Brisbane, Australia. Attractions, photos, card, what to see in one day

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. It combines the modern style of the metropolis and the atmosphere of the colonial city. Next to the towering skyscrapers are ancient churches, and all the sights are surrounded by a large number of parks and squares.

Where is the city

Brissey, as the inhabitants affectionately call it, is the capital of one of the states of Australia, Queensland. The city is considered to be one of the most attractive places on earth to live. It is located in the east of the country, at the mouth of the Brisbane River, a few kilometers from its confluence with the Pacific Ocean, at the point where Australia's Sunny and Gold Coasts meet.

Brisbane (Australia), the attractions of which testify to the long history, was founded in 1824, but only in 1925 he received the status of a full city. Population during this time increased to 2 million people. Coordinates - 27 ° 28 'South latitude and 153 ° 01' East longitude.

20 km from the center are the terminals of the international and domestic airport, you can fly to the city with Japanese Airlines through Tokyo, Korean through Seoul, as well as Airlines of Emirates, through Dubai. Internal lines support a message with all major cities of Australia. From the airport to the city center there is a bus Airtrain, which departs every 15 minutes.

The price of a ticket is 18.5 Australian dollars, travel time is 25 minutes. In the city center there are main attractions, shops, parks. The center of cultural life, entertainment is located on the southern bank of the river. On the West Bank - the Boemy district, and the district of Forbitiud, in the river valley, acquired the fame of the most noisy and democratic place in the city.

Weather, the best time to travel

The climate in this part of Australia is similar to subtropical with a long season of rains, which lasts most of the year. In the period from July to September, the period of the dry season continues. For this time, warm days, cool nights are characterized, and often freezing at night.


The rains sometimes take the nature of the natural disaster when, due to the large number of precipitation, the Brisbane river comes out of the banks.

The average annual temperature maximum is 26 ° C, and at least 14.3 ° C. The hottest month is January, when the temperature can rise to 43 ° C, and the most favorable for rest months a year - from November to May. During this period there is no exhausting heat, precipitation falls infrequently.

The cult facilities

in addition to the Catholic faith, which is dominant, in Australia many other religions.

Saint John's Cathedral

The majestic building towers in the business center of the city, competing on beauty with its surrounding heights. The cathedral was laid at the end of the XIX century, and completed him the beginning of the present. Erected on the site of the oldest Anglican church of the beginning of the XIX century.

basalt and granite columns, stained glass windows give the building a majestic appearance. From the bell tower on which a narrow screw staircase leads, a beautiful view of the city opens. Located at: 373 Ann St. Cathedral is open to visit from 9:30 to 16: 0 daily.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

The first stones of the cathedral were laid at the beginning of the XIX century, on the day of memory of the Great Martyr Stephen. Construction lasted until the 20s of the last century. The cathedral is built in the spirit of modern Catholicism, decorated outside the window stained glass windows, the columns are lined with a tuff.

Inside the body is installed, accompanied by which you can listen to the chants of the male choir during the service. Address: 249 ELIZABETH STREET. Works from 8:00 to 18:00. By traveling by bus 118, 153, 162.

The Anglican Church of All Saints

is located on the street 455 MAIN ST in the historic part of the city. This is a small cozy church with a wonderful acoustics, in the premises of which is the oldest organ in the country.

Inside, it is possible to see picturesque stained glass windows of excellent work. On Sundays are organic concerts.

The most interesting museums

Brisbane (Australia), the attractions of which cannot be inspected in one day, today is a culturally significant city, carefully guarding his heritage.

The Queensland Museum

here are presented as temporary, so constant exposition. The main museum of the state is located on the southern coast, opposite the central business center, in the cultural center of Brisbane. In addition to the main platform, the museum is located on other thematic sites. The museum exhibits the exhibits that began to collect since 1862. Opening hours from 9:30 T17: 00, the entrance is free.

Maritime Museum

The largest museum in Australia Maritime Topics. Specifies since 1971. Here are the vessels of all sizes and forms, models of historic ships, navigation tools.

You can walk along the deck of military vessels, to visit the captain's logging, sailors of the sailors. The cost of visiting is $ 8 for adults and $ 3.5 for a child.

Monuments and Monuments

Brisbane (Australia), the attractions of which reflect the recent and distant history is a unique city in which the past and present live in harmony with each other.

Military Memorial on Anzac Square

Memory Monument or Kenotaf, built in honor of the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand killed in the military conflicts of the XX century. Located on Anzac Square. On the same street there are several more monuments dedicated to the soldiers of the Australian Army. The sculptural group dedicated to the medsens of the Second World War, a memorial on the wall "Temple of Memory" dedicated to the warriors of the First World War.

You can also see the sculptural groups dedicated to the soldiers, participants of the Vietnamese and Korean wars. Nearby is a memorial to the state of the state of Cleveland, who fought during the Second English-Board War of 1899-1902. The entire memorial complex on the square is listed as a National Treasure of Australia.

Statue of Queen Victoria

Designed by Thomas Brock, erected in 1906, located in King's Park.

Statue of George V

Located at the beginning of Brisbane City Hall.

Designed by Koller and Summerhayes, installed in 1938.

Monument to Tsiolkovsky

As a tribute to the Russian scientist, the monument was erected near the Brisbane Planetarium.

Architectural structures

There are many architecturally interesting buildings, monuments, monuments in the historical center, reflecting the past life of colonial Brisbane.

Central Railway Station

This is one of the surviving buildings of the 19th century, which today is the decorative facade of the modern station. Located on Ann Street.

The Old Mill

An old windmill can be seen in Wickham Park.

It was built by exiled convicts in 1824.

Regent Theater

The building of the cinema, preserved from 1929. It strikes with an abundance of interior decoration, beautiful painting, a majestic marble staircase.

Treasury building

A beautiful Renaissance building built in 1890. Located in Reddakliff Square.

Land Administration Building

It can be seen behind the Queen Victoria Monument. The building is in the Edwardian Baroque style. Construction began at the beginning of the 20th century.

Immigration Station

Built in 1865 on the site of the former city commandant. Settlers who arrived in Australia took shape within its walls.

Natural attractions

Brisbane seems to be created for lovers of flora and fauna. Here you can get great pleasure visiting parks, botanical gardens, zoos.

Botanical Garden

Founded in 1855, it is located in the bend of the Brisbane River, in the heart of the city. Many plants, trees, such as date palms, giant banyan trees, grow on its territory.

Opening hours: daily from 8:00 to 17:30 The entrance is free.

Alma Park Zoo

More than a hundred representatives of flora and fauna of Australia are represented on the area of ​​the zoo. The territory is a subtropical corner, ennobled with fountains, paths. Price per visit $37. Zoo address: Alma Park Zoo 18 Alma Road.

Beach of the Gold Coast

The city is located 70 km from the ocean, so you will have to get to the beaches either by car or by train. You can get to Golden Beach by train by GLKS train to the Surfers Paradise station. Great beach for swimming and surfing.

Lone Pine Tourist Zoo

Numerous animals, representatives of the fauna of Australia, are kept in large beautiful pens. You can chat with many, for example, pet koalas, take pictures with them.

The park is open from 9:00 to 17:00. Ticket price for adults is 36 Australian dollars, for children $ 22. It is located next to Jessmond Road.


Modern objects

Shops, numerous shopping centers are concentrated in the area of ​​the streets: Edward, Adelaide, Albert. Nightlife is in full swing in the City area on Queen St. Mall and on the first floors of high-rise buildings, where there are numerous terraces, dance floors, cafes.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

In operation since 1978, it is equipped with powerful telescopes with which you can admire the stars and nearby planets. The planetarium shows small performances dedicated to space.

Admission is free on all days of the week, from 10:00 to 16:00, except Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays open until 19:30. To visit the show, you will have to pay: adults $16, children $9.

Garden Theater

The theater hosts annual programs of professional theatrical productions, as well as student and children's theaters.

Sports complex of the Technological University

The complex includes a 50-meter swimming pool, many gyms, fitness facilities.

Goodwill Bridge

It consists of 2 structures - a pavilion and an arch. The pavilion is planned between the approach from the city and the arch and is located in the middle of the river.

The bridge was opened by Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Australia.

Interesting places for families with children

Australian Brisbane is attractive for tourists with children. In addition to ancient sights, there are many beautiful parks and entertainment centers.

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline – Macgregor

Here children can have fun, jump and play volleyball on trampolines, fight laser tag. For kids organized playgrounds, dry pools. Address: 544 Kessels Rd, open from 10:00 to 21:00. The cost of laser tag for 1 game is $12, mountain climbing is $18.

Entertainment Center Inflatable World

On a rainy day with children, you can go to the center of active inflatable entertainment. There are many inflatable attractions, playgrounds.

Address: 242 Preston RD. The cost of a visit from 8 to $ 15, depending on age. Entrance for spectators is free.

South Coast Park

The most visited and favorite place remains the park of the South Coast, where you can sunbathe, swim on a magnificent beach. Nearby are playgrounds, barbecue rooms. Here you can walk both on foot and cycling. There is a ferris wheel, various attractions.

Park zone works from 5 am and up to 12 nights. Located on the south coast of the Brisbane River. Here you can get, using free ferry Cityhopper, which runs every 30 min. From 6 am to midnight 7 days a week.

Ferry stops:

  1. Northern Embankment.
  2. Maritime Museum.
  3. Pierce needle Street.

You can reach the South Beach by bus that regularly leaves the Maritime Museum, the Gudville Bridge, the Cultural Center.

The route for inspection on its own 1-2 days

All central streets are named after English Queens: Anna, Adelaides, Margarita, Charlotte. They stop at right angles with streets that wear the names of kings: Edward, George, Alberta, William. The center of the historic part of Brisbane is the square of King George. It is better from it and start an independent inspection of the city.

On the first day you can walk down the street and inspect:

  1. The city hall with Brisbane Big Ben. This is the highest tower in the City Hall.
  2. Church of Albert. Her vintage spire is well combined with modern buildings.
  3. Sculpture to the first settlers of Australia. It is located on the square.
  4. Chief Advanced.
  5. Government House. Beautiful building, performed in the style of French Renaissance.
  6. Brisbane Botanical Garden, which is located at the end of Qwin Street, not far from the central square.

Walking the second day in the city, you can familiarize yourself with Brisbane colonial:

  1. to inspect the regent theater. Currently there is a central information center in it.
  2. Go through the pedestrian part of Queen Street Street.
  3. Go to Arcade Brisbane. This is a big trading passage built in 1924. The charm of the 20s has been preserved on the first floor of arcade.
  4. On the Rarcliff Square to inspect the Treasury Building.
  5. Visit the Queen's Gardens park, which has a statue of Queen Victoria.
  6. View the building "Mansions", it is famous for the fact that instead of gargoyles there are figures of cats on its pediment.
  7. To get acquainted with the architecture of the building of the Land Administration.
  8. Examine the monument to the newspaper edition of the past centuries “The Moreton Bay Courier”.
  9. Enter the Commissariat Warehouse Museum, a building built in 1829. It is open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.
  10. On the corner of George Street and Margaret Street is the Mansions Complex. This building of an unusual architectural structure, consisting of 6 houses, was erected in 1889.
  11. Walk across the Goodwill or Goodwill Bridge and from there admire Brisbane City and the South Bank.


In Brisbane you can find accommodation for every taste, from a hostel to a luxury hotel:

Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane City YHA, hostel.
Hotel name Services Address Price for 1 night
Brisbane City YHA hostelPool, free internet, bar, private and common rooms392 Upper Roma St,

10 min. walk from the historical center

From 1 thousand 900 rubles.
Arena ApartmentsFamily suites, free internet, parking9 Edmondstone St South BrisbaneFrom 5 thousand.900 rub.
Eve ApartmentsCondominium, free internet, parking, swimming pool22 - 28 Merivale St South Brisbane,From 7 thousand 500 rubles
Mantra on EdwardFamily suites166 Wickham Tce, BrisbaneFrom 6,200 rubles.
River PlazaFamily-friendly, beautiful river view, outdoor pool, barbecue areas, paid parking21 Dock St.From 9 thousand 500 rubles.

There are more than 600 hotels in the city for every taste and budget.

Where to Eat

Brisbane (Australia), which can be seen from morning to evening, provides many places where you can eat inexpensively and qualitatively.

Name Address Kitchen Average bill
My Thai Kitchen18/ 36 Baroona Rd, MiltonThai Restaurant, VegetarianFrom $10
The Three Monkeys58 Mollison St, West EndInternational, coffee shopFrom 15$
Little Greek Taverna5/1 Browning St, West EndMediterranean, GreekFrom 20$
Sushi Kotobuki53 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane) Japanese cuisineFrom 20 $
Guzman y GomezEmporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude ValleyBurgers, sandwiches, fast foodFrom 10$
Wooden Horse Restaurant [33 7]278 Junction RdLocal cuisine, Italian, pizzaFrom 50$
Kennigo Social HouseSpring Hill Qld 22-28 Kennigo StLocal cuisineFrom 30$

Anytime you can buy burgers, fast food, dishes Asian, Tunisian cuisines, which are sold in mobile vans.

How to get around

The best way to get around is on foot. In this case, you can see everything and not miss anything. But many residents ride buses, of which there are about 400 in the city. Having bought a go card, you don't have to worry about paying in cash. As it was written above, a free bus runs for tourists in the city within the historic center.

One of the ways to see the city is cycle rickshaws, the cost of the trip is $5.

Australia's Brisbane is a picturesque city with a convenient location, mild climate, and excellent infrastructure. And historical sights bring originality to the city flavor, the breath of past times, which is very attractive to tourists.

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