Bulgarian beaches for families with children. Photo, description, where on the map

Bulgarian beaches - National Wealth of the country, which is interesting to its extraordinary color, traditions and culture, goodwill of local residents, democratic prices and climatic conditions.

Weather in Bulgaria

Bulgaria beaches stretched for many kilometers along the sandy Black Sea coast. The climate of the Bulgarian south, protected from the north of several mountains, is similar to subtropical and partially on Mediterranean. Winter in this part of a countryless country, spring short, autumn rainy. Summer is very roast, it comes here a month earlier the calendar period.

The best time for a beach holiday is July and August. You can sunbathe from the end of April, swim - from mid-June. "Golden Autumn" lasts 2-3 weeks in the first autumn month. From November comes calm. The sun in this part of Bulgaria shines more than 200 days a year.

The average temperature of water and air, the amount of precipitation:

month air temperature during day water temperature county, mm
January+ 5+ 546.3
February+ 6+ 642.9
Mart+ 9+ 846.7
April+ 14+ 1052.4
May+ 19+ 1553.2
June+ 24+ 1953.3
July+ 27+ 2239.8
August+ 26+ 2339.2
September+ 23+ 2132.6
October+ 18+ 1739.9
November+ 13+ 1150.7
December+ 7+ 749.0

Summer is the most ideal time to relax in Bulgaria.

Top best beaches of Bulgaria

Beaches of Bulgaria - the best place for family holidays. Many of them have a blue flag - confirmation of purity and safety.

Top best Bulgarian beaches:

Name Location Note
Sunny Beach35.6 km from Burgashas a blue flag, ideal for children
Golden Sands18 km from Varna, near Natural Parkhas a blue flag, suitable for parents with children
Pomoriebetween Burgas and Nessebar, near the medical lakehas a blue flag, conditions For children's mud
Albena32 km from Varna, near the reservehas a blue flag. For a family vacation
Irakli15 km from Sunny BeachFor a secluded vacation
Sinemorets11 km from the Turkish borderFor family holidays
Bolata14 km from Kavarna near the village of BulgarevaFor a quiet holiday
Cocoa BeachIn the resort of Sunny BeachIdeal for children and young people
PrimorskoNot far from Tsarevo and SozopolFor families with children
VarnaNear the Seaside GardenFor children of different ages
St. Constantine and HelenaNot far from VarnaFor families with children under 4
Rezovo11 km from the resort of SinemoretsFor a relaxing holiday with children
Dyuni39 km from BurgasSuitable for children
Kavatsite3 km from SozopolWith children from 12 years old
Shkorpilovtsi40 km from VarnaHolidays with children

Sunny Beach

The beaches of Bulgaria are places by the sea where you don't want to leave. The coast of Sunny Beach is one continuous sandy beach 100 m wide and about 15 km long. The bottom is smooth, the depth of the sea is shallow. Entrance to the beach is free. There are no closed areas, there are landscaped areas with paid umbrellas and sunbeds. Toilets on the beach are paid. There is a rescue service that notifies you of the possibility of swimming in the sea. She also monitors the weather and the state of the beach area, which is distinguished by its cleanliness and safety.

Bulgarian beaches, one of the best is Sunny Beach.

You can only have a bite to eat in numerous cafes. It is not customary to bring your own food.

The beach is always crowded. Young people and older people rest here; there are a lot of families with children for whom playgrounds and attractions are provided. Young people have fun in karaoke bars, discos and club parties. During the day, you can take spa treatments, relax in Turkish baths. Catamarans or water scooters, paragliding behind a boat, boating and yachting are popular. There are many comfortable hotels along the entire line of the beach.

The following can be included in the Top 5 based on customer reviews:

  • Boutique Apart Hotel Versis.
  • Royal Palace Helena Park.
  • Helena VIP Villas and Suites.
  • Royal Palace Helena Sands.
  • Helena Sands.

The beach Sunny Beach is away from lively highways and ranks first line in the ranking of the country.

Golden Sands

Beach zone width from 50 to 100 m stretched along the entire resort of golden sands by 3.5 km. The golden color is covered with fine grained sand, it emphasizes the justice of the name of the most popular resort of Bulgaria. It seems that this is one big beach.

In fact, several of them are distinguished by several:

  • central.
  • "Mojito".
  • "Riviera".

They differ in different colors of beach equipment. The entrance to the beaches is free. However, the entire beach area is 90% forced by sun loungers with umbrellas that belong to hotels or private owners. For their rent must pay. Free zones are indicated by a special sign and are behind the rows of chairs. The depth of the sea increases dramatically, which complicates rest with children. All beaches have standard infrastructure, each has its own cafe. Wide opportunities are to relax on water and on land. For children, a variety of entertainment is also provided.

Popular hotels near beach zone:

  • "Moon".
  • "Golden Line".
  • "Palm Beach".
  • "Atlas".
  • Riviera.
  • "Admiral".

Golden Sands are a very popular resort of Bulgaria, tourists of all ages from many countries of the world are resting here.


in the resort Pomorie has more than 5 equipped beaches, several reinforced concrete sites with a ladder ladder in water. The beach in the southern part attracts its modern view and equipment. Its width comes to 300 m, length - up to 1 km. Sand on the bottom and convenient descent to water ensure the safety of children's swimming. American beach with a length of about 200 m is located in the old part of the resort. It is covered with a mixture of sand and sewer, has a sandy bottom and a steep entrance to the water.

Eastern and central beaches of the resort are 2 km of continuous strip of sand, separated by embankments from stones into several parts. The beach is environmentally friendly, has a blue flag. The bottom is sandy, the entrance is flat. Sand of a grayish color, in places passing into black. All the beaches of the resort Pomorie have a developed infrastructure, modern equipment and opportunities for various types of water sports. Much attention is paid to the organization of children's rest. There are conditions for mud, as there is a medical Pomorian lake nearby.

Best hotels in Beach Zone:

  • Sunset Resort.
  • Grand Hotel Pomorie.
  • Festa Pomorie Resort.

Pomorie Resort is popular with families with children, especially with those who need treatment and rehabilitation.


Albena is exclusively a resort area with a developed tourist infrastructure. It is located in the reserve 30 km from Varna. The comfortable wide beach stretched out 5 km. It is covered with small golden sand, sandy bottom smooth. The sea in the beach is calm, warm, with a wide shallow water strip. Here it is good to rest with young children. Modern infrastructure provides a comfortable stay.

A number of public catering establishments, there are conditions for sports on water and on land. For recreation and entertainment, children have been created games for games and attractions. More than 40 hotels offer comfortable rooms for accommodation near the sea at prices calculated for people with different income levels.

The most popular among tourists:

  • Flamingo Grand Hotel & Spa.
  • Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel & Spa.
  • Hotel Malibu - All Inclusive.

Rest on the beach in Albena Like tourists regardless of their age and social status.


15 km from Sunny Beach in the Emine Reserve on an unwitting sand band Long for more than 3 km is Irakli Beach. The sea here is clean, however, sometimes water is cool.

The beach surrounds the nature untouched by man. In the north of the beach zone there is all the necessary infrastructure, resting numerous services for a comfortable stay. The rescue service works. In the southern part, tourists put tents or rest in campsite. There are no hotel facilities in the reserve.


Beaches in some places of the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea were not always available to foreign tourists. Sinegorian Country Resort is located in the village 12 km from the border with Turkey. For many years, it was closed for tourism part of Bulgaria. The resort was decorated with a natural park included in the environmental zone. The main beach has the infrastructure and conditions for an active holiday on the beach. The beach covers the sand mixture and pebbles, the entrance to the sea is safe.

The North Beach, located on the sandy spit at the mouth of the Vellek River, is considered the most beautiful, but has a minimum feature for guests. The choice of hotels in the village is Nelik. These are private hotels in several rooms. The resort is ideal for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday surrounded by magnificent nature. There are no bars or nightclubs here.


Bolata Bay is the pearl of the Bulgarian coast. It is located in the Kaliakra (Beautiful Cape) nature reserve, 14 km from the resort of Kavarna. The nearest settlement is located 5 km away from it. This place became known to a wide range of tourists after it was included in the TOP-100 of the most beautiful bays in the world. The bay is surrounded by unusual picturesque terracotta rocks. The 100 m wide beach stretches for 4.5 km and repeats the horseshoe-shaped contour of the bay. The sea around the beach is clean and calm. The coastal zone is covered with golden sand.

The entrance to the water is gentle, the depth comes gradually. The untouched corner of the protected nature is not littered with buildings, there are no amenities for vacationers. Umbrellas and sun loungers, water and food must be brought with you. There is a sports equipment rental, parking. The beach is accessible to tourists traveling in their own cars. It is convenient to go diving here. Popular boat trips in the waters of the bay, excursions to Cape Kaliakra, visits to caves with the remains of ancient settlements dating back to 400 BC. BC.

Cocoa Beach

Fashionable beach, named after a nightclub with musical parties, is located 2 km from Sunny Beach. The dune beach, 50 m wide and 8 km long, is covered with fine golden sand. The sea in this area is clean, flat bottom without stones and algae, shallow water stretches for tens of meters. Young people and couples with children like to relax here, as well as elderly tourists who are not afraid of the hustle and bustle.

The beach is open around the clock, admission is free, but there are also paid areas. There are showers, toilets and changing rooms on site. The paid area is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. There are conditions for practicing various sports. The beach is always full of tourists, despite the high prices. In the ranking of sandy beaches in Bulgaria, it takes an honorable 3rd place.


Primorsko is a young but quite developed resort in Bulgaria. In a small town in the south of the country, there are several spacious beaches stretching along the sandy coast of the bay with clear and warm water. For about 20 years, the resort's beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for safety and environmental friendliness. The Perla beach is protected from the shore by the greenery of the forest, stone piers save it from the waves. The sea here is calm and shallow. The infrastructure standard for Bulgarian beaches provides a comfortable stay and a variety of entertainment on water and land.

In the northern part of the resort in the protected area "Pearl Sand Dunes" there is another beach 40-50 m wide and 2.3 km long. It also has everything you need for a beach holiday: changing cabins, toilets, showers. There are trading establishments, a rescue service, a rental of equipment for water sports, attractions for children. The southern sandy area, 50 m wide and over 2 km long, with a long, shallow entrance to the sea, is ideal for a safe holiday with small children.

Right behind the beach and next to the sand dunes there are hotel complexes, among which tourists are popular:

  • Perla Royal Hotel.
  • Les Magnolias Hotel.
  • Perla Sun Park Hotel.

A young developing resort is suitable for a relaxing holiday for families with children and for lovers of solitude and silence.


The beaches of Bulgaria differ from each other in their popularity and popularity among tourists. Varna is the most famous Bulgarian resort. Magnificent beaches with golden sand stretch for tens of kilometers of the Black Sea coast in the city and in suburban areas. On Primorsky Boulevard in the city center, next to the Seaside Park, there is the impressive Central Beach of Varna. Clear sea, gentle entrance to the water, clean fine sand attract thousands of tourists here. Developed infrastructure allows you to relax in comfort.

Every tourist, regardless of age, will find entertainment to their liking here. Numerous cafes and nightly entertainment clubs and discos are never empty. For wealthy tourists there are paid VIP-zones. In the southern part of the Central Beach, next to it, there is a sports center with swimming pools and a SPA center with massage rooms, a sauna and a bath. Officer's beach is one of the most popular in Varna. Here, not far from the sea shore, there is a pool with healing hydrogen sulfide water.

Bunite Beach attracts tourists with a high European level of services provided and ample opportunities for recreation on the water. Varna has a huge number of hotels, inns and private apartments for every taste and income.

Most popular according to tourists:

  • INTERNATIONAIL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites.
  • Riviera Beach.
  • Hotel Perfect.
  • Hotel Orbita.
  • Graffit Gallery Design Hotel.

St. Constantine and Helena

The oldest resort in the country is located 20 minutes. drive from Varna. It is widely known for its healing hydrogen sulfide springs. Many diseases are treated here. The coastal sand zone with a length of 5 km is broken into small compact beaches, many of which belong to hotels. The sea in the resort area is clean, water has a turquoise tint, there are no stones and pebbles in the shallow sand. Quiet and peaceful vacation in combination with balneological procedures is suitable for everyone who cares about their health. It always rests many families with children and older people.

Hotels with the largest number of positive reviews of tourists:

  • SPA Hotel Pomance Spa.
  • La Casa.
  • Kristel.
  • Iris Apartments.
  • Hotel Hanat.


The Southern Beach, where the sea is warm until mid-October and the longest beach season in Bulgaria, is located in a small village of rubber not far from the Turkish border. The status of the cross-border zone explains the absence here is ordinary for Bulgarian beaches of infrastructure. Stony seats of the beach alternate with sandy.

The sea in this area is purest, the beach surrounds the magnificent nature, untouched by a man. Here quietly and calmly. Among the entertainment are available holidays on the beach, hiking and horseback rivers, fishing on the sea and on the river. Local residents are characterized by hospitality, they can be removed in an inexpensive accommodation at the time of rest.

There are also several small and affordable hotels in the village:

  • Guest House Rezvaya.
  • Villa Rezos.
  • Faina Guest House.


Dunes Beach is a cozy and very romantic place for a peaceful relaxing family with children and young couples. A free wide beach with small golden sand stretches for 4.5 km. The descent in the sea is gentle, safe even for young children. There are chaise lounges and umbrellas from amenities. The beach is guarded. It is surrounded by cliffs and pristine nature: coniferous forests and sand dunes. Air filled with aroma of nearby gardens. Vacationers can ride hydrocycles, water skiing.

There are opportunities for fishing, windsurfing, driving on yachts.

In the southern part of the beach there is a beach bar of La Mer Cocktail. At 7.5 km from the city of Sozopol, the closed resort area with fashionable hotels is intended only for meeting and accommodating guests. Marina Royal Palace and Sveti Toma hotels are especially popular.


On a huge sandy spit, 3 km from Sozopol in the protected area "Dune Cavacite" is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bulgaria. Wide, with clean golden sand, without stones and algae on the shore, the beach stretches for almost 2 km. It is surrounded by sand dunes and abundant green vegetation. The water is clear and warm, the entrance to the sea is convenient and safe. The municipal beach is free, but umbrellas and sun loungers will have to be rented for a small fee.

There is a sports equipment rental, water attractions, sports grounds, showers and changing cabins. There are several cafes and small shops on the territory. The safety of tourists is monitored by lifeguards on towers along the entire beach line. There are only a few hotels and campsites in the northern part of the beach, as construction near the protected area is limited.

Most famous:

  • Panorama Bay.
  • Green Life Beach Resort.
  • Serena Residence Aparthotel – All Inclusive.

Trains run from Sozopol to the beach, you can also use taxi services.


At the foot of the mountain range of the Balkans there is the village of Shkorpilovtsi, not very well known to a wide range of tourists. An ecologically clean place with several sources of medicinal water is 50 km away from Varna. Here stretches for many kilometers the longest and cleanest wide beach, surrounded by forests. Convenient gentle entry into the water goes deep into the depths. There are no strong currents in this area. The sandy coastal strip is conditionally divided into 2 zones. The central beach, 5 km long, is designed for a beach holiday with a minimum set of services.

Tents are allowed here, there is a campsite and small hotels, several restaurants and cafes. The rest of the territory is the state-protected Kamchia Sands, a great place to relax away from the benefits of civilization. There are several hotels and private hotels in the village. Many tourists prefer to stay in the 5 * Long Beach Resort & spa. The Bulgarian Black Sea beaches are a great option for vacationers, regardless of their age and marital status. Here everyone will find their favorite place where they want to come again and again.

Video about the beaches of Bulgaria

Top 5 best resorts in Bulgaria: