. Inspection of the park is not recommended for very impressionable people, since there are many information on the walls of the center with photos describing the successful hunt of the park's crocodiles per person. The oldest reptile Krakus lives in the aviaries, having a length of 5, 90 m, and designed by the biggest crocodile living in captivity.
  5. Diving Lesson. Tourists of beginners should dive with an instructor and not sailing from the coast further than 100-200 meters. During dive, it is possible to observe the life of underwater inhabitants, including huge sea turtles and a variety of exotic fish. At the berth, the naval of maritime residents is regularly conducted, which are sailing with small reef sharks that are not considered dangerous for humans.
  6. Rest. On the island there is a beautiful beach equipped with sun loungers. Fishing lover can additionally order marine fishing on the fishways of a large barrier reef.


In Cairns, many hotels offering spacious hotel rooms or apartments for guests of the city.

Vision Apartments5-star hotel, located in the city center. The hotel offers its guests, stops in fully equipped furniture and appliances with kitchen and balcony. For services of living:
  • 2 swimming pools;
  • Sun loungers;
  • sauna;
  • Fitness Center

The hotel is located 100 meters from various restaurants and bars of the city and 8 minutes walk from the seaport.

from 13000 rubles. per day
Waters Edge Apartment CairnsLuxury apartments near the Big Barrier Reef. The decorated minimalist-style rooms are fully furnished, and have a kit needed for cooking with 2 bathrooms, hydromassage and visualistic equipment. Additional services include laundry and ironing.from 16,000 rubles. per night
Edge Apartments Cairns4-star hotel located 200 meters from Explanda. Offers its travelers to stay in spacious rooms with a plasma TV and a microwave. On the territory of the complex there are:
  • 2 swimming pools;
  • free parking;
  • a recreation area with a barbecue.
from 8,000 thousand rubles. per night
Hides HotelModest hotel, without modern renovation, suitable for a short stay. It offers tourists a large outdoor swimming pool. Located 10 minutes from the center of Cairns.from 3500 rubles. per day
YAL Cairns - A Motel that makes a difference2-star motel built 2.7 km from Cairns. It features large spacious air-conditioned rooms, its own fitness center, swimming pool and barbecue area. For lovers of water entertainment, equipment rental is provided.from 2700 rubles. per night
Mad Monkey Backpackers Village2-star hotel with a modern design renovation. The beautiful rooms are equipped with a plasma TV and air conditioning. The hotel has its own swimming pool and fitness center. Bicycle rental is available.from 700 rubles. per day

Where to eat

Cairns is known for its exotic national cuisine, among which fruit wine and vodka made from cane sugar stand out. Tourists also pay tribute to the varieties of coffee grown on local plantations.

Among the fashionable restaurants:

  • Tamarind, specializing in Australian cuisine;
  • Italian establishment Villa Romana Trattoria offering guests a meal prepared according to Mediterranean and Australian recipes;
  • Coco's Restaurant, a place where you can taste a variety of seafood dishes;
  • Golden Boat Chinese Restaurant; Prawn Star, a vegetarian and seafood restaurant.

The average bill for dinner here starts at $450. USA. Less demanding tourists prefer to eat in inexpensive eateries and cafes located in any part of the city.

How to get around

The metropolis is considered one of the main transport hubs in Australia.

There are:

  • important highways;
  • railway station;
  • seaport;
  • international airport.

All types of public transport operate in the city. Guests of Cairns can easily rent a car, or use regular buses that deliver to anywhere in Australia. The price of the trip varies from 7 to 15 dollars. USA.

Australian Cairns is considered a favorite vacation spot for extreme sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs of water activities. The main attraction of the city - the Great Barrier Reef annually attracts millions of tourists to the metropolis, seeking to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world and spend their holidays on the shores of the warm Coral Sea.

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