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Snow-white sand, a hammock slowly swaying between two coconut palms in time with the turquoise waves of the ocean - associations arising from the mention of the Bounty Islands, famous from chocolate advertising.

The official name of the Bounty is an archipelago located in the subantarctic belt near New Zealand. The temperature here does not rise above 11o. The island is covered with impregnable rocks. The main inhabitants are penguins and seals.

Bounty resorts can be found in the Maldives, Seychelles, Fiji.

Thailand, a popular travel destination, has many places worthy of this title. The Kingdom of Thailand or Siam is located in southeast Asia. The country is famous for its luxurious beaches, elegant temples, exotic food and rich history.

The first states in this territory arose around 3000 BC. Thailand became a unified kingdom of Sukhothai in 1238. The historical sights of Thailand are amazing. The capital Bangkok includes about 400 temples, museums and cathedrals.

The most beautiful ancient cities of the kingdom are:

  • Ayutthaya and Sukhothai are included in the UNESCO heritage list;
  • Chiang Rai, famous for its surreal white temple;
  • Chiang Mai – residence of giraffe people;
  • Krabi Town - the place of concentration of Buddhist temples and beach holidays;
  • Kanchanaburi and Pai - cities that have preserved nature in its original form;
  • Nongkhai, revealing the sacred essence of the country and keeping the imprint of the Buddha;
  • Phetchaburi and Lampang with many unique historical attractions.
  • ​​

The wildlife protection areas at Thung Yai and Huai Khakheng are of exceptional beauty. Together with the Dongfayayen-Khauyai forest complex, the sites are also under the protection of UNESCO. The Kingdom of Thailand consists of about 500 islands. Only a few of these places are inhabited.

Resorts in Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Ko Lanta, Khao Lak are among the best beaches in the country.

The resort can be chosen on the basis of preferences: saturated nightlife, diving and snorkeling, romantic journey for two or relaxed serene vacation in isolation from civilization.

Island Bounty Bamboo - Wild Island with beaches made of clean white sand.

One of the places of Bounty is called the Wild Island Bamba in the province of Krabi. It is noteworthy that there are no palms on the island. Its territory is covered with coniferous and deciduous trees. This place refers to one of the most untouched in the world. The coast of the bumbo is covered with the purest white soft pocket, water is overflowed by all shades of blue.

The Similan Islands with Bounty-style beaches are 100 km from Phuket. The UNESCO World Organization is named one of the most beautiful in the world. Soft sandy beaches are littered with boulders. From here opens an unforgettable view of the Andaman Sea. There are no hotels on the island. You can stay in a secluded hut or in hotels nearby.

The archipelago is included in the top 10 of the best places of la diving and snorkeling. The first diver island was Jacques Yves Kusto. Some of the most visited islands of the Bounty are KUD, Pihi Don, Railil, to Lype, Tao, to Samay, Chang, Phangan and Samui. The first are included in the 5th of the popular resorts Bounty Thailand.

Ko Samat - Island in the Siamese bay with an area of ​​13 square meters. km, represents a practically not touched by civilization a secluded place belonging to the territory of the National Park. It takes a convenient position for tourists who want to visit Bangkok and Pattaya. The remoteness from the first city is 200 km, the second 80, the distance to the mainland is only 6 km.

More than half of the island of Phangan is occupied by tropical forests and mountains, the rest of the territory is snow-white beaches. Every month Full Moon Party is held in the full moon. Bautty Island Ko Chang serves as a house of rare species of animals and plants.

Samui enters the top three of the largest islands of the Kingdom and occupies the southwest in the Siamese Gulf. The development of the territory began only in the 70s of the XX century. Most of Samui change did not affect, retaining his prime appearance. Ko Kud, Phi Phi Don, Railil, to Lype, to Tao deserved the title of one of the best resorts of Bounty for pearl beaches, turquoise water, calm and serenity.

The climatic features of the islands

The Kingdom of Thailand refers to the zone of wet tropics. The weather is conditionally divided into 3 periods: hot or dry (March - May), rainy (June - November), cold or transition (November - February). The resorts of Thailand are in great demand from November to February. The temperature in this period of time is within - 28-30 ° C. Weather on Bounty Islands due to location has some differences.

The rainy season on Samui usually lasts from November to January. The temperature reaches 27-29 ° C. Humidity rises. The sea becomes muddy. Starting from February to May, the most favorable period begins.

Tourists planning holidays in the province of Krabi and the island of Pi Phi Don, in November - February expects a "cool" season with a temperature of about 28 ° C and a calm sea.

From March to April, the mark rises above 30 ° C. During the monsoon period from May to October, rains are possible. As a rule, they do not interfere with rest. On Ko Kud good weather almost all months. The inconvenience can deliver the northeastern and southwestern monsoons, bringing variable rains from May to September.

Due to the similar location to the equator on the island of Kohlip, the tropical climate is especially felt. The weather is conditionally divided into 2 periods: rainy - from April to November and dry - all other months.

For the island Koh Chang is characterized by 2 seasons. From June to October, variable rains are observed. The air temperature reaches 30 ° C, water 28-29 ° C. For the period from November to May, small sediments are characterized up to 2 times a week. The hottest months of April and May with a temperature of up to 33-35 ° C.

on the chart of little rain. From May to October, the sky is often tightened with clouds. The air and water temperature is rarely lowered below 29 ° C. On the Tao rainy season takes 5-6 months.

The most dry period in Pangan and Tao, is a period of time from February to June with a temperature of up to 35 o.

From November to January, the coolest time of the year (up to 31 ° C). Most precipitation falls from May to November. Weather forecasts are built on the basis of statistics. There are exceptions. In 2011, the rains in March were not stopped on Samui for 2 weeks, despite the fact that the season is considered arid.

Top 5 resorts

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world in a tourist plan.

Tourists in this exotic country are attracted, first of all:

  • comfortable weather;
  • Promotional Nature, which has been preserved for most of the resorts;
  • exotic food;
  • reasonable prices.

Holidays on Bounty Islands, in comparison with the mainland of the kingdom, an order of magnitude higher at the cost of other places.


This island is located in the Siamese bay near the border of Cambodia. KOD 4 largest island of the kingdom. Area KU KUD 162 sqm. The first settlements arose in 1905. In search of salvation from the French, the inhabitants of Cambodia arrived at the island. Rubber and coconut collection is the main occupation of the population of the island.

More than half of the island is covered with impassable jungle. The resort is relatively "young." All hotels are located on the first coastline.

Popular beaches are: Klong Chao is the biggest; Bang Bao - is surrounded by hills with tropical greenery; Haad Taphao is ideal for a sunset meeting.

Hotels on the island relatively little, which makes KUD suitable for a secluded rest. At this stage, the influx of tourists increases and more buildings appear on the island. The price range is suitable as a budget tourist and wishing to relax in an expensive setting. The highest demand for rest from November to April.

Below is a list of popular resort hotels:

Hotel Name Approximate cost per night for 2 people
SHANTAA KOH KOODBungalow 13913 rub.
Tinkerbell Privacy ResortVilla 19099 rub.
The Beach Natural ResortBungalow 13865 rub.
KOH KOOD PARADISE Beachnumber 8255 rub.
Cham's Housenumber 8049 rub.
KOH KOOD NEVERLAND Beach ResortNumber 4024 rub.
KAMA SIRInumber 1698 rub.

Entertainment enclosed in the study of natural attractions. Diving, snorkeling and fishing lovers expect a meeting with a rich underwater world. Diva companies organize tours to neighboring islands. Prices for snorkeling tours range from 1000 to 1200, diving - from 3000 to 14,500 baht.

During walking distance, melting on kayake can be familiar with dense rainforests and waterfalls. Here is a waterfall to us the current of the Klong Chao, which the King of Ram VI is honored by his visit. In some hotels, Kayak rental is available in the price of the room.

You can get to the island by boat from the city of Trat, where flights from Bangkok are provided. There are bus routes. The cost of the flight begins from 6000 rubles. one way. From Chang Island and from Pttachi, 2 days of excursions are carried out on KUK costing from 4500 rubles / adult.

Phi Phi Don

Island Bounti Phi Phi Don small (28 km2), very lively, with many bars and restaurants in the center and quiet hotels on the coast, with good Developed infrastructure. It is located between Phuket and the province of Krabi and is washed by the Andaman Sea.

Phi Phi Don enters a group of 6 islands. The name is translated as a "butterfly". A distinctive feature of Phi Phi Don is the vertical rocks overlooking the rocks covered with greens.

Long Beach, Loh Moo Dee and Loh Bagao Bay is considered the best beaches for a comfortable stay. The most lively is the coast of Loh Dalum.

Most entertainment clubs are concentrated here. The most impressive spectacle is a fiery show. Duration is up to 2 hours. In the performance of the room simultaneously involved from 12 to 15 people.

Wild monkeys live on Monkey Beach. The coastal area has a well-groomed pure look. The beach is covered with snow-white sand and cliffs bowed over sea water. The hotels are engaged mainly in the southern part and the experiencing. Demand on vacation above from December to February. Prices sometimes increase by 2 times. On the island there are many hostels at attractive prices.

Some of the most popular resort hotels are:

Hotel name Approximate cost per night for 2 people
Phi Phi Island Village Beach ResortBungalow 21585 rub.
Zeavola ResortBungalow 18545 rub.
Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi IslandBungalow 15117 rub.
Dee Dee Beach Housenumber 3508 rub.
Bay View ResortBungalow 4860 rub.
Phi Phi The Beach ResortVilla 8623 rub.

During the boat excursion, other Islands of the Archipelago can be visited. ​​For example, the uncomplicated Banthi Island Bamba, Phi Lei - Island, was involved in the filming of the film "Beach", Shark Point is a meeting place with human-loving sharks. During diving and snorkeling, in the dark, you can see the luminous plankton.

The cost of excursions begins from 1000 baht. These places are part of the National Park, the collection of 400 baht is taken for visiting. Popular on Phi Paint Bar PHI PHI PHI PAINT BAR - a place where the drawing basics will be learned.

You can get to the resort on the ferry from Krabi and Phuket for 350-400 baht.


The capital of the South Province of Thailand Krabi is the Krabi Town. The city is not intended for a beach holiday. Andaman Sea is washes the western part of the resort. The province is represented by several beaches. The most famous is the Railay Peninsula, called the Bounty.

It is possible to get from the mainland to Railay from Krabi Town by boat or boat. The straight path is blocked by rocks. Some vacationers prefer to arrive in the morning and leave the peninsula in the evening. Getting around Railay is easy on foot. Of the 4 beaches, 3 are suitable for swimming. Phra Nang Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Infrastructure and hotels in this place can not be found.

A beautiful view of the Andaman Sea opens from here. A variety of marine inhabitants live under water. Most of the restaurants and cafes are located on the West Railay beach.

The sights of the resort are creations of nature. One such place is Lagoon Lake and Goddess Pranang Cave on Phranang Cave Beach.

There are few hotels on the small peninsula, prices are quite high, especially in comparison with the mainland.

Hotel name Estimated cost per night for 2 people
Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spanumber 12321 rub.
Avatar Railay Krabinumber 6808 rub.
Railay Bay Resort & Spanumber 11158 rub.
Sunrise Tropical Resortvilla 9972 rub.
Chill Out Bar & Bungalow
Rapala Rock Wood Resortnumber 1165 rub.

Ko Lipe

Bounty Island is located in the Tarutao National Park near the border with Malaysia. The length of Ko Lipe is approximately 3 km, the width in some places does not exceed 300 m. Koh Lipe is comparable in beauty to the Maldives. The indigenous people are the ancestors of the sea gypsies.

The first tourists appeared in this place only in 80-90 years. Due to its small size, the influx of tourists is felt especially clearly. The busiest months are December and January. The beaches become freer in October - November, from February to March and during the rainy season. The only way to get to Koh Lipe is by ferry or boat.

The following beaches can be visited on Koh Lipe:

  • Karma Beach;
  • Sunrise Beach;
  • Sunset Beach;
  • Pattaya Beach;
  • Bila Beach;
  • Sanom Beach.

The last 2 are some of the most secluded. Sunset Beach is located in a quiet lagoon surrounded by boulders and offers a great view of the sunsets. You can admire the sunrises on the beach with the longest coastline on the island - Sunrise Beach. The place is suitable for diving lovers at a shallow depth. Pattaya Beach has cafes, restaurants.

For sports lovers, there is an opportunity to go kayaking, volleyball or frisbee. There are spa centers.

On the island there is no saturated nightlife or active entertainment programs, only peace and solitude. Among the holidaymakers are popular fishing. Not far from the lipo there are plenty of the beauties of the islands, to meet with whom you can during snorcling tour.

The cost depends on the saturation of the program and approximately 650 baht. Independent boat rental will cost about 2000 baht. Hotels are presented in different categories. Some closes in the low season.

Name of the hotel approximate cost per night for 2 people
Cabana Lipe Beach Resortnumber 10551 rub.
Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh LipeBungalow 8895 rub.
Akira Beach Resort LipeVilla 17735 руб. / Number 11217 руб.
The Noi Guest House & Restaurantnumber 3300 rubles.
The Reef HotelNumber 4004 rub.

to Tao

The island of Bounty is surrounded by coral reefs and boulders. Tao is particularly attracted for divers. In bays, sea residents swim straight to the person. In the Siamese bay, whale sharks can be observed near the shore. Tao Square 22 sq. M. km. From above, the island resembles a turtle. It is a symbol to Tao. The statue of the turtle is located at the port of the pier and on the block tauna.

During the season, the number of tourists exceeds the number of local residents. On the main beaches of Mae Haad and Sairee, all infrastructure, bars, restaurants are concentrated. These beaches are noisy. The territory of Mae Haad and Sairee meet stones and rocks. Saine is a rock where his autograph left the king of the frame V in the XIX century. Eastern and south coast more secluded.

Sandy Beach Mango Beach One of the most beautiful. The road to it runs through the depth of the island. Main attractions - Nature. The fishery museum contains tools for fishing and copies of unique underwater inhabitants. Interesting diamond cave. Tao is suitable for walking. Rent a scooter or Motobike is 250-300 baht per day.

A variety of and exotic Thai cuisine are presented on the island. You can get to the Tao on a boat or ferry. The path takes up to 8 hours depending on the point of departure.

On the island there are different categories of hotels:

Hotel Name Approximate cost per night for 2 people
The Dearly Koh Tao HostelBed in the total number from 1279 rubles / number from 6395 rub.
The Tarna Align Resortnumber from 5335 rubles.
Monkey Flower Villasnumber from 10445 rub. / Villa from 29630 rub. for 4 people
SENSI PARADISEBungalow from 7461 rubles.
Dusit Buncha ResortNumber from 5063 rub. / Villa from 5563 rub.
Haadtien Beach ResortVilla 7961 rub.
KOH TAO Simple Life ResortNumber from 3645 rub.

Prices on islands are higher than mainland. During the rainy season, the demand and cost of recreation are decreasing. Due to the characteristics of the climate of some islands, for example, to Samat, Koh Chang, Krabi, Phi Phi Don, precipitation falls small in such a period, and they usually do not spoil the vacation.

The price policy of the resorts allows you to find a suitable tourist tourists with different budget. In the season of high demand free places, a limited amount, including in view of the small size of the islands. You can take care in advance about booking a suitable hotel. There are cheap hostels and hotels on these resorts that are just born in direct.

Vacation on the island of Bounty can be not only passive. Entertainment are for all vacationers. Diversion time: diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, rich flora and fauna, reserved places, culture and life of the kingdom, variety of national exotic cuisine.

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