Cableway Ai-Petri, Crimea. Prices, photos, reviews

At the same time, as a means of movement and pride, the cable car in Crimea from Mishor to Ai-Petri attracts many tourists from all parts World. Unique airspace transport allows not only to penetrate unforgettable sensations, but also admire local scenery from a bird's eye view.

The history of the cable car

Ai-Petri's cable car in Crimea is "air" bridge connecting one of the heights of Ai-Petri with the Yalta village of Mishahor. In total, the lift has 3 stations: the top of which is located at the peak of the mountain (there is an inspection platform there), the average - on half of the way (called "Sosnovy Bor"), the lower is located near Alupkin's highway in Coresis.

Additional convenience to access the cable car is the proximity of Antalya resort hotels, Vorontsovsky and Tatiana. Located near the park of the sanatorium "Sea surf" contributes to a pleasant stay after visiting the lift.

For hiking lovers, a Mishhors trail stretches along the cableway, repeating the entire air path.

The road itself, as a landmark, is not subject to, but, together with excursions on the ai-Petri, the exotic attractions and the picturesque neighborhoods of the Crimea constitute a single whole. It is believed that to visit the Crimea and not ride on the famous rope, it means to see not all of his sights.

Many tourists who wish to visit Ai-Petri use this opportunity to maximize. To look at all the beauty of the Crimean nature from different angles, they either climb over the "air" path, or descend. And the reverse or initial route is carried out on the passenger transport on the "serpentine" road. In this process, local taxi drivers are actively involved.

The history of the creation of the cowlery lasted 2 decades (since 1967), during which scientists had to solve many tasks about its installation and performance. One of the main problems facing the specialists was to find the optimal direction of the path.

Natural barriers in the form of rocks and high trees interfered with the laying of ropes, and it was forbidden to eliminate them, since Ai-Petri had the status of a protected zone. Applying any harm or damage to the environment in the area was excluded. But scientists still managed to achieve the goal and ensure the optimal pathway path, as well as to ensure the margin of safety on a large unless site.

Ropeway Ai-Petri

The construction of the "air" path ended by the end of 1987. And on December 31, the first descent took place. Its participants were members of the admissions commission who was convinced of the full reliability and safety of the design. The new object, due to its novelty, was greatly popular and immediately became a record holder on attendance.

How to get there?

To the bottom station of the cable car, located in Mishore to get easy. From the Yalta bus station in this direction, the bus is moving under No. 102. Its route ends with a stopping "Vorontsov Palace", but those who want to visit the rope must be released at the same name ("cable car").

To the upper point of the path, you can reach the "serpentine" road only on a passenger car, own or taxi.

Price and operation mode

Ai-Petri cable car in Crimea does not have a permanent and identical mode of operation, but adheres to the following scheme:

  • rise - 11.00 - 15.30;
  • Descent - 11 - 16.30.

This is due to many factors.

Their list and explanations are shown below in Table:

Factor Characteristic
WindEven despite the reliability and safety of the mole, the structure itself presents some limitations in its capabilities. So, on a unwinding portion, despite the quiet and windless weather, visitors in a fully loaded trailer "chatting". This is a natural and no threat action. But, if the windy weather comes or the winds are possible, such a phenomenon can be dangerous for passengers. In this case, the work of the road stops, since the life of visitors for object workers is more expensive.
SeasonBeing meteo-dependent transport, the cable is often stopped in winter due to storm wind or poor visibility. Therefore, ski lovers do not always manage to get to the top of ai-petri air.
The duration of the daylightis also an important factor affecting the number of flights of the canteens. In the summer, there are much more of them.
Weather conditionsDue to the fact that the upper station of the cable car is 1150 m higher than the lower one, the weather conditions in the mountains are significantly different from their "brothers" in Alushta or Yalta. Therefore, tourists who have arrived on vacation are advised to first familiarize themselves with the weather forecast for the near future, as well as find out about the work of the road by calling +7-978-109-58-09, +7-978-278-32-59, +7- 3654-72-32-42 or through the official website: kanatka.

The cable car also has no days off. But every year, in the same period (March), it is closed for maintenance work, maintenance and preparation for the flow of tourists.

When planning a visit to the cable car, it must be taken into account that the last run of the trailers is downward.

The cost of travel along the “air” route from Koreiz to Ai-Petri is significant. It is several hundred rubles, depending on the tourist season. The price of an adult ticket is at least 400 rubles. Children under 6 travel free of charge, but schoolchildren will have to pay half the cost of an adult ticket.

They can be purchased only at two stations, the upper one (Ai-Petri Plateau) and the lower one (Miskhor). Upon presentation of the tickets, the controllers board the passengers in the trailer. At the middle station "Sosnovy Bor", under the control of group leaders, tourists are transferred from one trailer to another.

Before the interchange station "Sosnovy Bor" it is necessary to keep the purchased tickets, as their availability is checked again.

On the recommendation of local residents and experienced tourists, it is better to immediately purchase a return ticket. This is especially true at the peak of the influx of visitors. It is during this period that queues accumulate at the box office, and it is often difficult to buy a ticket back before the end of the road. A ticket bought in advance gives a full guarantee to return to Miskhor.

The rest of the passenger's action during the journey is complete obedience to the leader of the group and the fulfillment of his requirements.

Features and characteristics of the cable car

The cable car to Ai-Petri from Koreiz in the Crimea is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest suspension unsupported road in all of Europe. Moreover, for all its existence and the transportation of passengers, not a single accident has happened.

The length of the "air" path reaches 3 km, of which 1700 m is an unsupported gap. The height difference between the ends of the road Ai-Petri and Miskhor is 1150 m. Depending on the section of the rope, its angle of inclination is different. On an unsupported path, it has a value of 49°. This value is also considered unique in its kind. The speed of the trailer along the rope is 6 m/s.

Although the quality of the built module was at the highest level, over time it demanded significant amendments. So, in 2013, in addition to preventive measures in the operation of the engines, the replacement of trailers, a major overhaul was carried out, providing for the replacement of the rope throughout the entire degree of road.

It was manufactured in Austria, by special order, taking into account the specific climatic conditions of the Crimea. According to the requirements of the object, the cable should have ensured enhanced security and reliability during long-term operation. The replacement of the rope was a very difficult operation, since all measures should be respected to the protection of a protected environment. But thanks to the knowledge and experience of specialists, the task was performed at a high level.

Currently uninterrupted operation and security provide 120 employees. Among them:

  • Mechanics,
  • Repairmen,
  • Services,
  • Conductors,
  • Tourist executives Group.

Their coordinated and conscientious daily work eliminates the emergence of faults and accidents.

Security measures and behavior rules

Ai-Petri's cable car in Crimea is considered the safest "air" way, since it provides a very strict daily security protocol before starting work.

For both the facility personnel and visitors, a number of security requirements have been developed, which must be respected by absolutely all to avoid trouble and injury during the trip.

General safety rules are:

  • ban on landing in the carriage with weapons (even with permission), gas cartridges (including tourist for ignition tiles), pesticides, glax dishes;
  • The entrance to the trailer is not allowed to passengers in bath accessories or topless;
  • Passengers with animals are not allowed to land;
  • both on the territory of the stations and in the trap itself it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, smoking and eating;
  • Strictly monitor the number of visitors in the trailer. They should not be more than 40 people. An insignificant no one is allowed. The advantage is fraught with a serious security threat.

The rules have a certain gradation, which consists in compliance with individual requirements by some categories of people.

These include:

  • of individuals experiencing fear of height, manifested in varying degrees. Before the trip, it is recommended to approach your state with a special thoroughness to your state and possibly change the "air" path on earth.
  • People exposed to ignition or too sensitive to pressure drops, noise in the ears arising from the rapid lifting of the trailer. Such passengers are recommended to be revealed with special lollipops or tablets to facilitate the status during the trip.
  • Small children who first visiting the cable car. In most, the kids calmly tolerate the rise or descent, but despite this, parents recommend pre-test the reaction of children on the ferris wheel or a children's rope station located in Yalta.

The description of the route

The rope road of Ai-Petri in Crimea begins with the bottom station Mishor. For 1300 m, this section has 2 supports with a height of 18 m and the minimum lift angle. Overcoming the specified distance, the cabin with passengers rises only to 200 m.

The trailers at this stage of movement practically does not pump and the impression is that it freezes in the air. It offers an extraordinary spectacle to the forests and vineyards located under it. At this moment, the audience receive an extraordinary feeling of flight and relaxes.

Having reached the middle of the road, in the "Pine Bor", all tourists are transplanted into the same type of trailer with re-checking tickets. From this place the extreme rise in the unless road section begins.

On the remaining cut, the cabin speed increases slightly, since the angle of the lift becomes cooler. For 1700 m, the height is 950 m. During the movement in the second half of the road, the trailers are slightly swing, but it is a completely natural and permissible phenomenon. To eliminate inconvenience at this time, all passengers experiencing discomfort are recommended to take appropriate funds.

The view that opens in this section of the path has a wider horizon and creates a unique impression. Due to the increased speed and the large angle of lifting it seems that there is ahead of the standing rock quickly and irrevocably moves directly on passengers in the trailer.

It is so strong that many can give in to panic fear. Therefore, the employees of the modules recommend people having a similar phobia, to pre-observe the movement of the cabins and make sure the safety paths.

When lifting at substantial speed, carefully consider and explore the intricate relief of the mountains of Ai-Petri is very difficult. But on the descent, a wonderful panorama of the Gurzuf coast, marine glands, vineyards and forests opens the visitor's eyes.

Filming or photographing beautiful landscapes from trailers is not prohibited, but it is not so easy to do this in a crowded space. Lucky for those who managed to settle down at the window or front door.

After the descent or ascent, the leaders of the groups give tourists a little time to sit and rest in order to recuperate, to come to their senses after an extraordinary movement along the cable car.

Excursions to Ai-Petri with a lift on the cable car

peaks of Ai-Petri. Having reached the upper plateau, many passengers, on their own or accompanied by the leader of the excursion group, go to the so-called "teeth" of the mountains, visit the Geophysical, Yalta caves.

Also in one of the mountains there is an Ice Cave, also called Three-eyes), inside of which there is a lake with fresh water. Its vaults and ceiling are dotted with incredible stalactites. Historians suggest that this place was used by the ancient inhabitants as a refrigerator. It was there that all the prey caught during the hunt was stored. Those who climbed Ai-Petri on the first flights of the cable car can have time not only to see local sights, but also to walk along the walking trails of the surroundings.

Also on the territory of the upper station there are food shops, restaurants, cafes, stalls with numerous souvenirs and gifts. Therefore, none of the visitors will be deprived of high-quality service.

In addition to visiting significant places on the Ai-Petri plateau, tourists are also offered to try outdoor activities in the form of paragliding, jeep riding, horseback or quad biking, and many other excursion programs.

Thrill-seekers have the opportunity to test their fortitude on a suspension bridge. It is stretched between two "teeth" of Ai-Petri over a deep abyss. It should be noted that the bridge consists of a rope and in the presence of windy weather it shakes significantly. Before the trip, with the daredevils, experts conduct the necessary safety briefing and attach a safety rope.

The peculiarity of the cable car is that it can be used by anyone without restrictions, as well as services at the stations. Therefore, experienced travelers do not spend their money on the services of an escort or tour operator. They themselves are well versed in maps and navigate the terrain. But for beginners, such nuances can be difficult. Then you can’t do without a guide or a group leader.

You can also order an excursion, which will initially involve going up by cable car with sightseeing. In this case, everything must be known in advance. Having issued such an excursion, tourists will not have to worry about buying tickets for the cable car, finding interesting places and everything else. All organizational issues will be taken over by the organizers of the tour.

If tourists use the cable car only to go up or down one way, and walk the rest of the way, they also have something to see. One of the most noteworthy places in the vicinity of Ai-Petri is the Wuchan-Su waterfall. It is considered the highest and has a height of 98.5 m. It should be noted that it is better to visit it in the autumn or spring season, since it almost always dries up in summer, and periodically freezes in winter.

The next stop might be the Silver Gazebo. It is considered a beautiful and romantic place due to the fact that during autumn, winter and spring it is covered with frost, which sparkles in the sun and gives the impression of silver.

Tourists who at least once tried to ride the cable car from Koreiz to Ai-Petri in the Crimea do not remain indifferent. They strive to experience unforgettable sensations again and again, as well as to get acquainted with the magnificent beauties of the Crimean environs from a bird's eye view.

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